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Manpura Island Dwip

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Manpura Island (Monpura Dwip) is an isolated land in Bhola district of Bangladesh. The Dwip is 80km away (Southeast) from the Bhola district Sadar. The island is located at the side of Bay of Bengal and on the bank of Meghna river. This eight hundred years old island is naturally very attractive. The total area of this island is 373 square km and here live nearly 50,000 people.

Among the coastal islands near Monpura- Bhola (which is the largest island of Bangladesh) and Hatia Island are notable. At the bank of Meghna, Manpura is a really beautiful place in Bangladesh. Important to realize, a heart-touching romantic movie named Manpura (2009) was shot here. Then the island gets more popularity among the travel-lovers. Not to mention, you can feel the real beauty of sunrise and sunset from Manpura Island.

Manpura Dwip Birds

Attractive Places To See in Manpura Island:

The surroundings are the main attraction point of Manpura Island. If you have a travel mind and want to see the enchanting scenery of an island, it will fulfill your desire. On the other hand, there are some other interesting spots to enjoy the moment. Let’s see the attractive places in Manpura Island.

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1. Mangrove Forest (4 No. South Sakucia Union): It is the place of Mangrove trees in the Manpura Island, very close to Char Piyal and Char Patalia. It is 20km away from Sadar Upazila. The attractive thing is- you will see the innocent deer here. You have to go to Koraliya Bazar which is 5km south from the Sakucia Union Parishad. Then again, you can watch the deer and can pass some amazing time here.

2. Landing Station of Monpura: It is a landing station at the bank of Meghna river. And it is located five hundred yards west from the main town. It is used for landing the ship, launches or boat. But for the excessive stream of the Meghna river, it is not active or used. You can go to this landing station for enjoying the beauty of Meghna River.

Manpura Island Mangrove

3. Crossdem area (North Sakucia Union): The place is only 5km away from the Upazila Sadar. Namely, you can enjoy the sunset here. At the same time, you will see the deer in this area. The people come to this Crossdem area to pass their leisure time. Equally important, local people like this area very much for spending time in the afternoon.

4. Chowdhury Project: The project is 7km away from the Manpura Upazila Sardar. You can easily go here with a rickshaw or motorbike. It is a nice place to see a green environment. To clarify, it is mainly fishery ponds and lake. The lake is surrounded by the coconut trees.

Must be remembered, in the winter season, the Island is the heaven of guest birds. In Bangladesh, about 650 species of migratory (guest) birds come in the winter season. Notably, most of the species can be found in the Bhola district or Manpura. Then the beauty of Monpura can’t be expressed. When you first come to Manpura, it will not seem like an island. The reason is, the island is full of various types of trees. But really, it is the heaven like the beautiful drawings of a dedicated artist.

Manpura Island Deer

How to go to Monpura Island:

As an isolated island, you can go Manpura at any time. You have to go by launch from Sadarghat using MV Farhan and MV Tashrif. It goes for Hatia from Platun no. 10. It will leave Dhaka 5:30 PM and 6 PM. It will take you Manpura within 7 AM. That means the journey will be 12/13 hours long. Don’t forget to watch the sunset from the launch. Generally, it will cost you 300 to 350 for the deck. You can also take a personal cabin. It will need 1200 BDT for a single cabin and 2200 BDT for the double cabin.

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Then, you can go to Hazir Bazar from Manpura Ghat. It will take BDT 50 per person. You can go with Rickshaw as well. Additionally, you will get the hotel here. Equally important, you have to come back Dhaka at 2 PM from the Ramnawaj Launch Ghat.

On the other hand, you can also go Manpura from Dhaka or Barishal via Bhola Sadar. You can go to Manpura from Tazumuddin Ghat by Sea Truck. It goes at 3 PM from Tazumuddin Ghat and comes back from Manpura at 10 AM. Similarly, from Char Fasson Betuya launch Ghat two launches come regularly to Janata Bazar of Manpura.

From April to November this river is marked as a danger point, hence the launch movement on this route is closed.

Manpura Island Sunrise Sunset

Where will you stay at night:

There are three Dakbanglow in Manpura Island. For example, Govt. Dakbanglow, Press Club Guest House, and Dakbanglow of Chowdhury Saheb. You have to take permission for staying in the Govt. Dakbanglow. It is the cheapest option to stay in Manpura. At the same time, the rest of the two Dakbanglow or Rest House can be booked at any time after reaching on the spots. It will take nearly BDT 200 to 300 for staying one night.

You will also find some private hotel on the Hazir Bazar. It will cost you 100 to 300 for a single/double room. Such As, Hotel Dwip, Hotel Island, Saima Hotel or Hanif Hotel.

What will you eat:

In the winter season, people want to eat the meat of duck. It is very popular. Similarly, the sea fish is very familiar in every hotel of Manpura. For example, Coral, Boal, and Lobster. You can also eat the Hilsa fish. I will recommend tasting the Hilsa Fish from Meghna, the fresh milk of Buffalo, and the regular item- duck. Happy to say, it will cost you only 60 to 70 for eating a full dish.

How to move to the Island:

Manpura Island Meghna River

Another key point, the winter season is the perfect time to visit Manpura. In general, the road is clear and you can move anywhere spontaneously. Anyway, using Motorcycle is the best option to move on the island. On the other hand, you can also use boat where has the option to see the beauty of the Dwip. You can ride the Rickshaw as well.

Do you want to arrange Camping:

The first thing to remember, Manpura Dwip is an ideal place to arrange camping. There are no violent animals. Similarly, local people are also supportive. You can move by cycling. The solitary place will surely offer you a different feeling.

Extra Tips:

  • Don’t misbehave with any local people. They are really supportive of any matter.
  • You will get all the things for camping in the local Bazar.
  • The Island is completely safe for any reason.
  • Try to keep the child or women (adult) away from the journey.
  • Only Grameenphone and ROBI network is available here. So, be careful in this matter.
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Let’s Enjoy Manpura Island With The Travel Mate Team?

Monpura is an island of affection. You can go at any time to come out of the busy city life and to get the inner peace in your mind. In fact, this is one of the best places for a day tour in Bangladesh. So, if you want to go with a group or family member, you can call Travel Mate team to make the day more amazing for you. For further assistance, you can also contact us. Happy Travelling. 🙂

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