MV Karnafuly Express: About, Ticket Booking & Updated Pricing
MV Karnafuly Express Karnafuli

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MV Karnafuly Express which is a leading ship service in Bangladesh. It is also spelled as Karnafuli Or Karnaphuli. The name Karnafuly has come from the name of the river. These ships are launched by Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd. It is a popular shipbuilding company in Bangladesh that has constructed ocean-going and inland vessels since 1994. In the meantime, the builder company already made 600+ vessels. With MV Bay One, it is another life in the travel industry of Bangladesh.

The river Karnafuli flows right through Rangunia Upazila. This river is the natural resource of our Upazila, which has provided livelihood to many fishermen. The Karnafuli River is a major river in southeastern Bangladesh. It starts in the Lusai Hills of Mizoram, India, flows through the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Chittagong and joins the Bay of Bengal near Patenga in Chittagong. At the mouth of this river is the port of Chittagong, the main seaport of Bangladesh. The length of this river is 320 km.

MV Karnafuly Express Cruise Ship leaves from T North Nuniachhara (Airport Road) BIWTA Ghat at Cox’s Bazar regularly. Behind Cox’s Bazar Airport, the ship will sail from Nunia’s Chhara BIWTC Ghat to the Bay of Bengal via the North Bankkhali River. It will then reach St. Martin by sea parallel to Marine Drive. Nunia Chhara BIWTA Ghat behind Cox’s Bazar Airport. The distance from Hotel-Motel Zone in Cox’s Bazar to Nunia Chhara BIWTC Ghat is 5 km, it will take about 30 minutes to reach.

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MV Karnafuly Express

The image of the Titanic floats to the attention of all people when they talk about a ship floating in the sea. That was our first acquaintance with an entire city on a ship courtesy of Hollywood. But larger ship is now for travel and enjoying the ship in Bangladesh. Like this ‘MV Karnafuly Express’. It would be something like the “A piece of oasis in the chest of the sea.”

MV Karnafuly Express Cabins

The news source says the ship is owned by Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd. (KSBLBD). BIWTC (Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation) is also taking a contract with Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd. Mainly, MV Karnafuly Express is the ship for entertainment for Bangladeshi travel purposes. Especially, MV Karnafuly Express goes to St. Martin’s Island from Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and Teknaf.

The 4-story luxury ship has three decks and 17 luxury rooms/cabins. The vessel can carry 510 passengers at a time. The 100 crew of the vessel are always on alert for passenger and ship services.

In addition to the cabin or theater, there are numerous stores and restaurants in almost every part of the ship. There are also playing courts, and swimming pools, a youth zone, a theme park with computer gaming and laboratories, and a special nursery and playground for children. And there is a beautiful garden to walk in.

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About 55 meters long and 11 meters wide, MV Karnafuly Express has two main propulsion engines. One of the famous Cummins brands in America has a capacity of about 600 bhp. The ship can travel at a speed of about 12 nautical miles per hour. It is enriched with 17 VIP cabins. This boat has about 510 seats in different categories. There is a spacious conference hall room, dining space, sea view balcony.

MV Karnafuly Express Enjoy Time

MV Karnafuly Express: Ticket Pricing

MV Karnafuli Express ship’s economy seat (2nd class chair) fare is two thousand (2200) Taka per person. Besides, the rent of business class seat (1st class chair) has been fixed at Tk 2,750. There are a total of 17 luxury class cabins on the MV Karnafuly Express. Among them, the rent of an economy class cabin (2nd class) is Tk 8,800 and the rent of a luxury class (VIP) cabin is Tk 16,500. Each cabin is applicable for 2 persons, additional general tickets have to be booked for each additional person. Each ticket includes a courtesy breakfast. And the rent is up-down or come-and-go. If a passenger wants to return on a different date, it should be mentioned while collecting the ticket.

Ticket Price Of Karnafuly Cruise First Ocean-Going Luxury Passengers Sea Cruise-In Bangladesh.

  • Vvip Cabin – 28,000 BDT
  • Vip Cabin -20,000 BDT
  • Twin Bed – 12,000 BDT
  • Single Bed – 7,500 BDT
  • Business Class Seat – 4,000 BDT
  • Economy Class Seat – 3,200 BDT

Included Breakfast & Afternoon Snack.

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MV Karnafuly Express: Ticket Booking

For advanced and modern navigation systems there are GPS, echosounder, radar, compass. There is a fire extinguishing system. Life-Saving Equipment Life jackets, life rafts, life buoys alongside emergency life-saving boats. The ship will be operated by experienced masters and crew on the coastal route for a long time. Tourist police are expected to be deployed for the safety of the passengers of the ship (discussions are going on).

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MV Karnafuly Express Cabin Ticket

Some More Inforamtion About MV Karnafuli Express

The inauguration took place on Thursday, January 30, 2020, with direct shipping from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin’s. From Friday, January 31, the day after the inauguration of the luxury coastal passenger ship MV Karnafuli Express, tourists started to travel directly by sea from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin by MV Karnafuli Express.

M Hossainul Islam Bahadur, Director of Cox’s Bazar and Managing Director of Farhan Express Tourism, told Launch Vessel Finders Bangladesh that Mr. Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury, Hon’ble Minister of State for Shipping, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was the Chief Guest at the inaugural function on January 30. Hon’ble Secretary of the Ministry of Shipping Mr. Md. Abdus Samad.

The ship is operated by Karnafuli Ship Builders Ltd. Farhan Express Tourism is in overall cooperation in the operation of the ship.

MV Karnafuli Express Cabin

Ships will depart from Cox’s Bazar North Nuniachhara (Airport Road) BIW TA Ghat regularly for coral island St. Martin’s. Departure from Cox’s Bazar Ghat at 7.00 am every day. Departs from St. Martin every day at 3.30 pm. It will take 5 to 6 hours to reach the destination from both directions. Returning from St. Martin a few days later may be delayed by another 1 hour.

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M Hossainul Islam Bahadur, managing director of Farhan Express Tourism and a maritime tourism businessman, said, “We have arranged state-of-the-art and luxurious ships on this new route by sea directly with the mentality of maximum tourist service.” I have tried to keep the rent to a minimum. We hope that this new modern ship carrying tourists will open new horizons of immense potential for tourism in Cox’s Bazar, InshaAllah.

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MV Karnafuly Express Rooms

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