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Bali Indonesia Travel From Dhaka

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Bali is an island located only 2 km from the Java city of Indonesia. Bali is called “The Last Paradise on Earth.” Bali is quite distinct from other provinces of Indonesia. Bali’s culture is particularly attractive to tourists who come here. The sacred mountains of Bali are considered by the inhabitants of Bali as one of the four Circle of the earth. Local residents of Bali believe in God and they are very friendly. Tourists who come here often return to Bali for a relaxing treat of the charming behavior and natural environment of Bali island.

Perfect time to travel to Bali

The sand is nice all year long. The ideal time to visit the island is from April to September. However, when traveling in Bali between April and May or October to February, try to avoid tourist crowds and rainy days.

The sights of Bali

Bali is one of the most popular places for honeymooners even though there are many tourist attractions in Bali. The island has all the conveniences of a newlywed couple or a loving couple. While tourists arrive from all over the world on Bali Island, Bali is the most popular one for Australians. The Australians love the nature and sights of Bali mostly.

Bali Beach Sight

Let’s check out some important sights and interesting places in Bali Island of Indonesia. 

1. Uluwatu

Uluwatu is one of the most tourist attractions places in Bali. The clear atmosphere, natural beauty and the variety of attractions in Uluwatu captivate the tourists. And if you want to surf in the sand, this is the most beautiful. You will not find such a beautiful place anywhere. Bukit Peninsula is an old temple built in the eleventh century. The architecture of this ancient temple, which is situated at 70 meters above the base of the sea, is quite eye-catching. An unforgiving sunset is visible from the temple.

2. Kuta Beach

The most popular beach in Bali is the Kuta beach. Kuta beach reveals the beauty of Bali in its beauty. The local residents are very cordial with the tourists. The white and flat beach surfing of Kuta and water skiing lovers like it very much. Apart from this, various types of handicrafts, colored clothing, etc. are also available in the market near the beach. And it takes just 15 minutes to reach the nearest international airport from Kuta beach.

Bali Beach View

3. Kintamani Mount Batur

Before the island of Bali lies the sleeping volcano ‘Kintamani Mount Batur’. From 1800 to the present time, there have been eruptions 24 times, and the last eruption is in 1970. The cool lava spread over the hills attracts tourists. At the foot of Mount Batur is the largest natural lake— Batur in Bali. There are various small restaurants set up on the hill to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and lakes.

4. Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Art Market is famous for tourists coming to Bali. The large art galleries, wood and stone sculptures in this market are especially eye-catching for tourists. And that is why it has become known worldwide as an art market. Various handicrafts, boutique fabrics, traditional Balinese crafts, and paintings can be purchased at Sukawati Market at a reasonable price.

5. Ubud

The center of sand is Ubud in Bali Indonesia praised for its clean nature, flower gardens, parks, cultural diversity, various temples, and museums. Surfing on the tidal waves, yoga or meditation is also available in Ubud. In Ubud, a series of exhibitions of various works of art and plays were also organized.

Nusa Dua Beach Bali
Nusa Dua Beach Bali

6. Seminyak Beach

You must come to Seminyak Beach to enjoy the beauty of Bali city night. Awesome golden beaches, windsurfing, green forests, beautiful temples, Bahari Seafood, which you will not find here!

7. Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot, located on the cliffs of the sea surrounded by mountains, is a sacred place for pilgrims. There are three magnificent temples, about three and a half thousand years old, on top of three mountains. The architectural, quiet environment of the temples infuses the mind with softness. During the tide, the temples split from the ground and floated like paddocks.

8. The Art Village

Art Village famous for handicrafts is one of the oldest villages in Bali. It is as if the village is connected with the development of the tourism industry of Bali. There are various arrangements to attract tourists here. Silver ornaments are made in some parts of the village, and there is a wood carving or souvenir work.

9. Tirta Empul Temple

‘Tirtha Empul’ is an ancient temple of Bali. Situated about 39 km from Kinnamani, the temple has green hills on one side and several water bodies on the other. And in all these small reservoirs, water comes from a stream coming from the mountains. To the locals, the water of the Tirta Empul Temple is a very holy object. Many of the visitors here touch the head with respect to the water of the lake.

Musa Dua Dream Beach Bali
Musa Dua Dream Beach

10. Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua beach is an ideal place to celebrate a honeymoon in Bali. As if a calm and primitive nature awaits on this beach. The moments spent watching the ocean’s green waters with loved ones under the blue sky will undoubtedly be a happy memory of your entire life.

