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Sippi Arsung

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Sippi Arsuang is a hill. Its height is 2939 feet. It is located at Roangchhari in the Bandarban district of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The names of the hill are different in different indigenous languages. The Bum race called it Sippi, Tanchanga – Rametang, Marma – Ramatang, Pangkhoa – Arsuang which means rooster crest. Also called by many names including Ramjum. Sippi is the southernmost peak (left) of the three peaks that can be seen from Sippi Para. The middle one is Arsuang. The right one has no name. Some also call the survival of the South Sippi Arsuang. However, whatever the name, this mountain is known to us as Sippy Arsuang.

Sippi Arsuang – Travel Info

Sippi Arsuang is one of the highest peaks in Bangladesh with a height of approximately 2939 feet which is the 10th highest peak in Bangladesh. SippiArsuang Hill is located in the foothills of Roangchhari Upazila in the Bandarban District of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. Located in Roangchhari, this hill can be an ideal trek for beginners. It also takes less time. This trek can be completed in just three days. The Sippy Trail from Roninpara is slowly skyrocketing. There are three hilltops in the Sippy Range. Although the main summit peak is recognizable from a distance, the closer you get to it, the more you will start playing hide and seek behind the other peaks to give dust to your eyes. A total of four steps, meaning you have to cross four hills to reach Sippi Peak.

Several neighborhoods can be seen from Sippy including Shankhamuni Para. There was a British camp at the top of Sippi or before. On the way to Roninpara, you have to go down a steep hill, from which you can see Sippy. It is heard that there are tigers in the forest at the top of Sippi. Besides, deer and pigs are easily available in that forest. In December 2015, deer were caught in a trap in Sippy’s forest. Later, the hunters went to fetch the deer and found the remains. However, no one has seen a tiger in this hill.

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Perfect Time To Travel Sippi Arsung

As it is a mountain area and you are going to trek the hilly areas, it is better to go in the wintertime, it is better not to go in the rainy season. It is best to go between November to March.

Sippi Arsung

How To Go To Sippi Arsung

From Dhaka, you will get buses to reach Bandarban, get off at Bandarban, freshen up, take a local bus to Roangchhari and get off at Roangchhari bus stand. If the guide is fixed in advance, the guide will wait for you at the bus stand. Buy good grip sandals and other essentials for walking in the hills from Roangchhari Bazaar. From Roangchhari you have to go first to Roninpara which is 26 km away. If you want, you can also go by car to the moon. Report to the army camp and police station of Roangchhari and go to Roninpara with the guide.

Although Roninpara is located in a very remote area, it is as beautiful as the picture. All the houses are located on poles a few feet high. Several houses have electricity for the benefit of solar panels. There is no water problem here. Water is brought from the ponds that come down to Sippi through iron pipes and is supplied to the whole village. At the same time, there is a basin to collect rainwater. It is called Sippi’s base camp.

You have to start the journey from Roninpara to Sippy very early the next morning because if you leave late you will have to suffer from the heat of the sun. It takes about 6 hours to go from Roninpara to Sippi. After walking for an hour from Roninpara, you will reach Debachharapara. You can cook and eat the food you take with you, such as noodles/soup, etc. The next road is more inaccessible and covered with dense forest. So you have to cut through the match. You can reach the top of Sippi after walking for about 4 to 5 hours.

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Other Routes To Reach Sippi

There are three routes to reach Sippi Arsuang Mountain. You can go through any one and come back with the other.

  • Bandarban – Roangchhari – Paikshang Para – Ronin Para – Sippi

Very few people go to Sippy. Most of those who go, go the first route. This path is familiar and a little easier. From Bandarban you have to go to Roangchhari first. It will take about 3 hours to reach Paikshang from Roangchhari. It will take about 2.40 hours from Paikshang Para to Ronin Para. It will take about 4 hours to reach Sippy Peak from Ronin Para.

