Top 15 Islands in Bangladesh You Shouldn’t Miss

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The island is the most beautiful gift of nature. Some of the islands in the world are like heaven as described by the nature lover. It is true not all the islands are the same in size or considering the beauties. Most of the islands have some unique outlook for attracting the human. Some most beautiful islands in the world include the Maldives, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Palawan, Philippines, Seychelles, Santorini, Greece, The Cook Islands, Bali, Indonesia, The Dalmatian Islands, Croatia, Fiji, Kauaʻi, St. Lucia, Capri, Italy, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand, Whitsunday Islands, Australia, Sardinia, Italy, St. Barts, and many more.

In Bangladesh, we are blessed by nature with some amazing and attractive islands. Most of the islands in Bangladesh has been created at the side of Bay Of Bengal and some of them are joint with the river Padma. In Bengali, the Island is also mentioned as “Char” or “Dwip.” Now, get ready to discover the largest and the most beautiful islands in Bangladesh.

Top 15 Islands in Bangladesh:

There are some beautiful islands in Bangladesh which are very attractive at the side of the Bay Of Bengal and Padma. Let’s check in details about the islands in Bangladesh as well as how can you visit there.

1. St. Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s is an only coral island in Bangladesh. It is located south of the mainland of Bangladesh. Saint Martin, a small island of 17 square kilometers, 120 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar district. It is located about 9 kilometers south of Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar district and 8 km west of Myanmar coast in the Naf river estuarine. Locally, St. Martin is also called “Narikel Jinzira”, “Daruchini Dwip”. A popular movie by Tauquir Ahmed with the story of Humayun Ahmed named “Daruchini Dip” was shot here. The wonderful natural beauty of this island has been named as one of the tourist destinations of Bangladesh. With the infinite blue sky, sea blue water, rows of coconut trees have made the uniqueness to this island, which attracts travel lovers with irresistible interest.

St. Martins Island

St. Martin’s Island is a popular tourist destination. Every day, during the tourism season, 2/3 launches go to the islands from the mainland of Bangladesh. The moonlit night of St. Martins Island is the most beautiful and it is so tough to forget the night in your lifetime. You can go to St. Martin’s Island from November to March only. Hopefully, there is no problem for hotels, resorts or restaurants. In general, it is the most tourist-friendly islands in Bangladesh.

How will you go to St. Martins Island? First, you have to come to Teknaf from Dhaka. Then you have to go to St. Martins by ship from Teknaf. In general, before 9 AM the ships start for the islands.

For knowing more information about St. Martin’s Island, you can check this post, as well as you can contact Travel Mate to arrange a guided tour for you.

2. Maheshkhali Island

Maheshkhali is an island of Cox’s Bazar district. It is only 12 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. It is reported that the island was formed after the severe cyclonic storm and the tidal surge in 1559, separated from the mainland. It was named after the Buddhist monk Maheshwar about 200 years ago. It is also known as Maheshkhali Island. The area of ​​Maheshkhali Island is 362.18 sq km, and it is the only Hilly island of Bangladesh. There are three small islands named Sonadia, Matarbari, and Dholghata in Maheshkhali Upazila. From the Maheshkhali Island, Chakaria Upazila on the north-east of the Upazila, Cox’s Bazar headquarters south-east, the Bay of Bengal on the south-west, Kutubdia Upazila on the northwest. This Upazila is famous for the production of Betel Leaf, fish, dried fish, shrimp, salt and pearls. Maheshkhali Channel, the north-south direction of the Upazila, has separated the island from the mainland and the Bay of Bengal. On 15 December 1983, Maheshkhali thana was changed to Upazila. If you ride 4-5 hours from Cox’s Bazar, then you can easily visit Maheskhali Island.

Want to know more about Maheshkhali Island, check out this post.

Top 15 Islands in Bangladesh you shouldn't Miss

It is a beautiful island in Bangladesh. In this island, Adinath Temple is situated on the Moinak hills. The artwork of this island attracts the visitors and also the Adinath fair is observed here in the Bengali month of Falgun. There are several Buddhist monasteries, water forest and various species of animals. There are also Adinath Mandir, Rakhain Para and Golden Temple in Maheshkhali.

