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Kuakata Sea Beach Travel

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Kuakata, the daughter of the sea, the green land of unparalleled beauty; Located in Patuakhali district. Kuakata is the only beach in South Asia where you can stand and watch the sunrise and sunset. Undoubtedly, it is a great thing to observe the rising of the sun through the belly of the sea and the disappearance of the sun in the middle of the sea.

Kuakata Sea Beach:

Kuakata beach is located in the Latachapali union of Kalapara police station in the Patuakhali district. Sunrise and sunset can be seen at the same time from this 18 km long Kuakata Sea Beach. Fishermen can be seen fishing on Kuakata beach almost all year round. If you want to go to the beach, you can rent a motorcycle and a horse. The amount of rental money usually depends on distance and time. There are also a few Chars (Island) near Kuakata. Speedboats, trawlers, and large motorboats are available. There is also a picnic near Kuakata beach.

Kuakata Sea Beach Travel

A private enterprise museum has been set up on the left as you cross the Kuakata Berry Dam and left side near the beach. A few yards south, Farms has a huge coconut orchard with fruit and flower gardens. Several picnic spots have been set up in the garden, and after visiting the picnic spot, there is a huge beach with a desired length of 15 km. On the east side of the beach, these are the first coconut gardens, beautifully shaped Zhau Gardens (Zhau Bagan). At the initiative of the forest department, the beauty of the beach has been enhanced by planting different species of palm trees. There is also a picnic spot between the coconut and zhauBagan where the tourists form groups and immerse themselves in the indescribable joy of picnics. A little to the east is the lake of Char-Gangamati, and a little further inland is the ashram of Sri Sri Anukul Tagore and the huge Buddhist monastery at Misripara.

It is better to go to Zhaubon to see the sunrise at Kuakata sea beach. From there the sunset looks good, there is no doubt that many more people like you will go before you to see how the sun rises across the belly of the sea. It will take 20 minutes to walk to Zhaubon in the morning. And it will take 10 minutes to get to the van. There will be rows and rows of trees. This forest has been created by the government under the afforestation plan. For some, the sunset may seem more beautiful than the sunrise. You can clearly see the change in color as the sun sets on the sea.

Kuakata Sea Beach Travel

The roar of the sea is usually not heard during the day due to the noise around. The terrifying form of the sea is understood at night. If you want to hear the roar of the sea at night, you can definitely go there. There is no fear of security. But it is better to be careful.

For visitors and travel thirsty people, this beach has hired motorbikes and horses. Rents are usually according to distance and time.

There are sea-going ships and trawlers and speed boats for tourists to travel along the coast. After boarding these ships and trawlers, the tourists wander in the deep seas of the Sundarbans, especially the Fatra Char, Sonar Char, Katka, Hansar Char, Gangamati Lake, and the Sundarbans — the largest mangrove forest in the world, filling themselves with endless complacency.

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Attractive Places To Visit In Kuakata:

It is hard to get any clear and clean sea beach like Kuakata in the world. Let’s see attractive places to visit in Kuakata.

Shutki Palli: The location of Jele (Fisherman) Palli is at the western end of Kuakata beach. The dry season lasts from November to March. The fish is caught from the sea and dried on the beach. If you want, you can spend time watching this busy schedule of fishermen. And you can buy different types of dried fish at low prices.


Crab Island: Crab Island or Kakra Dwip is a famous place to go a long way east along Kuakata beach. Thousands of red crabs roam the secluded beach. During the travel season, from October to March, speedboats are available from Kuakat Beach to Crab Island.

Jungle of Gangamati: Kuakata beach has come to an end up to the Gangamati canal on the east side. And from this place, the forest of Gangamati started. In addition to different species of plants, different species of birds, forest roosters, monkeys, etc. can be seen in this forest. To many, this forest is known as Gojmati forest.

Fatra Forest: The Fatra Forest starts from the other side of the river on the west side of the beach. This forest has almost all the features of Sundarbans. Forest roosters, monkeys, wild pigs, and various birds are found here. If you want to go from Kuakata to Fatra forest, you have to rent an engine boat.


Kuakata Well (Kua): The well that bears witness to the history behind the naming of Kuakata still exists. If you want to see this well, you have to go to Keranipara, the residence of Rakhine. As soon as you enter this place, you will see the ancient well. It is said that after being expelled from the motherland in 1784, the Rakhine came to Rangabali Island on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and took refuge. As the salt water of the sea was unsuitable for use, they dug wells for freshwater here and the place gradually became known as Kuakata.

Seema Buddhist Temple: The Seema Buddhist Temple is located just in front of the ancient well of Kuakata. The wooden temple was demolished a few years ago. In this temple, there is an ancient Buddhist statue made of octahedron weighing about 36 manas.

Keranipara: Keranipara, the abode of the Rakhine, is just a short walk along the road to Seema Buddhist Temple. Rakhine women are very skilled in weaving cloth and the winter sheets they make are very attractive.


