Tanguar Haor Premium Houseboat Booking

The most luxurious houseboat in modern design built in Tanguar Haor

Package price Taka 6500/person (four people in one room)

Package price Taka 7500/person (two people in one room)

What will we see?

1) Tangua Haor

2) Tanguar Haor Watch Tower

3) Shaheed Siraj Lake

4) Tekerghat

5) Barikka Tila

6) Zainal Abedin’s famous Shimul garden.

7) Jadhukata River

8) Lakma Chara


What is included in this package?

1. 2 days, 1-night stay on a luxury houseboat.

2. Total 6 meals of main food and 4 meals of snacks.

3. Power supply by generator.

4. Adequate life jackets and buoys

5. Experienced local tour guide

6. Round-the-clock room service.

7. Round-the-clock tea/ coffee/ snacks/ water


Tour Plan:

Day 1 After reaching Sunamganj, we went to Tangua Haor by our own high-speed boat.

First, we will go to the Watch Tower. A bird’s eye view of Tangua’s Haor can be seen from this tower, which is submerged in water on all sides. Here we will take a bath and swim in the water. After that, the destination border is surrounded by Teker Ghat. Here is the end of Bangladesh and the beginning of India. At Tek Ghat, we will visit the limestone Niladrilek and Lakma Chara.

Day 2 By 10 am, we will leave for Barikka Tila Shimul Bagan and the Jadhukata River flowing along the hill. After bathing in the Jadhukata River, we will return to the famous destination Shimul Baghan in the evening. After dinner, we will leave for Dhaka.

Who would you choose Travel Mate for travel?

1. An all-wood giant luxury houseboat (Length 95 ft., Width 20 ft.) which is Haor’s largest houseboat ever built.

2. We have 8 rooms, each with an attached bathroom.

2. Premium Open Lounge.

3. 3 feet wide by 7 feet high space to walk upright inside the boat

4. Premium Open Lounge.

5. 18 hours+ power supply per day with generator IPS.

6. Wide glass windows

7. Adequate life jackets and buoys

8. Traditional fresh food with the help of skilled chefs

9. Experienced tour guide.

10. Huge roof.


Our food menu:

Day 1:

Breakfast: Partata, Dal, Egg Omelet, Vegetables, Tea/Coffee Filter Water.

Snacks: Banana, Slice Cake, Tea/ Coffee

Lunch: Plain Rice, Potato Bharta, Vegetables, Gourd Prawn, Boal Fish, Thick Dal, Salad.

Evening Snacks: Egg Noodles, Tea/Coffee

Dinner: Chicken BBQ,  Porta, BBQ Salad, Cold Drinks, Desert, Water.


Day 2:

Breakfast: Bhuna Khichuri, Egg Omelet, Pickle, Bharta, Ghee, Tea/Coffee

Snacks: Veg Roll, Tea/ Coffee

Lunch: Plain rice, Duck Meat, fish curry, Thick Dal, Salad, water.

Evening Snacks: Thai Soup, Tea/Coffee.

Dinner: Plain Rice, Chicken Curry, Thick Dal, Vegetables,  Dessert, Water.


Booking Policy:

Here you can book in 2 ways.

You can directly come to our office and pay the booking amount or

To confirm the booking, a minimum of Tk 2,500 per person should be deposited into the bank account or Bkash merchant account.


Bank Account Info:

Account Name: Travel Mate Bangladesh

Account Number: 1549 204 816 995001

Routing Number: 060260727

Bank Name: Brac Bank Ltd.


Account Name: Travel Mate Bangladesh

Account Number: 109 107 0242102

Bank Name: Eastern Bank Ltd.

Routing Number: 095260721

bKash Merchant (Make Payment): 01766990725 (add 1.5% bkash fee)

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