Top Delicious Foods In Bangladesh that You Must Try

Foods in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a heritage place for a lot of famous food in the world. Maybe you have tasted already any Bangladeshi food because, in London, Europe or America, you will get numerous popular Bangladeshi restaurants. Similarly, the cuisine of Bangladesh is also a favorite. It is important to realize that the foods in Bangladesh are based on spicy. Not to mention you will also find various types of desserts which are very tasty and tempting.

Rice is the primary item in the traditional foods in Bangladesh. The use of fish, meat, and lentils on the menus is very common. The desserts, including the sweet made with cow milk, are very popular. At the same time, Puddings and Cakes made with rice are also available. In general, you will find dozens of sweets to taste in Bangladesh.

Top Delicious Foods in Bangladesh:

Because of its geographic location, Bangladesh is rich in foods, and you can taste these foods from Bangladeshi restaurants. Though some foods are homemade you need to pass the time with a Deshi family to enjoy these types of foods. According to the season, the items can vary. The diversity of Bangladeshi foods has come from the Indian subcontinent. You can take the experience of South Asian cuisines. Though Bangladeshi foods are of authentic quality in the world, a lot of people from all over the world come to Bangladesh to taste them.

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Bangladeshi Breakfast:

For breakfast, Bangladeshi people eat light items, including Paratha or Bread with Vaji (Mixed Vegetables), Lentils or fried eggs. At the same time, people like the Nehari (Cooked gravy meat shank) with bread for breakfast. At the same time, taking tea with breakfast is very common.

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Paratha is a popular bread in Bangladesh which is made with baking flour. It is layered with the oil on a frying pan. In particular, Paratha is eaten breakfast with Vaji, Lentil, or fried eggs, and it is very common in Bangladesh. The Nehari – a cooked beef shank item is also eaten with the Paratha. If you visit Bangladesh, you will find Paratha in every breakfast. It is important to realize that the people of Bangladesh also take Paratha with desserts. On the other hand, you will find Ruti as the alternative to Paratha.


Bangladeshi Main Dishes:

The dishes which are taken for overcoming appetite are mentioned as Main Dishes. The dishes are commonly made for lunch and dinner. In Bangladesh, you will find Kachchi Biriyani, Bhuna Khichuri, or Morog Polao as the main dishes. Another key point is that rice with meat, fish, or vegetables is very common for taking as lunch or dinner for the people of Bangladesh. Let’s see the popular dishes in our country.

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Kachchi Biriyani:

Kachchi Biriyani is very delicious and features food as the main dish. It is served at the wedding or special party. It is made with special kinds of rice, meat, and potatoes. The name Kachchi comes from the cooking system. In general, the rice and meat are cooked in a combination rather than cooking it separately. It is served with the Salad and sometimes with the chutney. However, the use of Borhani is very common with the Kachchi – a special type of yogurt drink. If you want to taste Bangladeshi food, you must try Kachchi Biriyani at least one time. Otherwise, you will miss the unique taste of main Bangladeshi dishes.

Kachchi Biriyani

Bhuna Khichuri

You can cook Bhuna Khichuri as Browning – a particular type of mixing items with rice and lentils. It is the upgraded version of the Bangla Khichuri. Bhuna which is the similar meaning of braised. That means this is a slow-cooked food mixing everything together and giving it time to bowl. You can’t understand the taste before eating it. Honestly, it is very delicious and good for eating as the main dish. In the Bhuna Khichuri, the meet including chicken, beef or mutton (goat) is used with the food and cooked at a time. The Khichuri is served with Salad, a small piece of onion, or Lemon. When you are visiting Bangladesh, you should take the taste of Bhuna Khichuri because it is one of the authentic items in Bangladesh after Kachchi Biriyani.

Bhuna Khichuri

Patla Khichuri

If you search for the real and traditional Khichuri in Bangladesh, then it is the Patla Khouri. It is cooked with Rice and Lentil. The vegetables and Potatoes are used to make more healthy. Of course, it is semi-liquid like Chinese dishes. For professional serving, ghees or meet is served with it. In general, it carries beef, mutton (goat), or chicken meat. You can eat it with the Begun Vaji (Fried Eggplants) or Fried Eggs.

This type of Khichuri is considered a romantic food in Bangladesh. When the rains come the people of Urban or rural areas cook it for creating an enjoyable environment. It is cooked in the festivals including Eid. A special type of dessert is served with Patla Khichuri named Cemai. You can also take Salad or Lemon with it to make it tastier. On the negative side, you will not find this Khichuri in the Hotel or Restaurant. It is actually a homemade food, and you have to take the taste from any family in Bangladesh. If you come to Bangladesh in the rainy season, you will find it in every house of villages and cities.

