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Tanguar Haor is the second largest sweetwater swamp area in the Sunamganj district, the area is about 100 sq km. After Sundarbans, it is the most beautiful largest sweetwater swamp in the northeast reign of Bangladesh is located in Dharmapasha of Sunamganj district and Tahirpur Upazila.  This Haor is decorated with outstretched water, Water Forests, blue sky, hills, and green environment. In the foothills of Jaintia hills, Khasia of Meghalaya in India, Tanguar Haor is full with a huge habitat including fish, birds and other aquatic animals. The total area of ​​Tanguar Haor is 6912 acres. However, during the monsoon, this Haor area goes up to 20,000 acres for increasing the water.

Tanguar Haor is very rich with natural resources. It has developed great biodiversity consisting of 140 species of fish, 12 species of frogs, 1 species of amphibians, 6 species of turtles, 7 species of lizards, 21 species of snakes. and more than 150 species of reptiles. In winter, there are about 250 species of migratory/guest birds in this Haor. It is estimated that 20/25 lakh birds were in the TanguarHaor in the last winter season.

From Tanguar Haor, the hills of Meghalaya of India are seen clearly. About 30 small fountains or tributaries from Meghalaya came to Tanguar Haor. There is a watchtower on the side of the Haor. The water in the surrounding areas is very transparent as if anyone can see the floor of the Haor from the above.  The main two bird sanctuaries of the Tanguar Haor are the Leuchamara and Berberia Beel.

Tanguar Haor Sunamganj

The construction of this Haor is with 120 Beals and 180 low-level/Kanda mills familiarly known to the local people as “Noikuri Kandar Soikuri Beal.” There are nearly small/large 46 floating village/island in the Tanguar Haor. The Government of Bangladesh declared Tanguar Haor as Ecologically Critical Area (ECA) in 1999. In 2000, Tanguar Haor took place on the Ramsar site list.

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Perfect Time To Travel Tanguar Haor:

Rainy season is the most suitable time to visit Tanguar Haor. Normally, in the other seasons, the water level is very low. But if you want to see the birds you will have to go in winter.

What will you see in Tanguar Haor?

There are a lot of attractive sides in Tanguar Haor. For example.

  1. Tanguar Haor
  2. Bareker Tila
  3. Tekerghat and Barsara
  4. Jadukata river
  5. Adayat Mahaprabhu’s house
  6. Chunapathorer Lake
  7. Sunset and Sunrise

What to see in Sunamganj?

In Sunamganj, you will also find some attractive sides including…

  1. River View
  2. Hashan Raja’s house and tomb
  3. Narayan Tola
  4. India Border Market
  5. Shah Arifin’s shrine
  6. Gairang Zamindar house
  7. Abdul Karim’s house

How will you go to Tanguar Haor:

When you want to go Tanguar Haor, you must go to Sunamganj first. Every day, Mamun and Shyamoli buses left Sayedabad (Dhaka) bus stand for Sunamganj directly. You will find the Ena Paribahan Bus from Mohakhali also. It will cost you nearly BDT 550 in the Non-AC bus for Sunamganj. It takes 6 hours to reach Sunamganj.

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Tanguar Haor

After reaching Sunamganj, you will find Laguna, CNG or Bike for going to Tahirpur. From Taherpur Bazar Ghat, you will find the affordable boat for visiting Tanguar Haor. According to your financial conditions, you will get different types and sizes boat here. If you go to Sunamganj in the winter season, you have to go Sulemanpur Bazar first using the Laguna, CNG or Bike. You have to take a boat from here to move the Haor. Important to realize, you will get various types of birds in the winter season and it is very amazing.

Where will you stay at Tanguar Haor:

There is no way to stay in Tanguar Haor. But you can stay on the boat. if you want to spend the night in the boat try to stay near the Bazaar. If you want to rent the house, you can rent a room at a low price in a hotel called Haor Bilash in Tekerghat area. Apart from this, you will get the room for staying in Sunamganj from BDT 200 to 1000.

