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‘Damtua Waterfall’ will be in the first row among the beautiful and large fountains in length, width or look. Damatua waterfall is located in the deep hills of Alikadam upazila of Bandarban. Of all the waterfalls in Bangladesh, Damtua will be in the forefront in terms of shape, nature and beauty. Our first lesson from nature is that if you want to see beauty, you have to work hard. The most beautiful form of nature cannot be enjoyed without hard work. The road to Damtua Jharna is quite inaccessible and adventurous. If you want to get wet in the spring water, you have to cross this path. There will be about 12 km trekking on the hilly road to get to the waterfall.

Damtua waterfall is hidden in the green hills of Alikadam upazila of Bandarban. This hill ‘Damtua’ will easily catch the eye of any travel thirsty.

Damtua Waterfall

This rainy season is a great time to see the youthfulness of this waterfall, which is a wonderful example of nature. As soon as the monsoon starts, the waterfalls are beautifully decorated. In the endless silence of the green hills, the queen of the springs spreads the land and greets the thirsty for travel. Travel Lovers are constantly going from different parts of the country to get wet in the cool water of the waterfall. The waterfall is located at a distance of 6-7 km from Adu Murung Para at 17 km point of Alikadam-Thanchi road of the district. This waterfall has been flowing for centuries. As there has been no road communication for so long, this ‘Damtua’ has remained hidden from public view.


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Travel thirsty people say that the shape and structure of Damtua Falls is very captivating. The waterfall is a few hundred yards above the hill. The rocky earthen steps of this waterfall are wonderfully beautiful. As if made by the skillful hands of a skilled mason. The many isolated steps of Damtua Falls prove that it is a remarkable architectural style built on the whims of nature. The current flows down the steep mountain walls on both sides of the Damtua waterfall into the deep water below. Some of the water falling from the heights evaporates into the air, creating a hazy atmosphere. It will look like clouds in the mountains. The way down to Damtua Falls is rocky soil. It is not a problem to get down there. Below the waterfall is a medium type of reservoir. It feels good to swim and take a bath in this pool.

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The Wangpa waterfall will be seen at least an hour before reaching Damtua Falls. If you want to see the original Wangpa, you have to go down the steep hill. In the middle of the movement, in the folds of innumerable small rocks, cool water should tell what the Wangpa stream will be like. The view of Wampa water falling from above is most captivating. Travel-loving people are fascinated by the beauty of nature. Travel lover is washing himself from the exhaustion of mechanical life by soaking his body.

Alikadam Upazila Parishad Chairman in this regard. Abul Kalam said that in recent times, the beauty of the hilly Damtua waterfall has fascinated those who are thirsty for travel. Due to this, Damtua is full of tourists every day. I seek the intervention of the Ministry of Tourism to take necessary steps to make it more attractive.


Naming Damtua Waterfall

The Damtua waterfall is located in the Murang tribe inhabited by frogs. The spring is also known as Damtua, Tuk a Jharna, Lamonoi etc. The fountain is usually named after the fountain. In Murang language, tuk means frog, and ah means jhiri. And Damtua means steep walls, where frogs or fish can’t jump up.

The Right Time To Go To Damtua Waterfall

Any fountain gets its full youth in the rainy season. So it is better to go to Damtua in the rainy season or later. That means July to November is a good time for the Damtua campaign. However, if there is heavy rain for a few days in a row, the army may not give permission to go to the waterfall due to the hill slope. The campaign should be planned with this in mind.

How to go To Damtua Fountain

From Dhaka, first you have to get off at Chakaria in Cox’s Bazar. From there Alikadam in a Chander Gari with 60 Taka. With permission from Alikadam army camp, you have to take a motorcycle from Panbazar to an area of 18 km. The return fare will be 500 Taka. You can return from Damtua in six hours with a local guide.

Wang Pa Jhiri Damtua Waterfall

One thing to keep in mind, even if the waterfall is at Alikadam in Bandarban, you don’t have to go to Bandarban to get there. Its convenient transportation system is mainly through Chakraya in Cox’s Bazar. So you have to get on the bus going to Cox’s Bazar from any part of the country and get off at Chakraya first. From there you have to come to Alikadam by bus, jeep or CNG. If you go by local car, the fare will be 7 to 80 Taka, and if you reserve a jeep, the cost will be 1200 to 1500 Taka. One jeep can seat 12/13 people.

