Nafakhum Waterfall: A Complete Travel Guideline

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The first thing to remember, when you want to enjoy the beauty of Nafa-Khum, you have to travel a long way. Surely, I can assure, you will like the place and will not be bored. Do you know, Nafakhum is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh if you consider the volume of water falling. People explain it as the Niagara Falls of Bangladesh. That is to say, Nafakhum is located in the Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban district – a hilly district of Chittagong Division.  Thanchi is located 79km away of Bandarban district. To explain, you have to take the boat from the Sangu river and then it will take you Nafakhum via Remokrri. You can’t forget the beauty of the hilly areas at the side of the river. Read Nafakhum Tour by Travel Mate

You have to take a local guide to reach Nafakhum. Otherwise, it’s not possible to go. As an illustration, I will make a complete guideline which will work as a guide for you. It will surely support for not missing any things or places. If you are an adventure (adventurous) lover, want to trek a long way and don’t miss the opportunity of watching the actual beauty of the hilly tracts and rivers, you should visit Nafakhum at least one time in your life. Let’s see the itinerary for visiting Nafa-Khum.

When to visit Nafa-Khum:

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The adventure lovers are traveling Nafakhum all the years. So, you can also go at your desired times. Additionally, in the rainy season, water flow in the river is stronger and above danger. For this reason, you may not get permission from the authorities to visit Nafakhum. On the other hand, in the winter season, the water level is very low and you can’t go with the boat. Accordingly, the best time to visit Nafakhum is after the rainy season and before starting the winter season. That means the middle of rainy and winter season as like September to November. Under those circumstances, if you get any month or week which prevails a calm and quiet environment, you can also visit Nafakhum. I would suggest checking the weather broadcast for taking the decision. Then again, you can take the suggestions of the travel agency including Travel Mate and you can also go with their preferred schedule. To the end, it is no matter when you are traveling Nafakhum, it is important that you will feel the beauty of that place.

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Nafakhum Waterfall
Beauty Of Nafakhum

How will you go Nafakhum:

For going Nafakhum, you have to first come Bandarban district. Then you have to use local transport for reaching Thanchi Upazila. At last, you have to go Remokrri by boat in the Sangu river and then Nafakhum.

(1) Dhaka to Bandarban:

From the Dhaka city, you will find various Bus service including S. Alam, Unique, Soudia, Hanif as well as Saint Martin Paribahan which will land you to Bandarban. It will take 550 to 650 in the non-AC and 950 to 1500 on the AC bus. Notably, if you want to visit by train, you have to go Chittagong and then you have to come to Bandarban. You will find Sonar Bangla, Suborno, or Mahanagar Express and it will cost 350 to 1500 according to your seat.

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You will get the local bus including Pubali or Purbani from Chittagong Bahaddarhat Bus Stand for going Bandarban. The fare will cost you BDT 220. You can also get the local bus for Bandarban from the Dampara Chittagong Bus Stand. Important to realize, you can also take Rent-A-Car from Chittagong City and it will cost you nearly BDT 2500 to 3000. It is good if you are going with a team or friends.

(2) Bandarban to Thanchi:

Thanchi is 79km away from Bandarban district. There are two ways of going Bandarban – by bus or reserved jeep. From the Thanchi bus stand of Bandarban, the buses leave in every hour. It takes BDT 200 on the bus. It will take 4 to 5 hours to reach Thanchi. On the other hand, you can take the reserved jeep (Chander Gari). It will need BDT 5500 to 6000 and it can carry 12 to 15 persons easily. You can reach within 3 to 3.5 hours. On the way to Thanchi, you will find Milanchari, Chimbuk, and Nilgiri. This journey will surely refresh your eyes and the mind – especially the long road of the mountain and the wonderful landscapes of the skyline.

(3) Thanchi to Remokrri:

Firstly, you have to hire a guide from the Thanchi. It is not possible to reach Remokrri without the guide. So, don’t forget to manage a guide. You can contact the guide from the Thanchi Tourist area or you can contact any familiar person who has visited here before to help you find a guide. It will cost nearly BDT 1500 for 2 days. Now you have to take permission from the Thanchi Thana or BGB camp. They will collect the basic information of you including Name of the members, address, phone number, where to go, and how many days you will stay. The guide will always help you in completing the process. Important to realize, you have to take permission for going Remokrri before 3 PM. Otherwise, you will not get permission. For this reason, it is necessary to reach Thanchi from Bandarban before 2 PM. Otherwise, you have to stay tonight in the Thanchi and need to start the tour tomorrow morning.