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11. Lovina Beach

Lovina is the most interesting place in the world to visit dolphins. A special boat has been set up at Lovina Beach for tourists to see the dolphins but will have to depart on the way to Lovina in the morning to see the dolphins jump and swim.

12. Birds Park, Bali

Bird Park, located in Bali, is Indonesia’s largest birdhouse. There are numerous birds of various colors and variations in different birds spread over 2 hectares. Tourists visiting with family or honeymooners visit this bird park for a while.

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Bali Beach View

13. Sanur Beach

You must come to Sanur Beach to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise on the island of Bali. The beach, which is famous for watching the sunrise from dawn, is crowded by tourists from all over the country. So this place has been established as one of the major tourist spots in Bali. Apart from this, there is a good chance of surfing on a quiet, shallow beach. In the morning, the natural environment of Sanur brings a traveler to heavenly tranquility.

Apart from the other places, you can visit if you have the time and money, Upside Down World Bali, Bajra Sandhi Monument And Museum, Jimbaran Beach, Tampaksiring, Tabanan Regency, Badung Regency, Jianyuan, Klungkung (Semarapura), Bangli Regency, Karangasem, Buleleng, and Denpasar. So, without any delay, make your next plan to Bali for a Honeymoon or group tour.

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How to go to Bali

There is no direct flight from Dhaka to Bali. You have to take transit to Malaysia or Singapore. It takes 6 hours to reach Bali with transit in Kuala Lumpur. Bangladesh’s time interval with Indonesia is 2 hours.


Bangladeshis do not need any visa to travel to Bali. An examination visa is granted for 30 days. Printing copies of hotel bookings and return air tickets are required for visa. There is no fees or no need for pictures for immigration. However, it is not possible to extend the visa period beyond 30 days if you turn around.

Foods On Bali Restaurant

Air ticket

Air ticket prices usually depend on how long before the departure date you. Earlier two months ago, the cost of Bali tickets cost 25 to 35 thousand Taka. Again, if the ticket is to spend a day or two before it takes 40 to 55 thousand Taka. From Bangladesh, Malindo Air, Air Asia, Scoot and other airlines operate flights on Bali routes.

For more details, you can contact TravelMate.


When departing from the airport without using the airport taxi service and ride the Bluebird Taxi to reach your destination. It takes according to the Meters and savvy. In Bali, for going anywhere in Bali, it can cost between 30,000 to 40,000 rupiah, the Bangladeshi Tk. will be only BDT 180 to 250. And if you take a taxi service from the airport, you will have to pay nearly 500 to 700 BDT. That’s why Bluebird Taxi or Local Transport is savvy.

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In Indonesia, you can spend millions of money without any hesitation. If you exchange 100 dollars to Indonesian rupiah, you will get 14 lakh Indonesian rupiah. From 1 lakh Indonesian rupiah, you will get only 600 Taka in Bangladesh. If you want to convert money into rupiah, you will do it from an authorized money exchanger. Also, know the updated exchange rate of the money from the Bank or verified website.

You can also get support from TravelMate also.

Mobile SIM

It may cost one lakh rupiah or nearly BDT 600 to buy a mobile SIM card in Bali. Choose one according to your needs.

Where to stay in Bali

Hotel rentals in Bali are not that high. It is cheap than any other beautiful and developed countries. If you spend 1500 to 4000 Bangladeshi Taka, you can stay in a good hotel with supplementary breakfast. For booking online you can do it at (Singapore) before booking in Bali. But if you stay close to Kuta Beach or Legian Beach you will get the feeling of the sea from the hotel.

Indonesia Beach Area Bali

Where to eat in the sand

Bali has the outlets of the most international hotels that include McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and other world-renowned food chain shops. And if you want to eat local Indonesian food such as Nasi Goreng, Nasi Ayam (Hainanese chicken rice), Mie Ayam, etc. It will cost you 30,000 to 60,000 Rupiah And if you want to eat low-cost Bahari Seafood, there is no sand pair.


If you want to buy from anywhere in Bali you will get it easily. You can buy dresses, shirts, and scarves designed by Indonesian traditional batik from Krisna Market and Agung Bali Market. You can also buy coffee, chocolates, wooden items, handicrafts, silver jewelry, beads and metallic jewelry, cosmetics, shoes, clothing, sandals, and bags.

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Amazing Bali Dwip

Want To Travel Bali Indonesia From Dhaka Bangladesh?

Bali is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back with a fresh mind by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Bali (Indonesia) within a tight budget. If you want to travel Bali with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate- A leading Travel Agency From Bangladesh can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information about things to do or places to visit in Bali from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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