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Bandarban Hotel Motel Resorts

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Bandarban district is one of the most scenic places in the hilly district of Bangladesh. It is undeniable that the name of Bandarban is at the top of the list of people who must go for travel. For this reason, we will know about the resorts and hotels of Bandarban with detailed information and price.

Bandarban is an infinite combination of natural beauty. Where nature has not been stingy in pouring out its splendor. There are innumerable lakes, springs and rivers in this hilly district. The biodiversity here and their traditional colorful culture easily attracts any culture-minded and travel-loving people. Find out the details of where you will actually stay in the tourist spots.

Hotels And Resorts In Bandarban

If you want to see the unique Bangladesh in the beauty of the high green hills, you must come to Bandarban. Bangladesh’s highest peak, lake, fountain, traditional religious places of worship, tourist center is not here! Throughout the year, therefore, Bandarban is a popular destination for tourists.

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It is not possible to visit all the places of interest in Bandarban in a short time, so tourists often have to spend the night in Bandarban for beauty. In today’s edition of Travel Guide, I will know the names, locations, fares, distances from the city and other necessary information of all the resorts and hotels in Bandarban.

There are various incidents regarding the name of Bandarban district. Traditionally, a large herd of monkeys used to come here to eat salt in the city. Since then this naming. There will be no shortage of places to visit here for tourists. Let’s take a look at the sights below.

See the Bandarban Tour Guide with Travel Mate for more information on where to visit Bandarban. Watch the below review of the top 20 resorts here.

Attractive Tourist Destination Of Bandarban

Travel Destination BandarbanTravel Destination BandarbanTravel Destination Bandarban
NilgiriKeokradongAmiakhum WaterFall
Buddha Dhatu JadiNilachalChingri Jhiri
Nafa-khum Waterfalls, NafakhumTinduDamtua Waterfall
Boga Lake, With KeokradongMarayong ThongMilonchhori
Chimbuk HillSat Vai KhumDim Pahar
Tazing DongSaka HaphongBaklai Waterfall
Shoilo PropatRijuk Waterfall JhornaMeghla Parjatan Complex
Jadipai WaterfallThanchiJhorjhori Waterfalls (Sitakundu)
Sangu RiverShoilo PropatZow Tlang
Prantik Lake
 Sippi Arsuang

To go to such a beautiful place that anyone’s mind will want. So if you want to go, you have to take a plan to stay for a few days. Let’s find out the details of hotel / motel address, means of communication and estimated cost of staying in Bandarban.

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1. Nilachol Nilambori Resort

Address: Nilachal Tourism Complex, 4830, Bandarban

Nilachol Tourist Center, located just six kilometers away from Bandarban district town, is one of the major tourist attractions in Bandarban. Located at an altitude of about one thousand six hundred feet above sea level, the Nilachal tourist center overlooks the Sangu River and the distant city of Bandarban. Besides, you can reach here and touch the clouds in all seasons.

Nilachal Nilambri Resort has been made for overnight stay at Nilachal Tourist Center. The Nilachal Tourist Center for general tourists is only allowed to stay till sunset but Nilachal is always open for the guests of the resort. The Nilachal Nilambri Resort has six rooms in three cottages and all are couple rooms. If you want, you can take advantage of extra bed for money. The rent of each room of Nilachal Nilambri Resort is 3 thousand (3000) Taka.

2. Nilgiri Hill Resort

Address: Bandarban-Thanchi Road, Nilgiri, Bandarban

The Nilgiri Hill Resort, run by the Bangladesh Army, has been built on the Nilgiri Hills, about 2,400 feet above sea level. Tidy, tidy, you can take in the wonderful experience of seeing the moonlight at night from this resort. Besides, the flying of white clouds around you will undoubtedly fascinate you.

The Nilgiri Hill Resort has a total of 8 cottages named Meghdoot, Akashlina, Marma, Inshaya, Ikhiai, Maruipre, Maruifong, Nilanjana. And to stay in the cottages you have to spend 8000 Taka. As Nilgiri Resort is attractive to everyone, it is usually not possible to get a room without booking a month in advance, especially on holidays it is almost impossible to get a room without prior booking.

