Places to Visit Very Close to Dhaka City (One Day Tour)

Places to Visit Very Close to Dhaka City

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Who does not love to travel! But the reality of life in Dhaka doesn’t permit you to leave the city for some days. On the other hand, family and friends need time for you to spend some special moment. It makes the relationship more interesting. Markedly, life gets released from the daily turbulence and flatness. But traveling is always costly. For this reason, you may keep a minimum yearly tour for your family. But the other days or months?

In this case, the middle-class people need some places where the cost will be bearable. And it will be finished within a day. It will help you to enjoy the weekend with your friends and family. Do you know you will find some amazing places close to Dhaka? If you don’t know, I have described some interesting places near Dhaka which will fulfill your desire. Yes! the places are very beautiful and solitary. Maybe you don’t know about the places, but if you visit one by one, it will surely amaze you. At the same time, it will save you time and money. The most important thing, you will find a good reason to pass time with your beloved one. Without talking a lot, let’s know about the places. In particular, it can be a virtual tour as well.

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15+ Interesting Places to Visit Near Dhaka City (One Day Tour Plan)

The places I have mentioned here will be a one day tour and it is very close to Dhaka city. Important to realize, it will be very amazing to spend the time with your friends and family member.

1. Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum (Panam City)

Sonargaon Folk Art & Craft Museum is located in the Panam Nagar of Narayanganj. It is one of the most visited spectacular places near Dhaka city. In the winter, the Folk art fair is held here. The museum is open 10 AM to 5 PM every day without Saturday and Sunday. It takes only BDT 20 to enter the museum.

Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum

On the other hand, Panam City which is an exceptional city in Bangladesh is also located here. It is only 1km away from the Folk Museum. You can’t imagine how the time will be ended when watching the historical building. It is the historic city of 100’s destructed city in the world. World Monument Fund 2006 declares this lost city in the world’s largest historic city around the world. It was the capital of the Emporer Isa Khan. At the same time, it was the historic places of Baro Bhuiyans. You will be astonished by watching the old building of several centuries. Then again, the Meghna river is very close to this city. If you want and get the time, you can also visit this amazing river. I can assure, the place will be in your mind for the lifetime.

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Panam City Nagar

The communication system is also very good. It is only 27km away from Dhaka city. You will get the bus from the Gulistan for Mograpara Bus Station including Sonargaon Paribahan. Then it will take 10 to 15 minutes to reach Panam City from Mograpara Bus Station.

2. Baliati Zamindar Bari

Baliati Zamindar Bari is another most viewable palace near Dhaka city. It is one of the largest palace (Zamindar Bari) in Bangladesh. It is 35 KM away from the Dhaka City and located in Saturia Upazila. The place includes seven largest buildings. The atmosphere of this palace is very pleasant. The surroundings of this place are very attractive.


How will you go? You will get direct bus service from Gabtoli for Saturia Upazila. It will cost only BDT60 to 70. From the Saturia Bus Stand, you will get Rickshaw and CNG for the Jamindar Bari. The palace is open for every day except Sunday and the Govt. Holiday. At the same time, the palace is open for half-day on Monday. Important to realize, it will take BDT 10 for entering the Palace.

Baliati Zamindar Bari

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3. Meghnar Char of Araihazar

Within a very short time, the Char of Araihazar is getting popularity. There is no such pleasant atmosphere and a vast area to enjoy near Dhaka city. If you want to spend a full day below the skyline, you can come here. You can pass the evening in an amazing environment. Important to realize, it is located at the side of Dhaka city in the Meghna River. The most interesting part, the Char is very safe with sand and Kashban. Happy to say, the sand is perfect and hard, there is no Chorabali (Quicksand) here. Another key point, it is good to travel in the time of low tide. At this time there are 10-15 feet of sand which are very attractive. You can see the Kashban, birds in the open sky and occasionally the sound of trawlers and ships. Overall, it is very enjoying to pass your busy life in such a solitary place.

Meghnar Char of Araihazar

First, go to Madanpur from Gulistan with the Doel Bus or Shades Paribahan. It will cost you nearly BDT 45. Then you will find CNG for Araihazar. It will take on average BDT 50. When you will come to Madanpur, you will see various types of Hotels and Local Shops. You can complete your launch from here. At the same time, you can buy your necessary food or snacks from here. Now, enjoy the day. It is good to go to a team of 3/4 persons. It will cost a maximum of 700 to 1000 Taka for your team.

