10 Best Archaeological Sites in Bangladesh

Best Archaeological Sites in Bangladesh

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Various sources suggest that there are about 2500 archeological sites in Bangladesh. As of June 2016, researchers have found 452 archaeological sites in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Archeology Directorate works to preserve, discover and maintain these archaeological sites. Likewise, let’s know about some of the most famous archeological spots in our country.

To be sure, the origin of Archeology from the Greek words ‘Archaia’ and ‘Logos’. It means antiquities and knowledge or science. In general, archeology is the ‘knowledge of antiquities’.

Although archeology currently represents the branch of science employed in identifying, analyzing, preserving, and presenting material information in a specific way in the lives of ancient peoples. The main occupation of archeology is history and tradition. The study of archeology developed mainly in the eighteenth century. The study of archeology in Bengal began in the second part of the nineteenth century. The archeological journey began in Bengal by identifying and excavating various archeological sites of present-day Bangladesh and West Bengal.

Let’s know about some of the most famous archeological sites in Bangladesh.

Best Archaeological Sites In Bangladesh:

1. Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka

The Lalbagh Fort is the only historical landmark of Bangladesh during the Mughal period, which has been used simultaneously with stone, marble stone, and colored tile. Apart from Lalbagh Fort, no such historical combination has been found in any other historical landmark of Bangladesh. Lalbagh Fort is located in Lalbagh, Old Dhaka. Shah Azam designed the Lalbagh fort. Azam Shah, the third son of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, began construction of the fort as the residence of the Subedar of Dhaka in 1678. Emperor Aurangzeb called him to Delhi to suppress the Maratha rebellion before the construction of the fort was over. As a result, after the construction of a mosque and court hall, the construction of the fort stopped. Nawab Shaista Khan came to Dhaka in 1680 and started construction of the fort again. However, after the death of Shaista Khan’s daughter Paribibi, the fort was considered a waste and Shaista Khan stopped its construction in 1684. Paribibi was buried in the middle of the court hall and the mosque. The name of the fort was Aurangabad at first. Later it became known as Lalbagh Fort.

Lalbagh Fort
Lalbagh Fort

2. Hajiganj Fort, Narayanganj

Hajiganj Fort is located on the west bank of the Sitalakshya in the Hajiganj area of ​​Narayanganj city. It takes about an hour to reach the Hajiganj fort from Dhaka. Hajiganj fort is also known as Khizirpur Fort. The fort is built at the confluence of the old Buriganga with the cool shield. The fort was constructed by Mughal Subedar Islam Khan to prevent the invasion of the Mugs and Portuguese pirates along the river immediately after the establishment of the Mughal capital in Dhaka. Hajiganj fort is a 500-year-old historical place on the banks of the Shitalakshya river.

Hajigonj Fort Narayanganj

3. Shashi Lodge, Mymensingh

During the rule of Suryakanta Acharya Chowdhury, the golden dimension was added to the town near the Brahmaputra. He did a lot of philanthropic work in the broader context of managing the land for about five years. Established multiple aesthetic installations in Mymensingh. At the end of the nineteenth century, Suryakanta erected an extraordinary two-storeyed building on 8 acres of land in the city center of Mymensingh. The building was named after Shashikanta Acharya Chowdhury, the adopted son of the infant Suryakanta.

Shashi Lodge Mymensingh

4. Bagha Mosque, Rajshahi

Bagha Mosque is a historic mosque located in Bagha Upazila, about 41 km southeast of Rajshahi district headquarters. Sultan Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah founded the mosque in 1523. The mosque was built by Sultan Nusrat Shah, the son of Alauddin Shah, the founder of the Hussein Shahi dynasty, in 1523-24. Later, the mosque was renovated at different times and when the domes of the mosque were demolished, the ruined mosque was given a new roof. The mosque is located on 256 bighas of land.

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Bagha Mosque Rajshahi

5. Paharpur Buddhist Vihar, Naogaon

Paharpur Buddhist Vihar or Sompur Vihar or Sompur Mahabihar is an ancient Buddhist monastery that is currently destroyed. Sri Dharmapaldev, the second king of the Pala dynasty, built this monastery in the late eighth century or the ninth century. In 1879 Sir Cunningham discovered this great place. UNESCO gave it the status of a World Heritage Site in 1985. Paharpur can be called the largest Buddhist monastery in the world. This may be compared to the Nalanda Mahabhihar in India.


6. Mahasthangarh, Bogra

Mahasthangarh is one of the oldest antiquities in Bangladesh. Famous in the city’s history, it was also known as Pundravardhana or Pundranagar. Mahasthangarh was once the capital of Bengal. Archaeological evidence shows that a civilized town was established here some 2,500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. It was declared the cultural capital of SAARC in 2016. Within this walled city, there are archeological traces of various periods. For centuries, this place was the provincial capital of the mighty Maurya, Gupta, Pala and Sena rulers and later the capital of the Hindu feudal kings.

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7. Tajhat Palace, Rangpur

Tajhat zamindarbari of Rangpur is one of the oldest palaces in Bangladesh. Although many of our achievements were lost in the course of time, Tajhat Zamindarbari still survives. It’s located at a short distance from the city. It takes about half an hour to reach here by the rickshaw. Tajhat zamindarbari in Rangpur city is one of the most memorable of Bangladesh’s history and heritage. Manna Lal Roy, the founder of the Tajhat Zamindar Bari. He came from Punjab and started living in Mahiganj, Rangpur. At that time, Mahiganj was a district town in Rangpur. It is said that the area was named Tajhat because of the attractive crown of gold and pearls.


8. Kantajiu Temple, Dinajpur

Kantajiu Temple in Dinajpur, built on following the Indo-Persian sculpture, is the most beautiful temple in the country. Most of the architects were brought from Persia, not only for their construction but also for excellence. This temple is dedicated to Sri Krishna.

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9. Sixty Dome Mosque, Bagerhat

The Sixty Dome Mosque is an ancient mosque located in the southwest of the Bagerhat district of Bangladesh. There is no inscription on the mosque. So no exact information is available about who built it or when it was built. However, looking at the architecture of the mosque, there is no doubt that it was built by Pir Khan-i-Jahan. He is believed to have built it in the 5th century. The mosque was built for many years and cost a lot of money. It is one of the three world heritage sites in Bangladesh.


10. Ahsan Manzil, Old Dhaka

Nawab Abdul Gani, the founder of Ahsan Manzil, is located on the banks of the river Buriganga in Islampur, Old Dhaka. Construction of the building in 1859 began and ended in 1872. Nawab Abdul Gani named Ahsan Manzil as his son’s name. The building witnessed many historic events, such as the meeting of the building in 1906, decided to establish the Muslim League. The building is currently being used as a museum.

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Ahsan Manzil Old Dhaka

Other Archaeological Sites in Bangladesh:

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  • Sitakot Vihar
  • Shalvan Bihar, Mainamati
  • Wari-Botswara
  • Somapura Mahavihara
  • Puthia Rajbari
  • Gaur
  • Panam City


  • Kusumba Mosque
  • Star Mosque (Tara Mosjid)
  • Varendra Research Museum
  • Chittagong War Cemetery
  • Archaeological Museum, Mohasthangarh
  • ETC
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Different archaeological sites are the perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of these places will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back with a fresh mind by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to the places within a tight budget. If you want to travel archaeological sites with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate– A leading Travel Agency From Bangladesh can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information about things to do or places to visit in archaeological sites in Bangladesh from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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