There are two ways to go to Maheshkhali. You have to come to Cox’s Bazar first and this is the most convenient way for Cox’s Bazar tourists. And the other way, you have to come from Chittagong by the road and come to Badharkhali, Maheshkhali.

3. Chhera Island

Chera Dwip (Chhera Island) is the southernmost land of Bangladesh. It is located about 5 kilometers south of St. Martin, the coral island. To the locals, the island is also known as ‘Chheradia’ or ‘Syradiya’. The Chera island is full of natural stone, coral and coconut trees. During the high tide, one-third of the island submerge under the sea. When the blue wave of the sea is rubbed on the stone, it creates a beautiful scene in the Chhera Island. The area of Chhera Island is nearly 3 KM. In the late 2000s, the island was discovered. Every year thousands of tourists visit the Chhera island to see the Blue Sea, the sky and the sunset. Along with the light of the moon, it creates a magical fascination. So many people come to camping on the night of this wonderful island.

Chera Dwip

As Chhera Dwip is at the very side of St. Martins Island, it needs to visit St. Martins Island first. From Dhaka, there are many buses for Teknaf. You can visit Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar as well. Then using ships, you have to go St. Martins. Then by walking during the low tide, or using speed boat or engine boat during the high tide, you can go to Chhera Dwip.

4. Kutubdia Island

Kutubdia is an island, ‍Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. This island is full of diversity with an area of about 216 square kilometers. The island has the largest wind power plant in Bangladesh, the beach, the salt cultivation, the lighthouse and the shrine of Qutub Auliya. It is believed that at the end of the fourteenth century, Kutubdia island awakened on the sea. And people started to come on this island in the late fifteenth century. Kutubuddin, a pious Muslim, started to live in this islands first. Later, when the expelled Muslims from Arakan came to the island, Kutubuddin provided them shelter. As a sign of respect, the name of the island was kept ‘Kutubuddin Dia’ in the name of Kutubuddin which was later known as ‘Kutubdia’.

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Top 15 Islands in Bangladesh you shouldn't Miss

There are many attractive places in Kutubdia including Kutubdia channel, Kutubdia Sea Beach, Wind Power Plant, Lighthouse, Qutb Awali Darbar, and Salt Cultivation. If you want to go Kutubdia Island, you have to visit Chakaria of Cox’s Bazar and then Mognama Bus Stand to Kutubdia. You can also go to Kutubdia from Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar as well.

5. Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip is a small island at the side of the Bay of Bengal located in Hatia Upazila of Noakhali district. About 14,050 acres of land, this island is formed with four islands named Kamlar Char, Ballar Char, Char Osman, and Char Muri, and a few other chars. You will find thousands of birds including Sarali, Ziriya, Lenja, Pyong, Rangamuri, Chakhachkhi, Bhutihas, Swans, Kadakhocha, Batan, Ziriya, Gulinda, Gangchil, Kastechara, Pelikan, etc. At the same time, you will see some local birds including sea eagle, egret, and seagull. On the other hand, there are deer, wild pigs, foxes, monkeys, and various snakes on the island. The number of deer at Nijhum Island is about 40 thousand. There is no such place in the country like Nijhum Island you can see thousands of Chitra deer. If you want to see the birds, the Kabirajer Char and Duma Char is the best place. Around 35 species of birds are found in Nijhum Island.

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Top 15 Islands in Bangladesh you shouldn't Miss

You can go to Nijhum Dwip in the Noakhali route. From Sonapur of Noakhali, you have to go Chairman Ghat. Then using Speed Boat or Engine Boat, you can reach Nijhum Dwip. At the same time, you can visit Nijhum Dwip from Dhaka Sadarghat. Important to realize, you can also travel Nijhum Island from Chittagong Sadarghat via Hatia.

6. Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island is located in Maheshkhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district with 9 sq. km area. A canal is separated Sonadia Island and Maheshkhali. From the three sides of the island, there are sea beaches, complete rain forest with biodiversity, small canals, and various types of diverse species. In this small island, the people started to live from 100 to 120 years ago. Thousands of tourists visit the Sonadia Islands every year to see the amazing combination of biodiversity. The island is divided into two areas- east, and west.

The total population of the island is approximately 2000. As salt water is surrounded by the Island, it is not possible to produce much food grains or green crops on this island. Fishing and drying the fish is the main occupation of the people of the Sonadia Islands. On the other hand, some people work for carrying the people into different places from the island. They use Engine boat or boat made with wood for doing this. Some other local people also work as their assistance. The Island is full of Salt Water. For this reason, it is not possible to grow any crops or vegetables here. With this in mind, all the people go to Maheshkhali to buy their necessary items.

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Top 15 Islands in Bangladesh you shouldn't Miss

If you want to go to Sonadia Island, you have to first come to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. Then from 6 no. Ghat of Cox’s Bazar, come to Maheshkhali. From here you have to take a boat for crossing the Sonadia Channel. On the other hand, you can also come from Chittagong to Maheshkhali via Chakaria to visit Sonadia Island.

7. Manpura Island

Manpura is an isolated island of Bhola district of Bangladesh. The Meghna river on the three sides of the island and the Bay Of Bengal in the south. It is one of the natural beauties among the countries. If you do not go here, you can not understand what beauty is waiting for you. You can see the sunrise and sunset sitting on this island. There are also more attractive places including Manpura landing stations, Deer Sports and Chowdhury Project. The main vehicles of this island are motorcycles. Since the film ‘Monpura’ by Giasuddin Selim has been shot in Bangladesh, the island’s popularity has increased a lot. It is not perfect to visit Manpura Island in the rainy season.

With this in mind, the winter season is the perfect time to visit Manpura. In general, the road is clear and you can move anywhere spontaneously. Anyway, using Motorcycle is the best option to move on the island. On the other hand, you can also use boat where has the option to see the beauty of the Dwip. You can ride the Rickshaw as well.

Top 15 Islands in Bangladesh you shouldn't Miss

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As Manpura Island is an isolated island, the launches are the main vehicles to go to Manpura. Every day two launches go for Manpura from Dhaka Sadarghat. It is an amazing place for staying the night or taking different types of local tasty foods.

8. Sandwip

Sandwip Island is an Upazila, located on the southeast coast of the Bay of Bengal, in the mouth of the Meghna river of Chittagong district. The island consists of about 4 million population, is 50 kilometers long and 5 to 15 kilometers wide. The skyline, the green field, the simple people, overall it is an amazing place. There are also various traditional places to visit on the island. Traveling on this island surrounded by the sea will be remarkable in the whole life. And for the camping in the winter, the river on the west side of Sandwip (Rahmatpur) is the ideal place. The surroundings around the skyline will surely impress you. The Dub (Green Coconut) of Sandwip has an exceptional taste. It is very healthy and popular here. Due to the fertile soil of the island, somebody called the island as the gold-island. For excessive sand on this island, it was also popular as Sand Island or Sand Dwip. With the passes of time, it is now familiar with the name of Sandwip.

Want to know more about visiting Sandwip Island, check out this post.

Top 15 Islands in Bangladesh you shouldn't Miss

If you want to go to Sandwip, you have to come to Kumira via the Chittagong highway. With BDT 10 to 20, you will get Rickshaw or Auto for Kumira-Sandwip Ghat. From the Ghat, you will find Speedboat and Engine Boat for Sandwip.

