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Visit Bangladesh

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World Bank described Bangladesh as the most beautiful and least touristy Country in the world. Bangladesh is located at the side of India and Myanmar in South Asia. The people of Bangladesh are very friendly and they are not very much fond of traveling. For this reason, most of the tourist destinations are free from the crowd. At the same time, the local villagers will help you in any types of situation.

Are you looking for the natural tourist destination that is not overcrowded? Yes! Bangladesh can be the best fit for you. It has the top-rated World Heritage sites declared by UNESCO. On the other hand, some of the parts or attractions including Sea Beach or Hilly areas are so awesome which can give you an exceptional feeling. The hospitality of the local citizens will amuse you. Surprisingly, they will welcome you cordially as they look the foreigners with pride.

Which can amuse you in Bangladesh: Things Must to do

In Bangladesh, you will get some interesting facts and amazing places, where you can discover yourself. You can get the taste of hilly areas, you can explore the jungle or the sea as well as you can get the touch of the distinct lifestyle. Surely, it is the real truth about traveling in a place. Let’s talk about the things must do in Bangladesh.

Tindu Hilly areas

Experience Village Life

Bangladesh has a rich tradition of the lifestyle of the people including rural, urban and tribal. The rural and tribal people lead a very simple life and they have no complications. On the other hand, the rural people are so busy with the daily activities. The rural people love the nature and the main source of income is taking care of crops or growing trees or animals. They are very cordial and can give you another meaning of life. If you want to take the touch of these types of people, their lifestyle, sports and simplicity, Bangladesh will be the best place to discover.

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Adventure in Hill Tract

Do you like to touch the clouds or want to feel the greeny skyline? Let’s discover the hilly tracts of Bangladesh including Bandarban, Rangamati, and Khagrachori. The Chittagong Hill Tracts are covered with natural beauty and diversified wonders. You can take a close look at the wildlife. You can also explore the tribal people from here. Let’s check in details.

  • Bandarban: When you want to hike the hilly areas, Bandarban is the suitable place. If you love the adventure of Hill Tracts and want to find the inner peace, this place can be your favorite location. You can visit Nilachal, Nilgiri Mountains, Sangu River or Buddha Dhatu Jadi. Similarly, you will get the highest point of Bangladesh named Keokradong. Know More about visiting Bandarban.
  • Rangamati: Rangamati is a beautiful place with the combination of hill, lakes, and river. The colorful trial people, tradition, lifestyle and the diversity of their religions and cultures will give you a new taste of life. You should visit Rangamati at least one in a life if you have the mind of a traveler. Know more about Things to Do at Rangamati.
  • Khagrachori: Khagrachori is also located in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. It has been covered with the magnificent attractions places including hills, river, forest, and waterfalls. You will find Alutila Mysterious Cave, Richhang waterfall, Hundred or more years old banyan tree, Nunchhori Debota Pond, Yonged Buddha Bihar, Yonged Buddha Bihar, Dighinala Manikker Dighi and many more places. Check more about traveling Khagrachori. 

Trekking through jungle

If you love exploring the wildlife closely, the Sundarbans are very famous in the world. In 1997, UNESCO declared this forest as the World Heritage Site. At the same time, the hilly areas of Chittagong Hill Tracts can give you the experience of both wildlife and tracking experience. Sundarbans is the home of Royal Bengal Tiger. Similarly, you will find various types of birds, animals, and trees. In general, the Kotka-Kachikhali Tiger point is very popular for surfing the wildlife. You can enjoy and feel the jungle with a boat and an expert guide. It is really amazing passing out of the jungle. Let’s discover the guideline of Sundarbans traveling and you can take the help of TravelMate for surfing the forest. 

Prantik Lake Bandarban

The grand river cruise

We all know, Bangladesh is a country of 800 rivers. On the other hand, the riverside is covered with the natural beauty. At the same time, most of the tourist spot in Bangladesh is located at the side of a beautiful river. For this reason, if anyone love and target to explore the natural riverside, Bangladesh can be the best target. You can also enjoy the Haors, Baor, Jheel, Beel alongside the rivers. The river cruise in Bangladesh has increased the enjoyment. It is the historic old paddlewheel which is also known as the Rocket Steamer. The water travel can be majestically wonderful when you are visiting the river cruise. The Sundarbans, visiting Barisal or exploring the seaside area of Bangladesh, the well-decorated grand river cruise has increased the dimensions.

