101 Things To Do In Cox’s Bazar‎ Tour: Sea Beaches, Island, Mountain!

Scuba Diving in Cox's Bazar St. Martin's Island

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Cox’s Bazar is the most attractive tourist destination in Bangladesh. As a 120 kilometers length, it is the largest sea beach in the world. Important to realize, Cox’s Bazar is the most visited tourist spot in Bangladesh. At the same time, it is very appealing places for the traveler as it is the least crowded beach. With the finest beaches area, it offers a lot of chances to enjoy the places. If you don’t want to miss anything when visiting Cox’s Bazar, this amazing hands-on guide will surely help you. Let’s see in details about things to do in Cox’s Bazar – the country’s most hyped tourist destination.

Things to Do in Cox’s Bazar‎

In Cox’s Bazar sea beach area you have the great chance to enjoy the places in different ways. Let’s talk about things to do in Cox’s Bazar to make the tour more enjoyable.

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A memorable Moonlit Night

When you are visiting the Cox’s Bazar sea beach you can’t forget the beauty of the moonlit night, if you can make the tour at the right time. Important to realize, if you have the chances to visit Saint Martin’s Island, then you will get the feel of the moonlit night very closely. The sound of the Bay of Bengal and night will be a memorable night in your life.

Watching Sunrise

When have you watched the sunrise last? In this case, feeling the sunrise in a clean environment, Cox’s Bazar is the best place. You can feel the sun and the environment and it is very amazing. It can give you inspiration and the real joy of happiness. At the same time, it is the best time to realize the calm and quiet beach. I’m sure, you will forget the rest of the world. Just need to feel.

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Sunrise Cox's Bazar

Enjoy Campfire

You can get the best campfire experience in Cox’s Bazar. You can arrange the Bar-B-Q in the world’s largest sea beach. Not to mention, you are traveling for removing monotonous in your daily life and getting the refreshment is your motto. As a safe place in Bangladesh, you can easily arrange campfire. It can bring real enjoyment on your holiday.

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Campfire Cox's Bazar Bar-B-Q

Exceptional Shopping Experience

Cox’s Bazar is a sea beach area and the small shop and market are full of sea items. With very low cost, you can buy exceptional items from this market for your near and dear ones. You can buy fresh seafood or dry fish for your daily meal. On the other hand, you will find traditional items for buying from the beach shop.

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Parasailing in Cox’s Bazar

Humans have great attractions of flying from a long time ago. Who doesn’t want to fly as like a bird? In Cox’s Bazar you can take the experience of flying in the sky around the sea water. You can take a close look at the sea from the sky. How it will be if you get the touch of water far away from the beach? I think you don’t want to miss the opportunities. You can do Parasailing for getting the experience of flying the sky and getting touch the water of the sea. You will find some of the companies who are providing the service with security. For example, Satellite Vision Sea Sports, FunFest Parasailing & Beach Activities, and Fun Fest parasailing zone and salsa beach. You can also contact them from the below Google Maps location and phone number to taste parasailing.

Parasailing cox's bazar

Jet ski (Water Ride)

Jet Ski is a type of watercraft and a popular water ride. It is an interesting ride in the water. It is great excitement for the adventurous lovers. If you want to enjoy the water ride, Jet Ski is the best options. For removing monotony, Jet Ski is a very powerful ride.

Jet Ski Cox's Bazar

Beach Quad Bike Ride

For enjoying the beach area, riding Quad Bike is a great option. To watch the beautiful scenery on the beach, you can take the quad bike and it is very interesting to pass the time. It is available in the Cox’s Bazar sea Beach. You can hire it for an hour for moving to the beach area.

