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Panam Nagar

Where is Panam City?

Panam City (Panam Nagar) is 34 km away from Dhaka and at the south-east region. It will take a 1 hour 26 minute drive to reach there. The city is in Narayanganj District in Dhaka Division. Here, we will talk about some history, present condition and most importantly how to go to Panam City!



Bengal ruler Isa Khan named Sonargaon his capital in the 15th century. It was a port and trading point during that time since Sitalkshya River lies beside the city. Today Panam Nagar covers 20 km area of Sonargaon. At that time the city was enriched with Mughal architectural beauties like monuments, important offices and mosques. This city connects the famous historical Grand Trunk Road of 2,500 km.


Panam Nagar Today

Today Panam Nagar is a quiet and undeveloped village. It will be hard to believe that this was once a capital and important administrative center. But now many local and foreign tourists come here to find the history and old memories of Mughal Emperors and their lifestyle. This place is one of the archeological sites and historical places in Bangladesh

Panam Nagar



Panam Nagar is built on a single street with 5 meter width and 600 meter length. 52 buildings are standstill on the either side of the street. The building doors and windows are designed with parabolic shape. Meaning, they have outward symmetric curve on the upper sides like mosques. Very delicate pattern designs are also seen on the walls. Numerous rounded columns are there to support the ceiling. Some buildings have veranda, balcony and lobby at the front to show off the luxury. The city is surrounded by canals in and around it.   


How To Go

You can get into a direct bus heading to Narayanganj from Gulistan in the capital, Dhaka. It will drop you at Mograpara point near Sonargaon mosque. This journey can take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. From there, you can hire a battery-driven auto-rickshaw which will take you to Panam Nagar within 10 minutes.

Panam Nagar


Visiting Hours

Earlier, this place was accessible by anyone at any hour. But now Dhaka National Museum has acquired this property and made a boundary to save this historical place from flood, vandalism and inappropriate authority.


Sunday – Closed

Monday – 2pm to 5pm

Tuesday to Saturday – 9am to 5pm

Government Holidays – Closed


Ticket Prices

For Locals – Taka 15

For Foreigners – Taka 100


Panam Nagar





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