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The Things You Have To Keep With You

  • Voter ID Card (First priority)
  • Otherwise photocopy of college or varsity ID, card or birth certificate or passport
  • Sufficient amount of polythene
  • Use good grip sandals or shoes for trekking.


Pamia Para Damtua Waterfall

Alikadam To Damtua

If you want to go to Damtua waterfall from Alikadam, you have to come 17 kilometers (Sotero Kilometer) first. “17 kilometers” is the name of a place. 17 kilometer from Alikadam you can go by bike. One bike can seat two people. It will take 250 to 300 taka. If the number of members in the team is more, you can also go by jeep.

After going for 17 kilometer and riding after 10 km, you will get the army check post. Everyone’s name has to be entered there. Photocopy of National Identity Card must be submitted. The army will allow you to go on the condition that you return to the camp by 5 pm and report back. If you don’t waste time unnecessarily, you can easily reach the camp before five in the afternoon.

There is a village called Adupara just 17 km away. This neighborhood is inhabited by Mro tribes. This is basically your base camp. There is a guide association here. You can take a guide from the association to go to Damtua. Guide fee is 1000 Taka. It will take 5/6 hours to reach Damtua from Adupara. So you have to take care about time.

damtua waterfall

When you come back after seeing Damtua Jharna, you will get a neighborhood called Member Para. Leaving this neighborhood, a narrow road on the right hand side descends to the bottom of the hill, and as soon as you take this road, you will see the Wang-Pa waterfall. Talk to the guide beforehand about what you will see.

Where To Stay At Damtua

If you go to Damtua, you will not get permission from the army to stay in any tribal area. So we have to come back to Alikadam. There are some standard hotels to stay in Alikadam and Chakaria. But it is better to return to the destination by night bus than to stay there. You can also go to Cox’s Bazar if you want. It takes two hours to go from Chakaria to Cox’s Bazar. And if you have to stay in Alikadam, you can stay at Hotel ‘The Damtua Inn’.

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There are three hotels in Alikadam Bazaar. Alikadam Guest House, Hotel Damtua, Hotel Alikadam. The rent is between 800-2000 Taka. Be sure to talk about rent before taking the room. You can also go straight back to Alikadam to the resort of Shailkuthi.


damtua hilly areas

Where To Eat

You will not find any restaurant or shop to eat in Damtua. There is a tong shop in Adupara as the last shop. You will find tea biscuits there. You have to eat heavy food in Alikadam. There are a few standard restaurants in Alikadam’s Panbazar. You can eat there at low cost. Also buy lunch from here while going to the fountain. It will be convenient to carry chips, biscuits, bananas, chocolates etc. as lunch.

Wang Pa jhiri

Travel Tips And Warnings

  • The road to the fountain is very inaccessible. Those who can’t walk in the hilly environment should not go there.
  • Since it is a very large trekking trail, it is better to keep the weight of your backpack as low as possible.
  • Be sure to bring dry food, saline, water and some first aid with you.
  • Here you have to walk for a long time on the mountain road. So children and adults should not go. Keep it in mind first. It is better not to take children, adults or minors there.
  • You will need the Photocopy of National Identity Card or any other Photo ID for permission in Army Camp. There is no photocopy shop there. You have to do it from Dhaka.
  • You have to stay out of the network after Alikadam.
  • Use trekking boots for trekking. If you want you can use plastic or rubber sandals.
  • There may be leeches on the trekking route. Be careful. But nothing to panic about.
  • Do not climb on the roof of the moon car. It is dangerous to climb on the roof on winding roads.
  • Do not take pictures of tribals without permission. This is common sense.
  • Show respect for indigenous culture. Don’t say things that would make you feel bad if people from other nations told you.
  • Do not throw any indigestible material on the hill. Don’t just throw in the mountains, not even in the city. It represents your personality.
  • Traveling in groups can greatly reduce travel costs.

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Want To Travel The Paradise On Mountain – Damtua Waterfall

Damtua Waterfall is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within two or three days by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Damtua Waterfall within a tight budget. If you want to travel Damtua Waterfall with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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