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Cox’s Bazar is called the tourism capital of the country. If you go to Cox’s Bazar, you will want to visit the beach in the morning and afternoon. Numerous residential hotels, resorts and cottages have been built near the beach to ensure overnight stay of huge tourists.

Cox’s Bazar is the first name in the list of leading places in the tourism industry of Bangladesh. Whether it is the vastness of the sea or the leisure, Cox’s Bazar is always busy greeting the tourists. More than 650 residential hotels, resorts and cottages have been set up near Cox’s Bazar beach to ensure overnight stay of the huge number of tourists visiting Cox’s Bazar. All these residential hotels and resorts have discounted rates at different rates depending on the season.

Cox’s Bazar has a special place in the heart of tourists because of its hundreds of hotels. The main attraction of Cox’s Bazar is Cox’s Bazar beach tour!

Apart from this, you can go now St. Martin by ship Karnafuly Express and Bay One from BIWTA Ghat from North Nuniachhara (Airport Road) in Cox’s Bazar city. It has brought new dimension in the tourist industry of Bangladesh.

Hotels And Resorts In Cox’s Bazar

There are different quality hotels starting from 5 star. Cox’s Bazar is the largest beach in the world. Every year not only domestic tourists, but also a lot of tourists from outside the country come to our country to see this largest beach in the world. Not only tourists, but also cultural events, seminars, beach football, beach cricket and various domestic and foreign events are now held in Cox’s Bazar.

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The world’s longest beach is visited by a huge number of tourists every year! Cox’s Bazar has become a hotel city to accommodate this huge number of tourists!

Travelers think about safety before traveling. This is also followed about comfortable place to stay and easy communication. Cox’s Bazar is so popular with people because of these three!

Comfortable accommodation is essential for the rest of the tourist. Cox’s Bazar has the most comfortable, luxurious hotels, motels, resorts, cottages in Bangladesh. There are also reasonable and affordable hotels.

As a result, you can feel the satisfaction of traveling to Cox’s Bazar even on a low budget.

Most of the hotels are usually located in Kalatali, Cox’s Bazar. In fact, Cox’s Bazar hotels are close to the beach.

Although hotel fares vary, hotels in Cox’s Bazar are committed to maintaining quality of service. Moreover, hotels in Cox’s Bazar announce various discounts and packages.

Note that during the on-peak and off-peak seasons, Cox’s Bazar hotel price list varies.

Cox’s Bazar Hotels And Resorts: List

Cox’s Bazar is a hospitable tourist destination. Here are the most world class hotels in Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar hotels are not far behind to keep pace with the world. Cox’s Bazar hotels are winning the hearts of tourists day by day by maintaining all the facilities and standards.

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This is where you can spend your holidays in hotels like 5 star, 4 star or 3 star.

What a wonderful thing!

Lots of tourists come from abroad every year. So here you will see many world class hotels to ensure their maximum service.

However, many tourists are skeptical about choosing a hotel. Considering it; Here is a list of the top 25 best hotels.

Get to know the Cox’s Bazar hotel list in a brief description at a glance according to your choice.

1. Seagull Hotel

Location: Sea Beach, Soghundha Point, Hotel Motel Zone, Cox’s Bazar 4700

Seagull is one of the best luxury hotels in Cox’s Bazar. Located at Sugandha Point, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, mountains and Zhaoban from your hotel room. Seagull’s name is also at the top of the list of elite deluxe hotels in Cox’s Bazar.

The Seagull Hotel is located 3.4 km from Cox’s Bazar Airport, 4.1 km from Bus Terminal, 2 km from Kalatali Beach and 24.6 km from Inani Beach. No matter where you want to go from, you can really find this beautiful hotel at the fragrance point of the hotel-motel zone. In addition to the benefits of local transportation, you can talk to the hotel authorities and enjoy the benefits of the car.

The hotel has a total of 182 guest rooms. These include Regular Room, Deluxe Room, Suite Room and Madhurima Suite Room. Regular and deluxe rooms are again divided into two parts with natural scenery. The rooms on one side are suitable for viewing the sea while the rooms on the other side are suitable for viewing the mountains.

2. Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort

Location: 28-29, Hotel Motel Zone, Road, Cox’s Bazar 4700

Apart from enjoying the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar, Hotel Ocean Paradise Ltd. has no comparison for its modern amenities, aesthetic design and world-class services. Ocean Paradise Limited is the name of a perfect five star hotel for a luxurious and comfortable Cox’s Bazar tour.

Ocean Paradise is located at a distance of 4.1 km from Cox’s Bazar Airport, 2.8 km from Bus Terminal, half a km from Kalatali Beach and 23.3 km from Inani Beach. This five star hotel can be reached from anywhere in Cox’s Bazar by contacting your own, local and even hotel.