Patla Khichuri

Morog Polao (Chicken Pilaf)

Morog Polao is a very well-delicious traditional food in Bangladesh. For serving as a full dish, it is very popular. It is cooked with special rice, spicy, ghee, and yogurt. The items are kept together for preparing it. In the restaurant, Morog Polao (Chicken or Cock Pilaf) is very common. It is served with the Salad and Borhani. It is exciting and authentic food in Bangladesh. You should taste it also to get the unique flavor of the food. For the occasion or festivals, Morog Polao is served as the traditional food.

Morog Polao

Everyday Bangladeshi Foods – Rice with curry, Daal, Vaji, and Vorta

The everyday Bangladeshi foods include Plain Rice (Vaat) with curry (Torkari), Vaji (Fried), Vorta (Mash) and Patla daal (Lentil Soap). At every lunch or dinner, you will see the people of Bangladesh eating happily this traditional food. The use of fish and meat is also noticeable. You will get a proverb, “Bengali is the union of Rice and Fish.” At the same time, eating Paan (Betel Leaf) after finishing lunch or dinner is typical behavior for rural people. Even you will see it in the old Dhaka of Bangladesh. You will find the traditional food of Rice with Vorta, Vaji or Curry and Daal in any Hotel and Restaurant. Just inform them you want to taste the traditional food of Bangladesh. Admittedly, it is very affordable in price.

Rice with curry

Bangladeshi Evening snacks:

As evening snacks, eating Haleem, Singara, Samosa, Dallpuri, or Naan Roti with Grilled Chicken or Sheek Kabab is very popular. At the same time, you will get traditional foods, including Muglai Barata, Tandori, and Bakorkhoni. It is very affordable, and you can take it as an evening snack. The Mughlai Barata, Bakorkhoni (Based on Wheat and Sugar – Traditional Snacks or breakfast items in old Dhaka), and Haleem are the traditional foods in Bangladesh. When you want to taste the traditional snacks of Bangladesh, you have to go to any hotel or restaurant after lunchtime, and you will find it before dinner. Let’s have some popular evening snacks in Bangladesh.

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Grilled Chickens With Naan Roti:

Recently, the Grilled Chicken with Naan Roti has been a popular item as an evening snack. In general, the chicken is marinated and mixed with the spices and then in a griller; it is grilled to enter the spices. It is very mouth-wearing when looking from the street. When the chicken is entirely moist, it is served with the Naan Roti (Nann Roti is an oven-baked flatbread), Salads, Mayonnaise, or Lemon. You can find this item in the restaurant from the afternoon until dinnertime.

Grilled Chickens


Basically, Haleem is a lentil soap that is mixed with spicy meat (Beef, mutton, or chicken). It is slow-cooked food with lentils, barley, and wheat. The meat is mixed or kept separately. It takes seven to eight hours to finish cooking. Even it is kept hot by slow cooking when it is served. You can eat Haleem with the Naan Roti or without Naan Roti. It is served with fried onion, lemon, and minced meat. It is indeed a traditional food in Bangladesh, and you will find it in every restaurant. When you are coming to Bangladesh, you should taste it at least one time.


Sheek Kabab

Sheek Kabab is a tempting food in Bangladesh. It is made with cubic pieces of beef or mutton. The cuisine is prepared with meat, and it is marinated with spices. Later, it is put together for melting in a Prod or Skewer. The process of marinating will inspire you to taste it. In every restaurant, you will find Sheek Kabab, which is a very popular evening snack in Bangladesh. It is served with the Paratha, Lemon, Salads, and Mayonnaise. You will find it in every restaurant in the afternoon until dinner time. If you come to Bangladesh, you should also taste this item to get special feelings about eating the Sheek Kabab.

Sheek Kabab

Bangladeshi Street Food:

Street foods in Bangladesh are very delicious and full of spicy. In most cases, they are healthy, too, if you can take them from real persons. The street foods include Fuchka, Haleem, Bhelpuri, Jhalmuri, Achar, Peanut, Shrimp kebab, Tikka kebab with Parata, and different types of cakes (Pitha). Cakes are very popular in the winter season. You will find it on every street in Dhaka City. In general, the Doi Fuchka and Cohtpoti are very common street foods.


Fuchka is a very common, traditional, and tasty food in Bangladesh. In general, it is street food, and you can find it in every area in Dhaka City or important tourist places in Bangladesh. It is prepared with fried crisp and hollow puri. It is mixed with round and a particular type of flavored water. It is served on a plate. It is important to realize that you will get a mixed taste of sweet and sour like tamarind chutney. The food is very affordable and can be found on the streets of Dhaka City. Never forget to taste the Fuchka to get a unique taste of it.


