Nijhum Dwip: A Complete Travel Guide

Nijhum Dwip : The Island of Silence

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Nijhum Dwip is a small island of the Bay of Bengal. The Bengali name Nijhum Dwip refers to ‘The Island of Silence’. It is located in Hatia Upazila of Noakhali district. It was also called Char Osmani, Baluar Char, Golden Island. After the passes of time, it is now familiar as Nijhum Dwip or the island of silence. The total area of this island is about 14,050 acres.

Nijhum Dwip is in the mouth of the river Meghna. In the 1940s the island started to rise from the Bay of Bengal. The fishermen discover the Nijhum Dwip when fishing. In the mid-fifties, some people especially the fisherman starts to live here. In general, some fishermen from Jahajmara came with families to live. From the 80s the island is familiar as Nijhum Dwip. Now people live here within the area of 3000 acres and the remaining parts have mangrove forestry.

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The island is formed with other four small islands named Ballar Char, Kamlar Char, Char Osman, and Char Muri. The presence of Guest Birds from different places in the winter season make the environment very amazing. You will find thousands of birds including Sarali, Ziriya, Lenja, Pyong, Rangamuri, Chakhachkhi, Bhutihas, Swans, Kadakhocha, Batan, Ziriya, Gulinda, Gangchil, Kastechara, Pelikan, etc. At the same time, you will see some local birds including sea eagle, egret, and seagull. On the other hand, there are deer, wild pigs, foxes, monkeys, and various snakes on the island. At Nijhum Dwip the number of deer is about 40 thousand. You can take the help of the local guide to see the bird or deer early in the morning. There is no place anywhere in Bangladesh you can see ‘Chitra Horin’ like Nijhum Dwip. For watching birds Kobirajer Char and Domar Char is the best place. In Nijhum Dwip, you will find 35 species of birds.

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Mangrove in Nijhum Island

Attractive Places in Nijhum Dwip:

If you are nature-lover, then I have no need to tell what things or places you can see in Nijhum Dwip. Additionally, it proves that if the nature of Bangladesh can be little free from the contamination of the human being, it would be a great resource among the world. Not to mention, you will realize the fact when you will visit Nijhum Dwip. Therefore, there is no reason, you will see all the beauty in one place. You have to move and search for it. Let’s see some places in Nijhum Dwip which will bring the original look of nature.

1. Komlaar Dwip (Orange Island): Komlaar Dwip is an island of Hilsa Fish. You may see the fisherman is catching the fish from Komlaar Khal. You can walk here for getting the fresh air, as well as the scenery, is very attractive.

2. Chowdhury Khal and Kaviraj Char: Here you will find the deer. But you have to go in the evening. When you will go and walk around the Chowdhury Khal, you will find the deer. When you are in a group of 10 to 15 people, then take an engine boat and tell the boatman to take where you can see the deer. It will take BDT 1000 to 1200. Accordingly, they will do all the things for you. You will watch the beautiful sunset here also. Never miss watching the thousands of buffalo flakes in Kaviraj Char. It is really adventurous.

Animals Nijhum Dwip

3. Choyakhali and Choyakhali Sea-Beach: If you go to Choyakhali in the morning, you will see the deer. Tell the Motorchyclewalla to pick you early in the morning for watching the deer. He will manage it. If you are lucky enough, you may watch the deer at the side of Namar Bazar.

4. Mangrove Forests: Nijhum Dwip is a forestry project of Bangladesh Govt. to decorate it as a mangrove forest like Sundarbans. Anyway, you will find some local boys who are working as a guide. Tell the boys to take you to the forestry area and they will arrange all the things. Don’t try to do it itself. You may lose in the deep forest. After all, here you will find the deer also.

Deer Nijhum Dwip

5. Namar Bazar Sea Beach: It takes 10 minutes to walk down from Namar Bazar to get the beach. If you want to do the campfire, this place can be a good choice. At the same time, if you go to the left part of the beach, you will find the famous Date palm garden. It is amazing.

6. Domar Chor: This is an amazing sea beach of the Bay of Bengal. It is very new and crowd-free. For this reason, people call it “Virgin Island”. Most of the people in Bangladesh don’t know about this. For this reason, you can go there if you want to see anything amazing than the sea beach of Cox’s Bazar. Really, it is very beautiful and you will enjoy the place. It will take BDT 3000 to 3500 in the engine boat to reach the Domar Chor.

If you have the time, you can also go to Bholar Dhal Chor and Chor Kukri-Mukri in a reserve boat.