3. Sairu Hill Resort

Address: Baro mile, Chimbuk Road, Bandarban – Thanchi Road, Y Junction, Shualock, Chittagong 4600

Sairu Hill Resort, located just 18 km from Bandarban district town, is one of the most beautiful resorts in Bangladesh. On the way from Bandarban to Chimbuk hill, you will see this wonderful resort. With its aesthetic design, natural environment and the necessary facilities, Sairu Hill Resort is a heartwarming feature.

To spend the night at the Sairu Hill Resort in Premier, Executive, Sangu View with rooftops and Sangu View cottages, it costs Tk 11,000 to Tk 21,000. And if you are lucky you can get discounts at different rates.

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4. Hotel Hillton (Residence)

Address: Officers Club, Islampur Road, 4600, Bandarban

For those who want to stay very close to Bandarban city, Hotel Hilton can be an ideal place. Adjacent to the Bandarban city bus stand, the hotel is quite clean and tidy. Rooms are available at 1000 to 4000 BDT in this hotel with huge bed room.

5. Hotel Night Heaven

Address: Talukdar Para, Meghla Parjatan Area 4600

Hotel Night Haven has been set up near Meghla Tourist Center, just 5 km from Bandarban city. With all modern amenities, the hotel offers free WiFi, 24-hour room service, welcome drinks and a complimentary breakfast and rent a car. Hotel Night Haven also has the facility to host any event or seminar with a maximum of 50 people.

If you want to stay in any one of the 5 category rooms like AC, Non-AC, Standard Twin Non-AC, Four Bed Non-AC and Suite etc., the rent will be from Tk. 2200 to Tk. 5500.

6. Holiday Inn Resort

Address: Chittagong – Bandarban Hwy

The Holiday Inn Resort, located on a hilltop near the Meghla Tourist Complex, is surrounded by small and large hills and beautiful natural lakes. Besides, due to the short distance from Bandarban city, this resort located near Meghla is easily accessible.

Room rent for Holiday Inn Resort’s Lake View Room, Honeymoon Cottage or Family Cottage ranges from Tk 3,000 to Tk 7,000.

7. Hillside Resort, Milonchhori

Address: Bandarban-Thanchi Road, 4600

If you go 4 km along the road from Bandarban to Chimbuk, you will see the Hillside Resort in Milonchari. The architecture of the Hillside Resort and the aesthetics of the presentation have given the resort a special uniqueness. The play of green across the horizon and the rushing of the Sangu River easily captivates the minds of nature-loving tourists. Besides, if you want to eat the popular authentic indigenous food of Bandarban, you can definitely visit this resort.

The dormitory at the Hillside Resort for 6 to 10 people will cost 900 BDT per person. Apart from this, the rent of other AC and non-AC rooms of the resort ranges from Tk. 2,500 to Tk. 5,600. However, if you book a room here, you do not have to worry about traveling from Bandarban to the resort.

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8. Fanush Resort Bandarban

Address: Nilachal Rd

The Lantern Resort, located near Nilachal, the famous hill station of Bangladesh, is located 4 km from Bandarban city. This neat and tidy resort attracts the attention of tourists at the first sight.

You will have to spend Tk 1850 to Tk 4000 to spend the night in different categories of rooms at Fanus Resort in the vicinity of nature in the lap of the mountains.

9. Hotel Plaza Bandarban

Address: Ward No. 7, Army Para, Bandarban.

If you want to stay in Bandarban city in a secluded environment, Hotel Plaza Bandarban may be the right choice for you. The hotel has its own restaurant, 100-seat conference hall, bar BQ and a complimentary breakfast.

You can stay in different categories of rooms at Hotel Plaza Bandarban for 1500 to 6500 Taka. There is also the facility of extra bed near for money.

