Top 10 Christian Churches in Bangladesh!

Christian Churches in Bangladesh

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Although Bangladesh is a Muslim major country, people of other faiths live here happily. They are also following their formalities without any problem. The church is primarily a religious place of Christians. This is where they come together for various ceremonies and prayers. These churches are sometimes very amazing. In Bangladesh, there are some wonderful churches which are historical and architecturally beautiful.

Top 10 Christian Churches in Bangladesh/Dhaka:

There are several churches in the Christian community in different areas of Bangladesh These churches arrange various festivals on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ. This article will be with some of Bangladesh’s notable churches.

10) Christ Church (1599)

The church of Jesus (Christ Church) is located in the village of Ishwarpur in Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira district of Bangladesh. It is the first Christian church built in Bangladesh.

In 1540, Ignacius Loyola, a Spanish man, formed the Jesuit community. Christians spread the word to preach Jesus on various continents. According to the French historian Pierre du jour, Pastor Fonsecco reached Ishwarpur, the capital of Pratapaditya, on 20 November 1559 and attended the king’s court on 20 November and requested permission to build a church in the Christian parish. With the consent of Pratapaditya, the construction of the church began. Pratapaditya provided financial support to Christians in building the church. Thus the construction of the first Christian church of Bangladesh was completed in Ishwarpur in 1599.

Christ Church Shyamnagar Satkhira
Christ Church Shyamnagar Satkhira

The church of Jesus is located at Ishwarpur in Shamnagar Upazila, about 75 km from the city of Satkhira.

9) Lourde Rani Church, Bonpara

Lourde Rani Church is located at Bonpara in Barayagram Upazila of Natore. It was established in 1940, known as Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Bonpara. Most of the Christians here came from Kaliganj in Gazipur, about 70 to 80 years ago. Another old church was established in the west after the old church building was demolished. This church is widely used for high-quality craftsmanship. Visitors from all over the country comes here come to see it every day. The 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Lourde Rani church has been observed on December 26, 2015.

Bonpara Catholic Church
Bonpara Catholic Church

8) Oxford Mission Church, Barisal

This wonderful Prayer Hall of Christianity is located on the Bogra road in the city of Barisal. This magnificent church, in the middle of the wide-open areas, easily catches the eye of everyone. It was built-in following the Greek architectural style. The church has spacious prayer rooms. The construction period is estimated to be around 1900.

Oxford Church is the second-largest church in Asia.

Oxford Mission Church
Oxford Mission Church

There are spacious prayer rooms inside the fascinating church built on Greek architecture. Inside the wall, you will see green grass carpet-covered grounds, 3 ponds, Oxford Mission Primary School and Oxford Mission High School, hospital, library, student hostel, playground, flower garden, and medicinal tree. There is a huge cross on the main altar. On one part of the 35 acres of land is a church carved with timber and marble stone tiles. The church is on the ground floor but is equal to five-storeyed in height.

The view inside is a very pleasant, cool-airy environment, row by row pump tree. The Father’s House adjacent to the Dighi reflects in the middle of the water. There is also Mother’s House. The church has an interesting bell, the largest in Asia, which is played seven times a day. There are numerous corridors and six arches in the church, which strengthened its structure. From a distance, it seems like a train engine. The passengers of this engine will go to heaven with the yarn of faith.

You can visit the Oxford Church without permission.

7) Our Lady of the Holy Rosario Cathedral Church

Our Lady of the Holy Rosario Cathedral Church is located on Bundle road in Patharghata area of Chittagong city. It is one of the main churches of Chittagong city. It was established in about 1600. Not only Christians but many people come every day to visit this largest church. From anywhere of the Chittagong cities, you can come to this historical church.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosario Cathedral Church
Our Lady of the Holy Rosario Cathedral Church

On November 8, 1600, the Portuguese Christian businessmen built this church to pray. Our church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Cathedral Church is the main church of the Roman Catholic community. Locally known as the Bundle Catholic Church. The walls of this church were built during the Portuguese period- are made of interesting carvings. The church is surrounded by a common burial ground for the priests and priests. From five o’clock in the afternoon to six o’clock in the evening, the Christian religious leaders meet in the church for prayer. It is held every Sunday from afternoon to evening.

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6) St. Nicholas Church

The church of Saint Nicholas is located in Nagari village of Kaliganj Upazila, Gazipur. It was built in 1663. It is the oldest church building in this area which was built in 1695. After this, another church building was built on a large scale in 2009. A standing statue of Jesus is placed in front of the building. There is another church in this area, named St. Antonis Church.

If you want to you have to come to Kaliganj, Nolchota Bridge via Tongi’s Ahsanullah Master Bridge. From here it is only 2 kilometers. You will find a lot of local transportation including Auto-Rickshaw, CNG.

St. Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church

5) Christ the Redeemer Cathedral

Christ the Redeemer Cathedral is located in the Baghpanpara area of Rajshahi city. It was built in 1983. The church is quite interesting and beautiful to see. This church takes on a new form of extraordinary decoration on the special day of Christians. There are spacious prayer rooms inside the fascinating church.

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Christ the Redeemer Cathedral
Christ the Redeemer Cathedral

4) St. Mary’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Cathedral Church is located on 1 no. Kakrail Road, Dhaka. It was built in 1956. The church is arranged in a gorgeous way in the Christmas day. There are spacious prayer rooms inside the fascinating church.

St. Mary's Cathedral
St. Mary’s Cathedral

3) Holy Rosary Church

Holy Rosario Church is located in Tejgaon area, near Farmgate. There are two churches, both new and old. The Portuguese founded the old one in 1677. And the new one was made in 1997. It is basically a Catholic Church. You can visit the church at Farmgate by walking.

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Holy Rosary Church
Holy Rosary Church

2) St. Thomas Church

St. Thomas Church is one of the oldest churches in Dhaka. It is located on the east side of Shakhari Bazar and on the north side of Bahadur Shah Park. The church was built in Dhaka in exchange for the labor of the prisoners. The main attraction of the St. Thomas Church is a large clock at the top. There are spacious prayer rooms inside the fascinating church built on Greek architecture.

St. Thomas Church
St. Thomas Church

1) Armenian church

Armenian church is located in Armanitola, Old Dhaka. The church was built after the Armenians settled in Armenitola (Old Dhaka) permanently. It was built in 1781. Earlier, it was a burial place. Aga Minaj Katchik donated a large amount of land to build a church. Four Armenians helped to build it. The church is seven hundred and fifty feet tall. There was a clock house next to it. It was built by Johannes Karu Piette Cirque. The earthquake of 1897 collapsed the clock house.

Armenian church
Armenian church

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