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MV Bay One Ship Karnafuly

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MV Bay One is a modern cruise ship in Bangladesh. It goes St. Martin’s Island directly from Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. Karnafuly Ship Builders, a Chittagong-based company, has added this state-of-the-art cruise ship for tourists on the St. Martin route from Cox’s Bazar. After MV Karnafuly Express, it is another life in the travel industry of Bangladesh.

The luxury MV Bay One cruise ship starts it’s journey on the St. Martin route from Chittagong Patenga to provide a new experience of traveling on international standard cruise ships in Bangladesh. The five star MV Bay One has a variety of modern amenities including Presidential Suite, Swimming Pool, Conference Hall, International Restaurant, Dance Bar, Bunker Bed Cabin, Twin Bed Cabin. President’s suite, cabin and general seats together about two thousand seats. The operating crew has 17 people and the passenger service will have 150 staff.

The ship’s previous name was ‘Salvia Saru / Maru’. The ship was bought from Japan to provide international quality travel experience to the tourists. After being brought to Bangladesh, it has been named as ‘Bay One’. The ship has more than two thousand seats.

By sea, the ship is capable of moving at an average speed of 18 to 20 nautical miles / hour. It has two 5,500 hp low RPM engines. The cruise ship is 393 feet long, 55 feet wide and has a draft of about 18 feet. Besides, no other information has been known yet.

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MV Bay One –  Shipping Schedule

For knowing updated ticket price of MV Bay One, call to 09 678 388 388 (Official Agent Travel Mate Bangladesh)

The MV Bay One will depart from Chittagong’s Patenga Water Bus Terminal (next to the airport) at 11.00 pm and leave St. Martin at 10.30 am. For the time being, it will leave Chittagong for St. Martin at 11.00 pm on Mondays and Thursdays 2 days a week and will leave St. Martin at 10.30 am on Saturdays and Wednesdays for Chittagong. If for any reason the schedule changes at the time of departure of the ship, we will inform the passengers in advance by SMS or call on the mobile, if you have booked the ticket through Ship Ticket BD. On other days of the week, at the mouth of the Chittagong Sea and the Karnafuly River, St. Martin’s will only have a night package. However, on the occasion, the ship will leave for 3 days in the week.

MV Bay One Cruise

The MV Bay One is a much larger ocean liner, so its draft or depth is higher, so the ship will be anchored off St. Martin’s Jetty. Another sea-going ship, MV Abdul Matin, will disembark passengers from MV Bay One and board from St. Martin.

MV Bay One Cruise will take regular tourists. Initially, the bus will run from Patenga Naval Beach (next to Ghat No. 15) in Chittagong 3 days a week and from St. Martin Jetty Ghat 3 days a week.

From Chittagong to St. Martin: The ship will leave every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11 pm. It will leave at 11 pm and reach St. Martin at 8 am.

St. Martin to Chittagong: The ship will depart from St. Martin at 1 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and return to Chittagong at 6 pm.

MV Bay One – Ticket Price Seat Plan For Different Classes (Going And Coming)

For knowing updated ticket price of MV Bay One, call to 09678388388, 01766990725 (Official Agent Travel Mate Bangladesh)

Deck “A” – 

  • VVIP Cabin – 45,000 BDT (for 2 persons)
  • Special Class Bunker Bed – 35,000 BDT (for 4 persons)
  • Royal Class Cabin – 40,000 BDT (for 2 persons).

Deck “B” – 

  • Presidential Suite Cabin – 38,000 BDT (for 2 people)

Deck “C” – (With Special Facilities)

  • Sleeping Bunker Bed (Dormitory) – 8000 BDT (per person)

Deck – “D” – (With Special Facilities)

  • Luxury Business Class Seat – 7,000 BDT (per person)

Deck – “E” – (With Special Facilities)

  • Economic Class Seat – 5,000 BDT (per person)

Deck – “F” – (With Special Facilities)

  • Economic Class Seat – 5,000 BDT (per person)

MV Bay One – Ticket Price (At A Glance)

For knowing updated ticket price of MV Bay One, call to 09678388388, 01766990725 (Official Agent Travel Mate Bangladesh)

  • Business class chair 7,000 Taka (per person)
  • Luxury Business Class Chair 7,000 Taka (per person)
  • Bunker Slipper Bed 8,000 Taka (per person)
  • VIP Cabin 40,000 Taka (for 2)
  • VVIP Cabin 45,000 Taka (for 2 with attached toilet)
  • Family Bunker Cabin 35,000 Taka (for 4 people)
  • Presidential Cabin 38,000 Taka (for 2 people)
  • Royal Cabin 40,000 Taka (for 2 people)

Note: For extra passengers in the cabin zone, separate economy class tickets must be purchased per person. The date of your return must be mentioned before the ticket is issued. 5 year old’s do not need tickets, parents can share seats with. If you are older than this, you will need a flower ticket. MV Bay One is offering courtesy snacks for economy and business class and bunker bed passengers.

