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Satvaikhum is a clear cool stream surrounded by hills and greenery a little away from Amiyakhum Falls in Bandarban district. Ascending a little above the Amiyakhum waterfall begins a rocky road lined with many small and large stones. After crossing the road very carefully, you will come across a huge rocky hill with a green, calm, clear stream in between. And starting from here, the journey of Satvaikhum starts.

You have to go this way by Bamboo Raft (Vela). That means you have to ride a raft to cross this waterway of Satvaikhum. After starting the journey on the raft, it will feel as if you have suddenly entered a rocky fort. This time it will be your turn to look with speechless astonished eyes and feel the same – the sky-scraping rocky mountains on both sides are welcoming you with solemnity. The green forests embrace you in their kingdom and the green clear waterways greet you. Although all the metaphors are used to describe the beauty of Satvaikhum, there may be a lack of words to describe its beauty.

On the way back from the green forests of Satvaikhum, the rocky mountain pass and the rocky mountain kingdom, your companion will have a great feeling of a very rough, inaccessible and terrifying journey.

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Satvaikhum – A Place With Speechless Beauty

Satvaikhum is named after seven large boulders that fell from the mountain Debotar Pahar. The first of the seven large stones was recently broken into two pieces. And the locals believe that this has happened under the curse of the gods as a result of freely cutting down trees from the hills.

Satvaikhum Waterfall

Sat Vai Khum is one of the most exciting places in Bandarban. Sat Vai Khum is located in Thanchi police station of Bandarban district. On the way to SatvaiKhum you will be able to enjoy the boundless beauty of many more beautiful natural areas of Thanchi.

Many also call Satvaikhum— Velakhum. The next path will be by bamboo raft (Vela). After embarking on the raft, you will feel as if you have suddenly entered a rocky fort. This time it’s just a matter of being speechless and looking with surprised eyes. And at the same time you will feel that the rocky mountains that touch the sky on both sides are welcoming you with seriousness in the green forest. The forest is embracing you in the kingdom and the green clear waterways are giving you a warm welcome.

This place is later on the way to Amiakhum. If you want to go to Amiakhum, you have to go to Thanchi and then to the rocky Sangu river up to Remakri. The pebbles at the bottom of this river look like pearls. Tindu is in this way. The next place to Tindu is Raja Pathar area. There are a lot of accidents here during the rainy season.

Where is Satvaikhum Falls located?

Satvaikhum Falls is located at a remote place called Nakshiyang on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district in Bangladesh.

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Way To Satvaikhum

When to go to Satvaikhum waterfall

Satvaikhum can be visited all the time. One form at a time. During the monsoon, the flow of water is high. And decreases in winter. But it does not run out. So the best time to go to Satvaikhum is after the monsoon and a little before winter. That means September to November.

Because the water of Sangu river is near the danger level in the rainy season, the administration does not give permission for a long time. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time. The path becomes slippery, when the rain creates a problem.

How to get to Satvaikhum Falls

If you want to go to Satvaikhum, you have to come to Bandarban district first. After that Thanchi Upazila from there. There are two ways to reach Satvaikhum from Thanchi Bazar.

The first route takes 6/7 hours trekking to reach Thuisapara. Many times trekking can be done at night. As such the second route is relatively easy and less cumbersome. However, you can go to the first route and return to the second route to enjoy both of the sides.

RouteNo. 1: Thanchi → Padmajhiri → Thuisapara → Devta Pahar → Satvaikhum

Route No. 2: Thanchi → Remakri → Nafakhum → Jinapara → Thuisapara → Devta Pahar → Satvaikhum

Satvaikhum Thanchi

Dhaka Or Chittagong To Bandarban

From Kalabagan, Arambagh you will find Shyamoli, Hanif, Saint Martin, Desh poribohon etc that includes AC, non-ACbuses .From the capital Dhaka the mentioned buses leave for Bandarban city every day and return to Dhaka. Bus fare per person is non-AC 550 to 650 BDT, AC 1200-1500 Taka. If you take a night bus, you will reach Bandarban by 8 am.

Besides coming to Chittagong by train or plane, you can come to Bandarban from Chittagong by bus, private car. Buses are available from Baddarhat, Dhampara bus stand. Rent 220 Taka. Microbus fare 3000-3500 Taka.

Bandarban To Thanchi

From Bandarban you can take bus or reserve jeep or moon car (Chander Gari) for Thanchi. Buses leave from Thanchi bus stand in Bandarban every hour. The rent is 200 BDT per person, it will take 4-5 hours. Jeep or Moon car rental has been fixed at BDT 6,000 from the administration. However, if you take it a little before the moon car stand, you can get 500-1000 taka less.

When the team is big, it is better to take Chander Gari. It will take 3-3.50 hours. One car can seat 10-12 people. On the way, you can see the beautiful landscapes around Milnachhari, Chimbuk hills, Nilgiri, and take pictures while standing.

Thanchi To Remakri

There is a list of guides from the BGB camp in Thanchi market. From there you have to take a guide, it is mandatory to take it. The guide fare is 1500 Taka till the next day. After that, everyone’s name, address, phone number, home phone number, copy of national ID, where to go, how many days to stay, etc. must be written on all the papers and permission from the police station and BGB camp. Everyone’s group will take pictures at the police station. The guide will help you in all cases.

Satvaikhum River Vela

Remember that no more permission is given after three (3 PM) in the afternoon. So before that you have to reach Thanchi. Otherwise you have to leave Thanchi the next day. Life jackets can be rented for 50 Taka. If it is rainy season, take 1 hour for everyone, otherwise at least 1 hour for those who do not know how to swim.