N/B: If you want to see the birds or deer in Nijhum Dwip, you have to walk in silence. At the same time, you should wear light clothes. The animals and birds are very conscious of the hunter/people. So, it can give the chance to see the beautiful Chitra Horin or hundred of birds.

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Duck on Nijhum Dwip

Best time to visit Nijhum Dwip:

In general, October to April is the best time to visit Nijhum Dwip. Rest of the month, the Meghna river and the sea stays quite rough. For this reason, it is safe to travel between October to April. But if you are an adventure lover, then it will depend on your mind or situation.

How to go Nijhum Dwip:

You can go Nijhum Dwip from Dhaka by Launch, Train or Bus. At the same time, you can also visit from Chittagong, Barishal or Khulna area following the below process. Let’s see in details.

Going Nijhum Dwip From Dhaka Sadar Ghat by Launch:

The easy route to Nijhum Dwip from Dhaka is – Sadarghat to Hatia’s Tomurdi by launch. In this route, you will find two launches daily. MV Panama-2,and MV Tipu-5. The launch will leave Dhaka for Tomurdi at 5 PM. It will reach to Tomuroddi Ghat at 7 to 8 AM in the next day.  At the same time, it will come back to Dhaka from Tomurdi at 12:30 PM.

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Besides, some launches go to the same route from Sadarghat including MV Tasrif-1, Tasrif-2, and MV Farhan-3, Farhan-4. MV Tasrif-1 will leave Dhaka at 5:30 PM and Tasrif-2 in the evening at 6:00 PM. It will cost BDT 250 to 300 per person on the deck. You will also get the cabin with BDT 1200 (For single), BDT 2200 (For Double). Even though, the cost varies according to the time and the season. So, it is better to talk via phone to ensure it.

Environment Nijhum Dwip

After reaching Tomuroddi Ghat, you have to go Muktaria Ghat for going Bondortila Ghat. You can take the Auto/Scooter if you are in a team with 3- 4 members. Without Scooter, you can also go by Bus or Rickshaw. After crossing the Bondortila Channel by Engine Boat, it is Nijhum Dwip. It will take BDT22 only for 15 minutes to cross the channel. Mainly, it is the one end of Nijhum Dwip. We have to go to the other side of Namar Bazar. From here, you have to go by rickshaw. You can also take the Motorcycle and it will cost BDT 100 for 2 persons.

Furthermore, you can go to Namar Bazar by boat from the Tomuroddi Ghat. Every morning at 10 AM Some fishing trawlers (Engine Boat) go directly to Namar Bazar of Nijhum Island. You can go with them. It takes BDT 200 to 300 per person. If you are in a family or group tour, you can also reserve the engine boat and it will cost BDT 3500 to 5000.

Going Nijhum Dwip Via Noakhali from Dhaka Kamlapur By Train:

Upakul Express leave Kamlapur at 7 in the morning for Noakhali (You can check the Train Schedule from here). The train goes every day without Thursday. It takes 6 hours to reach Maizdi. It will cost BDT 230 to 500 according to the condition of the seat. You have to land Maizdi. From Sonapur or Maizdi, you have to go Chairman Ghat. If you reserve a CNG, it will take BDT 500 to 600. If you want to save money, you can go by bus as well. It will take BDT 120 to 150 for Chairman Ghat.

From the Noakhali chairman Ghat or Chor Mojid Ghat, C-truck leaves every morning at 8 AM. It will take you Nolchira Ghat. It will need nearly 2 hours. From Nolchira Bazar you have to go Jahajmara – south of Hatia. It will need half an hour. From Jahajmara, you have to go Nijhum Dwip by engine boat. It will take 40 to 50 minutes. However, if you go with a team, it is possible to go Nijhum Dwip from Chairman Ghat directly. To clarify, you have to wait for high tide when you want to travel Hatia or Nijhum Dwip.

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Going Nijhum Dwip Via Noakhali From Dhaka Sayedabad By Bus:

If you want to go Nijhum Dwip by bus, you will have to go Sonpur, Noakhali. You will get Ekushey Express, Moonline Enterprise, Himachal Express from Dhaka Sayedabad Bus Terminal. Ekushey Paribahan leaves Dhaka from Dhanmondi Jigatola Counter At night 10:20 PM. It will cost for AC or Non-AC bus between Tk 350 and Rs 400.

In the same way of the above, from Sonapur or Maizdi, you have to go Chairman Ghat. If you reserve a CNG, it will take BDT 500 to 600. If you want to save money, you can go by bus as well. It will take BDT 120 to 150 for Chairman Ghat.