Misripara Buddhist Temple: There is a large Buddhist temple at Misripara, another Rakhine village about eight kilometers from Kuakata beach. It is said that the temple has the largest Buddhist statue in the subcontinent.

Things To Do In Kuakata Travel:

Kuakata beach is quite clean. Due to its geographical location, it is the best place to watch the sunrise from the bend of Gangamati Char at the eastern end of Kuakata Beach and the estuary of three rivers besides the lemon forest on the west coast of Kuakata.

Climate change has caused the sea level to rise, causing erosion and long rows of coconut trees along the beach. Instead, some palm trees are now beautifying the beach. However, tourists will be happy to see fishermen’s fishing boats and scattered mangrove trees on the beach.


Early in the morning, if you go to Gangamati Char by motorcycle, you can see the sunrise. Local motorcyclists and cum guides will take you to the spot quite safely. If it is fixed in advance, the guides call the tourists and wake them up immediately after the Fajr call. There is no reason to be afraid. In the morning about a thousand tourists come there every day to watch the sunrise.

Enjoy Sunrise at Kuakata Gangamati Char: In the afternoon, the same vehicle was used to watch the sunset at the mouth of three rivers next to the lemon forest. To go to the mouth of these three rivers with Andhar Manik Payra and Shiva Baria, you can see a lot of white oysters, oyster beaches, Rakhine lemons, named after the lemon forest.

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Lebur Bon

The estuary of three rivers next to the Kuakata lemon forest: Although there are no lemon trees in the lemon forest, there are great spots of Kewa and Gewa trees. If you don’t go there at least 2/3 hours before sunset, you may not see much. Although there are no lemon trees in the Kuakata lemon forest, there are Kewa and Gewa bushes. Tourists return to the Tong Hotels next to the Lemon Forest to watch the sunset, perfect for posing for group photos, selfies, and pictures of the setting sun. There they enjoy a hot fry of crabs and marine fish. If you don’t do a little bargaining, you will regret it later.

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Tourists set out in the morning (after 10 a.m.) to visit Kuakata’s Zhaubon, Red Crab Island, and secluded beaches. At that time, red crabs came out in flocks in the sun. However, the sound of motorcycles and the footsteps of tourists into the pit. But guides know how to show tourists where the red crab is.

Before and after taking pictures with crab nests, their artwork on the beach and red crabs, Kaura Char and Gangamati Char will go round.


Red Crab Nest on Kuakata Beach: Next to it there are 2/3 Buddhist temples and some distance away is Rakhine village. It is also a special experience to go around these areas by motorcycle. There are about 550+ motorcycle guides and more than 200 yellow-clad photographers in Kuakata. It is possible to visit all the spots of Kuakata on a motorcycle for 500 to 1000 Taka. However, at sunrise in the morning, you have to spend 250 to 300 Taka separately. Tourists bargain a little.

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Riding a motorcycle to Watch Kuakata Beach: To get around Kuakata beach, you have to get on a motorbike, otherwise, the spots are not easily accessible. But we have to talk to them a little more carefully, they are a little different in terms of mood. About 100% of the products that tourists see in the Rakhine countryside are available at various markets in Kuakata. However, some Rakhine hand-woven products are special to them.

Kuakata Rakhine Village: You can enjoy Rakhine looms and textiles in the Rakhine village of Kuakata. And in the middle of the city of Kuakata is the well of Kuakata, after which the area is named. It is basically located in a Buddhist monastery. It will be nice to enter there in exchange for a ticket and take a photo/selfie and walk around the Buddhist temple on a slightly higher staircase. Kuakata’s well is located in this Buddhist monastery. There are many markets next to Kua and Bihar, besides the market adjacent to the beach, there you will find clothes, oyster products, pickle shops. However, to buy dried fish, tourists must go to the beach-side dry fish market or some distance away in the dry village.

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Kuakata Hilsa Park: Hilsa Park is a restaurant cum mini-museum in the city. Sculptures of various species of animals including tiger, lion, deer, crocodile, deer, tortoise, giraffe have been replaced in the park. Next to the main gate of the park, there is a photo gallery of various professionals from Kuakata and the diverse life and livelihood of Rakhine.

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There are portraits of various species of marine fish around the park. The park is decorated with flowers and fruit trees. There are five roundhouses, Hilsa Cafe, Lake, Fish Museum, Photo Gallery, Sampan Mancha, Juice Corner with live animals, and sculptures of various animals. You can eat and drink in the park created by the initiative of a local journalist. Another interesting spot near Kuakata beach is the Tengragiri Reserve Forest, locally known as Fatra Forest. This forest was once part of the Sundarbans. By entering this forest, tourists will be able to enjoy the milky taste of the mangrove trees and canals of the Sundarbans.

With the help of a local tour operator, you have to buy a ticket and go to the forest in a small trawler. An enjoyable time of about 4-5 hours will be spent on a round trip.