  • Bandarban – Roangchhari – Bangchhari Para – Bangchhari Bazar – Anjai Para – Lungline Para – Tarachha Para – Pratikya Karbari Para – Nine Step HillsOld Fangpuri Para – Sippy Para – Sippi
From Bandarban you have to go to Roangchhari first. It will take about 1.30 hours to reach Bangchhari from Roangchhari through Forest Office. Then it is 10 minutes walk from Bangchhari Para to Bangchhari Bazar. Again, it will take 15 minutes from Bangchhari Bazar to Anjai Para. After that, it is about 1.40 hours from Anjai Para to Lungline Para. It is about 1.40 hours from Lungline Para to Taracha Para. Pratyaka Karbari Para is about 1 hour from Taracha Para. It is about 3 hours from Pratikya Karbari Para to Puran Phangpuri Para. Sippy Para is about 30 minutes from Old Fangpuri Para. It will take about 1.40 hours to climb from Sippy Para to the top of Sippy Hill.
  • Bandarban – Ruma – Moon Nauam Para – Paindu Khal – Bill Para – Saijam Para – Sippy Para – Sippi

From Bandarban you have to go to Ruma Bazar first. You can go by bus or moon car (Chander Gari). You have to go from Ruma Bazar to Moon Naiyam.

Sippi Arsung

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Many people go to Tinap Saitar as it is on the same tour with Sippi. If you change the route a little bit, you can enjoy the Sippi with Tinap Saitar. 

  • Bandarban – Roangchhari – Ronin Para – Sippi Hills – Devchhara Para – Paindu / Tinap Saitar – Aktapara – Bandarban 

Where To Stay At Sippi

There are many residential hotels to stay in Bandarban town. Apart from this, you will find two residential hotels in Roangchhari. At the same time, you will get a few residential hotels in Ruma Bazaar. Similarly, if you want to take the taste of Indigenous lifestyle within low budget, you can live with them for a night which is inside the hill.

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Where To Eat At Sippi

There are food hotels in Bandarban town, Roangchhari and Ruma Bazar. On the other hand, if you stay at the house of Indigenous people in the mountains, they will arrange everything to support you. If you go in a team and want to cook in the hills, you have to take oil, spices, potatoes and onions. There are all the ways which is supportive for you do it accordingly. 

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Sippi Arsung

Some Other Things About Sippi Arsung

As the place is in a remote areas, you have to careful about some matters to stay away from unwanted things.

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  • Photocopy of ID card (NID)
  • 3/4 sets of clothes (shorts and full sleeve t-shirt)
  • Raincoat or umbrella with Trekking sandals / shoes (good grip)
  • Sunglasses / sunscreen (if needed) with water bottle torch light, power bank and Personal medicine. 

If you ask for travel budget, I can surely give you ideas. It will take 750 to 950 BDT with Non-AC buses from Dhaka to Bandarban. From Dhaka there are many buses including Shyamoli, St. Martins, Saudia, BRTC, Dolphin. Similarly, You can go to Bandarban by bus from Chittagong with Purbani and Purbi buses go from Bahaddarhat. It will take 110 Taka. Then distance from Bandarban to Roangchhari is 19 km. You can go from Bandarban city by bus or CNG. It will take 60tk per bus. Buses leave from 8 am to 5 pm every hour. It will take about 1.30 hours. If you take CNG you can seat 5 people. However, if five people sit down, the two of them will have to cross some places twice due to the hilly and low roads. The rent will be 500-600 Taka. It will take about 1 hour.

At the same time, you have to take the guide from Roangchhari. Once Ronin is laid, you have to take a guide from this neighborhood for 1 day on the day of Sippy Summit. And once Sippy Para is over, you can take a guide from Sippy Para for the summit. Take the guide as the day. The guide will cost would around 400 to 600 Taka per day. And when you come Ruma, you can take a guide from Ruma Bazaar. The calculation of the guide in this direction is different. Talk about money after going any final decision.

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Sippi Arsung

Want To Travel Sippi Arsung?

Sippi Arsung is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within two or three days by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Sippi Arsung within a tight budget. If you want to travel Sippi Arsung Of Bandarban (Bangladesh) with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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