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St Martin Island Hotels Resort Dwip

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Saint Martin is one of the most popular travel destinations in Bangladesh. Many people visit this coral island every year. Various quality hotels and resorts have been set up here to meet tourists’ demands. Many people ask which hotel or resort would be better for an overnight stay. Today, we will give information about some popular hotels and resorts. We have tried to introduce you to luxury hotels as well as low-cost hotel resorts.

One of the most attractive places for tourists is St. Martin, the only coral island in Bangladesh. The island is located at the mouth of the Naf River, nine kilometers south of Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar. The MV Karnafuli Express has already started running from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin. Other ships going to St. Martin originally run from the end of October or the beginning of November until the last week of March. So the period from October to March is taken to go to St. Martin. However, trawlers ply from Teknaf all year round. The MV Kornfuli Express departs daily from BIWTA Ghat, North Nuniyachhara (Airport Road), in Cox’s Bazar City. To learn more about ship tickets, click here.

However, many people have trouble getting a hotel or resort on the island to spend the night. For their convenience, 20 hotels and resorts were introduced.

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Hotel and Resort at Saint Martin Island

A few words about hotel resort booking In St. Martin Dwip: Before booking a hotel or resort in St. Martin, it is better to look at its location, distance from the sea, restaurant, security and other facilities, etc. In the case of room rent, bargain well. The rent of the following hotels and resorts varies depending on the season. During the season (November-March), the tourist pressure is naturally higher. Then the rent of the resorts is unusually high. So, room booking should always be done after thorough verification. And if you want to book in advance, of course, there is a request to check yourself before the financial transaction.

Let’s find out some quality hotels and resorts on Saint Martin Island…

1) Blue marine

The Blue Marine is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in St. Martin’s Dwip. Located a short distance from the jetty, the hotel has excellent infrastructure. The three-story hotel has its own restaurant with 34 luxury rooms. The rent for an AC double bedroom at this resort is Tk 10,000, and non-AC is Tk 5,000. In addition, triple bedrooms are available at Tk 3,000, six-person bedrooms at Tk 4,000 and ten-bedroom bedrooms at Tk 5,000. Also, the beach cannot be seen directly from these rooms.

2. Coral View Resort:

Coral View Resort has been built on the left side of St. Martin’s Wharf (Ghat), adjacent to East Beach. The rent of the Sea View Room at Coral View Resort is 2500 to 6000 Taka.
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3. Somudra Kutir Resort

The Somudra Kutir Resort is located at the corner of South Beach, St. Martin. You have to spend Tk 2,000 to Tk 3,500 for an overnight stay at this resort.

4. Coral Blue

St. Martin’s Island is located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh and St. Martin is located in the southernmost part of the country. That is why Coral Blue is called the Last Tip of Bangladesh. Spread over 25 bighas, this resort is right on the beach. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the secluded St. Martin’s Island, you can’t compare this coral blue. From this resort, you can walk to and from the island. This is the ideal place for Snorkeling. St. Martin’s Rock Beach, Keya Forest, and different types of mangrove areas should be visited at least once to enjoy the beauty of St. Martin. The restaurant food of this resort is quite appreciated. The rent of the resort is 3000-6000 Taka. This resort is very secluded and you can enjoy the private beach.

5. Praasad Paradise Resort

Pass the Blue Marine Resort through St. Martin’s Market and head a bit further north to the lovely Praasad Paradise. Renting any one of the 16 different types of rooms will cost 2000-5000 Taka.

6. Fantasy Hotel

The most luxurious resort. This is a three-star quality hotel. The hotel has suite rooms, AC and an uninterrupted power supply. Breakfast is free and you can ride your own electric bike to St. Martin’s Island.

7. Atlantic Resort

Located on the beach, Labiba Bilash (now known as The Atlantic) Resort has 43 rooms for overnight stays. The cost of this resort is a bit high, but its quality and view are quite good. And to stay here you have to spend 3500 to 12000 Taka.

8. Music Echo Resort

Music Eco Resort is located on Southwest Beach. This resort has modern tents and container accommodation. The aesthetics of this resort will impress anyone. It is quite popular for the beauty of St. Martin’s Rock Beach. To reach this resort, you have to take a trawler or speedboat from the jetty to the front of Coral Blue Resort. The hassle of going to this resort is insignificant to the beauty of this beach.

9. Kokonut Koral

Coconut Coral Resort is also located on South Beach. If you want to enjoy the beauty here, you have to work a little harder. From the jetty, take a trawler or speedboat to the Coral Blue Resort. It is impossible to appreciate the natural diversity of this resort without visiting it. Room rent 3000-5000 Taka.

10. Samudro Bilash

Humayun Ahmed’s house is rented for 500-1000 BDT. You can stay in this 4-room house with advance booking.

