Sandwip Island: Travel Guideline

Sandwip Island

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Sandwip Island (Upazila) is located on the southeast coast of the Bay of Bengal, in the mouth of the Meghna river of Chittagong district. It is an ancient island of Bangladesh. The island of about 4 million population is 50 kilometers long and 5 to 15 kilometers wide. Each and every entity of Sandwip is attractive – fields filled with the crop, green nature, local market everything. View all the places in Sandwip – fields filled with the crop, green nature, hat, market everything.

There are also various traditional places to visit on the island. In the north of the island, you can see the hundred-year-old Mariam Bibi Sahebani Mosque built on following the architecture of Taj Mahal. There are large Dighi adjacent to the mosque and the shrine. In the south of the island, there is the traditional dry Dighi. There are also numerous mosques, schools, madrasas, large playgrounds. If you have good luck, you can enjoy the songs of the Baul singer (The local cultural song of Bengal). Further, you can also watch and enjoy on the north side of Sandwip, Amanular Char, northeast, Uri Char, Kalapani, on the south, Kalia Char.

Sandwip Island

Surrounded by the sea, traveling on this island is like remembering the memory in the whole life. Sandwip is an ideal place for camping- the most current topic in recent times. It will be a lot of fun/enjoyable if you can camp on Sandwip Island. In this case, you can take the help of the local people to choose the appropriate place. Pick the right place and make ready of the tent. How it will be passing the nights with the light of stars, the sound of the river under the open sky! It’s really amazing and you will not forget the day in your lifetime.

Winter is the best time for camping, and it is easy to manage all the things and enjoyable to pass some dense festive nights. The people of the island are full of sincere and collaborative. Besides, you will get all the essential things you need in the local market. You can cook food by yourself. You will find everything in the markets including the fish of the river, the meat of deshi chickens or ducks and even the winter cake. And you will also get the Juice of Dates, the most delicious food in the winter season. You can also eat the famous sweets on the island, for that you have to go to Shiverhat in the south of the island.

Sandwip Island

Gradually, the area of ​​this island has become of only 80 square miles for river and sea erosion. It is known that in the fifteenth century, its size was 650 square miles. Thus, maybe one day, this island will be lost in the oceans.

Perfect Time To Travel Sandwip:

Winter is the best season for traveling Sandwip Island. From October to March, the ocean is calm. You can visit Sandwip fearlessly. On the other hand, if you want to do Camping, winter is the perfect season. What will you see on Sandwip Island?

  • Sobuj Char (In the north)
  • Broken Ship Industry (Kumira Ghat)
  • Mariam Bibi Sahebani Mosque in Sandwip
  • Natural Beauty in the Westside (Camping Area)
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Sandwip Island

How will you go to Sandwip Island:

Dhaka To Sandwip (By River)

From Sadarghat, a lunch left for Sandwip at 9 AM, which goes three days a week. At present, there will be a little trouble on this trip; you may feel bored. One of the reasons is that a Char is awakened to the west of Sandwip. For this reason, it takes a long time and creates trouble to get down. But it is a money-savvy route for traveling Sandwip.

Dhaka To Sandwip (By Road)

If you want to visit Sandwip by road, ride any bus on the Chittagong Route from Sayedabad or Kallyanpur. Tell them to land you on the Kumira Stand where you can go to Kumira Stimer Ghat. Take the Rickshaw or Auto for reaching Kumira Ghat. You have to go by waterway in the Guptochora Ghat via Sandwip Channel. For going Sandwip from the mainland, this is the only way and it is the waterway.

Chittagong To Sandwip (By Road)

First, you have to come to Kumira directly from anywhere from Chittagong city. To save time, you can hire a taxi or an auto. It will take up to BDT 200 to 250 to reach Kumira.

Sandwip Island

Kumira Ghat To Sandwip (By River)

To go/come to Sandwip Island, SpeedHost is the fast and easiest solution now. This fast-moving vehicle will take you to the island in just a few minutes. In this case, it will cost you nearly BDT 350. It will save you time as well as it is enjoyable. There is no problem with climbing or landing from the boat. You have no issues with facing the muds. If you have multiple partners, you can rent a boat if you are one or two persons, better to go normally. You have to go to Kumira Ghat for doing that. There are some other ghats, but it is the easiest route to reach Sandwip.

You can go to Sandwip by lunch or trawler (Engine Boat) from Kumira Ghat. There are portable passenger lunches, as well as you can go to the lunches that carry the goods. It will take less time and will save money for you. It is interesting, but the extra passengers and goods can create a problem, enjoying overall.

Where will you Stay:

In the main town of Sandwip, there are some hotels near Enam-Nahar premises. Apart from this, there is a quality hotel in Senerhat area. In addition, by taking permission, you may stay in the Upazila council dak bungalow. There are a few quality hotels in the Upazila, so there is no need to worry about food.

Sandwip Island

What will you eat:

You can easily manage local foods for launch or dinner. There some special foods as well. For example.

  • Sweets of South Sandwip (Shiber Hat, Shop of Binasha)
  • Juice of Dates (Winter Season)
  • As foods for lunch or Dinner Chicken, Fish, Meat and other varieties of items.

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Tips for visiting Sandwip Island:

  • Do not waste time anywhere. Select the place where you want to set camping and make the place as your needs.
  • Take a guide with the assist of the local adult people.
  • Dates Juice, cake, and Molasses, etc., are very available here in winter. Do forget to taste/eat.
  • You can rent a Bicycle—the best option to explore some area of the island within a short time.
  • Avoid doing any harm to the environment.
  • Treat very friendly with the local people; they are really simple and helpful.
  • If camping, do not spread dirt rubbish around the areas and burn them together when you are returning back.

Sandwip Island

Sandwip Island

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Want to make a group or family tour?

Sandwip is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within a day by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Sandwip within a tight budget. If you want to travel Sandwip with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section about Sandwip Island. Happy Traveling. 🙂

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