Other types of Street Food

You will find Bhelpuri, which is made with Fuchka Shells, vegetables, and spices. It is distributed with the tamarind sauce. Jhalmuri is a portion of very popular street food, and you will find in most of the areas in Bangladesh. It is mainly produced with puffed rice with green chili and Ghumni. The lemon makes Jhalmuri tastier and adds flavor. At the same time, you will get different types of Achar in the streets of Dhaka City, and it is very popular.


Similarly, the Shrimp Kebab, Tikka Kebab with Parata, is used as a snack, and it is made spicy and very tasty. Whenever you come to Bangladesh, try to taste the street foods. You will surely give awesome feelings.

Bangladeshi Desserts:

Bangladesh is the kingdom of desserts. You will see dozens of popular desserts here. For example, Misti Doi, Rasmalai, Sandesh, Rasgulla, Lyangcha, Kalojam, Cham Cham, Payesh, Chhena jalebi, Kancha-Golla, Bonde, Amriti, Falooda and many more. Most of them are from Milk Sweet and made with Chhena or sugar. They are very interesting, and you will find a lot of stories regarding the desserts of Bangladesh, including Rosogulla by Syed Mustafa Ali. The unique taste and flavor of Bangladeshi desserts have made them famous all over the world.

Misti Doi (Sweet Yogurt)

It’s rarely happened a program in the Bengali family with Sweet Yogurt. In general, it is known as Misti Doi in Bangladesh. It is very healthy as well as tasty desserts to eat. It is made from milk. It is traditional and can be found in any sweet shop. At the same time, you can get it in the Restaurant for instant eating. Though they make a small cup of Yogurt to give you a special taste, it is enough to taste it. It’s not regular yogurt at all because of its system of preparation. In general, it is made with milk and the milk is bowled to get the thick portion of it. Later it is kept for ferment overnight.

Sweet Yogurt

At last, it is prepared as the Sweet Yogurt. It is important to realize that Yogurt is very popular after eating lunch or dinner. On the other hand, it is used in the program or festivals. To get the unique taste of Bangladesh Desserts, I will inspire you to take the taste of Yogurt. Not to mention, Bogra is a district of Bangladesh are famous for preparing special types of Yogurt. You can even get it in Dhaka City.

Doi Chira

Without cooking, you can prepare a portion of delicious food. At the same time, the food is very healthy to keep your body calm. It is Doi Chira, and probably it is one of the authentic foods in Bangladesh. Doi Chira is prepared with the Chira, Sugar, Banana, and fruits. In general, the Chira was kept in the water 4 to 5 hours and then it is mixed with the Doi, Sugar and other fruits. It is effortless to prepare, and you can eat it instantly. You will find it in the Hotel or dessert shop in Bangladesh.

Doi Chira


Falooda is a very popular cold dessert in Bangladesh, and it is found in the subcontinent. Mainly, it is mixed with a lot of items, including sweets and fruits. It is prepared with rose syrup, sweet basil (Takmaria or Sabza), vermicelli, and the jelly of milk. It feels like ice cream. The combination of wheat, cornstarch, arrowroot, or sago helps to make Falooda. It is not only a dessert, but it is also a drink and in some cases as a meal. It is very healthy and good for the body. The use of jelly of milk and ice cream defines the taste of the Falooda. You will get it in every restaurant in Bangladesh. It is even prepared in the family.



Rasmalai is a unique dessert in Bangladesh, and it seems like malai cream but is a cheese ball in appearance. The malai ball is coated with another texture. Malai is prepared by heating with 80ºC for nearly one hour. Then, it needs to become cool, and later, it needs to remove the fat. In Bangladesh, you will find Rasmali in every sweet shop. In Comilla, Sweet shops like Matri Vander is very popular for Rasmali. At the same time, you will find the Rasmali in Dhaka City. When you are coming to Bangladesh, you can take the unique test of Rasmalai.

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Bangladeshi Drinks:

As a Muslim country, drinks in Bangladesh are Halal. It has a lot of authentic drinks, which are enjoyable and healthy. However, it has an impact on the Indian subcontinent. Among the most popular beverages, you will find Borhani, Sweet Lassi, Cha (Tea), Sugar Cane Juice and many more. In general, Cha is very common, and it is a daily habit to take after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. At the same time, Borhani, Lassi, or Juice are used in family programs or festivals. Let’s look at the most popular drinks in Bangladesh in detail.


Borhani is a traditional drink all over Bangladesh, and it is very healthy and tasty. In general, it is served on different occasions, festivals or weddings after taking Biryani, Polao, Tehari or heavy eating. It helps in the digestion. At the same time, it is very easy to prepare. Notice that Borhani is made with Yogurt, mint, and cumin. For this reason, it helps you to get the power in the digest. You can taste Borhani in the Restaurant. But if you get a chance, try to take Borhani from a family, and they will serve you homemade Borhani, and it is really awesome.