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Quad Bike in Cox's Bazar

Visit Chera Dwip

Chera Dwip is the extension area of Saint Martin’s Island. Mainly, St. Martin’s Island and Chera Dwip are divided by the tides. During the low tide, you can go to Chera Dwip by walking. On the other hand, when the tide is high, you have to go Chera Dwip with the local boat or speed boat. It takes two hours and a half to reach Chera Dwip from the St. Martin’s Island. Important to realize, you can find and collect dead corals from here. For enhancing the beauty and saving the island, there have no habitats. For this reason, you have to go in the early morning. At the same time, you need to return in the afternoon. I think it is very amazing when you are visiting Cox’s Bazar and St. Martin’s Island.

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Chera Dwip in Saint Martin's Island

Scuba Diving

Are you interested to see the beauty of the underwater? The dream can be fulfilled by the Scuba Diving opportunities in Cox’s Bazar. In general, the divers in the underwater use self-controlled breathing gas (Scuba) to breathe in the underwater. As you have no need to hesitate to take breathe, you can move spontaneously in the underwater and can enjoy the real beauty of the sea. It’s really enjoying.

In Cox’s Bazar and St. Martin’s Island, Oceanic Scuba Diving Center is giving the opportunities to take the taste of underwater. They are only one center who can help you in Scuba Diving. You can contact Oceanic Scuba Diving Center from their facebook page. It is maintained by some enthusiastic and experienced ex-navy divers. It will take nearly BDT 500 to BDT 2000 to take Scuba Diving.

Scuba Diving in Cox's Bazar St. Martin's Island

Cycling For Refreshment

Cycling is very enjoyable in Cox’s Bazar sea beach and St. Martin’s Island. You can hire a bicycle and can move easily here and there to see the beauty of the beach area. You can take a bicycle with only BDT 50 for an hour. On the other hand, you will find app-based bicycle name JoBike to move the beach area. It has made the visit on the beach area easier.

Cycling Cox's Bazar

Bathing in the Blue Water

Sea bathing is a great experience you can take in the Cox’s Bazar and St. Martin’s Island. You can play the ball to pass the time. It is a memorable place to bath altogether with your family members or friends. You can’t imagine how the time will pass. It is very interesting to feel the sea and playing with the waves.

Bathing in the Beach Cox's Bazar St. Martin's Island

Taste the Special Foods and Snacks

Cox’s Bazar is the best place for enjoying the seafood. At the same time, you will find all types of Bangladeshi food in the hotel and restaurant. You will also find western, Chinese or Thai food in the restaurants. But it is very interesting to taste the local foods. It is available everywhere in Cox’s Bazar. You can eat mutton, beef, and Chicken. The fish items are very popular including Chingri (lobster/king prawns) or Crabs. Important to realize, you will also find different types of drinks and desserts.

Sea Food In Cox's Bazar

Places to See in Cox’s Bazar‎

Cox’s Bazar is the natural touristic attraction place with 155km unbroken sandy sea beach. So, it is the most spectacular places covered with different sea beach. To repeat, The name Cox’s Bazar was driven from the name of an officer of the British East India Company named Captain Hiram Cox. Let’s see the amazing places to see in Cox’s Bazar.

Inani Beach

Inani Beach is located in Ukhia Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. It is 18km (11 Miles) long and the coral stones of Inani beach are sharp. It is 32km away from the town of Cox’s Bazar. In general, it takes half an hour to reach Inani Beach from Cox’s Bazar district. When you want to go to Inani Beach, you can hire a taxi or CNG (3/4 persons). At the same time, you can go by bus and it can save some money from you. It will take off you in the Court Bazar and you can take a rickshaw to reach Inani Beach.


Among the many attractive places in Cox’s Bazar district, Himchori is one of them. Mainly, the waterfall is very amazing to enjoy with the near and dear ones. It is 18km away from the south of Cox’s Bazar district and 6km away from the Kolatoli beach. When you are going to Inani beach, you can stop here too. The most amazing part of Himchori is the sea on one side of the road and the hills on the other side. At the time of the rainy season, you will realize the real beauty of Himchori, as the waterfall creates the heaven feelings in your mind. It is the best idea to stay 1 to 2 hour in Himchori when going to Inani beach. It can save time and money from you.