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4. Jol O Jongoler Kabbo, Pubail

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo is a natural resort and it is an amazing place. An ex-pilot has built it in Pubail, Gazipur, Dhaka. The resort has been built without any modern equipment. The main concept of this resort is- not changing the natural impact of the environment.  It is a place with large ponds and forestry area. Not to mention, you will get the taste of Jungle as well as village environment. If you want to travel a whole day in a different atmosphere, Jol O Jongoler Kabbo is a perfect place for you.

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo

How to visit? Come to Collge Gate of Pubail in a Bus of Narshindi, Bhairab, or Kaliganj. You will get the Engine Rickshaw for going Pilot Bari or Jol O Jongoler Kabbo. It is only 3 to 4KM away from the Collge gate.

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo

It may seem the cost is comparatively high. But considering the included meal (Breakfast, Launch, and Snacks in the afternoon and Dinner if you stay the night), accommodation and amazing environment, it is bearable. It will cost you BDT 1500 per person. For the child, housemaid or driver, it will take BDT 750. If you want to stay the night it will cost you BDT 3000 per person. In the breakfast or snacks items, you will get the Chitoi Pitha, Molasses, Lucchi, Meat, Bhaji, Parched Rice, and Tea. In the launch, you will get 10 to 12 items of Deshi foods. For example, Rice, Chicken, Polao, Small Fish, Kochurmukhir Jhol, Local Rui Fish, Daal, Vegetables and several types of Bhorta. Do you need anything else? Especially, the authorities will try to arrange a lot of items to satisfy you.

5. Jamuna Resort

Jamuna Resort is located between Tangail and Sirajganj at the side of Jamuna or Bangabandhu Bridge. Mainly, it is in Bhuapur, Tangail. The traveler can stay here at night. On the other hand, it has some other facilities including Swimming Pool, Playground (Indoor), Gym and ETC. It will cost nearly 4000 per person a day. At the same time, the authorities provide special facilities on different occasions as well as if you arrange a party, seminar or meetings.

Jamuna Resort

6. Zinda Park

If you are searching for any place with a low cost and limited time, you can visit Zinda Park. It is located in Purbachal Highway Daudpur Union, Rupganj, Narayanganj. In general, it is a place of 150 acres. It has the 250 species of 10 thousand trees, 5 large ponds and various types of birds. In general, it is nearly 37km away from Dhaka City. It has restaurant facilities for taking the meal inside the park. Furthermore, you can stay here at night in their rest house. To clarify, the entry fee in the park in only BDT 100.

Zinda Park

For visiting Zinda park, you have to come 300 feet of Kuril Highway. Go to Kanchan Bridge from here. It will take nearly 40 to 50 Taka in the CNG, or Laguna. It is 4 km away from Kanchan Bridge at the Dhaka City Bypass. You will find local-auto for going to Zinda Park. It will take BDT from 20 to 25. On the other hand, you can reserve any CNG or Auto for reaching Zinda Park directly. It may take BDT 250 to 350. Another key point, you can also go to Zinda Park from Tangi Mirer Bazar or Kachpur Bridge.

7. Padma Resort

Padma Resort is located in the Louhajang Upazilla of Munshiganj. In general, the place is at the side of the Padma River. It is 40km away from Dhaka city. For a good communication system. it takes only 2 hours to reach Padma Resort. It is an amazing place to enjoy the riverside and the evening. In the rainy season, it gets a real beauty. You will get the facilities of Playing, Restaurant as well as River Cruise.

Padma Resort

From the Gulistan, Mirpur, or Jatrabari, you will find different types of Bus for going the Padma Resort including Ilish, or Shadhin. It is the Dhaka Mawa Highway. It will cost you nearly BDT 60 to 100. In the Padma Mawa Ghat, you will find the resort-owned speedboat for going to the resort. It will cost BDT 2000 for the day (10 AM to 6 PM) and BDT 3000 for staying the night (10 AM to 10 AM).

For tasting the fresh Hilsa fish, the place is very popular. At the same time, you will get fresh vegetables, the meat of cow, duck, or chickens. You will get the seasonal fruits as well. For taking the breakfast it will cost BDT 100 and for dinner or lunch BDT 300.

8. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is located in the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway. It is 5km away (West) from the Bagher Bazar, Gazipur. To explain, the park is divided into 5 main parts. For example, Core Safari, Safari Kingdom, Biodiversity Park, Extensive Asian Diversity Park, and Bangabandhu Square. To point out, it has been built with the similarities of Thailand Safari World. It is the largest Safari Park in Asia. To be sure, the wild animals have been surrounded by two-inch glass walls. So, you have no fear of going very close to the animals.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park

For any types of information, you will get it from Bangabandhu Square on the front side of the park. Happy to say, it is the place of Tiger, lion, bear, African Leopard, Chitra Deer, Hippo, Neelgai, and different types of animals. By the same token, you will watch thousands of birds here.

It will take BDT 50 to 100 for entering the park. At the same time, you will need extra money for entering some special parts of the park. Equally important, you will get the Tiger and Lion restaurant for taking the meal. As an illustration, it is necessary a full day to finish watching the park. Even you may miss some parts of it.

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9. Belai Beel

Belai Beel is a beautiful place in Gazipur. It is located at the side of Celai Nodi. You will get the engine boat and Dingi for passing the time. In fact, you can hire any of the boats with a contract. You can hire the boat for the full day. At the same time, you can also take the engine boat which you can drive.

Belai Beel

In the afternoon, it creates a wonderful look around the Beel. Then again, the water lily around the Beel will give another feeling. You will just watch your surroundings. Here and there, the wind will touch your body and mind. In summary, if you plan to stay a full day, never forget to take some food and snacks with you.

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Belai Beel

How will you go? First, go to Gazipur Bazar. Then take the Tempu for reaching Kanaiya Bazar. It will take only BDT 10. In particular, you can go with rickshaw as well. You will get the Bridge after Kanaiay Bazar and here is the Celai river. You will see the boat in the river. Then, completing the contract, start to move around the Beel. You will see the Bhawalporgona (Shosan Bari). In due time, if you wish you can visit it also.

10. Chuti Resort

Chuti Resort is one of the notable resort in the Gazipur district. Even it is remarkable near Dhaka city. The resort is established on about 50 bighas of land. It is divided into two parts including Picnic corner and Resort. It is the center/side of a deep forest. There are two large fields, numerous trees, bushes. A huge tank surrounds its nearby. Additionally, the red lotus on it gives you an exceptional feeling. You can also ride a boat to see around the tank.

Chuti Resort

How will you fo to Chuti Resort? You can Gazipur City from Mohakhali or Gulisthan. You will find a lot of Bus services. From Gazipur Bazar, you have to come to Amtoli Bazar. The resort is 3 KM away from here. Chuti Resort and Picnic Corner are at the side of Amtoli Bazar.

11. Nokshi Polli Restaurant

Nokshi Polli Resort & Restaurant is located at the side of Balu River, Purbachal. If you are bored with the Jam and Crowd of Dhaka City, then you can spend some time here to get the refreshment. You will get several hotel and restaurant here, but Nokshi Polli is completely different. You can pass some interesting time here. On the other hand, you can ride the boat to move around the river. You can also ride the horse. You can just walk in the open sky. You will see the skyline and it will remove the monotony in your life.

Nokshi Polli Resort & Restaurant

If you want to go to Nokshi Polli, you have to first come at 300 feet. You will find two bridge here including Boyaliya Bridge and Balu Bridge. You have to go right side from the Balu Bridge. You will see the Vulanathpur Graveyard and then walk 4/5 minutes. It is Nokshi Polli. You will get Auto from the 300 feet. It will take BDT 30. Then walk for Nokshi Polli.

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12. Meghna Village

Meghna Village is located at the side of Meghna River in Gazaria Upazila of Munshiganj district. It is in the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway and very close to Narayanganj.  It is 1 KM away from the Meghna Bridge. It is an ideal place for passing some close time with friends or family. If you want you can stay in the resort as well. There are AC and Non-AC cottage. Most interesting thing is that the cottage has been built with the shape of Nepali house. You will get the opportunity of playing. Even you can ride the boat. The food is completely desi style. You can stay the night or you can come back visiting a day only.

Meghna Village

How will you go to Meghna Village? You have to go to Kachpur Bridge from Jatrabari. Then Go to Meghna Bridge via Sonargaon. From Meghna Bridge, you have to go to Baalukandi Bus Stand. From here it is walking distance. You can also go with the Resort-owned Car. You have to contact them to get it. You will also get the bus from Jatrabari for going Baalukandi Meghna Village.