Sweet Lassi

Lassi is very common on hot, sunny days to take refreshments. In general, it is made with Yogurt, spices, and water. Most of the time, it also uses fruit to increase the taste and flavor. It is a really tasty and traditional popular food in Bangladesh. At festivals or weddings, you may also get felicitation with a sweet lassi. If you want to get instant refreshment from the hot weather or want to taste light snacks, you can try sweet lassi. If you have not taken it at all, you must try it.

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Sweet Lassi

Cha (Tea)

Tea is a very popular and widely used drink in Bangladesh. The reason is that Bangladesh is very rich in tea production. The Sylhet division is famous all over the world for tea cultivation. It is an automatic beverage for preparing the drinks. Later, the hot or boiled water is mixed to finish preparing tea. It is very easy to make, and you can do it within minutes. Tea is very healthy for overcoming tiredness and bringing refreshment. When you visit Bangladesh, you will find a tea shop on every street. It is a very cheap and short-time drink. The Bengalis use tea for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. At the same time, group meetings or chatting with friends are very common with tea.

Cha Tea

Sugar Cane Juice

Sugar Cane Juice is one of the most traditional drinks in Bangladesh. The primary raw material is Sugar Cane, and Bangladesh produces 5.5 million m tons of Sugar Cane every year. For this reason, you will find the juice at a very affordable price. On the other hand, it is very healthy and can give you heavy energy, and it is helpful for the liver. You will find a considerable amount of carbohydrates, protein, iron, and potassium. It is suitable for teeth and also beneficial for diabetic patients. You will find Sugar Cane Juice in the streets of Bangladesh. At the same time, you will get it in the restaurant.

Sugar Cane Juice

Some other traditional foods in Bangladesh: 

Bangladesh has more traditional foods which are popular among the Bengali people. However, the main foods are rice-based. In detail, Bangladesh is the fourth most rice-producing country in the whole world. On the other hand, Bangladesh is covered with 700+ rivers. The fishermen get a lot of fish here. For this reason, fish or curry with fish is also very popular. With this in mind, the foods in Bangladesh are based on rice and fish. Let’s see some other traditional foods in Bangladesh.

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Hilsa/Ilish Curry

The national fish of Bangladesh is Hilsa (Ilish), and it is cooked with spices and curry. The fish is found everywhere in Bangladesh. It is important to realize that nearly 60% of Ilish is found in Bangladesh. This is very tasty and can be found all over the world. It is very affordable. The “Shorshe Illish” is very popular and delicious as well. The dish is made with mustard oil or seeds. The fish is mainly Padma, Meghna, and Jamuna delta. But illish of Padma is more popular in Bangladesh. It is called that you can cook Ilish near about 50 ways. Really, you can use Hilsa in any type of curry, including eggplant. You can cook it smoked, fried, steamed, or baked. Another key point, you can prepare every part of Ilish, including the egg, head, or any other part. If you miss Illish in Bangladesh, you will miss great taste. You will find Ilish in any Restaurant in Bangladesh.

Ilish Curry

Chingri Macher Malaikari

Chingri (Shrimp or Prawn) is the most tempting fish in Bangladesh. It is a popular food item. The fish is used in most of the curry in Bangladesh. In general, the Chingri Macher Malaikari is very common food with Chingri fish. It is based on coconut milk. It is cooked with spices and coconut fields with low heat. It creates a creamy flavor, which is very attractive. You will find food items with Shrimp or Prawns in any restaurant in Bangladesh. Even you can find it in your country because Bangladesh exports it in a large amount. But you have to regret if you don’t taste Chingri if you come to Bangladesh.

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Chingri Macher Malaikari

Panta Bhat

Panta Bhat (Rice with Water when kept overnight) is an authentic food in Bangladesh. It is very popular among Bangladeshis. Even some festivals including Pahela Baishakh (The First of Day Bangla New Year) is celebrated with Panta Bhat. On the other hand, the day laborers and farmers take it every day. The main elements used to eat Panta Bhat are salt, onion, and chili. You won’t find the Panta Bhat in the Restaurant all the time. But if you search for it, you can get it luckily. On the other hand, if you visit any Bengali family, then you can request them to prepare Panta Bhat for tasting it.

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Panta Bhat

Let’s enjoy the foods in Bangladesh…

I have just focused on the main dishes in Bangladesh. If you want to taste more food, I will request to see the different posts, including street foods in Bangladesh, or traditional foods in Bangladesh from Travel Mate. Have you visited Bangladesh already? Have I missed any important food? You have got it is amazing! You can inform us, and surely I will add it in the next update. Inform us with your opinion from the comment section or using the contact form. I hope you will enjoy the Bangladeshi food. Thanks a lot. 

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