The hotel has a total of 298 guest rooms. These include Deluxe, Superior Deluxe, Premier Deluxe, Executive Premier Deluxe, Honeymoon Suite, Junior Suite, Executive Suite, Creative Studio and Presidential Suite.

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3. Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa Cox’s Bazar

Location: Jaliapalong, Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar 4750

The Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa, built under the brand chain of the world-famous French company Louvre Group of Hotels, is adjacent to Inani in Cox’s Bazar. With world-class facilities, this five-star hotel and resort is the first choice of elite, luxurious and comfortable tourists.

The Royal Tulip is located 29.5 km from Cox’s Bazar Airport, 27.2 km from Bus Terminal, 25 km from Kalatali Beach and 1.7 km from Inani Beach. Talking to own, locals and hotels, you can also transport them from anywhere in Cox’s Bazar.

This largest eco resort in Bangladesh has a total of 493 guest rooms. The guestrooms of this hotel and resort, spread over an area of ​​about 15 acres, are arranged in 10 different categories. These include Superior Hill View or Mountain View, Superior Sea View or Oceanfront, Studio, Premier, Executive Suite (Hill and Sea View), Royal Family Suite (Sea View), Royal Paradise Suite and Presidential Suite.

Some More Five Star Hotels In Cox’s Bazar

Let’s know the list of world class Cox’s Bazar hotels.

4. Sayeman Beach Resort

Location: Marine Drive, Road, Cox’s Bazar 4700

Rooms at this resort start at Tk. 10,000 and go up to Tk 45,000. Being a five star hotel, you can get world class facilities.

Sayeman Beach Resort located on the Marine Drive Road. The resort many high quality rooms for the travel lover. And from every room there is a beautiful view of the sea. Each room also has a double bed and extra beds. The rent of a premium cottage on holidays is Tk. 45000, excluding holidays Tk. 40000. The room rent of Economy Cottage is Tk. 30000 excluding holidays and Tk. 10000 excluding holidays.

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5. Long Beach Hotel Cox’s Bazar

Location: 14, Kalatoli, Hotel-Motel Zone, 4700

The rooms of this hotel are ready with world class service including Premier Room, Deluxe Room, Premier Suite, Honeymoon Suite. Rent starts from Tk. 7,000 and goes up to Tk. 50,000.

Long Beach Hotel is always at the center of travelers’ interest with three sea view points arranged in aesthetic presentation. The location of the Long Beach Hotel is just opposite the sea beach, the entrance to the Kalatoli. The resort has a spacious veranda on each floor. There is 24 hour electricity and water supply. Premium couple room rent is Tk 7,000, couple classic room rent is Tk 40000 and double classic room rent is Tk 50000 at Long Beach Hotel.

6. Hotel The Cox Today

Location: 7/2, Kalatali Road, Cox’s Bazar.

The rent of these five star hotel rooms starts from Tk. 10,000 and goes up to a maximum of Tk. 60,000. From deluxe to royal or premium suites are also available here.

Located behind the Kalatali road, Hotel The Cox Today is very popular with Cox’s Bazar travelers for its aesthetic presentation. The resort has a total of 6 types of rooms in separate areas for accommodation. Each room has a maximum of 4 accommodations. The room rent of Hotel The Cox Today is Tk 10,000 and the rent is the same throughout the year. Each room has a large veranda, swings, beautiful gardens and seating arrangements for sea watching. If you want to stay at this hotel on holidays, it is better to book a cottage in advance.

7. Mermaid Eco-Resort

Pechar Dwip (Owl Island), a village surrounded by Zhaoban on one side and the hillside on the other, is now very popular. The 84 km long Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive road has been constructed in the middle of Owl Island. The Mermaid Beach Resort has been built near the Reju Canal on the west side of the Teknaf-bound Marine Drive Road.

Looking at the resort, which is completely noise-free, surrounded by greenery, you can see several huts, big and small, behind the trees. And these cottages have all the modern facilities. Guests arriving at Mermaid Beach Resort are greeted with bouquets. And welcome drinks include coconut water freshly picked from the tree.

The ubiquitous presentation of Mermaid Beach Resort is a special expression of aesthetics and individuality. And all the things that are harmful to the environment have been used as little as possible in this resort. Yoga centers, spas, boat trips, conference rooms, theaters, etc. are all arranged in this eco-friendly leisure center. Architect Ziauddin Khan has decorated the Mermaid Eco Resort with utmost importance for the enjoyable leisure of tourists.

8. Best Western Heritage Hotel

Location: Kolatoli Circle Road, 4700

BW Heritage Hotel is one of the best hotels and resorts in Cox’s Bazar. Sitting at the resort, it is ideal to see the beach. Decorated with aesthetic interior design, the hotel has 4 types of special room facilities—Honeymoon Suite, Deluxe Double Sea View, Deluxe Double Hill View, Superior View, and VIP suite. On holidays double bed room rent is 6500 Taka and couple 25000 Taka. On all other days the double bed room rent is 6000 Taka and couple 20000 Taka. BW Heritage Hotel offers 10-15% discount on room bookings for the users of Travel MateContact Us when booking a room and enjoy this special offer.