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Tanguar Haor

Hiring a Boat: When you are hiring a boat, take a look at some things, such as whether the boat has a bathroom and bamboo roof. Bamboo roofs create less hot inside the boat in the sun, and it is also comfortable when sitting on the roof. To get the boat comparatively low prices, bargain before starting the journey. Typically small boats can be rented from 1500 to 2000 taka, medium boat 2500 to 3500 taka and large boat for 3500 to 5000 Taka for the whole day. If you want to spend 2 days and 1 night in the boat, it will take BDT 7000 to 8000 on renting a big boat. If you pay the cost of cooking to the boatman, he will take a cook or arrange himself for cooking. You must discuss the overall plan of what to do in the boat with the boatman before negotiating with the boat fare.

Where will you Eat at Tanguar Haor:

In the Taherpur hotel, you will find 20-25 species of fresh fish of Haor, you can eat with the favorite fish of you from here. If you plan to stay more than one day, you can buy the fish from the local market for taking and cooking it on the boat. For buying the fresh fish, you can go to the Bazar at the side of the Haor. You can also take deshi duck or chicken which will make the dish tempting. If you are not used to eating the food from the boatman, you can take preparation to cook it with your team.

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Tanguar Haor

2 Days 1 Night Tour Plan To Tanguar Haor:

When you are starting your journey at night from Dhaka, you will reach early in the morning to Tanguar Haor. First, complete your breakfast, then start for Taherpur using CNG, Auto or Bike, It will take you nearly one hour to reach Taherpur. If you want to stay on the boat, buy your daily Bazar from the local market for cooking or eating on the boat. Try to take the boat between 9 to 10 AM and go to the Watchtower area.

You will find the local boys are passing their time on the boat and it is really enjoying. If you want you can finish your cooking here (at the side of the watchtower). Now, you can go to the middle of the Haor and you will be amazed by watching the water all around you. After taking your launch, you can now move to Tekerghat. The more you go, the water will be transparent. Even you can see the bottom/ground of the Haor.

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If you don’t take your bath already, you can finish it here at Niladri Lake. When you want to pass the nights on the boat, you can stay in this area. You can cook your food here. I can assure, it will be the best night in your life! After passing the night, in the morning, you should start for Jadukata Nodi Barikkatila. You can go here by Motorcycle. Of course, you can go with the boat, but it is too far from here, so the boatman doesn’t agree with you or he can charge more money nearly 3000 to 4000 from you. It is a good idea to talk about visiting Jadukata Nodi when you are hiring the boat from the Taherpur Bazar.

Tanguar Haor

Visit Jadukata Nodi and Barikkatila and finish it before the launch. Take preparation that you will take your launch returning back to Tekerghat bazar. Surely, you can pass the rest of the time in the Haor. Now come back to Taherpur Bazar before the evening. Now take the CNG, Auto or Bike and return to Sunamganj for getting the bus of Dhaka. Hope you will enjoy the journey to Tanguar Haor of Sunamganj.

Tips for visiting Tanguar Haor:

As Tanguar Haor is in a remote place from the main town and you have to pass the days and nights on the water/boat, you have to become more conscious for taking the necessary items and following some other rules. Let’s check out the tips for traveling Tanguar Haor.

  1. When visiting Tahnuar Haor, take (must) the life jacket for everyone.
  2. During the rainy season, the thunderstorm is more in the Haor area, so during the thunderstorm, sit under the bay of the boat.
  3. In the winter season, Boat should be taken from Suleimanpur, because it is dry season and water is available from Tahirpur boat ghat/river.
  4. Don’t through excessive portions of food/water in the Haor. Put a polybag for yourself to keep the waste, then keep in a certain dustbin when returning back to the land. It is our natural beauties, so it is our responsibilities to save the areas.
  5. Avoid high noisemakers or devices in the Haor area.
  6. Do not use extra bright light at night.
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  8. Stay away from the work that threatens the lives of Tanguar fish, wild animals or birds.
  9. Be careful not to damage any type of wild animals or forestry areas of Tanguar Haor.
  10. It is the habitat of the Migrant/guest birds in the winter season, please avoid catching/buying birds anymore.
  11. If you want to visit all the areas/spots of Tanguar Haor, you have to save time. Always start your day early in the morning.

Tanguar Haor

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Want to make a group or family tour in Tanguar Haor?

Tanguar Haor is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. Hopefully, you can go to Tanguar Haor within a tight budget. If you want to travel Tanguar Haor with safety and want to enjoy the place with more pleasure, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, if I miss anything, then make comments here to help others when visiting Tanguar Haor. Happy Traveling. 🙂

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