Top 10 Buddhist Temple And Heritage In Bangladesh

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Buddhist are one of the largest religious groups in the world. The tradition of Buddhism in the world are very gorgeous. In Bangladesh, in every district, there are a lot of Buddhist temples which is also known as “Pagoda”. For example, we know that Borobudur temple at Magelang, Indonesia is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. At the same time, we have to remember the temple of Buddha Dhatu Jadi of Bandarban, Bangladesh which has got recognition in the world. We see a lot of architectural beauties in the Buddhist temple and even some of them have got recognition from the UNESCO world heritage site.

In this article, we will discover the Buddhist temple in Bangladesh. Let’s start to learn.

Top Buddhist Temple In Bangladesh:

1 Buddhist Monastery, Merul Badda

This Buddhist temple is situated in Merul Badda, Dhaka in the capital city of Bangladesh. It is one of the largest temples in Dhaka city. The Buddhist people regularly go here to pray to their God. All kinds of people celebrate Buddho Purnima with due respect here.

2. Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery Complex

The holy place of Buddhist people, very near to Rail Station of Kamlapur, Dhaka. Those who love history and culture are must visited-place. It is considered as one of the rarest monasteries in Bangladesh. All kinds of people can go here to watch the beauty of the Buddhist religion. On the birthday of Buddhists, in the full night, it brings amazing beauties in your mind. Hope you will enjoy the monastery complex.

3. Ashulia Buddhist Temple

Ashulia Buddhist Temple is situated very near to Dhaka city, takes an average of 1 hour to reach here. It is a very calm and quiet place. If you love nature and want to take mental peace, this temple can be a good place for you. The architectural beauties and environment will give inner peace. For some reason, only Buddhists can go to the temple. If you take permission, any of the tourists can enjoy the temple.

4. Bangladesh Buddho Mohabihar

Bangladesh Buddho Mohabihar is located at Uttara, Dhaka. It is an ancient historical place for Buddhist people. The Mohabihar is also known Brindabon. The meditation hall is attractive and the religious people get more peace here. The Pagoda is the best place to visit if you love natural beauty and solitude place.

5. Shakyamuni Buddhist Temple

Shakyamuni Buddhist Vihar is a Buddhist sacred shrine that is imposed in 1976. It is located at Mirpur, Dhaka at the side of Mirpur 10. It is an excellent temple in Bangladesh, especially Dhaka. The decorated buildings and the mind-blowing statue are enjoyable. Mainly, the temple is open for praying for all. The temple is operated by Tribal people — Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Tanchangya. There are a large playground and school where the child gets exceptional religious and life education.

6. Chittagong Buddhist Vihara

It is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Bangladesh. The Pagoda is located in 1, Buddist Temple Road, Chittagong. The Buddhist people to attend regularly in the evening to join Buddhist meditation. It is one of the historical places in Nandankanan in Chittagong. There is a big Buddhist statue named “Bura Gosai”.

7. Nava Pandit Vihar

Nava pandit Vihar is located at Chittagong in Panchlaish Road, Katalgonj. It is one of the most populated and 2nd largest Buddhist Vihara in Chittagong. The Yellow type palace is the holy place of Buddhist people. The environment of the inside temple is attractive, calm and quiet.

8. Rajbana Vihara

The largest monastery of the Buddhist community of Bangladesh is located in the Rangamati district. One of the attractions of Rangamati is the Rajbhan Vihar. Reverend Sadhannananda, a thought-provoking, and philosophical Buddhist leader came to Rangamati to settle in the forest of Mahabhashtabi in 1977. The monastery was built to house Banvanta and his disciples. This monastery, which is especially important for Buddhists, has now become an international Buddhist shrine. Not only for Buddhists, but this religious center of the Hill is also for all the most loving, aesthetic and knowledgeable people in the world. The new world of knowledge will easily be associated with the joy of visiting this monastery on a journey. The exchange of cultural values ​​will provide the opportunity for religious thought, communal harmony, and harmony.

The monastery comprises a picturesque worship monastery, the modern architectural design of the country hall, the residential rooms and restrooms of the Banavant, the residential buildings of the monks and monks, the lounge-gardens, the lounge-house, the ceilings, the dormitory, the lounge, the lounge, the hall. Benavente and Monks’ eatery, own library and press. Apart from this, there is a border wall around the entire Bihar for security.

9. Ramu Buddhist Temple

Ramu is a traditional upazila in Cox’s Bazar district. There are many ancient Buddhist monuments in Ramu, rich in antiquities. There are a total of 35 Buddhist temples and Jadi in Ramu. There is a 100-foot tall lion-lying statue of Gautam Buddha at the hills of North Mitchari of Ramu. And just two kilometers away, the central boundary has been rebuilt. The Buddhist monastery of Lalching and Shatching is the only one to proceed south. There are also numerous Buddhist monasteries scattered around the area.

10. Sylhet Buddha Bihar

Sylhet Buddha Bihar is located in Naya Bazar, Akhalia, Sylhet. It is the largest Buddhist Temple In Sylhet and observes all the occasions regularly.

11. Bandarban Golden Temple Kaymolong Para

It is one of the attractive Golden Temple In Bandarban District. The Buddhist temple is situated at the top of the hill.

Some other Buddhist Temple and Heritage in Bangladesh:

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