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Zinda Park Travel Guide

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Zinda Park (Also spelled as Jinda Park, জিন্দা পার্ক) is one of the attractions of Narayanganj district. The park is spread over an area of ​​about 150 acres in Rupganj upazila of Narayanganj. With more than 10,000 species of trees of about 250 species, 5 reservoirs with a vast area, innumerable wings, the park has become one of the most visited places for tourists from home and abroad.

Being very close to Dhaka, it is also appreciated as a picnic spot. The park has several bungalows for the convenience of tourists and picnickers. The park is currently the source of employment for about 4,000 people. Surprising to know, this huge park of 150 acres has been developed since its inception and its daily management has been done entirely with the spontaneous motivation and active participation of the locals. The “Agrapathik Palli Samiti” started in 1980 with a large family of about 5,000 members. This park is the result of 33 years of tireless work and sacrifice. There are very few examples of such a great cause, the active participation of so many people and the acceptance of sacrifices. The park has 3 boards named Ops Cabinet, Ops Parliament and Ops Commission.

Zinda Park Daudpur

Some of the recent steps taken by RAJUK regarding the management of the park have caused a stir among the media and environmentalists. According to RAJUK’s proposal, the management of the park should be shifted from a “Agrapathik Palli Samiti” to a separate management company to further develop the park into an international standard recreation center. However, environmentalists and other conscious groups are skeptical about the effectiveness of such an attractive transformation.

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The local administration, considering the long 33 years of successful management of the park and respecting the sentiments of the locals towards the park, has recommended no drastic change in its management.

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Travel To Zinda Park:

Zinda Park Boat

Opening hours: 9 AM
Entrance fee: Tickets for Zinda Park cost 100 BDT, for children 50 BDT.
Library fee: 10 Taka
Parking rent: 50-100 BDT
Park Closing Day: Zinda Park is open to visitors seven days a week. If the park is closed for any special reason, notice is given on the official website.
Where to stay: There is no arrangement to stay in Zinda Park.

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How To Go To Zinda Park:

Among the places of interest in Daudpur Union, Zinda Park is worth mentioning. Zinda Park can be reached from Dhaka via Tongi Mir Bazaar by bypass road. The distance from Tongi to Zinda Park is 26 km.

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shako Zinda Park

The easiest and most beautiful way to reach Zinda Park is through Purbachal Highway on Kuril Biswa Road, i.e. 300 feet road to Zinda Park. Come to Kuril Biswaroad from anywhere in Dhaka. Buy a ticket from the BRTC counter next to the Kuril railway line to Kanchan Bridge will cost Tk 25. Before the Kanchan Bridge, Zinda Park is 4 km away on the left side along the Dhaka City Bypass. Autorickshaw fare from the bypass junction before Kanchan Bridge to Zinda Park is Tk 30 per person. And if you take the reserve, you will get 100/120 BDT.

At the head of the 300 feet road you can go to Kanchan Bridge by local CNG or local private car or Laguna, the fare is 40-50 tk per person. It will cost Tk 25-30 per person to go to Jinda Park by local auto at the corner of Bypass before Kanchan Bridge.

If you want, you can go directly to Zinda Park by renting a reserve CNG or autorickshaw from Kuril 300 feet road. Usually CNG reserve fare is 300-350 TK and if you take a little time with autorickshaw, you can go to see the beautiful scenery around comfortably, the rent will be 200-250 BDT. But you have to bargain. If you don’t get a car on the way back, take a local car from Zinda Park to Kanchan Bridge. From there you will find many types of cars coming to Kuril.

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Zinda Park Jinda

Or if you want to cross Kanchpur Bridge by bus from Dhaka, you can easily reach to Vulta. Zinda Park can be reached by Vulta bypassing the metropolis. Distance from Vulta to Zinda Park is 12 kilometers. If you want you can reserve CNG / Auto Or come to Kanchan Bridge by local CNG / car / auto and from there reserve / local auto by Jinda Park.