Beach Holiday

When you are a big fan of seaside, seafood or bathing or exploring the beach, Bangladesh will be your great choice. Do you know, the unbroken longest sea beach in the world is Cox’s Bazar? And it is the wonderful tourist attractions in Bangladesh. You can visit the Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin’s Island or Kuakata to enjoy the Beach Holiday in a calm environment.

  • Cox’s Bazar: Cox’s Bazar is located 125km away from the Chittagong City. When your primary point of view is enjoying the beautiful sandy beach, sunset, and seafood, Cox’s Bazar is the best place for you. You will find three amazing, crowd-free sea beach including Laboni Sea Beach, Enani beach, and Himchori. Know more about traveling Cox’s Bazar. 
  • Kuakata: Kuakata is located in the Kalapara Upazilla in Patuakhali District of Bangladesh. It 18km wide beautiful sandy sea beach. Watching sunrise and sunset in Kuakata is very attractive. You can enjoy the beach, the seafood, and the local villagers. The scenic view of the Bay of Bengal from Kuakata is also observable. Know more about traveling Kuakata
  • St. Martin’s Island: Saint Martin’s Island is the 6km long small island in the Cox’s Bazar district. It is located at the mouth of Naf river which is also known as Narikel Jinjira (Coconut Island). This only coral island in Bangladesh has an adjoining island named Chera Dwip. The amazing view and the blue water gives the visitors awesome feelings. It is the most extreme looking island in Bangladesh and the travel-minded people love it a lot. Know more about traveling St. Martins Island

Fishing with otters

If you are a very much fond of fishing, you should try fishing with otters. I am sure, you have not taken the experience earlier. The otters are mainly trained up by the fisherman to catch the fish. They are not using any other things. The otters will chase the fish into the net of the fisherman. Thus a fisherman is getting 5 to 10 kgs of fish. The fisherman of Narail and Khulna district use this technique to catch the fish. They are fishing at the side of Sundarbans as well as the majestic land of the tiger. It is really fantastic to enjoy the fishing with otters. You can even take the launch with this fresh fish.

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Guliakhali Sea Beach Muradpur Chittagong

Wondering of tea-garden

The attractive hills with the tea garden in Sylhet are famous for the local travelers or foreigners. The big river, lakes and visually impressive places are the heart of Sylhet district. You will find a lot of tourist attraction here. For example, Jaflong, Srimangal, Lalakhal, or Ratargul Swamp Forest. You will also find the places including Madhabpur Lake, Hoars, Lawachora National Park, The Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal, and Chatak. The beauty of Sylhet is famous all over the world and it is the most desirable place in South Asia too. Not to mention, Sylhet is also known as The Spiritual Capital Of Bangladesh.

Food & Shopping (Taste of Bangladesh & Goods of Bangladesh)

The cuisine of Bangladesh food is healthy as well as delicious. The combination of food and spices are so great. That’s why Bangladesh is popular all over the world and the food lover is coming to Bangladesh to taste the Bengali food. As the fish is so available, it is cooked in every daytime including Shorshe Ilish. Similarly, in the festivals, the people of Bangladesh like to take Biriyani or polao. The sweets made of Milk is also popular in Bangladesh including Rasho-gollah, Shandesh, Kalo-jam, Mishti Doi, Chamcham, and Shemai. Another key point, Bangladesh is very popular for making different types of Pithas (cake) including Bhapa, Patishapta, Pooli, Nakshipitha etc. Similarly, you will other types delicious street and heritage food for eating.

The garments products in Bangladesh are very famous all over the world. The well-made cloths have attracted the eyes of the people. At the same time, the products of leather are gorgeous for using. It is very smooth and comfortable. In the meantime, Bangladesh is also exporting fish and similar items in the whole world. When you will come to Bangladesh you can take it for your comfort or for the daily needs.

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Let’s discover Bangladesh again…

The unique culture and amazing tourist friendly places in Bangladesh are very enjoying, reliable and secure. If you get the time, you can come here to take a different taste with the simplest people and the diversity of foods. The beautiful place and gorgeous view can give you the real meaning of the world. Surely, you will get some unforgettable moments in Bangladesh. With this in mind, let’s discover Bangladesh again.

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