Top 10 Historical Mosques in Bangladesh
Top 10 Historical Mosques in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the land of natural resources and also is the place where you will find culture being mixed in everyone’s vein. Culture, our very own heritage is what makes us into a Bangladeshi.
Culture, religion, ancient traditions these are all that we are all following it through our heart. Speaking of religion, Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country but you will find other major and minor religions as well. Tribes in hilly regions of Bangladesh also follow their own traditions and religions.
Let’s move on to the exciting part. Bangladesh has many tourist destinations accredited by international organizations. Starting from the mangrove forest Sundarban to the largest sea-beach in the world Cox’s Bazaar you will find a generous amount of beautiful places latched in the land of independence.


Since medieval times, the land now known as Bangladesh was the ruling place for many Muslim rulers. Many palaces, mosques, forts were built on its lap. Many of them can be found in Bangladesh but I have listed the top 10 historical mosques in Bangladesh which you definitely cannot miss. The list includes the following.

Top 10 Historical Mosques in Bangladesh:

Before we start, I want to tell you guys’ one thing. In each and every one of the mosques lies a story. Not about how it has been established but about each and everyone related to the foundation. The story of a specific and culture and tradition which the founder follows wholeheartedly. There also lies the story which is linked to us because and each and every incident related to the establishment of this mosques is connected directly to all of us. For which, these mosques belong to not a single person but it belongs to all of us. The uniqueness hidden in these historic places is too huge for a single person to claim it. Which is why it is important that all of us know about things which belongs to us only.

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1. Sixty-Dome Mosque

Also known by its name “Shhat Gombuj Mashjid”. You can feel all the vibe of religion and you will feel an internal peace and serenity in your mind which only the individual will be able to describe.

Sixty Dome Mosque
Located in Bagerhat this monument was built by Khan Jahan Ali. The construction of the mosque was completed between 1442-1459. Eighteen years to be exact. The largest brick mosque in Bangladesh it is the magnificent one if you ask me. It is a little bit different than its name because, on the rooftop of the mosque, you will find seventy-seven small domes in the central row. UNESCO accredited as a world heritage site which we Bangladeshis are very proud of.
The mosque can accommodate more than 2000 people for the prayers. There are many doorways for ventilation and light but the notables are the 11 arched doorways on the east side and seven to the north and south each.
There are beautiful stone columns, longitudinal aisles, and arches that support the dome. Once you enter the mosque you will find a cooling atmosphere which will provide both the physical and mental serenity to you.

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2. Bagha Mosque

Another of the world famous mosque situated in Bangladesh. Before knowing its history let us at first go through its description. It is a dome-shaped mosque. Like ten inverted cup. It is filled with lots of terracotta art of things like flowers, patterns, and other beautiful things. With all the fine terracotta arts the mosque is almost like adorned with ornaments. There many “mihrab” or designs done on every part of the mosques. Most of terracotta art includes floral designs. This mosque is built during the Hussain Shah period by Sultan Nusrat Shah in 1523.

Bagha Mosque


3. Small Golden Mosque

This mosque is known as “Choto Shona Mashjid” by all the Bengali spoken people. This mosque is built during the period of Sultan Hussain Shah in 1493-1519 established by Wali Mahmud. It is was built on Gaur which was at that period used to be a very wealthy capital. Small Mosque means that the domes were once very well glided with each other. In the roof of the mosque and that too in the middle row, the domes are glided.
If you ever visit this mosque you will have a stand in awe before it only because of the decoration on the mosque. The mosque brings out the fine terracotta art in every nook and corner. It speaks of the tradition of the ancient Bengal itself. The floral designs, woodcarving works on the mosque is highly praised. When the mosque was newly built the floor was decorated with beautiful tiles and on the eastern side of the mosque, you will find a beautiful arched gateway.

Small Golden Mosque

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4. Kusumba Mosque

First I need to say this and that is Bangladesh is filled with thousands of cultural and historical monuments which is only waiting for us to find it. Because all the ancient monuments and buildings are so beautiful and so mesmerizing that I always become speechless.
One of the unique mosques is the Kusumba Mosque. It was also built during the reign of a Sultan and it still stands proud as one of the finest examples of that period. According to the record, it was built during the period of Sultan Ghyasuddin Bahadur Shah I in 1558 by someone named Suleiman. The shape of the mosque is rectangular and it has six domes built on the rooftop.
It is better to remember the fact is that the Kusumba Mosque is one of the six mosques still existing which was built during the reign of the Sultans in ancient Bengal. The stones which were used to build this mosque with was the Black-Basalt brick carried from Bihar to the land known as Bangladesh now. The transportation of the stones was through the waterways. You can understand all the difficulties the laborers and other people had to go through to build this masterpiece. Alas! We do not even know their names or identity, nothing. Because they were all commoners back then.
In the North West corner of the mosque, there is a stone pillar which is beautifully designed. There you will also find a staircase to the ground level where there are prayer rooms. There was no ladies gallery and there is a special prayer room connected through a staircase which means that the prayer room was specially built for the Sultans to pray there and currently this is the only mosque in Bengal to have this unique internal architectural design.

5. Darasbari Mosque

Built during the Ilyas Shahi period in 1470 by Sultan Yusuf Shah. Here is the best example of yet another of the historical building telling the story about our very own Bengal. The central attention of the mosque is the prayer hall. There is entered through a balcony which is designed like a seven-arched entrance. There used to be domes in the central row of the mosque which collapsed.
The western corner of the mosque had a gallery where the people used to enter. The interior designs are that of the terracotta arts of floral patterns and in other beautiful shapes.
To be honest, almost all the historical buildings in Bangladesh have fine terracotta arts in them because terracotta art is a part of the tradition in Bangladesh.

Darasbari Mosque

6. Sura Mosque

Another masterpiece of the Sultanate period in Bengal. The bricks are of high quality and the turrets are located in the corner in an octagonal shape. The western hall is also decorated with terracotta arts. The arts are decorated like ornaments there.

Sura Mosque

7. Rajbibi Mosque

This is a single squared domed mosque. Its interior designs are similar as it has terracotta arts in them. The pillars are made from the black-basalt bricks. The western part of the prayer chamber is made from black stone. The walls have some inscriptions from the Quran and it is still visible there which gives us an idea that the mosque was built during the 15th century. Rajbibi, the name of the woman after whom the mosque was named is still unknown but one thing is for sure and that is “Rajbibi” must have been a woman from a royal background and she has been influential that time.

8. Goaldi Mosque

Situated in the north-east side of the Panam City, it was built in 1519 by Hizabar Akbar Khan during the reign of Sultan Hussain Shah. The interior designs are made from terracotta and floral arabesque relief.

Goaldi Mosque

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9. Chunakhla Mosque

The structures and interiors are similar to Singair Mosque but common like all the other mosques design. The location is not confirmed but it is situated in between some field in a village in Bangladesh.

Chunakhola Mosque


10. Dhunichak Mosque

Built during the Ilyas Shahi period, fine terracotta art and the unique architecture is what is baffling about this mosque.


Dhunichak Mosque

To Conclude…

There are still many people who still criticize Bangladesh for being a boring country. Well, I must say that they must visit these historic monuments, mosques, and places. Then they will understand that in cultures, natures, and traditions Bangladesh is one of the richest.

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