9. Shapuree Island

Shahpuree Island is one of the nearest islands of Teknaf, the southernmost part of Teknaf of Bangladesh. It is also known as Shahpori, Shah Parir, Shapura, or Shinmabyu Island. The Island is located at the side of Teknaf (Left) and on the border (Right) of Myanmar. There are many stories about the name of Shahpuree Island. According to some people, it was named after Shah Shuja’s wife Parivanu and Shah Shuja. According to another, the name of the island was named after Shah Farid Awaliya. On the other hand, Shaifir, a character, one of the eighteenth-century poets of Saifid Khan’s Hanifa and Koirrapi poetry. Many people comment on the name of the island named Shahpori, the daughter of the queen of Rokham. The population of this island is 40 thousand. Their main occupation is fishing and salt cultivation.

Shahpuree Island

If you want to visit Shapuree Island, you have to come to Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar. It is nearly 89 KM. Then from Teknaf, it is nearly 13.70 KM. Though it is not so easy to go to Shapuree Island, the road is not good in condition. During the winter season, you will find Auto Rickshaw for going Shapuree Island from the Shapuree Ghat. In the summer, you have to go by engine boat.

There are three sea beaches in Shapuree Island. From here you can see Mungdü Province of Myanmar. Hopefully, you could see St. Martins Island very closely from here. There is one BGB camp and watch tower as well. For watching the lifestyle of sea fisherman, this is the perfect place. You will see the salt cultivated area.

10. Bhola Island

Bhola Island is the largest island of Bangladesh, which is 1221 square kilometers, also known as South Shahbazpur. It is located in most parts of Bhola district under Barisal Division. Bhola is called the queen of islands in Bangladesh. For this reason, it is also known as Queen Island of Bangladesh. Bhola Island is located in the mouth of the river Meghna. There are ferries and launch services from Dhaka to Bhola via Barisal. This island is 130 kilometers (81 miles) long and has a population of 1.7 million. According to the map of 1776, Bhola is shown with oval shape, but now its shape has become more broad due to the erosion of the Meghna river. Its maximum height is only 6 feet above sea level.

Bhola Island

Bhola Island is very known for its buffalo curd/yogurt, which is unique in Bangladesh. There are many interesting places in Bhola. If you want to visit Bhola Island, you have to go with Launches from the Sadarghat.

11. Hatiya Island

Hatiya, a completely isolated island off the mainland of Bangladesh, is located in the mouth of the Meghna river north of the Bay of Bengal. It is an Upazila formed with 19 Chor in Noakhali district. The area of this island is 2100 Sq. km with 6 Lakh people. In the middle of the eighteenth century, it appeared, the Meghna river flowing on the north and west side of the island and the Bay of Bengal is passing through the east and south sides of the island. There are presently 1 municipality and 11 unions in Hatia Upazila. The administrative activities of the whole Upazila are under the control of Hatiya Police Station. The Yogurt of Hatia is famous all over Bangladesh.

Hatiya Island

There are many attractive places in Hatiya Dwip including Nijhum Dwip, Kazir Bazar Kamala Rani Dighi, Rahmat Bazar Ghat, Sunflower Sea Beach, Island Development Agency Park, Sarnadwip Cantonment, Shipboard, Vashan Chor, Tankir Ghat, Domar Chor, Ramcharon Dargah Sharif, etc.

Hatia Island is located in Noakhali district of Chittagong division. From Noakhali you will find CNG or bus for going to Chairman Ghat, then you can go to this island with a big boat or launch.

12. Dublar Char

Dublar Char is located at the side of the Sundarban forest (The largest Mangrove forest in the world) on the southern border of Bay of Bengal, southeast of Hiron Point, southwest of Katka Sea Beach. Dublar Char is best known as the holy place of Hindus, Rashmela, and  Deer. It appeared in the middle of Kunga and Poshur river. The total area of ​​this char is 81 square miles. Dublar Char is made with Alorkol, Kokilmoni, Haldikhali, Koborkhali, Majherkella, Officekilla, Narkalbaria, Choto Ambaria, Meher Ali Char and Shelar Char.

Dublar Char

Dublar Char is mainly a village of the fisherman. Catching and drying the fish is the primary occupation of the people of Dublar Char. In the monsoon season, for catching the Hilsa fish, many fishermen come here from Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Khulna, Satkhira.

