Sonadia Island (Dwip): Travel Guideline

Sonadia Island (Dwip): Travel Guideline

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In the south of Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar is the last district and it is the most visited tourist city. It is a popular destination being the largest sea beach in the world. Sonadia is one of the islands of Cox’s Bazar district. Locally, it is familiar with the name of Sonadia Char. It is established in the Kutubjom Union under Maheshkhali Upazila (Maheshkhali Island). Important to realize, the island is located 15 km north-west from Cox’s Bazar Sadar and south of Maheshkhali Dwip. The place has been divided by a canal from the Maheshkhali Upazila. The area of the Dwip is nearly 9 Square Kilometer. It is one of the striking tourist spots for natural beauty lovers.


Sonadia Island is surrounded by the sea beach on the three sides. On the other hand, the natural small trees, canals and different types of birds and sea-animals have made the place unique and attractive. In addition, the island is called the heaven of birds. Some of the birds are Petrels, Snipe, Greenshank, Teether and various kinds of duck. Notably, people started to live here only 100-150 years ago. According to the inhabitation, the Dwip is divided into two areas including East and West. Here lives on average only 2,000 people. Comparatively, the east side of the island lives more people than the west. The island consists of 2 mosques, 1 primary school, 1 cyclone center, and nearly 12 deep Tube Well.

Sonadia Dwip

Fishing is the most popular profession for the people of this island. Similarly, they also prepare dry fish, collect and produce the Minnow (Shrimps and other fish). Likewise, it is the biggest island for dry fish. In the winter season, the island is full of dry fish activities. We can tell, this is the primary income source of the people on this island. In fact, the land is also eminent for Snails and Oysters. Not to mention, this island was once famous for the pink pearls.

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To put it another way, some people work for carrying the people into different places from the island. They use Engine boat or boat made with wood for doing this. Some other local people also work as their assistance. The Island is full of Salt Water. For this reason, it is not possible to grow any crops or vegetables here. With this in mind, all the people go to Maheshkhali to buy their necessary items.

Dry Fish Sonadia

Sonadia Island is an ideal place for camping. So, you can go to the island with your friends and family member to enjoy the solitary of this place. Especially, if you can go to this island in any Moonlit night, you will not forget the night in your lifetime. It will stay in your mind as like heaven. Don’t forget to arrange Bar-B-Q here if you come for camping. The west side of the island is perfect for camping. Yes! Don’t forget to taste the tea here. You can’t believe how beautiful the Nature of Sonadia Island is!

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Sonadia Dwip Wildlife

How will you go to Sonadia Island (Dwip):

You can go to Sonadia Island in different ways. A most popular way is going via Cox’s Bazar Sadar. Namely, you have to go Cox’s Bazar from Sayedabad, Kamlapur or Kallanpur by Bus, Train or any other comfortable vehicles you want. Now, you have to go Kosturi Ghat (6 No.) for going Maheshkhali. You will find the speed boat or engine boat here. It will take only 70 Taka for 15 minutes to reach Maheskhali by speed boat. You can also go with Engine boat and it will take 25-30 Taka. It will reach Maheskhali within 50 to 60 minutes.

Now, you have to come to Gorok Ghata Bazar from Maheshkhali with a rickshaw. It will take BDT 20 only. Now you have to go Ghoti Vanga. To clarify, it is on average 24 km from Gorok Ghata Bazar. If you are going with 3 or 4 members of a team, you can take the CNG from here. It will cost you nearly 150 to 200 Taka to reach Ghoti Vanga. Now, you have to go Sonadia from here.

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Sonadia Island River

You will get the engine boat in this Ghat for going Sonadia. When you will cross the Sonadia Channel, it is the area of Sonadia Island. It is not possible to go with a boat in the slow tide. Because there is very little water in the canal during the slow tide. In this case, you have to wait for the high tide. If you want, you can go by walking and a lot of people will do that. In a day, you will find one boat here. So be careful here for maintaining the time. It will take BDT 25 for reaching Sonadia Island. Must be remembered, you have to go to the west side of the island. This area has some mini shop and you can eat something from here. You can take rest in the forestry area as well.

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Going Cox’s Bazar to Sonadia directly: You can go to Sonadia directly from Cox’s Bazar via the sea by reserving a speed boat. Though you have to spend more money, the journey is undoubtedly adventurous. It will take you via Cox’s Bazar (Bay of Bengal) and Sonadia Channel to the East side of Sonadia Island. Surely, you will miss traveling among the small canals. No matter you have to sacrifice something to get some other interesting feelings. But another key point, the west side of the island is a beautiful part of Sonadia. So, tell the boatman to take you to the west. When you will contact with the boatman, first clear it that you want to go to the west side of the island. Otherwise, he may demand more money. Chiefly, the attractive places, forestry area, mini shop or camping area is on the west side.

Going Maheshkhali by road: You can also come to Maheshkhali by the road. In this case, you have to land to Chakaria Bus stand from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar/Chittagong highway. Then come to Badar Khali by a Jeep or CNG and at last come to Gorakghata Bazar with another Jeep or CNG. Fortunately, if you have the car, you can go directly to Maheshkhali in this route.


Living and Eating in Sonadia Island:

There is no residential hotel for tourists on Sonadia Island. Similarly, there is no specific system for eating. If you give money to the local people, they will arrange food for you. At the same time, if you want to stay the night on the island, you have to rely on the local people. However, if you come back before sunrise thinking about the pain of staying the night, you will be deprived of the true beauty of Sonadia Island. Here, the sunset is really extraordinary. In the evening, the white feathers Egret flies in a row and go to their nest. Whoever has drawn a beautiful red circle in the blue sky! When the sun goes down, it creates a delightful environment on the ocean. And passing a night in the Sonadia Dwip can be the best night of your life. If you are not in a group, you have to stay in the residents of local people. On the other hand, you can talk to the forest department here to pass a night with them. Otherwise, talk to the local people for getting the opportunities. It is no matter. They are used to doing that.

sonadia island-1

Some Tips:

  • Sonadia Dwip is the asset of Bangladesh and it has the most diverse collection of sea animals, fish, and birds. So, don’t do anything which is harmful to the creature.
  • Don’t throw anything including Plastic Pots or Packet in the water or anywhere. Keep it to put it in the right area.
  • Don’t misbehave with the local people. They are really simple and helpful.
  • Always follow the time and manage the food for your team before the evening.
  • Think yourself a part of nature. So, don’t do any harmful activities to other natural processes.
  • If you get the time visit Moheshkhali Island and it’s also amazing with Adinath Mandir, Rakhain Para and Golden Temple in Maheshkhali.

Sonadia Island Beach

Want to make a group tour in the Sonadia Island?

If you are an adventurous lover and want to see the natural beauties, then Sonadia Island is one of the best places for you. In the same way, if you want to make any group tour with your friends or family member here, you can contact the Travel Mate team to do the things more attractive and smooth for you. Never forget to share your opinion from the comment section. For further assistance regarding traveling Bangladesh, contact us at any time. Happy Traveling. 🙂

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