Boga Lake and Keokradong Tour

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This is a trekking tour!

Will Keokradong win or surrender to its enormity? Sitting on the shores of Boga Lake, the beauty of the mountains, you will see the play of innumerable stars in the sky of pure black darkness? Say goodbye to a sunset and welcome a dawn on from the highest peak of the country.

So let’s see the hilly appearance of Boga Lake and Keokradong.

The departure date: 3rd Thursday of every month at 9:00 pm.

The return date: 3rd Monday of every month at 8:00 am

Tour plan:

Thursday: Departure for Bandarban by non-AC bus at 9:00 pm.

— Friday

* Arrive Bandarban in the morning, go to Ruma Bazaar by jeep for breakfast, leave for Boga Lake in a Chander Gari with the permission of the Army.

* Lunch, dinner will be in the hill house in Boga Lake.

— Saturday

* We will have breakfast in the morning and leave to conquer Keokradong.

* On the way, there will be a chingri shower. We will soak my body in the shower and walk again.

* Trekking will start again with a tea break in the Darjeeling neighborhood.

* That day will be lunch, dinner and stay at the house of the owner of Keokradong “Lala Bom.”

* The story will continue in the afternoon sitting on the helipad waiting for the sunset.

— Sunday

After seeing the sunrise, I will have breakfast and leave for Boga Lake. After lunch at Boga Lake, take a jeep to Bandarban via Ruma Bazar and after dinner, take a night bus to Dhaka.

— Monday: We will reach Dhaka in the morning, Insha Allah.

What we will see:

*** Boga Lake,

*** Chingri fountain,

*** Darjeeling Para,

*** Keokradong Hills.

Whatever you get:

1. 3 meals a day, including dinner on the morning of the 7th,

2. Living in a hill house on a share basis,

3. All transportation costs.

Which does not exist

No personal costs

The cost per person: 7500 Taka.

Members: 12 minimum.

Rules for depositing money: You can send money by bKash for confirmation and you can also pay money by meeting face to face. 3060 Taka (including cost) bKash to 01700-769287. Your seat will be confirmed after bKash and call us to give your name and Transaction Id. This is important to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings.

Please be noted:

1. Only those with strong mental and physical ability of traveling can go.

2. Take Odomos cream with you.

3. Light backpack should be taken so that there will be 2-3 sets of clothes for 2-3 days. The lighter the backpack, the more you will benefit during trekking.

4. Anklet, Knee Guard must be taken.

5. Since it is a trekking tour on a mountain road, we can face any unforeseen situation. Therefore, the mindset of all of us must be friendly.

Travel Mate

Arma Majeda Malik Tower, Kha 215, Level-4,

Merul Badda Main Road, Dhaka 1212

Contact Number: 017 66 99 0725, 01 97 97 99 567.



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