Again, Separate tickets will have to be booked for more passengers (if any) than the number of passengers traveling in the cabin of the same family or at the same time. Children under the age of 5 will be able to travel completely free of charge.

bay one ship seat plan

MV Bay One – From The Travel Mate Press

MV Bay One – At A Glance

  • Name of the ship: M V Bay One
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kobei, Japan.
  • Former name: Salvia Maru
  • IMO: 9054080
  • Calling code: JG5174
  • MMSI No: 431100403
  • Length: 121 meters
  • Width: 15 meters
  • Draft: 5.3 meters
  • Gross tonnage: 4992
  • Deadweight: 1236 tons.
  • Average speed: 16.1 nautical miles / hour.
  • Maximum speed: 24 nautical miles / hour.

Five-star quality ships on Bangladesh’s waterways were once a dream. This time the dream is really coming true. A five-star quality ship called ‘MV Bay One’ will operate regularly on the Cox’s Bazar-Saint Martin route.

Karnafuly Ship Builders of Chittagong bought the ship from Japan. Earlier, the name of this ship was ‘Salvia Saru Or Maru’. The ship is currently stationed in Chittagong.

Regular maritime tourism has been launched on the Chittagong-Saint Martin route. Bay One Cruise is one of the pioneers of this sub-sector of tourism. The ship will sail three days a week. Entrepreneurs say this is just the beginning of maritime tourism. This sub-sector has immense potential. They hope that maritime tourism will one day play a good role in the national economy.

Maritime tourism is an undiscovered sub-sector of Bangladesh. However, it is developing slowly. This time a little long voyage is being added with the winter one day cruise. Tourist ships will go from Chittagong to the coral island of St. Martin.

The Bay One Cruise is one of the pioneers of maritime tourism. Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited has imported the ship from Japan at a cost of Tk 105 crore. This pleasure boat has various arrangements including overnight accommodation for the passengers.

The minimum fare to travel directly from Chittagong to St. Martin is 3 thousand Taka. One of the attractions of the 6-storey ship is the VVIP cabin. Rent 50 thousand Taka.

Kazi Enamul Haque, deck in-charge of Bay One Cruise Ship, said it includes economy chairs, business chairs, bunkers, presidential suites, royal suites, cabins and more VVPI cabins. The total capacity of the cruise is 200 people.

At a speed of 24 nautical miles per hour, one of the features of this ship is its ability to survive safely in the sea even in adverse weather conditions. The ship will be able to carry passengers until the danger signal 6, the captain said.

Captain Alamgir Kabir said that since the ship is fitted with fin stabilizer. No other ship in the history of Bangladesh has been fitted with a fin stabilizer. No matter how many rolls it will roll at a certain angle.

Bay One Cruise Ship plans to travel to various destinations including Andaman and Pattaya to promote maritime tourism.

MV Bay One

The ship’s CEO, Captain Masuk Hasan Ahmed (retd), said many people would get jobs. We have already recruited 1 to 1.5 thousand people on this ship. We have more plans in management, we have seen two / three more ships, we will bring them too.

The ship owner hopes that Bay One will make a significant contribution to the development of the country’s tourism industry.

MA Rashid, managing director of Karnafuly Ship Builders, said, “These are the development of the country, they were not there before. So some new connections are needed with these. We gifted this ship to the countrymen.”

Initially, the Bay One will run on the Chittagong-Saint Martin route three days a week. 200 crew will be engaged in passenger service.

Buy The Ticket Now…

You don’t even need to come to our office to buy a MV Bay One ship ticket. Send us your name, mobile number, email, date of departure, return journey or return date, ticket from any place in Bangladesh to our bank account or mobile banking. If you send an SMS with the class and the amount of the ticket, we will send a copy of the ticket to your email, messenger or whatsapp. You can board the ship by printing that ticket.

For knowing updated ticket price of MV Bay One, call to 09678388388, 01766990725 (Official Agent Travel Mate Bangladesh)

And if you want to come to the office and get a hard copy, come to the above address, Fridays and holidays are closed. Please collect tickets 3 to 7 days from your departure date or earlier if possible. Then you can easily buy a ticket at the desired seat. You can contact Travel Mate or by inboxing on Facebook.

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