Maheshkhali Island: Complete Travel Guideline

Maheshkhali Island - the hilly island

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Maheshkhali Island is an administrative area of Chittagong division of Cox’s Bazar district. It is considered as the ‘Vhati Anchol Dwip’ of Cox’s Bazar district. Another key point, it is the only hilly island in Bangladesh. It is also known as Maheshkhali Island or Maheshkhali Dwip. In particular, it became known as Mahesh Khali about 200 years ago. It was named with the name of Buddhist Sen Maheshwar.

The Area of Maheshkhali Upazila is 388.50 sq km. It is 15km away from the Cox’s Bazar district. From the Maheshkhali, Chakaria Upazila on the northeast, Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila in the southeast, Kutubdia Upazila in the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the west.  In 1954, Maheshkhali thana was formed. For increasing facilities, on 15 December 1983, Moheskhali thana is upgraded to Upazilla. Maheshkhali Upazila consists of three more small islands including Sonadia, Matarbari, and Dhalghata. Now Maheshkhali Upazila consists of 1 municipality and 8 unions. Similarly, the complete administrative activities of Maheshkhali Upazila are under the control of Maheshkhali Police Station. To clarify, Moheshkhali Upazila is under Cox’s Bazar-2 (295 no.) of Bangladesh National Parliament.

Maheshkhali Island

Why Will You Travel Maheshkhali:

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Maheshkhali Upazila is 15km away from the Cox’s Bazar district and you have to travel by boat to reach the Upazila. Accordingly, I have already told you that Maheshkhali is the only hilly island in Bangladesh. Adinath Temple is situated in the Moinak hill on this island. It is located in 85.3m high from the sea level. In reality, the artwork of this island attracts visitors. In the month of Falgun, the local people observe the Adinath Fair. There are several Buddhist monasteries, Jalabon and various species of animals. Here you will also see Adinath Mandir, Rakhain Para and Golden Temple in Maheshkhali. If you want, you can also visit Jhaubagan and Charpara Beech. At the time of visiting, you will see the Salt field and the gardens of betel leaf. The reputation of Betel Leaf of Maheshkhali is all over Bangladesh. So, when you are visiting this amazing island, never forget to taste the fresh betel leaf.

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Buddhist Monastery, Adinath Hill

Travel Guideline To Maheshkhali:

There are two ways of going to Maheshkhali. You have to come to Cox’s Bazar first and this is the most convenient way who is visiting Cox’s Bazar also. You can come to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka by roads, rail, and air routes. Among the buses from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka, you will get Sadiya, S. Alam Mercedes Benz, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Transport, Sohag Transport, S. Alam Transportation, Modern Line, Shah Bahadur, etc. It will cost you from 900 to 2000 taka per seat according to the conditions of the seat.

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If you want to travel Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka, you can travel from Kamalapur or Airport Railway Station with Sonar Bangla, Suborn Express, Torna Nishetha, Metropolitan Pravati / Godhuli, Chittagong Mail. Besides, several aircraft operate the flight from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar including Bangladesh Biman, NovoAir, USB and Regent Airways.

salt cultivation Maheshkhali

If you want to go Maheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar, come to the Jetty (Ghat no. 6) from Cox’s Bazar city. Then it will take you to Maheshkhali with the local transport including engine boat or a speedboat. It will cost you only BDT 20 to 70. You can take the speedboat as reserved. If you are with 1 or 2 members, you can take the rickshaw with BDT 150 to 170 for traveling Maheshkhali. On the other hand, if you are in a team with 5 to 7 persons, you can hire an auto or easy bike to travel the whole Maheshkhali. It will cost you BDT 300 to 350.

I have told you can go to Maheshkhali in two ways. Another way is coming from Chittagong via Chakaria. You have to come with the route of Badrakhali. It will take one and a half hour to come to Maheshkhali. You will also see the Maheshkhali Jetty when you are coming from Chittagong as well.

Where will you stay:

You can easily come back from Maheshkhali to Cox’s Bazar having a short distance. Besides, there is little scope to stay in Moheshkhali. So, it is a better option to come back to Cox’s Bazar. It is easy to get any room in Cox’s Bazar if you go to offseason. Otherwise, if it is in the middle of December or January, it is good to book a room before going there. Otherwise, you may face problem to get a room. Usually, Cox’s Bazar Hotel/Motel/Resorts can be divided into three categories.

Adinath Temple

  • From BDT 6000 to 10.000: Mermaid Beach Resort, Simon Beach Resort, Ocean Paradise, Long Beach, Cox Today, Heritage, etc.
  • From BDT 3,000 to 6,000:  Sea Palace, Seagull Hotel, Coral Reef, Nitol Resort, Islandia, Beach View, Sea Crown, Uni Resort, etc.
  • From BDT 800 to 3,000: Urmi Guest House, Coral Reef, Ikra Beach Resort, Ovishar, Media In, Kallol, Hanimun Resort, Nilima Resort, etc.

You will get at a cheaper price if you go in the offseason. It is nearly half of the above price. Moreover, it is a better idea to take the room when you are visiting Moheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar. Then you have no hassle when getting back from Moheshkhali. Don’t take the help of Rickshawalla or CNG driver for getting a good room. They will take you there where they get the commission. It is good to check the website or facebook page of the hotel. If you are going on a family tour, then you can take the flat. It will take BDT 2000 to BDT 15000 considering the conditions. You will find both AC or Non-AC room here. Overall, when you want to save some bucks of money, and want to get a good room or flat, you have to search in several places.

What will you eat?

You can easily come back to Cox’s Bazar having a very short distance from Cox’s Bazar to Maheshkhali. For this reason, you can take snacks or light food from the island. Then take full dish when you will return to Cox’s Bazar. There are all types of hotels and restaurants in Cox’s Bazar. According to medium quality and price, you will find Rosela, Jhaubon, Dhansiri, Paushi, Niribili and etc. You may pay as like the below. It may vary considering the season.

Betel Leaf Garden Maheshkhali

Rice: Tk 20-40, Mixed Vorta: 75/150/300 Taka (8-10 items), Leyte Fry: 100-120 Taka (6-10 pieces per plate), Coral / Vetki: 150 Taka (per pitch), Meat: 150-200 Taka (2 people), RupChanda Fry Cooked: 300-400 taka (Adult 2 for eating), Dal: 30-60 taka. You can also taste Hyderabadi Biryani at Hazari. It is adjoining Point of Laboni. It will cost from BDT 200 to 250. Important to realize, you will find the KFC as well.

Let’s visit Maheshkhali now…

If you love adventures and want to take the taste of the hilly island, it is the only way in Bangladesh. So, you can plan from today. Again, if you need any support or want to arrange a guided tour, you can knock Travel Mate. Hope you will enjoy the place. We will wait for your review here. Thanks in advance 🙂

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