In the month of November (Bengali-Kartik), it is famous for the Rashmela of the Hindu community people. Although it is said, the Mela has been happening for 200 years, but it is known that, in 1923, Haribandh Thakur, a Banawas fan, named Harivajan (1829-19 23), started the fair. It is an amazing place who want to watch the deer very closely as well as want to explore the Char area.

13. Char Kukri Mukri

Char Kukri Mukri is located about 120 kilometers away from the city of Bhola, the mouth of the Meghna river and at the side of the Bay of Bengal; which is known as one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Bangladesh. At a time, the Char was found dogs and rats, for this reason, it became popular with the name of Char Kukri Mukri by the local people. Under the supervision of the forest department on 14th May 1989, it was started to plant the Mangrove trees within 3,60,000 acres of land. Now, in this forestry area, you will find the trees including Sundori, Geoya, Poshur, Keora, Coconut, Bamboo, and Rattan. Currently, there are 8565 hectares of forest land in the Cookery Mukuri Char, out of which 217 hectares of land are the habitat for wild animals and about 4,810 hectares of land for settlement and agricultural farming. The main occupation of people living in Char Kukri Mukri is Fishing and Farming.

Char Kukri Mukri

Among the animals in the char Kukri Mukri’s sanctuary, Chitra deer, monkey, fox, octave, wild buffalo, cow-cock, forest-cat, etc. Besides, there are many species of birds and reptiles, such as Egret, Conglomerate Mathura, forest cock, Kettledore, Quail, etc. You can enjoy the sunset and sunrise from here also. You will also find the environment of Cox’s Bazar or Kuakata sea beach here.

You can visit Char Kukri Mukri in the winter season. If you want to go Char Kukri Mukri, the waterway is the best option. You will get a launch from Dhaka Sadarghat for Bhola. You have to land Ghosher Hat Launch Terminal. Then with a Laguna, you have to go to Char Koccopia Ghat. Then using Trawler or Boat, you can reach Char Kukri Mukri.

14. Thengar Char

Thengar Char which is also known as Char Piya or Vashan Char. It is an island of Hatiya Upazila. It is located 37 miles away from the coast in the Bay of Bengal. In 2006, the Thengar Char was formed with the silt of Himalaya. The area of this island is nearly 116 Square km. Due to the monsoon, the island goes underwater in the month of June to September. Unfortunately, there are no safety fences for the floods. Even there are no roads for moving here and there easily. In 2015, Bangladesh Govt. wanted to settle the Rohingya in the Thengar Char.

Thengar Char Vashan Char

15. Dal Char

Dal Char is located in the south of Bhola district. The Island/Union Parishad is under Char Fasson Upazila (Monpura Thana). The total population in this island is approximately 13000. Dal Char is surrounded by the river Meghna. For excessive river erosion, the area of the east part of the island is decreasing regularly. The island is considered one of the dangerous places at the time of natural disasters. As an isolated island, this is an amazing place where you can go very close to nature. Recently, Dal Char is getting popularity among the nature lover people and one of the main reason is Tarua sea beach which is located in the southern part of the island. The island is 35 km away from the Char Fasson. If you want to go to Dal Char, you have to go Bhola district first. Then you will find boat/speedboat to reach Dal Char from Char Fasson.

Dal Char Island

16. Other Islands In Bangladesh:

There are some other small, but attractive islands in Bangladesh. It includes the Urir Char, Char Lakshmi, Char Nizam, Burir Char, Andar Char, Ashar Char, South Talpatti Island (Now Under Indian Govt.), New Moor or Purbasha Dwip (India/Bangladesh Border). Check out our blog for getting necessary information about the other islands.

Want to make a group or family tour in any of the above Islands in Bangladesh?

Islands are the most attractive, natural, and enjoyable place for passing some amazing days at the very close of nature. It is perfect for a group or family tour. The beauty of the islands will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can also come back within a day by visiting some of the islands. Hopefully, you can go to feel the islands within a tight budget. If you want to travel with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, again, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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