After taking permission, you have to hire a boat from the Thanchi Ghat. A boat can carry 4 to 5 persons. It will need BDT 4000 to 5000 till returns on the spot from Remokrri. To point out, it will take 2 to 2.3 hours to reach Remokrri. If you visit in the dry season Sangu river is not full of the water, in this case, you may need to walk in some places. Not to mention, it will increase the time of reaching the spot. Another key point, you have to bear the food, accommodation of the boatman and the guide. Certainly, the tour is for the adventure lovers. After all, on the way to Remokrri, you will watch the famous geography of Dwarka, Rajpath Barparathar area and Remakri Falas. It is so amazing.

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(4) Remokrri to Nafakhum:

When you will come to Thanchi from Bandarban in the morning, it is not possible to go Nafakhum on that day. You have to stay the night at Remokrri. Then you have to start for Nafakhum early in the morning. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach Nafakhum from Remokrri. It varies depending on the time and the walking capabilities of your travel mate. In the rainy season, the river is full of water, then it takes more time. At the same time, the path may be slippery in some cases. Another key point, you have to take another local guide from Remokrri for your safe journey. The guide what have you taken from Thanchi will manage it. It will cost BDT 500. The local guide will help you to overcome any obstacles in the road and he knows better which way is good for you. Not to mention, the scenery in the surroundings will remove all the tough situation. In the meantime, after walking one and a half hour, you will hear the roaring of Nafakhum Waterfall – the Niagara Falls of Bangladesh. Now enjoy the beauty of God and play with it.

Way to Nafakhum

Where Will you Stay at Nafakhum:

First of all, you have to remember you are going on an adventure tour. So, you have to consider the accommodation and meal. Surely, you will get the hotels. If you search a good place in Thanchi for the night, you can stay Simanto Abokash of BGB. It will cost BDT 1500 to 3000 for a room. At the same time, you will find, some of the cottage and rest house in Thanchi. According to the condition, it will cost BDT 200 to 1000 per person. On the other hand, you will also find the house of Indigenous people in the Remokkri Bazar for taking the lifestyle of hilly people. There are also rest house of the Indigenous people at the side of the Sangu river. It will cost you nearly BDT 150. In my opinion, it is awesome to stay in hilly areas.

Where will you Eat:

You will find some well-conditioned hotels in Thanchi Bazar. Price is not so high. So, you can take your meal from here. In Remokkri, you have to order the meal where will you stay. The guide will manage the meal. In general, it will take BDT 80 for rice, Bharta, fried rice, and eggs. If you want to eat chicken, you can also tell them. It will take nearly BDT 120 for one meal. I will recommend telling the guide about the menu and persons want to eat. It will surely be enjoyable.

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Tour Plan to Nafakhum:

For making an amazing tour, you must save time for visiting spontaneously. In this case, you have to come to Bandarban from Dhaka early in the morning. It will be better if you start from Dhaka at 9-10 PM. Without wasting time at Bandarban, finish your breakfast and start for Thanchi by local Bus or Jeep. Try to take permission from the BGB camp or thana ASAP and start for Remokkri. Keep some dry food for taking it in the boat. You have to try to take the launch from Remokrri. If you can start before 1 PM from Thanchi, you can reach Remokrri near 3 to 4 PM. Now take rest over the night and start for Nafakhum early in the morning. Try to come back Remokrri before launch and completing your launch go back to Thanchi Bazar. Now taking some dry food, ride the Bus or Jeep for Bandarban. Then you can reach before 9 PM at Bandarban. Now start for coming back to Dhaka. If you can manage the time like this, you will surely enjoy the tour.

How will you save Money?

If you are looking for a budget tour guideline for Nafakhum, I will suggest you visit with a team. You will find a lot of Travel Agency like Travel Mate who provides guided tour in a low budget. It helps to maintain all the things from the known persons or guide. It is better to make a tour of at least 3 or 4 persons. Because, if you can reduce transportation cost, it will surely save a lot of money from you. If the tour mate increases, try to keep it 9 or 14. It is favorable to use a Non-AC bus for going Dhaka to Bandarban, and then again, visit with another bus for Thanchi. Besides, the boat is ready for 3/4 persons. So, it can help you to hire a boat quickly. All the other expenditure will depend on you. I will just give you a concept of 4 members travel cost in Nafakhum. Let’s see in details.

