Keokradong: Travel Guideline (A To Z)


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Keokradong is located in Ramu Upazila of Bandarban district. At about 986 meters (3235 feet) high, it was once considered the highest mountain in the country, but according to the modern method, it is currently the fifth largest mountain. The name Keokradong came from the native indigenous language- Marma. Kaikradong means the Tallest Rock Mountain in Marma.

At present, the highest peak of Bangladesh is Saka Haphong or Mowdok Taung. If you get to the top of Keokradong, the hill clouds will shake you with the charming attraction. Keokadong’s peak seems to smoky from the distance. It is covered with a white cloud. Due to the deep wind, sometimes it is tough to stand on the hilltop. Rain, wind, and clouds have no time to come to the side of the Keokradong.


How To Go To Keokradong:

First of all, from anywhere in Bangladesh, you have to come first to Bandarban to go to Keokradong. From Dhaka you will find S. Alam, Saudia, Saint Martin Transport, Unique, Hanif, Shyamoli, Dolphin, etc. that leave Dhaka for Bandarban. The fares of these buses per person are BDT 550 with Non-AC and for AC, you will need BDT 950-1500. It takes 8-10 hours going from Dhaka to Bandarban.

If you want to go by train, you have to go to Chittagong first. There are several train services from Dhaka Kamalapur. For example, Sonar Bangla, Subarna Express, Turna Nishita, Mahanagar, Godhuli. The cost will be from BDT 350 to 1200. Besides, you can come to Chittagong from Dhaka directly by the air service.


From Chittagong to Baddarhat, you will get two bus services including Pubali and Purbani that go to Bandarban. These two buses cost Tk 220. You can also reach Bandarban from Chittagong Dhampara Bus Stand with BDT 200 to 300.

Bandarban To Keokradong: When you want to go to Keokradong from Bandarban city, you have to go Ruma Bazar first. Then, from Ruma Bazar, you have to go to the Boga lake, then Keokradong. Within one day it will be a little difficult to reach Keokradong from Bandarban. Normally, tourists stay the night on Boga Lake area, then visit Keokradong in the morning. Watching the Boga lake and staying here the night will make your Keokradong journey more pleasant.

Distance from Bandarban to Ruma Bazar is 48 kilometers. You can go by Local Bus or Chander Gari or Jeep to Ruma Bazar. If you want to go by bus, you have to go to the Ruma Bazar bus-stand. After every 1 hour, the bus left for Ruma Bazar from Bandarban. It will take 3 hours with BDT 120. If you go with a team or group, you can easily take Chander Gari or Jeep to control it within the wish of you. It is capable to take 12 to 15 persons and the cost will be near BDT 3000 to 4000. It will need 2 hours to reach Ruma Bazaar when you are taking reserve Chander Gari or Jeep.

Roma Bazar To Boga Lake: When you reach Ruma Bazar, you will have to take the guide for going to Keokradong. Again, getting the guide is mandatory. There is a registered guide to the guide association, so you have to take a guide belong to them. You have to bear the complete cost with daily meals. Before leaving, you will have to get permission from Ruma Bazar Army camp to go to Keokradong. All the visitors traveling with you need to take the permit, will have to submit the identifiable paper (NID or Passport). The guide will help you to complete this task. Must be remembered, you will not get permission to go to Boga lake from Ruma bazar after 4 pm. Another key point, always try to buy the essential things from Ruma Bazar. Though there are some indigenous shops on the way to Boga Lake and Keokradong, you may not get the necessary things of you always.


Boga Lake To Keokradong: After reaching Boga lake, you will need to report to the army camp. Then take a room for staying the night here. Your guide will help you to get the room and foods. In the early morning, you will need to go to Keokradong. It will take 3 to 4 hours on foot (Trekking Road). You have to walk this whole road from Keokradong to Boga lake. Important to realize, you have to overcome some high hilly roads. Though it is quite hard, you will forget all the pain when you will reach and watch the beauty of Keokradong.

For a comfortable journey, you may stay another night in Keokradong. Otherwise, you have to stay on Boga Lake. Because you may not get vehicles from Ruma Bazar to return Bandarban on the same day. So, it will be good decisions to stay on the Keokradong Mountain, the fifth highest mountain in Bangladesh. To see the sunset and sunrise from here, will be memorable in your whole life. So this opportunity should not be missed.

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N.B: Now the road from Ruma Bazar To Keokradong is fairly good. For this reason, you can reach Keokradong by vehicle. Need to remember also that it will depend on the conditions of the road.

Perfect Time To Visit Keokradong:

You can go anytime to Keokradong except for the rainy season.  It will be good if you go in winter. Similarly, if you can go to Autumn or fall, then the surroundings are more beautiful.


Where will you stay and eat?

Keokradong: If you want to spend the night in Keokradong then there are small indigenous cottages near the peak of Keokradong. You can take help of your guide to book the room for you. You have to stay 3 to 4 persons in a room. They will take BDT 100 to 150 per person. You will be served the meal from those indigenous family. In general, it will need BDT 100 to 200 considering the menu. They serve proper foods including Rice, Egg, Alu Bhorta, Hilly Chicken, etc. As they will cook after talking with you, tell them how many of you want to eat and which menu do you want. If you think you want to eat as early as you reach, then talk to your guide for making arrangement for you.

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Boga Lake: There are several cottages of the indigenous people. You have to stay in one of those cottages. To live in this natural environment, you will need BDT 100-200 per person. The room is suitable for 5-6 people. Apart from this, if you need to get a separate cottage for couples or women, there are facilities as well. If you have any extra requirements, you can tell the guide. Besides, the meal system is same as the Keokradong.


Tips for Traveling Keokradong:

  • For trekking, you have to use good grip shoes.
  • When trekking, keep the backpack as easy as you can carry it easily.
  • There is no electricity in Boga Lake and Keokradong. Hopefully, there are solar power systems, but you should take Power Bank for charging the electronic devices.
  • Keep enough water when trekking. When the water is finished, fill the bottle from Jhiri.
  • Keep some packet of Saline and Glucose.
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  • In Keokradong, you will face network problems except for Robi and Teletalk.
  • When bathing in Boga Lake, be careful, it is very deep.
  • Indigenous people are very simple, helpful, and honest. Do not do anything that goes against them.
  • Remember that it is hilly areas, so the road is not straight.
  • You must have to take permission from Ruma Bazar Army Camp. Similarly, you have to report on Boga Lake and Keokradong Army Camp.

Want to make a group or family tour in Keokradong?

Keokradong is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within two days by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Keokradong within a tight budget. If you want to travel Keokradong with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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