10. Green Peak Resorts

Address: Meghla (Opposite to TTC), Chittagong – Bandarban Hwy

The Green Peak Resort, built in the lap of green nature, survives when you go half a kilometer beyond the Meghla Tourist Complex, 4 km from Bandarban city. Green Peak Resort has been acclaimed nationally and internationally for its state-of-the-art, well-equipped air-conditioned rooms, swimming pool, multicuisine restaurant and the hospitality of the resort.

Staying at this resort, which is ideal for spending time in the eye-catching green lap, will cost from Tk. 3,500 to Tk. 5,500.

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11. Venus Resort and Coffee House, Bandarban

Address: Venus Resort, Meghla, Bandarban, Chittagong, Bangladesh, Chittagong – Bandarban Hwy, 4600

There are 5 modern cottages of Venus Resort on the top of the hill very close to the cloudy tourist center of Bandarban. The resort is decorated with a number of sculptures, both large and small, as a symbol of art and creativity amidst the magnificent nature. And the restaurant of Venus Resort has a variety of local and foreign food arrangements.

Venus Resort has Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Couple Bed, Suite Room, Twin Bed (AC Cottage), Cottage Suite etc. categories. To book any one of these categories, you have to spend Tk. 3800 to Tk. 15000.


Address: N108, Bandarban 4600

Hill View, the largest residential hotel in Bandarban, has been built next to the bus stand at the entrance to the main town of Bandarban. Hotel Hill View has Wi-Fi facilities, self-transportation, medical services and conference rooms.

If you want to spend the night at Hotel Hill View, you have to pay room rent for each night from Tk. 1500 to Tk. 4000 per room.

13. Bono Nibash Hill Resort, Bandarban

Address: Chimbuk Road, Bandarban

Amazing Bon Nibas Hill Resort has been built near Milon Chhari on Bandarban-Thanchi Road. The distance from Bandarban town to Bon Nibas Hill Resort is only 3 kilometers.

To rent a room for each night from the categories of Bambo, Dhanesh, Jonaki, Mathura, Monpura, Nibas, Nauko Deluxe and Nauko of Forest Nibas Hill Resort, you have to pay Tk. 2,500 to Tk. 6,000 per night.

14. Forest Hill Resort

Address: Bandarban-Thanchi Rd

Located on Milon Chhari Road, Forest Hill Resort has nurtured the love of nature on its own. Located just 3 km from Bandarban city, the resort also has transport facilities, a restaurant, free Wi-Fi, a mountain view balcony and in-room coffee making equipment.

If you want to stay overnight in one of the deluxe suites, deluxe cottages, family suites, super deluxe cottages of Forest Hill Resort, you have to spend Tk. 3,000 to Tk. 10,000.

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15. Hotel River View Bandarban

Address: Sodok O Jonopod Rd, Bandarban 4600

Hotel River View is built along the banks of the Sangu River, which flows past the town of Bandarban. The beauty of Bandarban city and Sangu river can be enjoyed from the hotel room and roof.

If you want to book any one of the different types and quality rooms of Hotel River View, you have to spend Tk. 1600 to Tk. 6000.

16. Parjatan Motel Bandarban

Address: Parjatan Motel, Bandarban

This Parjatan Motel in Bandarban has a beautiful landscape of hills and lakes within walking distance from Meghla tourist center. The distance of this motel from Bandarban city is only 4 kilometers. Other facilities at the tourist motel include a 100-seat conference room, breakfast and extra beds for a fee.

The cost of renting a room in a tourist motel is from Tk. 1500 to Tk. 5400 depending on the type of room.

17. Hotel Green Land

Address: Z1811, Bandarban

Hotel Greenland is located near the post office in Bandarban city. Those who want to stay in a city environment and at low cost can easily choose this hotel. Other facilities at Hotel Greenland include conference rooms, generator services, medical services, security and transportation.

If you want to spend the night at Hotel Greenland, you have to spend a minimum of Tk. 1,500 and a maximum of Tk. 3,000.

18. Hotel Four Star

Address: 1 No. Goli Rd, Bandarban

Hotel Four Star, located near Janata Bank in Bandarban Bazaar, is famous for its low-cost overnight stays. You can choose this moderate residential hotel to keep the travel costs limited. Room rent for one night stay in this hotel will be from Tk. 1000 to Tk. 3000.