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Transportation Cost to Nafakhum: 

(All the cost is calculated in BDT and it can vary according to your time of visit)

  • Dhaka to Bandarban (With Return Ticket and Non-AC): 650+650 Per person
  • Bandarban to Thanchi (With Return Ticket): 200+200 Per Person
  • Thanchi to Remokrri (With Return Fare): 4000 to 5000 (4 Persons + 1 Guide)

Cost for Food: 

  • Breakfast (2days): 100+100 Per Person
  • Launch (2 Days): 150+150 Per Person
  • Dinner (2 Days): 150+150 Per Person
  • Dry Food (In the time of traveling on the boat or spot): 200 Per person

Living Cost: 

  • Remokrri Bazar: 150-200 Per Person (If you can reach Remokrri same day)

For Guide:

  • Thanchi to Remokrri: 1500 Per person
  • Remokkri to Nafakhum: 500 Per Person


Don’t forget to ask when the last bus will leave from Thanchi for Bandarban. As I know you will not get any bus after 3 PM from Thanchi. But you should confirm before leaving for Nafakhum from Thanchi Bazar. Of course, you have to reach Thanchi before 3 PM, if you want to go back Dhaka. Otherwise, you should ask the local people about the Jeep (Chander Gari) service as well (You may get it after 3 PM).

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What will you see at Nafakhum:

Bandarban is the heaven for nature and adventure lovers in Bangladesh. So, it has no reason to enjoy the tour. Significantly, you will see Chimbuk, Nilgiri, Thanchi, Sangu River, Padmamukh, Dandu, Rajapathar, Remakri Falls, and Remakri Para when visiting Nafa-Khum from Bandarban. Likewise, you will also find some amazing places on the way to Nafakhum including Amakhyum, Egg Hill, Alikadam, Bagalak, Kekkadong, Nilchal, Golden Temple, ETC.

Tips and Tricks:

As an adventure tour, you should follow some rules. It will save you time and money. At the same time, the tour will be very enjoying for you.

  1. Always try to visit Nafakhum in a team consisting of 3/4/9/14 members. Follow the instructions of the experienced person or guide. Another key point, try to avoid public holiday to enjoy the moment.
  2. There is no mobile network in the Nafakhum. Even you won’t find the network signal when trekking, so inform the family members before starting your journey.
  3. Wear the life jacket if you visit in the time of rainy season.
  4. The rocky roads are more slippery from Remokrri to Nafakhum. So, be careful when walking.
  5. For trekking, you should use good grip shoes.
  6. Don’t jump if you see any place of water. It may stay large rock in the water.
  7. When walking use a Bamboo stick, it is useful and necessary.
  8. There has no electricity in Thanchi, so keep an extra battery or charge your phone. It is better to keep a power bank.
  9. Keep a Fast Aid box for emergency need. Keep the Mosquito resistant creams, few pairs of socks, paracetamol national medicine, antiseptic cream, food saline, pen, photocopy of national identity card, match, dry food, and water.
  10. For drinking water, Jhiri is the main source. So keep an extra bottle for water or drink the water of Jhiri.
  11. Maintain the time carefully.
  12. Never walk alone in the hilly areas. It is not safe as well as you may not find the right path again.
  13. Don’t keep child or adult in the tour of Nafakhum. It is not safe for them.
  14. Don’t throw the packet of chips, bottle, or similar things here. It is not good for the environment and our future.
  15. Keep the weight of your bag as light as possible.
  16. Don’t misbehave with the indigenous people. They are really helpful.
  17. Don’t waste time. You can go to Nilgiri if you get extra time.
  18. Again, try to avoid the holiday. It will cost more and you may not get a boat or guide at the right time.
  19. Don’t do anything which is harmful to the environment. Let’s save our environment and inspire others in your team to do the same thing.
  20. Help the other teammate in any bad condition. It is essential to stay united in an adventure place like Nafakhum.

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Let’s visit Nafakhum now…

I hope you have realized the guideline. I have discussed all the things here for making your tour interesting and safe. If I miss anything or changes recently, you can inform Travel Mate team from the comment section. You can also tell Travel Mate for arranging a guided Nafakhum Tour for you, your family or friends. Have a safe journey. 🙂

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