100 Feet Buddha (Ramu)

Ramu is an ancient Buddhist temple 16km away from Cox’s Bazar. It is located on the main road of Chittagong. “Rankut Bonasram Buddho Bihar” is the full name of the temple. The most amazing thing is the temple was built in 308 BC. That means the temple is 2319 years old. Do you want to miss to see this amazing historical place? If not, you can go to the temple from the main city of Cox’s Bazar with local buses or taxies. It will take only 30 minutes to reach the spot. Not to mention, the statues of the Buddha will amaze you. You will find different types of statues with several colors. Important to realize, if you like a calm and quiet place rather than the crowd of the sea beach, you should not miss 100 Feet temple of Ramu.

100 Feet Buddha (Ramu)Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park (Dulhazra Safari Park)

Dulhazra Safari Park which is also known as Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. It is located in the Chakaria Upazila which is 48km away (north) of Cox’s Bazar district and 10km away (south) from Chakaria Upazila. The Safari Park is built for breeding of the deers. Now, the safari park is opened for all and you will see the tigers, lions, elephants, bears, cats, crocodiles, hippo, Maya deer, Sambar deer, Chitra deer, para deer etc. In total, there have 4000 animals of 165 species. You will find all the facilities as a tourist in the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. If you want to pass some times with wildlife, it can be a great opportunity for you.

Dulhazra Safari Park Bangabandhu Safari Park in Cox’s Bazar

Moheshkhali Island

As like St. Martin’s Island, Moheshkhali is a beautiful island in Cox’s Bazar District. The total area of the island is 268 square kilometers. It 12km away from Cox’s Bazar town. It needs to use the speed boat or local boat to reach Moheshkhali Island. Moheshkhali Island is formed with other three small islands named Sonadia, Matarbari, and Dhalghata. Adinath temple – an ancient temple is also attractive on this island. On the other hand,  the place is famous for seafood, salt production, dry fish as well as shrimp. It will take BDT 15 in the local boat and BDT 70 in a speed boat when going Moheshkhali Island. But I can assure, you will feel the island.

Adinath Temple Moheshkhali

Aggmeda Khyang

Aggmeda Khyang is an ancient Buddhist monastery which is visited thousands of local people daily. Not to mention, Chittagong Division or Cox’s Bazar is very rich with the historical culture. Aggmeda Khyang Monastery is one of them for the Buddist people. It is located in the entrance of the Cox’s Bazar town. It is the holy place for the Buddhist people and 4 lac Buddhist are living in this district. Large timber columns are used to build the temple. Surely, The old manuscript, rare images of Buddhist and the amazing architectural design will amaze you.

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Aggmeda Khyang Monastery

Saint Martin’s Island

According to the travelers, the most attractive Island in Bangladesh is St. Martin’s Island. Even foreigners love the place as well. The only problem is, you can only visit this island from November to March when the sea is safe for traveling. The island is also known as “Narical Gingira”. It is only a 6km long island. It is nearly 30km away from the Teknaf ship ghat of Naf river. Important to realize, Teknaf is 80km away from Cox’s Bazar. You have to come early in the morning in the Teknaf Ghat if you want to visit St. Martin’s Island. You will get all the facilities of staying in the Island including Hotels and Restaurant. The seafood and calm environment will help you to forget real life for some days. Don’t miss to visit Chera Dwip as I mentioned before when traveling St. Martin’s Island.

Enjoy the Longest Sea Beach (Cox’s Bazar)…

Again, Cox’s Bazar district is a place of historical, cultural and tourist attractive place. It is not possible to finish watching everything on 7-day trips. Surely, you can visit Cox’s Bazar again and again to take the taste of Bay of Bengal. Hope you will enjoy the article. Help us to add new attractive place of Cox’s Bazar if I miss anything. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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