19. Hotel Hill Queen

Address: Sadar Rd, Bandarban

Hotel Hill Queen, located in the heart of Bandarban, has VIP support and medical services. Hotel Hill Queen also has its own transport system with conference rooms and 24-hour electricity. Hilton, another popular residential hotel in Bandarban, and Hotel Hill Queen are owned by the same.

It costs between Tk 1,200 and Tk 7,000 to rent a room for one night at Hotel Hill Queen.

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20. Hill Palace Resort

Address: Meghla Lake Square, Talukdar Para, Bandarban, Chittagong, Bangladesh

You can reach Hill Palace Resort by taking the Chittagong-Bandarban Highway 4 km from Bandarban city. You can choose Hill Palace Resort to enjoy the hilly beauty and cloudy scenery of Bandarban. And you can enjoy the taste of your favorite food in the multicuisine of the resort.

To rent different types of AC, non-AC rooms at Hill Palace Resort, you have to spend Tk. 2,000 to Tk. 5,000.

Other Hotels, Motels And Resorts Bandarban

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A few words about hotel resort booking In Bandarban: Before booking a hotel or resort in Bandarban, it is better to look at its location, distance from the hills, restaurant, security and other facilities, etc. In case of room rent, bargain well. And the rent of the following hotels and resorts varies depending on the season. During the season (November-March) the tourist pressure is naturally higher. Then the rent of the resorts is unusually high. So room booking should always be done after thorough verification. And if you want to book in advance, of course, there is a request to check yourself before the financial transaction.

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As Bandarban is one of the most tourist destination in Bangladesh, there are nearly 50+ well-decorated hotels and resorts. There is no problems for accommodation here. The meal facilities are also good. Hence, I will tell there is no problem of going to Bandarban. But taking support from the travel experts or agency, will make the tour more comfortable. For this reason, if you need any support, contact us at any time.

Let’s see some other hotels and resort in Bandarban. For more information, we request to contact us. or visit our office.

  • Bandarban Hill District Council
  • Circuit House, Bandarban
  • Hotel Three Star
  • Hotel Purabi
  • Hotel Hill Bird
  • Hotel Atithi, Bandarban Sadar
  • Hotel Bilkis, Bandarban Bazar
  • Hotel Lohagara, Bandarbon Sadar
  • Royel Hotel, Moddhom Para, Bandarban Sadar
  • Paharika Guest House, Hafejghona, Bandarban
  • Sarwar Boarding, Bandarban Sadar
  • Hero Boarding, Bandarban Sadar
  • Kamal Boarding, Bandarban Sadar
  • Hotel Azmir, Bandarban Sadar
  • Momtaj Boarding, Bandarban Sadar
  • Al-amin Boarding, Bandarban Sadar
  • Habib Boarding, Bandarban Sadar
  • Shaon Boarding
  • Parbat Boarding
  • Raju Boarding
  • Hotel Pru Residential, Ruma Bazar, Bandarban
  • Mong Guest House, Ruma Bazar, Bandarban
  • Hotel Keokaradong, Ruma Bazar, Bandarban

Note: If you are a owner/manager of a quality hotel or resort in Bandarban, and watching here- not listed your hotel or resort. Contact us with a para of detailed, photos, videos (If you have). If you see any old information or need to update the information, then you are welcome to contact us as well or call us directly. Thanks and sorry for our limitation. 

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You can reduce costs depending on what time you are going. If you go in the off-season, you will get a lot of discounts on hotel or resort rentals. If you go during the season (November-March), even if you go on a weekly holiday or on a public holiday, it will cost less to rent a hotel or resort. Also, if you go a little further inland from the beach, you will be able to stay at a lower cost. When a few friends get together, you can reduce the cost a lot by sharing a double or triple bedroom. The cost of Sajak travel will largely depend on how well you adapt to the environment. If you prefer to travel with a little bit of your own comfort, the cost will be within your reach.

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