11. Sea View Resort And Sports

It is located in the North Beach, a seven-minute walk from the jetty. Under the new management, the opening of the resort has changed drastically. Everyone who has been here recently has appreciated this two-story resort. It has 19 rooms and 04 tents and has its own restaurant. The biggest advantage is that most of the rooms have sea views. It also has a juice bar, free WiFi (coming soon), candlelight dinner, sports, and complimentary breakfast. The rent per room at Sea View Resort & Sports is Tk. 1,500-3,000.

12. Nishorgo kutir

The cosmos cottage on the west beach is quite an aesthetic resort. The resort is very close to the beach and secluded. The resort has 15 cottages for 4 persons and 2 cottages for 2 persons – a total of 17 rooms. The rent for each room is BDT 4,000-5,000 and there is a restaurant adjacent to the beach. The aesthetics of this resort on the beach will impress anyone.

13. Nil Diganta

It is a beautiful resort located in the southwest of the island. Its size is also quite large. The total number of rooms is 38, divided into Astachal, Chhayabithi, Taruchaya and Nipban categories. There is also a restaurant here. All rooms at this resort are tin-shed. Room rent is 2,000-4,500 Taka. The problem is that the van fare is at least two hundred Taka as it is quite far from the jetty. There is also no opportunity to see the beach from the room.

14. Dream Night

Dream Night Resort, located at the far end of West Beach, accommodates 2 to 4 people per room. The 16-room resort has 12 double bedrooms with a rent of Tk 2,500 each and 4 couple rooms with a rent of Tk 2,000-3,000 per night. There are catering arrangements for in-house guests.

15. Kingshook Eco Resort

This resort is one of the best in St. Martin’s West Beach to come to St. Martin’s and mix with nature. The sea can be seen from some rooms of this resort. The accommodation in the tent is also amazing. The rent of this resort near Galachipa is BDT 2500 to 4000. To go to this resort, you have to rent a van for about 300 to 400 Taka.

16. Prince Heaven Resort

Adjacent to the Palace Paradise on North Beach, Prince Haven Resort has a total of 24 rooms and a restaurant. Room rent at Prince Haven Resort is Tk. 1,500-3,500.

17. Panna Resort

Located on West Beach, Panna Resort is one of the cleanest resorts by the sea at a low cost. Room rent at Emerald Resort is Tk 1,500 to Tk 3,500 per night.

18. Sailor Moon

A beautiful resort on West Beach. Although all the rooms are tin sheds, they are good for enjoying the beauty of the sea. There are 4 rooms for 4 people. Room rent is 2500-3000 BDT.

19. SKD Amar bari

Amar Bari is the ideal resort if you want to enjoy a wooden house on the beach just west of St. Martin. The rent of this resort is 3000-4000 BDT. You have to pay around Tk. 400 to rent a van to go to this resort.

20. CTB Resort

CTB Resort, St. Martin, Cox’s Bazar. St. Martin is a popular favorite resort on the island. Room rent: Couple room – Tk. 2000 for 4 bedrooms and 2500 Taka. A good hotel on a low budget can stay at this resort if you visit St. Martin.

Some other Hotels And Resorts On Saint Martin Island

As Saint Martin Dwip is one of the most tourist destinations in Bangladesh, there are nearly 50+ well-decorated hotels and resorts. There are no problems with accommodation here. The meal facilities are also good. Hence, I will tell you there is no problem with going to St. Martin. But getting support from travel experts or agencies will make the tour more comfortable. For this reason, if you need any support, contact us at any time.

Let’s see some other hotels and resorts on St. Martin’s Island. For more information, we request to contact us. or visit our office.

  • Sonesta Ocean Point Resort
  • Shopno Bilash
  • Sand Shore
  • Sea Find
  • Abakash
  • Sun Set Serenity
  • Marmaid
  • Jol Pori
  • Simana peria
  • Bela Sheshe
  • Dak Banglo
  • Beach Camp
  • Jarif Resort
  • Khonik Nibash
  • Blu Lagun
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  • Heritage resort
  • Samudra Kanon
  • Sea Probal
  •  Diamond Sea Resort
  •  Sailor Moon
  • Light House Resort
  • Shomuddro Kanon

Note: If you are an owner/manager of a quality hotel or resort in Saint Martin Island, and watching here- not listed your hotel or resort. Contact us with a para of detailed photos and videos (If you have one). If you see any old information or need to update the information, then you are welcome to contact us as well or call us directly. Thanks and sorry for our limitation. 

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You can reduce costs depending on what time you are going. If you go in the off-season, you will get a lot of discounts on hotel or resort rentals. If you go during the season (November-March), even if you go on a weekly holiday or on a public holiday, it will cost less to rent a hotel or resort. Also, if you go a little further inland from the beach, you will be able to stay at a lower cost. When a few friends get together, you can reduce the cost a lot by sharing a double or triple bedroom.

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