From the Noakhali chairman Ghat or Chor Mojid Ghat, C-truck leaves every morning at 8 AM. It will take you Nolchira Ghat. It will need nearly 2 hours. From Nolchira Bazar you have to go Jahajmara – south of Hatia. It will need half an hour. From Jahajmara, you have to go Nijhum Dwip by engine boat. It will take 40 to 50 minutes. However, if you go with a team, it is possible to go Nijhum Dwip from Chairman Ghat directly.

Other Route (From Chittagong or Khulna Area):

If you want to visit Nijhum Dwip from Chittagong, you will get some launches including MV Baro Aulia, MV Abdul Motin, MV Monirul Haque. The ship/launches leave Chittagong for Hatia without Friday and Sunday. You can take the actual taste of the Bay of Bengal on this tour.

At the same time, If you are from Khulna or Barishal, you have to come Barishal Launch Terminal (Elisha) first. In the midnight nearly 12 PM, you will find Farhan 3 & 4 which will take you Hatia.

Sea Brids Nijhum Dwip

On the other hand, if you are from Khulna, you can go to Kaliganj Mollikpur and you will find launch for Hatia – Nijhum Dwip. Without coming to Dhaka, it will save you huge time – not less than 10 hours. However, the route is safe also.

When you are in Hatia, follow the above step for reaching Nijhum Dwip.

Where will you stay:

There is no problem staying in Nijhum Dwip. You can book the room from Dhaka Office. If you want to save some money, you can also see some of the hotels. You will find a lot of options for staying in Nijhum Dwip.

1. Nijhoom Resort (Obokash Hotel), Namar Bazar

This is a resort of Obokash Porjoton Ltd. It is located at the side of Namar Bazar sea beach. It is one of the best resort in Nijhum Dwip. It will cost like below.

  • 2 bed VIP room rental is Tk. 2000
  • General room rent is Tk 1500
  • 3-bed general rooms room rent of 1800
  • 4-bed general room rent is Tk 2000
  • Family bed of 5 beds rents Tk 3000
  • Dormitory room rent of 5 beds is Tk 1800
  • Dormitory room rent of 12 beds is Tk 3000

The good sides are all the room with attached bathroom. If you have any extra person you have to pay BDT 200 in the dormitory room. You will get a 50% discount in the offseason (April 15 to September 15). They will provide electricity with the generator from the evening till 10:30 PM. You can use solar light the whole night. On the other hand, they will give you electricity in regular after 1 or 2 hours with the generator. You have to check out before 12 PM.

Campfire Nijhum Dwip

2. Hotel Shahin, Nomar Bazar

This is a new hotel. People say they ask a higher price. You can check it also.

3. Hotel Sohel, Nomar Bazar

They will ask BDT 1800 to 2500 (4 bed) according to the condition of the room. Actually, the owner of Hotel Shahin and Hotel Sohel are the same people.

4. Masjid Boarding, Namar Bazar

This is the cheapest option in Nijhum Dwip. It is an initiative of local mosque authority. You will find only 2 single and 2 double room here and the rest of the rooms are like a dormitory. Important to realize, there was no attached toilet. You have to share with the two common bathrooms and one tubewell.

5. Nijhum Dream Land Resort, Bandartila

It is a very new hotel and not so bad in condition.

6. Hotel Dwip Sampad, (Syed Chachar Thakar and Khaur Hotel) Namar Bazar

7. Dak Bungalow of Jela Parishad 

The Dak Bungalow of Jela Parishad is now familiar as Nijhum Dwip Resource center. It will cost you nearly BDT 200 to 800 according to the condition.

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8. Dakbungalow of Forest Department

There have accommodation facilities for 50/60 tourists. It is the first rest house in this Dwip and it is maintained by the Forest Department. It takes BDT 200 for every person. You will get the electricity facilities here from the generator.

Birds on Nijhum Dwip

9. Mahmud Boarding (Home Stay)

It will cost you only BDT 50. It has the facilities of electricity with their own generator.

10. Local Primary School

You have to contact the headmaster first to stay here.

11. Hotel Sheraton, Bandartila Bazar

Where will you eat:

In particular, you have no problem for the meal as well in Nijhum Dwip. You will find some tourist friendly hotel in Namar Bazar. You can take breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks, tea or light foods. Hopefully, all the items are cooked in the clay stove (Khorir Chula). You will find Deshi Chickens, Fish, Duck, Meat, sea-fish, bread, rice as you want. Although, it is good to tell them about your menu and how many of you can eat there. The food may not sound very good in taste, but it is fresh and surely you will enjoy it.