Fatra forest next to Kuakata: The real name of the Fatra forest next to Kuakata is Tengragiri which looks a lot like the Sundarbans. It is not at all safe to enter the forest without the help of a guide or a boatman. It is not uncommon to encounter small creatures with the fear of losing their way. Remember, this is not an artificial spot or a public place. You should go there with all kinds of preparations.

Tourists like to go through the forest with the guide, cross the roots of the mangrove tree and the thornbushes, go to the beach by the side of the forest, take pictures and sit for some time. Just down from the trawler wharf are the only freshwater pond in the Fatra forest, a mosque, and the only food hotel. Many picnic parties come there for picnics, they cook and eat there as they please.

However, those who go there from Kuakata should take some dry food and water with them. If you are with a very young child, he should also take food with him. Earlier there were almost all the animals of Sundarbans including Royal Bengal Tiger, Chitra deer but now it is only in memory. However, there are lots of squirrels including foxes, pigs, and snakes. It is not uncommon for tourists to see them on foot. However, the footprints of these animals can be seen on the side of the creek or in the lower part of the forest.


When you enter the canals and creeks in the middle of the forest by a trawler, you can see the combination of various birds and wildflowers. Guides and local forest department advise returning from there in broad daylight.

If you go around in a very planned way, it is possible to see all the spots of Kuakata in half a day. However, if you take a little time, the level of feeling good will increase a lot. In recent times, the country’s tourism authorities have been paying special attention to improving the quality of Kuakata. Many foreign tourists are coming to enjoy the beauty of Sagarkanya Kuakata. Since the monsoons, tourists have flocked to various picnic parties, including family tours throughout the winter.

Besides, many people rush to enjoy the waves of the sea during the rainy season. As there is no quicksand type like Cox’s Bazar beach, tourists go to the beach at both times of the tide. There is also a difference in the salinity of water, half the time of the year there is salt and half the time there is freshwater in the sea of Kuakata.


Due to the differences in the spots of each region of the country, tourists will like Kuakata in the mixture of forest and sea.

How To Go To Kuakata:

You can reach Kuakata by direct bus from different parts of the country including the capital Dhaka via Patuakhali and Barisal highways. The fare is determined according to the standard of the bus depending on the place. Buses are available from Gabtali in Dhaka. The road communication system has improved a lot as one of the country’s seaports, Pigeon, is located near Kuakata. You can also reach Kuakata directly as there are 3 bridges.

Besides, you can go by launches to Barisal-Patuakhali and take a local bus to Kuakata without a luxury launch. Crossing a few rivers and launching Kuakata will add a new dimension to your tourist journey. However, it is better to book tickets for those launches at least 5-6 days before the departure.

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Kuakata is the only beach to see the sunrise and sunset, considering that it is the most attractive beach in Bangladesh. A tour of Cox’s Bazar and a visit to Kuakata may not match the imaginary beaches, but Kuakata is really different in the combination of forest and sea.

Where To Eat At Kuakata:

Hotels in Kuakata arrange their own meals for their guests in their own restaurants. Besides, a variety of local food is also available in local restaurants here. So, you have no pressure for taking meals at Kuakata at all.

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Where To Stay At Kuakata Sea Beach:

Accommodation— hotels, food hotels, and places of interest are located within a certain area. There are many hotels with prices ranging from Tk. 400 to around Tk. 10,00 which are very close to Kuakata Sea beach. And almost all of the food hotels are just a 2-3 minute walk from the beach. The attraction of the area is increasing day by day due to the active security activities of the tourist police.

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The city of Kuakata and the beach are separated by an embankment. At the mouth of the embankment are the names and distances of various places of interest in Kuakata. How to get to a spot is also explained through symbols. By looking at that list, a tourist can easily understand all the sights of Kuakata.


Apart from the list, there are some interesting spots in Kuakata, which can also be visited by tourists with the help of local guides and tourism organizations along the beach. However, with Kuakata Beach and the hotel in mind, decide whether to go out to see the spot on the left or right in the morning or in the afternoon.

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Things Need To Follow For Safer Trip At Kuakata:

  1. Travel in groups to reduce costs.
  2. Feel free to rent a boat and CNG with bargaining to reduce costs.
  3. Be careful when jumping into the water on the Sea Beach—as there are waves everywhere. Better follow the signal and cautions/signboard of the authority.
  4. During the monsoon, the speed of the water currents is very high, be careful.
  5. Please do not do anything that may harm the beach areas, environment, and nature.
  6. Be friendly to the local people. They are really helpful and simple in nature.
  7. You can keep hats and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sunshine.
  8. Nilachal Bandarban (Parjatan Center) Trael guide.


Want To Travel Kuakata With Your Family Or Friends?

Kuakata is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back with a fresh mind by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go here within a tight budget. If you want to travel here with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information about things to do or places to visit in Kuakata from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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