13. Nuhash Polli

There is no need to introduce Humayun Ahmed in Bangladesh! He is known as the magician of the story in the Bengali literature. He has built a beautiful resort in Gazipur and the area is nearly 40 bighas. Yes! It is Nuhash Polli. Mainly, it is a personal resort for passing time with the family. At the same time, it was the shooting spot of Humayun Ahmed. Now, the great writer is no more, but he has won the mind of millions of Bengali literature lovers.

Nuhash Polli

The entire area of ​​Nuhash Palli is covered with the green trees. It will full your mind with joys. The area is divided into different parts including Litchi gardens, Family Cottage of Humayun Ahmed, Swimming pool as well as a large Dighi (Small Lake). The house in the tree is very interesting. If you have seen the Natok or Movie of Humayun Ahmed or read the books, you are familiar with this picture. So, you can take the chance of watching it in real.

Nuhash Polli

How will you go to Nuhash Polli? First, you have to come to Hotapara Bazar from Gazipur. You can come to Provati or Banasree Bus directly to Hotapara Bazar from Gulisthan. Similarly, you can come to Gazipur first from anywhere in Dhaka city. Then come to Hotapara Bazar. Then take an Auto/Tempo to reach Nuhash Polli. Nuhash Polli is open from the month of April to November. It will take BDT 200 for entering the resort. If the age of the children is under 12, then the entry fee is free for them.

14. Golap Gram (Rose Village)

The village Sadullapur in Birulia Union is known as Golap Gram. It is located in the Savar Thana. Here, the whole village is filled with the smell of roses throughout the year. With the vast rosary garden, there are gardens of Rajanigandha, Jarberaa, and Gladiolas. In general, this Golam Gram meets the need for flowers in Dhaka City. In any vacation or weekends, you can visit this awesome village. Truly, you will enjoy the day.

Golap Gram

How will you go to Golap Gram? First, you have to come to Mazar Road of Mirpur – 1. Then take the Bus, Tempo, Auto-Rickshaw, or Rickshaw for reaching Shinnarterk Ghat or Beribadh. You will need to ride engine boat from this Ghat. It will take you to the Sadullapur or Golap Gram. However, in the dry season, you have to walk a little bit from the riverside to reach the village.

On the other hand, if you want to go from Uttara. You have to come to Dia Bari first from Housing Building (North Tower). Then take the Laguna or Auto to reach Birulia Bridge and at last ride another Laguna or Auto to come to Sadullapur or Golap Gram.

15. Moinot Ghat Beach- Mini Cox’s Bazar

Moinot Ghat Beach is located in Dohar of Dhaka district. It is familiarly known as Mini Cox’s Bazar near Dhaka City. Surely, you will be fascinated by watching the wonders of Padma rivers.  The fisherman on the river and the surroundings will give you some interesting moments here. Similarly, the scenery of sunset is really enjoyable. For taking the real taste of fresh Hilsa fish, it is a perfect place. You can also enjoy the full afternoon by riding in a boat.

Moinot Ghat Beach

How will you go there? The best way to go to Moinot Ghat is from Gulisthan Golap Shah Mazar. You will find the Jamuna Paribahan which will take you at the bank of Moinot Ghat. It takes only 1.5 to 2.5 hours with the cost of BDT 90 only. You can return on the same bus. Must be remembered, the last bus will come for Dhaka at 6:00 PM.

You can also go with Mollick Paribahan from Gulisthan. But it will take you in the Majhirkanda of Nababganj. You can come to Moinot Ghat from here also via Dohar Bashtola and Kartikpur.

You can also come from Gulistan Fulbaria with Nagar Paribahan. It will take you via Munshiganj and will land you Kartikpur. You can reach Moinot Ghat from Kartikpur Bazar with the Auto.  You can also go directly using Rent-A-Car service if you are in a 4/5 members team.

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16. Some other Interesting Places

I have made the list of most interesting places near Dhaka City. You will find some other places too. For example, Mohera Jomidar Bari, Tangail, Dream Holiday Park, Narsindi, Shalbon Buddhist Bihar Comilla, Wari-Bateshwar ruins, Narsingdi, Nikli Haor, Kishoreganj, ETC.

Mohera Jomidar Bari

Let’s enjoy the day of Dhaka…

Hope, you will enjoy your weekends now by watching the interesting places near Dhaka city. Accordingly, if you want to arrange any family guided tour, you can contact the Travel Mate team. We are ready to make your valuable times more amazing. For any types of query regarding travel, you can contact us. Don’t forget to help us by informing your favorite places very close to Dhaka city. 🙂

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