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Mandarbaria Sea Beach Satkhira

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You may have visited the beach Cox’s Bazar; Himachari, Inani, Kuakata many times. Those who are tired of visiting these noisy beaches can go to Mandarbariya beach to take the fresh smell of new sea beach. In our country, there is a beach called Mandarbariya which is unknown to many tourists. The beach is surrounded by the solitude deserts and primitive beauty of nature because few people know about this beach. The Mandarbaria beach is the ideal travel destination for those who want to enjoy the vastness of the sunshine, the rising sun and the beauty of the desert in a remote distance without the crowd. Important to realize, Mandarbariya Sea Beach is one of the beautiful beaches which is listed as top 15 sea beach in Bangladesh researched and made by Travel Mate team.

Mandarbaria (Mandarbariya) Sea Beach is located in a no-break zone in the Bay of Bengal of Satkhira district. On the one side of the river Haribhanga, the beautiful nature of the beaches of Mandarbaria. Mandarbariya beach is an unknown place for most people of Bangladesh. The beach is about 75 km from Nilgumur Naughat in Burigawalini in Satkhira district. From Satkhira to Nildumur, it needs to come by car and the rest of the way is necessary to take an engine-driven boat or speed boat. Rivers flowing across the chest of the Sundarbans are the only source for the 75 km journey. Therefore, the beaches of Mandarbariya, about 75 km in length, are suitable only for special travelers who, having acknowledged the hardships, are willing to listen to the abrupt roar of the mighty waters of the Bay of Bengal.

The whole trail is adventurous as it is at the side of the mangrove forests, Sundarbans. You will find the animals, including the deer, monkey, and other animals on the way of Mandarbaria Sea Beach. When you reach Mandarbaria beach, the presence of Pachauri and Bali Hash will surely amaze you.

Mandarbariya Sea Beach

The fear of the tigers on the back and the sea, the wide beaches, the green forest, discovering the mysterious forests from the beach will deepen your fascination. The deer and the tiger’s feet on the beach will make you afraid as well as it is fascinated. This fear will increase the level of adventure and entertainment. To get lost in the unspoiled sandy beaches and the wild beauties of nature, Mandarbariya beach is one of the best destinations in Bangladesh.

From Nildumur Ghat, crossing the KholpetuaKapotaksha River. You have to cross the Mandarbariya, Kalagachia, Arapangasia, Malanch river also. The evergreens environments on both sides of the river will captivate your mind. There will be various movements of animals including deer, and scenes of flying birds of different species, including Panchauri, and Balihash. Besides, the deer or tiger’s footprints on this deserted Mandarbariya beach will undoubtedly increase the excitement of travel.

Perfect time to travel Mandarbariya Sea Beach

In the winter season, October to February, engine-driven boats, speedboats and steamers go from Nildumur Nou Ghat in Burigolini to Mandarbariya sea beach. So winter is good for a beach trip to Mandarbariya.

How to get to Mandarbaria beach

To visit Mandarbariya Sea Beach, you have to come to Satkhira District First. Then with the boat, you have to reach to the sea beach.

Dhaka to Satkhira on the bus
The distance from Dhaka to Satkhira is 300 km. There are a lot of AC and non-AC buses that go from Dhaka- Gabtali, Savar, Nabinagar, Shyamoli, Kalyanpur, and Savar. Among the buses, there are SP Golden Line, AK Travels, Green Line, Mamun Enterprise, Eagle Transport, Shohagh Transport, Saudia Transport, Satkhira Express, and Shyamoli Transport. All these bus tickets will cost up to BDT 500 to 1300.

Satkhira To Mandarbariya Sea beach
The distance from Satkhira Sadar to Burigoalini is about 70 km. From Nilgumur Naughat in Burigolini, there are different types of Engine boats, steamers, speed boats that go to Mandarbariya beach. It takes 3 to 4 hours to reach the beach by steamer and engine-driven boat. It takes 2 and a half hours to reach Mandarbariya Sea Beach on a speed boat.

Mandarbariya Sea Beach

Where to stay

There are several standard residential hotels for night stay at Satkhira, among them Hotel Sangram, Hotel Samrat, Hotel Shimanta, Mozaffar Garden Resort, Hotel Mohana and Hotel Uttara provides good service. At the same time, there is numerous budget hotel that will cost you only BDT 400 to 500 for a night.

Where to eat

Satkhira district is famous for its pure honey, mango, Ool Kochu, fish and etc. Besides, Satkhira Ghosh Diary and other sweet shop are also popular all over Bangladesh. You can taste Sandesh of Satkhira which is popular all over the world; the taste of Sandesh will remain in your mouth for long days.

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Other Important Spots in Satkhira:

Apart from the beaches of Mandarbaria, there are some beautiful places to visit in Satkhira. From time to time you can visit Sundarbans, Jodi Shiva Temple, Mantu Mia garden house, Sonbariya Mathbari temple, Debhatar Bonbibir Botgach, Nalta Sharif and Jahajmari.

You may have seen many other beaches like Cox’s Bazar, Himachari, Inani. But in the meanwhile, Mandarbaria is a completely different beautiful beach in Bangladesh. In front of the sea and behind the Sundarbans, the fear of the tigers behind and the beauty of the front. So this time choose to see the sea.

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Want To Travel Mandarbariya Sea Beach?

Mandarbariya Beach is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back with a fresh mind by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Satkhira Sea Beach within a tight budget. If you want to travel Mandarbaria with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information about things to do or places to visit in Satkhira or Mandarbaria from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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