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From Dhaka you can go to Zinda Park by bypass road through Tongi Mir Bazaar. The distance from Tongi to Zinda Park is only 26 kilometers. If you want, you can also go to Jinda Park in any of the mentioned ways with your own private car. Zinda Park is open every day of the week.

Zinda Park tree house

Related Information About Jinda Park:

Zinda Park is located in Daudpur Union of Narayanganj district covering an area of ​​about 150 acres. Zinda Park has more than ten thousand trees of 250 species, five reservoirs and innumerable birds. Green cover all around. Everywhere you look, there are green plants, flowers and fruits. There are tong houses on the trees, big sun-built ponds, bridges over the ponds, there are mud houses. Inside the park there is a market, a beautiful architectural library, a canteen and a mini zoo. And there are 6 well-equipped boats in the park lake for navigating. The architectural style of the various installations at Zinda Park will fascinate you. The specialty of this park is that it has been developed through the spontaneous participation of the locals. The Zinda Park is the result of 35 years of untiring work of the Agrapathik Palli Samiti, which started its journey with 5,000 members in 1980. The village of Jinda is called the ideal village for the concentration and diligence of the Agrapathik Palli Samiti.

zinda park Rupganj

The distance from Dhaka to Zinda Park is only 36 kilometers. If you want to have a picnic or a day out, you can safely choose Zinda Park. On the one hand, the green covered park will fill your mind with peace, on the other hand, the park is completely safe from any strange troubles. However, if you want to have a picnic here, it is better to inform the authorities two or three days in advance. You will love this kind of green open-air rural aesthetic environment to visit from day to day from Dhaka.

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1) Trees & Plants

There are many plants in Zinda Park which is full of natural beauty. We see nearly 250 species of trees here. There are more than ten thousand trees throughout the entire park.

Zinda Park Narayanganj

2) Birds

It is very difficult to hear the chirping of birds in the noisy environment of Dhaka city nowadays. Zinda Park has numerous wings that will take you very close to nature. If you want to hear the call of birds in the noisy life, you must come to Jinda Park, which is full of birds.

3) Lake

In addition to plants and birds, the park has a huge reservoir. The park is surrounded by 5 reservoirs.

4) Sitting Place

Surrounded by natural beauty, this park has benches for sitting. In addition to wandering around the park, you can take a rest on a bench under the trees and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Zinda Park Lake

5) Boat

There is also a large lake navigator in Zinda Park. You will see 6 boats for the guests near the lake. You can also take a boat trip if you want.

6) Library

There is a huge library for book lovers in this park. You can also read your favorite book while sitting in this park surrounded by natural beauty. It is amazing to read among the nature.

Zinda Park Library
Zinda Park Library

7) Tree House

Located in a beautiful environment, this park has a tree house. Small houses have been built on the trees for the children. Little kids can play here.

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8) Natural Bridge

The park has eco-friendly bridges for walking around the reservoir. You can use this bridge if you want to walk around the huge reservoir.

Zinda Park Trees

9) Calm & Quite Place

Forgetting the city life of Dhaka, you can take a touch of nature very close of Dhaka city. Zinda Park is an ideal place for it.

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Zinda Park 1

10) Enjoy A Day

If you love to enjoy a day among the nature with your friends and family, it is very tough to get any place rather than Zinda Park near the capital of Bangladesh.

Where To Eat At Zinda Park

There is a restaurant inside Zinda Park. If you want you can eat in package form. Different items of local food like chicken / cow / Khasi (Mutton), vegetables, pulses and rice will cost between 200-280 BDT. You can take food from outside if you want. But in that case you have to pay a fee of 25 BDT.

Jinda Park Bridge

Want to make a group or family tour in Zinda Park?

Zinda Park (জিন্দা পার্ক) is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within a day by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Zinda Park within a tight budget. If you want to travel Jinda Park with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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