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Bangladesh is a land of rivers. In general, it has more than 700 rivers. Surprisingly, it has 8000+km waterways and different types of water boats, which is very rare in the world. For this reason, it is an excellent idea to travel to Bangladesh in a river cruise to watch the generic scenery of the surroundings and explore the country closely.

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Fortunately, there are various types of luxurious boats, including Paddle-wheels known as Rocket-Steamer, which is Mississippi-style. What is the primary concern of a vacation tour? Getting out of the crowded lifestyle, taking the fresh air, and enjoying every moment. In particular, a river cruise can provide you the great opportunity of going to the close of nature and experiencing the sights and sounds of the madding village area. With this in mind, river cruise is gaining popularity day by day in Bangladesh. Let’s see what Travel Mate Offers for arranging a day-long river cruise.

What Travel Mate Offer?

Travel Mate offers you going very close of nature, exploring every important of Bangladesh and discovering the scenic beauty of the country. It will be a day-long tour which will give you a full fresh mind in the daily life. Travel Mate provides the ideal and unique river cruise package to meet your every needs. It’s no matter if you are want to arrange a corporate day out or annual events, the good and guided service is our main concern. On the other hand, we are also arranging conference, events or social get together which is completely new concept in Bangladesh. You may feel, it is a lot of work to do the above thing. Actually, you may stay without any tension. Travel Mate will do all the work including meals, entertaining or sightseeing. Your team will enjoy the moment with fun, cruising, and outing. Above all, it will be completely exceptional, cost and time consuming as well as hassle free. We are cordially inviting you for custom quotes according to your capacity and needs. Not to mention, the tour will be eco-friendly and the day will be unforgettable in your life.





Travel Mate River Cruise Price

Dinner Cruise (Package-1)

Tk 3600 (Adult) | Tk 3200 (Children) 

Maximum Group Member 20

Dinner Cruise (Package-2)

Tk 3200 (Adult) | Tk 2800 (Children) 

Maximum Group Member 30

Dinner Cruise (Package-3)

Tk 3000 (Adult) | Tk 2500 (Children) 

Maximum Group Member 40

Day Cruise (Package-4)

Tk 2500 (Adult) | Tk 2000 (Children) 

Maximum Group Member 60

Day Cruise (Package-5)

Tk 2200 (Adult) | Tk 1800 (Children) 

Maximum Group Member 80

Day Cruise (Package-6)

Tk 2000 (Adult) | Tk 1800 (Children) 

Maximum Group Member 100+

Travel Mate Food Manu & Service

Service included

Cruise on Special Cruise Vessel.

Food: Evening Snacks, Dinner

Conference Hall facilities

Regular sound System as per request

Staff and Volunteer

Food Details:

Evening Snacks :  Pakora / Chowmin, Tea, Coffee, Mineral water

Dinner :  Polou, Parata, Chicken BBQ, Fish BBQ,/ Mix. Veg, Salad

Custom Food Available

Additional Services:

Transport Service: As per request we provide transport from anywhere in the Dhaka City.

Cultural Program: As per your request we will arrange cultural program, Folk Singer, Comedy, Magician. Band Singer, Raffle Draw & Prize.

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Special Foods

What’s about special foods in a river cruise? Travel Mate wants to familiar you or your team with special types of food. It may be Deshi Foods, or a popular food from a certain area. For example, Chui Jhal Gorur Mansho from Khulna or Kacchi Biryani from Old Dhaka It is not to pass the time only, the tour will be giving a memory.


Who does not like to go back in the childhood? Fishing is a great opportunity when going in a river cruise. We will arrange essential equipment for fishing. Not to mention, it will be amazing and we are doing this in our every tour. If you choose, never forget to inform us for your fishing interest.


Visiting River Island (Char)

Do you want to visit any river island in Bangladesh with the river cruise? For example, Nijhum Dwip, Monpura Island or even Suburbans? Yes! We know it will be fantastic to go in a river cruise and enjoying any beautiful place. For this reason, you can tell your favorite place and Travel Mate will try to meet your requirements. 

Exploring Natural Village

The villages of Bangladesh are naturally beautiful and the river-side villages are amazing. You will get natural foods and human here. For this reason, in our river cruise tour you will get the opportunity for exploring any natural village near our destination. Even you can choose any of them when arranging the tour.

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