After getting permission from the administration, small engine driven boats have to be hired from Thanchi Ghat. The boat fare is 4500 BDT till that day and until we bring it back the next day. It has been fixed by the administration. One boat can seat 4-5 people. It will take about 2.5 hours to reach Remakri. If there is less water in the river, you may have to walk a little more.

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You will be fascinated by the wonderful beauty of the Sangu River on the way. Besides, Padmamukh, Tindu, Rajapathar, Barapathar and Remakri Falls will be worn on the way. Not all places can be stopped for security reasons. However, you can go down to the big stone area and take pictures. You will have great fun taking a bath at Remakri Falls. The cool water of the river will cool your body.

Satvaikhum Jhorna

Remakri to Thuisapara

When it is afternoon to reach Remakri, you will leave for Nafakhum the next morning. You will have to take another local guide from Remakri for 500 Taka which will fix the guide from Thanchi. This local guide will take you to Nafakhum. And if you have time, you can go directly to Nafakhum.

It will take 2 to 2.5 hours to reach Nafakhum on foot along Remakri canal. However, if everyone has good walking strength, it will take less time. Sometimes you have to cross the canal 2-3 times. In the canal sometimes knee water, sometimes waist water, but there is strong current. Except for 2-3 places, the rest of the way is pretty good.

After taking some pictures in Nafakhum, you need to leave for Thuisapara again. You can reach Thuisapara after trekking for 3/4 hours from Nafakhum. If it takes more time to go to Thuisapara, you can spend the night in Jinapara, the previous neighborhood.

Thuisapara To Satvaikhum

The next morning from Thuisapara, another guide will leave for Satvaikhum via Devta Pahar. Guide rent is 500 Taka. There are two ways to go from Thuisapara to Satvaikhum. A jhiri path plus hilly path. Another is just a hilly path. You can use the hilly path on the way and Jhiri path when returning.

Sat Vai Khum

After only 30 minutes of trekking up the hill, you will reach the top of the hill first. Take a break and leave again. After 30 minutes of trekking you will reach the second hill. Its name is Nicholas Hill. Mobile network is available here. There are some families here. The name of the neighborhood is Nicholas Para. Rest for a while and start trekking again.

After a while you will reach the top of the mountain. It is very difficult and dangerous to come down from Devta hill. So be careful. Many times you have to go down 80/90 degree steeply. It can take about 1 hour to get down. The road on the right goes down to Velakhum and Naiksham and the road on the left goes towards Amiyakhum and Satvaikhum.

You can reach Amiakhum after walking down the hill for 2/3 minutes. Satvaikhum waterfall is just a little above Amiyakhum. It will take about 3 hours to reach here from Thuisapara. However, depending on the stamina of the team, it may take more or less time.

A green, calm, clear stream flows through the middle of a huge rocky hill at Satvaikhum. Walk on a bamboo raft through the middle of this narrow stream and enjoy the beauty of nature. Coming and going can take about 50 minutes. Will want to jump to see the water. It is very deep, so better not to get into the water.

Next to Satvaikhum are Amiyakhum and Velakhum waterfalls. So set your travel plan that way. On the way back, spend the night in Thuisa Para and return to Thanchi by the same route or a different route. From Thanchi come to Bandarban and go back to your destination (Dhaka or your home).

Where to stay at Satvaikhum

There is no better way to stay after the Remakri and Thanchi. Indigenous homes are the only hope. There are good arrangements for tourists to stay in tribal houses. The guide will help you in all matters. This long journey will include Remakri, Nafakhum Para, Jinapara, Thuisapara. Usually everyone spends the night in these neighborhoods. And these are safe.

Where to eat In This Hilly Journey

On this long journey after Thanchi, you will have to eat at the tribal house. Indigenous houses have good food arrangements for tourists. Rice, vegetables, pulses, mashed potatoes, chicken, etc. are on the menu. If you tell the guide what to eat, he will make all the arrangements. However, you can take light dry foods such as dates, biscuits, chocolate crackers, fruits, etc.

satvaikhum from bandarban

You will also find some grocery stores in different neighborhoods. Coke, biscuits, mineral water etc. are available there. Mountain fruit is available. You have to work hard trekking all the way. So the body needs energy. So keep some dry foods when leaving Thanchi.

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Travel Tips And Precautions

Avoid holidays and travel in a groups if you want to reduce costs. Take good grip shoes for trekking. If you don’t know how to swim and go in the rainy season, keep a life jacket with you. The rocky path is very slippery, so walk carefully. There is no electricity and no mobile network after Thanchi. So keep a power bank charges.

  • Keep some FirstAid Medicine with you for emergency need.
  • From Thanchi to Satvaikhum you have to go by water so keep a life jacket with you when traveling other than winter.
  • You must take permission from Thanchi before leaving. Keep your ID card or photocopy with you.
  • Not all mobile networks work in Satvaikhum. Robi and Airtel work relatively well in some places.
  • Solar system is the system of electricity in Satvaikhum. So it is better to take the power bank with you.
  • There is a lot of water in the Sangu river, so you must be careful when taking a bath.
  • Do not do anything that harms the environment through you or your traveling companions.
  • Do not treat local indigenous people indecently. They are very helpful and simple.
  • Be helpful to others when you are in a group travel. In the remote areas it is not smooth everything as like the normal places. So, stay together in any situation.
  • Don’t take pictures, videos or do anything without permission that embarrasses the local people.

Just carry a shoulder bag and make sure the bag weighs as little as possible. Take essential medicines like paracetamol, gas medicine, saline etc. Don’t go anywhere alone without a team. Take care of the rest of the team. Come forward in danger of one. Treat the tribals family well.

Want To Travel The Paradise On Mountain – Satvaikhum

Satvaikhum is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within two or three days by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Satvaikhum within a tight budget. If you want to travel Sat vai khum with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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