You can try Altaf Chachar Hotel or Syed Chachar Hotel in the Namar Bazar. You can tell any special items as well. They are really friendly and will try to satisfy you. You will find the Bar-B-Q wovens and systems in every hotel. You can give some honorary to the hotel boys and they will manage all the necessary things for you. With the help of the boys, you can make the tasty Bar-B-Q Chicken, Hilsa or Koral fish.

Camping in Nijhum Dwip:

There is no problem to arrange camping in Nijhum Dwip. But it is good to camp on the main island. Because sometimes robbers and pirates may create an unexpected issue. Though now the administration is very active and helpful here. So, it is now a completely safe place. Notably, there is no problem with animals. You can camp anywhere on the island. Namar Bazar sea beach, Choudhury Khal, or Uchar Bazar can be a suitable place. Don’t choose Bandortila.

Camping Nijhum Dwip

In particular, when you camp the whole night, it will give you the opportunity of watching the deer very closely. It is good to keep a local person as a guide. He will help your team in managing things from the local market. You can also camp in the Choudhury Khal. Then you will need to hire a boat. The boatman will work as a guide here. So, no need to look at another guide. It will cost nearly BDT 2000. There are many boatmen at the Namar Bazar.

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Some things you should keep with you when traveling Nijhum Dwip:

It’s a good idea to make all the preparations from some days when going to Nijhum Dwip. For example, the types of clothes for the winter season, extra shoes, Torch Light, a first-aid box with medicine, Saline, towel, Water Pod, Power Bank, Binocular, Camera Lens, etc. There is no electricity without a generator, so keep your mobile phone charged when you get time. Actually, this is enough. On the other hand, most of the daily items are available in the Namar Bazar or Jahajmara.

N.B: Only GrameenPhone and ROBI network is available in Nijhum Dwip. So, keep the SIM available. Don’t forget to play with the local boys on the beach. It is really enjoyable. You will go back to your childhood.

Some special Tips:

  • Govt. has declared Nijhum Dwip as a reserve sanctuary. Besides, the whole island is the resource of Bangladesh. So do not throw away any plastic or waste things anywhere. Keep it for the dustbin.
  • The C-trucks from Chairman Ghat or Nalchira travels depending on the sea tide. The engine boat goes Nijhum Dwip in every two hours. Another key point, the ghat is closed at 5 PM. You will not find any boat or communication system. So, meet everything before the time.
  • It is important to forget hunting. In order to protect the animals and birds of the island, the government and forest department are very concerned. The local people are also very aware. So, for your safety, you should not think about hunting.
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  • Local people are quite polite and innocent. They will not cooperate you due to misbehaving with them without reason. In that case, your travel will not be pleasant at all.
  • All the things for camping will be found in Namar Bazar.

Sun set nijhum Dwip

  • If you want to see the birds in the surrounding areas, it is better to reach at the time of high tide. Otherwise, in the low tide, it is not possible to reach the traveling area for excessive mud on the shore.
  • During the offseason, the sea and river are quite rough. For this reason, if you want to travel at that time, it is a good idea to enquire the weather report.
  • Going to Nijhum Dwip is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive, so it is good not to take the adult or child, in some cases the women.
  • The launch will always leave in their mentioned schedule, so be careful about this.
  • Without any reason, don’t break the branches of trees or sprinkle the leaves. It is the food of the deer. At the same time, Do not disturb the birds anywhere in Nijhum Dwip. They have made the place healthy and clean.
  • There is no electricity in Nijhum Dwip. It is dependable on Sonar System and Generator. So keep the extra battery and power bank for your devices. Although you will find the shop in the Namar Bazar where you can get the charging facility. But it is good to save power in your devices.
  • You will find all types of mobile network in Hatia or surroundings, but it is not available in Nijhum Dwip. Only Grameenphone and ROBI is available. So be careful here also.
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Let’s travel Nijhum Dwip…

After all, if anyone wants to spend some days in a place seems you are out of the world, Nijhum Dwip can give you the chance. It is a place among nature and at the side of the sea. Most compelling evidence, the place is very safe and secure. All the facilities of the traveler are available here. So, if you are ready to pass some times for knowing you and enjoying the real beauty of nature, then welcome to Nijhum Dwip. You can take the help of Travelmate for arranging a beautiful tour for you. 🙂

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