9. Prime Park Hotel

Prime Park Hotel is one of the most interesting and popular resorts in Cox’s Bazar. Prime Park Hotel has different types of room including Couple Premium, Twin Premium, Superior Premium, Executive Premium, Royal Club suite, and Honeymoon suite with beautiful eco-friendly decoration and attractive landscape view. Each can have a maximum of 4 people. The rent of the rooms in the Prime Park Hotel is between 2500 to 10000 BDT. Prime Park Hotel has 24-hour water and electricity facilities. If you want to get a room in Prime Park Hotel for more popularity, you have to book at least a month before the trip, although you can book through us to get it done for you. You can book the Prime Park Hotel by contacting us on mobile or through website.

10. Hotel Sea Uttara, Cox’s Bazar

Location: Dolphin Circle, New Beach Rd, Cox’s Bazar 4700

Many people like Hotel Sea Uttara located in Dolphin Circle for its beautiful view. Hotel Sea Uttara has a 4 types of room facilities. That includes Heliconia, Orchid, Executive Suite, and Honeymoon Suite. Excluding holidays, the rent of the rooms is Tk. 5000 and the rent of VIP rooms is Tk. 10000. On holidays, the rent of the rooms is Tk. 4,000 and VIP is Tk. 9000. Each room has an open veranda facing the beach to enjoy the sound of the vast sea. Hotel Sea Uttara has food facilities.

Some Other Hotels, Motels & Resorts In Cox’s Bazar

As Cox’s Bazar is one of the most tourist destination in Bangladesh, there are nearly 650+ well-decorated hotels and resorts. There is no problems for accommodation here. The meal facilities are also good. Hence, I will tell there is no problem of going to Cox’s Bazar. But taking support from the travel experts or agency, will make the tour more comfortable. For this reason, if you need any support, contact us at any time.

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Let’s see some other hotels and resort in Cox’s Bazar. For more information, we request to contact us. or visit our office.

  • Hotel Sea Palace Limited
  • Exotica Sampan Hotel & Resort
  • Hotel Coral Reef Cox’s Bazar
  • Neeshorgo Hotel & Resort Ltd.
  • Praasad Paradise
  • Hotel Sea Crown
  • Divine Eco Resort
  • Hotel Sea World
  • The Sea Princess Hotel
  • Hotel Shaibal
  • Windy Terrace
  • Cox’s Bazar Surf Club Resort, Surf & Cafe
  • Inani Royal Resort Limited
  • Royal Beach Resort
  • Hotel Regal Palace
  • Motel Upal
  • Motel Probal
  • Motel Labonee
  • Hotel Water Orchid
  • Hotel Marine Plaza
  • Albatross Resort
  • Hotel Sea Palace Limited
  • Nilima Beach Resort
  • Hotel Coastal Peace
  • Resort Beach View
  • Hotel Cox’s Hilton
  • Hotel Hyperion Sea World
  • Saint Martin Resort, Cox’s Bazar
  • Hotel Media International Ltd
  • Hotel Sea Cox
  • White Orchid
  • Hill Tower
  • Hotel Elaf International
  • Fu- Wang Dominous Resort
  • Hotel Sea Alif
  • Lighthouse Family Retreat
  • The Cox Beach Resort

Note: If you are a owner/manager of a quality hotel, Motel or resort in Cox’s Bazar, and watching here- not listed your hotel, Motel or resort. Contact us with a para of detailed, photos, videos (If you have). If you see any old information or need to update the information, then you are welcome to contact us as well or call us directly. Thanks and sorry for our limitation. 

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You can reduce costs depending on what time you are going. If you go in the off-season, you will get a lot of discounts on hotel or resort rentals. If you go during the season (November-March), even if you go on a weekly holiday or on a public holiday, it will cost less to rent a hotel or resort. Also, if you go a little further inland from the beach, you will be able to stay at a lower cost. When a few friends get together, you can reduce the cost a lot by sharing a double or triple bedroom.
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All of the above, especially room rent and communication, are collected from the hotel’s authority. So it would be wise to visit the hotel website at least once before booking. Even if you go out for a walk in Corona, you will follow social distance and hygiene rules. Do not throw dirt and garbage everywhere while walking.

Take the Help Of Travel Mate For Ensuring A Hassle-free Hotel Or Resorts For you!

If you are looking for support to buy the ticket or booking for a hotel from Dhaka or any other places of Bangladesh to Cox’s Bazar, contact Travel Mate, the most reliable and most visited travel partner in Bangladesh. Similarly, if you want to travel Cox’s Bazar with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section about Cox’s Bazar. Happy Traveling. 🙂

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