Bangladesh is a beautiful place in the world and you can explore every attractive part of Bangladesh with this tour package. In reality, the tour is designed to get the overall experience in Bangladesh. To point out, You can look at the UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites as well as the most beautiful part of Bangladesh including Cox’s Bazar Beach or hilly areas of Chillagong. Important to realize, Travel Mate has designed the tour packages to give you a close insight of Dhaka City – The capital of Bangladesh as well as the beautiful division including Chittagong and Sylhet. In general, you can discover the traditional foods, culture and tributes very closely with this tour.

Places to Vist/Tourist Attractions/Destinations:

In this 11 day and 10 nights short tour, we will discover most of the amazing part of Bangladesh including Dhaka City, Sonargaon, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, and Sylhet. Let’s see the areas we cover in the whole tour. Of course! We will add some other places when we will get time. At the same time, we will discover local communities, food, and culture in every locality we go.

Explore the Capital of Bangladesh and Sonargaon: Places to Visit Very Close to Dhaka City

1. Baitul Mukarram Mosque 5. Star Mosque 9. National Parliament Building
2. Ahsan Manzil 6. Armenian Church 10. Bangladesh Folk Art & Craft Foundation
3. Sadarghat riverfront 7. Curzon Hall 11. Banglar Tajmahal
4. Lalbagh Fort 8. Shahid Minar 12. River Cruise on Meghna River Sonargaon

Explore the Commercial Capital of Bangladesh and The Traditional Hill Tracts:

1. Chittagong City 3. Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery 5. Zia Memorial Museum
2. Shrine of Bayazid Bostami 4. Vatiary Lake 6. Patenga Beach

Explore the largest and most beautiful Sea Beach in the World:

1. Cox’s Bazar Beach 2. Inani Beach 3. Himchori waterfall

Explore The Spiritual Capital Of Bangladesh:

1. Sylhet City 4. Madhabpur Lake 7. Lalakhal Boat Trip
2. Lawachara National Park 5. Baikka Beel Wetland 8. Ratargul Swamp Forest
3. Khashia village 6. Jaflong 9. Bisnakandi

Above all, Dhaka is a beautiful place to explore the national culture and tradition of Bangladesh. At the same time, we will cover Sonargaon- the traditional place which has been described by numerous historic travel site. Then, we will visit the commercial capital of Bangladesh which is very much popular for Traditional Hill Tracts and Beach. Furthermore, we will visit the most attractive part of Bangladesh – Cox’s Bazar. To be sure, it is the largest and most attractive sandy sea beach in the world. Finally, we will go to Sylhet – the spiritual capital of Bangladesh and popular for the waterfall, tea forest, and hilly areas.

Travel Mate will arrange all the things carefully to give you an exceptional view of Bangladesh. On the other hand, we will reserve the hotel before the tour day and we will try to arrange the traditional local food which will increase the experience and enjoyment. Not to mention, we always confirm the local authority to explore the area. So, it will be a secure and not a typical tour. Surely, we are conscious of the entertainment and commitment to giving you a safe tourist experience. Surely, your comfort is our primary concern for any issues.

Important to realize, we will start from the Dhaka City. We will explore 2 days in Dhaka and Sonargaon. Then we will depart for Chittagong. We will stay here for 2 days. Later, we will visit Cox’s Bazar. We will pass 1 day here for watching the Cox’s Bazar sea Beach including Inani Beach and Himchori Waterfall. Finally, we will reach Sythet. We will explore the Sythet division for 4 days. Thus, we will enjoy the tour with the maximum comfort. Let’s take a look of the overall tour at a glance.


Explore Bangladesh Tour


10 Night / 11 Day

Departure Time Please arrive at least 2 hours before the departure.
  • 3 Star Category Hotel accommodation will be double sharing in Dhaka, Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar.
  • Standard Category guest type Hotel accommodation will be double sharing in Sreemangal.
  • Daily Breakfast will be at the Hotel.
  • Everyday English Speaking tour guide will be with you at the time of sightseeing.
  • All transfer, sightseeing will be as per as itinerary by A/C private car with Driver allowance, Fuel, Parking tolls, Road tax.
  • Daily Lunch and Dinner will serve at local restaurant.
  • Monument entry fees.

In addition, let’s see the itinerary and complete description of the tour from the next tab.

Day 01 (Reaching Bangladesh):  Our guide will receive you from Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and transfer to the Hotel of Dhaka for relaxing. Complete your Dinner and overnight stay in the hotel and take rest/sleep.

Day 02 (Exploring Dhaka City): At the 08:00, we will meet with you in the hotel and we will start to visit the Dhaka City today. Firstly, we will visit the Baitul Mukarram Mosque and Ahsan Manzil (Also known as Nawab (King’s) Palace or Pink Palace). Then we will go to Sadarghat Riverfront to enjoy the boat ride in the Buriganga river. We will take the traditional food of old Dhaka as launch. Then we will visit the Star Mosque,  Lalbagh Fort, and the Armenian Church. Later, we will visit Shahid Minar, Curzon Hall, and the National Parliament Building. At night we will drop you at the hotel. Complete your dinner and enjoy the night of Dhaka city from the hotel. Take sleep/rest overnight.

Day 03 (Exploring Sonargaon): On the day 03 at 08:00 AM, we will go to visit Banglar Tajmahal. Then we will go to Sonargaon for the historic interest of ancient Bangladesh. You will find a lot of monument and ruins of the previous capital of Bangladesh. We will take our launch from the traditional Sonargaon Restaurant. After that, we will ride the River Cruise on the Meghna River Sonargaon. We will enjoy the fishing and activities of the local people. At the same time, we will watch the villages of the simple people and culture of them. We will also visit Bangladesh Folk Art & Craft Foundation. Thus we will finish the day. In the evening we will return to Dhaka. We will drop you at the hotel. Complete your dinner and take rest for starting the next day.

