Weather of Bangladesh

Weather of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate with annual heavy rainfall. Fortunately, there are six seasons in Bangladesh, including the summer, the rainy season, autumn, late autumn, winter, and spring. Each season lasts approximately two months and has its own beauty and behavior in the environment. In general, the temperature decreases as low as 3°C in the winter and it increases to 40°C during the summer.

In the summer, the days are longer than the nights. These two months of summer (Baishakh and Jaistha) is the warmest season in Bangladesh. The negative side of the summer is – that it brings natural disasters, including Cyclones and Tornados. The winter is very enjoyable as it stays nearly 10ºC. Bangladesh observes this season as like celebrating the festival except for the helpless people without proper clothes. In general, the winter is the best season to visit Bangladesh.

There are Six seasons:

There are three prominent seasons in Bangladesh Summer, Rainy Season and Winter. Let’s see the difference between the six seasons in Bangladesh.

1. Summer:

The summer starts from March to May (Bengali: Baishakh and Jaistha). It prevails hot and muggy weather. The maximum temperature range of summer from 38°C to 41°C (100.4°F to 105.8 °F). In particular, This season is the hottest month in Bangladesh. On the positive side, it is the month of fruit. You can get fresh Bangladeshi food in this season. Though if you go to the countryside it faces load-shedding or power failure and it’s boring. But really enjoy tasting the food including Mangoes, Jackfruit or Liches.

2. Rainy season or Monsoon: 

The rainy season or monsoon starts from May to October (Bengali: Ashar and Sravan). The hot prevails, but the rain can give you mental happiness. Even it is considered the best rainy season in the world. If you like to enjoy the rain, it will be the perfect time for you to come. The average humidity stays between 90% to 95%. If you don’t tolerate it, it can be uncomfortable for you. But I think you should explore at least one time the beauty of the rainy season.

3. Autumn: 

Autumn runs from September to October (Bengali: Bhadra and Arshin).  It also rains in this season, but not so acute. The sky is very clear and the blue sky is fantastic for enjoying the day. Different types of flowers bloom in autumn, which is a really interesting season in Bangladesh.

4. Late Autumn:

Before the winter season, the late autumn appears. It starts from October to November (Bengali: ‘Kartic’ and ‘Agrahayan’). The season starts to fall the dew and it’s really awesome. The farmers bring new crops and they work to harvest. The season is the time to prepare for the winter.

5. Winter: 

The Winter starts from November to February (Bengali:  ‘Poush’ and ‘Magh’). It is the warm and dry season. In the winter season, January and February are the coolest months ever in the country. At this time, the temperature drops regularly. It goes under 10°C. The average temperature stays at 16°C – 20 °C (61°F – 68 °F) in the daytime and it drops very quickly during the night and goes below 10 °C (50 °F). However, the winter season is very enjoyable for traveling and tasting different foods. It is considered to be the traveling season in Bangladesh. Winter is the time of tasting different types of cakes and juices. It’s a tradition in Bangladesh.

6. Spring: 

The Spring (King of all Seasons) starts from March to April (Bengali: ‘Falgoon’ and ‘Chaitra’). It’s a season for enjoying the time. It is neither hot nor cold. The sky is clear, and nature grows green. The temperature is tolerable and the season gives mental refreshment. It seems like a new environment everywhere.

Best time to visit: 

For visiting Bangladesh, the winter season is the best time to visit. It stays from October to February. The weather is good and the temperature is satisfactory. You can go to the Sundarbans, Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong Hill Tracks, or Sylhet. You can enjoy the World Heritage Site Of Bangladesh and Explore Bangladesh. TravelMate can help you to arrange all the things available at your side and explore the country simultaneously.

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