People of Bangladesh

The Citizens of Bangladesh are known as Bangladeshis. With the independence in 1971, the people of this region is formed as Bangladeshis (Former: East Pakistan). The name came from the Bengal/Bangla. According to the population, Bangladesh is placed 8th among the whole world. In 2018, the population is nearly 16.5 crore, and 98 percent of them are Bengalis – their mother tongue is Bangla. 90.4% of the population from Bangladesh are Muslims. At the same time, it has other religions including Hindus (8.5%), Buddhist (0.6%) and Christian (0.4%). In Bangladesh, it has some tribal people including Chakma, Marma or Garo and they are measured near a million. On the other hand, Bangladesh has 2.5 Million of Minorities including Biharis. Another key point, most of Bangladeshi Muslims are Sunnis, and it has a fewer number people of Shiha Community. Important to realize, Bangladeshis are also familiar with the name of Bangalees, East Bengalis, and Bengals.

The official language from all over the country is Bangla/Bengali. In all the officials or Government purposes, Bangla gets the high priorities. Important to realize, the Bengali language is very rich in culture and tradition. The contribution in the poetry, literature or music is very outstanding. In Bangla literature, it has two world famous writer/poet named Rabindranath Tagore who is a Nobel laureate and Kazi Nazrul Islam who is a known as rebel poet and a voice of Bangladeshi people. At the same time, In Bangla language, it has several regional dialects, and it is very enriched. For example, the dialects of the Sylhet region, Chittagong region, and Noakhali region. The linguistic think the dialects have the influence on the Arab-Persian language. The use of English in Bangla language is also noticeable. The impact of the west is the main reason here, and English is thought of as the essential language.

The tribal people of Bangladesh live in the Chittagong hilly areas, and some of them are from Mymensingh, Sylhet and Rajshahi regions. It has nearly 1 Million tribal people, and 80% of them are living in the rural settings. Most of the tribal people have come from Sino-Tibetan descent and have the appearance of distinctive Mongoloid. They have their own culture, tradition and habitual behavior. They follow different culture and tradition for birth and death rites or marriage celebration. They can talk fluently in Bengali. At the same time, they practice the Tibeto-Burman languages. Most of them are Buddhist, Hindus, and Christian. Though differing from the community, they have their own religious belief and festival.

The most massive tribal people in Bangladesh are Chakmas, Tipperas (or Tipras), Marmas (or Maghs), and Mros (or Moorings). They can easily be distinguished from one community to another by their different types of dialect, dress, and tribal culture. From the tribal community, the Chakmas and the Marmas are very active in the organizational activities. Others also follow distinct clans and tradition in their own way. The Chakmas can easily mix with the local Bengalis, and other tribal communities are following the same rules. The tribal people are living in the hilly areas, and they are participating in the official work without any discrimination in Bangladesh.

The People of Bangladesh are very simple, and they lead a happy life with the family. They like to maintain the community, and most of the people do not try to think big. They cultivate the crops and passes the time in the field. 36.5% of people in Bangladesh live in the urban areas. Most of them do the business and others are working with the governments or private company. The education rate is increasing, and the primary education is free for all. Though the unemployment rate is huge, if the Govt. can use them by creating the workspace, they can lead the world. The median age in Bangladesh is very hopeful, and it is near 26 years.

It is familiar to the world that the people of Bangladesh are very hospitable. They support the friends, family, neighbors as well as the foreign people. They love to stay satisfied with what they have. They are cordial with the minorities. Day by day, the technology integration is increasing, and most of the place is under 4G network. Recently, Bangladesh has achieved the recognition of Middle Earning Country.

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