Day 04 (Departure for Chittagong): After taking breakfast, we will depart for Chittagong. It will take 7 to 8 hours to reach in Chittagong with the Air-Conditioned Bus. We will check-in at the hotel. After that, if we get time, we will go to some areas of Chittagong City. Before the evening we will return to the hotel. Complete the dinner and take rest for starting the big day tomorrow.

Day 05 (Explore the Chittagong City): At 8:00 AM our guide will meet with you. We will complete our breakfast and then we will first go towards the Shrine of Bayazid Bostami. We will go then to the Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery. After that, we will explore the Zia Memorial Museum at the side of Chittagong Circuit House. You will get the time to explore the British Period in Bangladesh from here. We will complete our launch here and then we will visit Patenga Beach. It is an amazing place to take the taste of the sea. We will enjoy sea sight. We will come back to the Vatiary Lake as well. We will enjoy the sunset from here. At last, we will close the day 05 and will return to the hotel. Take your dinner and enjoy the sound sleep.

Day 06 (Explore the Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach): After taking breakfast, we will reach to Cox’s Bazar. It is 150km away from the Chittagong City. We will check-in in the Cox’s Bazar Hotel and then start to enjoy the longest sea beach in the world. We will complete Cox’s Bazar Beach, Inani Beach and Himchori waterfall. It is one of the best tourist destinations for the people of Bangladesh.

First, we will go to Inani Beach. It is famous for shark free blue water and sea bathing. You can enjoy the beach in a calm and quiet environment. We will take our launch here with traditional seafood.

Later, we will explore the Himchori Waterfall. It is the hilly area at the side of the sea. You will get the close connection with nature and I can assure the day will be memorable in your life. We will enjoy the sunset from here. It is very amazing to take a deep breath. In the evening, we will reach the hotel. Then complete your dinner and take rest overnight.

Day 07 (Departure for Sylhet): After breakfast, we will start for Sylhet. We will transfer you to Sreemangal by a private car. We will reach before the evening. Complete checking-in at the hotel and then explore the surroundings with the guide. At night complete your dinner and take rest overnight.

Day 08 (Exploring Sylhet): We will complete breakfast first. Then we will go to the Lawachara National Park and Khashia village. We will enjoy the beauty of Lawachara and Khashia village. Then we will complete our launch with the traditional food. Then we will forward to enjoy the Madhabpur Lake. We will find the tea estate here and it is another rare spot to enjoy the hilly tea estate in Kamalganj. It is a beautiful place with the small hill, a big lake, and natural beauty. You can explore the hilly areas or the lake. We will take the launch here.

Then we will visit for Baikka Beel Wetland. It is a bird sanctuary of this region. Baikka Beel is a place of fish sanctuary. Here, you will find different species of bird. You can enjoy the blue Haor water. The birds, the horizon of the hilly areas will give you amazing feelings. We will explore the whole day in the Sreemangal. In the evening we will return to our hotel. Complete your dinner and take rest.

Day 9 (Exploring Jaflong): First, we will complete breakfast and will depart for Jaflong. It is an amazing place with the awesome natural beauties. Important to realize, Jaflong is situated at the side of Mari River. The water is very clear and flows throw the valley of beautiful hills. The collection of stone will amaze you. You will find the Khasi tribe here.  The sight scene of Mari River which is coming from the Himalayas of India. We will enjoy the beauty of Jaflong. Now, we will take our launch with the traditional food.

Then we will ride a boat on the river Lalakhal Boat Trip. The river has divided two country – Bangladesh and India. You will enjoy the local tribe and communities here. They collect the stone from Shari river which comes from the Hills. It will be a wonderful experience in the Explore Bangladesh Tour. In the evening, we will return to Sreemangal Hotel. Complete your dinner and take rest overnight.

Day 10 (Exploring Ratargul Swamp Forest): We will finish our breakfast at the side of the hotel. Now we will explore the Ratargul Swamp Forest. It is located in the Gowainghat, Sylhet. The fresh water in the swamp forest has made it one of the beautiful swamp forest in the world. The forest is maintained under Department of Forestry, Govt. of Bangladesh. This amazing Swamp forest is located at the side of the Goain river. We will explore the forests and every part of it. Then we will take our launch and will start for Bisnakandi. We will explore Khasi Moutain here. It is an amazing place to meet the local tribe people. The rainy season is the best time to visit Bisnakandi. Anyhow, you can’t imagine the scenic beauty of that place. In the evening we will return to Sylhet. We will explore the Sylhet Town. We will return to Dhaka City at 9:00 PM from Sythet.

Day 11 (End of the Tour): We will reach Dhaka before 7:00 AM. After taking breakfast, we will drop off you at Dhaka Airport. Yes! Tour ends with sweet memories! A huge experience. Thanks from the Travel Mate family.

Inclusion and Exclusion in the Explore Bangladesh Tour:

Tour Include:

  1. All accommodation in the hotel
  2. All meals including Breakfast, Launch, and Dinner, We will also provide Tea or Coffee.
  3. 1st class in the traveled city. (Not international standard, but best in condition)
  4. All tickets for Boat, Car or Train
  5. All Entry Tickets
  6. All tips in the local hotel, restaurant or driver

Tour Exclude:

  • Tips of the Guide, Driver and Boat Crew
  • Any extra food or drinks
  • Parasailing in the Cox’s Bazar
  • Night Club or related things
  • Any personal items, or food

Please confirm your seat before 3 weeks of the journey. On the positive side, we will ensure the security and other issues. Our guide will give you all types of support for any conditions. Hope you will enjoy the tour as you think. Never forget to rate or feedback us on the website. Advance welcome for the next trip to Bangladesh again.

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