Top 15 Sea Beaches In Bangladesh, You Shouldn’t Miss!

Inani Sea Beach

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With the largest sea beach in the world, we Bangladeshi, are blessed with numerous beautiful sea beach in the world. Our world is filled with amazing natural beauties. The sea beach makes the overall natural landscape outstanding. In this highly researched article, we have tried to give you an overall concept of the sea beaches in Bangladesh. It will help you to make the decision when want to travel on an isolated sea beach with your friends and family.

Important to realize, we have considered the scenery, beach quality and tourist facilities to drive the list. If you are a passionate traveler and want to discover the beauty of the world-class sea beach in Bangladesh, hopefully, this post will surely help you a lot. With this in mind, if are waiting to take the taste of virtual tour on the sea beaches of Bangladesh, let’s start our journey.

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Top 15 Sea Beaches In Bangladesh:

What makes a sea beach amazing in the mind of the traveler, it depends on you actually. Similarly, the unique scenery, ways to pass the days and facilities make it prominent. So, without describing in the introduction, let’s discover the top 15 largest, nicest and isolated sea beach in Bangladesh.

1. Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach – Largest Sea Beach In The World

Cox’s Bazar is a tourist city located in southeastern Bangladesh alongside Bay Of Bengal. It belongs to Cox’s Bazar district of Chittagong division. Cox’s Bazar is famous for its natural beauty. Here located the longest continuous natural sandy beach in the world, which is 120 km long from Cox’s Bazar to Bodormokam. The largest marine fishing port of Bangladesh and the submarine cable landing station are also developed in Cox’s Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar is situated 152km south of Chittagong city. Its distance from Dhaka is 414 km. It is the largest tourism center in Bangladesh. A project to set up a railway road from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar has been received from the capital city of Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar.

Coxs Bazar Sea Beach

Modern Cox’s Bazar was named after the name of Captain Hiram Cox (death 1798), who was an Indian military officer during British rule. At one time Cox’s Bazar was also known as Panoya, which literally means yellow flowers. Another ancient name of this place is the Palanka.

Some other beautiful tourist destination near Cox’s Bazar: Aggameda Khyang monastery, Himchari National Park, Sonadia Island.

2. Inani Beach

Inani Sea Beach is 27 km away from Cox’s Bazar and 15 kilometers away from Himchari. At the time of the low tide, the coral appeared on the Inani Sea beach like the St. Martin’s Island. The sea is not so fierce like Cox’s Bazar here, and this quiet sea attracts tourists even more. Typically, the perfect time to visit Inani beach is in the afternoon. Tourists are comparatively less in the late afternoon, and you will regret if you miss watching the wonderful sunset from here. Besides, while going to Inani through the Teknaf Marine Drive Road, the hills of the Himchari, Sampan (Boat) of the seashore, the rows of coconut and other trees as well as the surrounding landscapes will remove all your weariness of your journey.

Inani Sea Beach

3. Saint Martin Beach

Saint Martin Beach is the only coral island in Bangladesh, located south of the mainland of Bangladesh. Saint Martin, a small island of 17 square kilometers, 120 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar district and 35 kilometers away from Teknaf. In the local language, St. Martin is also called Narikel Zinzira. It is at the side of Naf River. The riverside is awesome with the presence of Tonga Hills. In the opposite side, it is Myanmar and the Arakan Hills. A waterway is used for Saint Martin Island where two sides are beautifully decorated with the green hills. The wonderful natural beauty of this island has made it as one of the tourist destinations of Bangladesh. With the infinite blue sky, sea blue water, rows of coconut trees have created the island as a unique destination, which attracts travel peasants to the irresistible interest.

Saint Martins Beach

4. Patenga Beach

Patenga is a sea beach situated 14 kilometers south of Chittagong city. It is located in the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. Patenga is a popular tourist center in the city of Chittagong. This beach was badly damaged in the 1991 cyclone. With the use of cement, it is now protected from as usual natural disasters.

Shah Amanat International Airport and the Bangladesh Navy Camp (BNS Isa Khan) is located near Patenga. There are many Jetties of Chittagong port located here.

At a time, Cox’s Bazar is meant as the only sea beach in Chittagong, but Patenga beach is also getting popularity day by day. This beautiful beach is located just one and a half hour away from Chittagong city. On the other hand, the flame of greenery trees on a side, and the vast blue waters on the other side will welcome you. Similarly, the gentle breeze of the ocean will fill your mind with joy.

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Patenga Sea Beach

At a time, the road to this beach was not very good. But gradually, the authorities rebuilt the streets to make the place tourists friendly. Now the security of this area has been strengthened. Many shops including the food shop, have been built in the shade of trees alongside the beach.

There is also numerous speedboat to travel around the sea; sea-bikes and horses to travel through the seashore. If you walk along the north side of the road, you will see the estuarine of Bay of Bengal and Karnaphuli.

5. Kuakata Beach

Kuakata sea beach is located in Latachapali union of Kalapara thana of Patuakhali district. It is 18 kilometers long sea beach, can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset simultaneously. This has made Kuakata unique from all the beaches. From the east side of Gangamoti, you can see the sunrise very well. On the other hand, for watching the sunset, the western sea beach is the perfect place. On one side of the beach, there is the outstretched sea and the other side is the row of coconut trees. The clean beach, the horizontal blue sky, and the mangrove forest gave the beach another dimension than most of the beaches in Bangladesh.

Kuakata Sea Beach

It is very common in Kuakata Sea Beach to watch the fishing scenes all year round. You can rent a motorcycle or horse to explore the beach. The amount of rent depends on distance and time. There are also several islands near the Kuakata sea beach. You will find large boats, speedboat, trawler, and engine boat to travel the island. At the same time, there are all arrangements to do the picnic near the sea beach.

6. Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip is a natural sandy sea beach and island alongside the Bay of Bengal and in the mouth of Meghna. It is a small island in the Bay of Bengal in the southwest part of Noakhali district. Though it is called the islands, it is a Char. At a time, it was known as Char Osmani or Bollar Char. In the early 1950s, the island was awakened with several small chars, which is about 14,050 acres. At the beginning of 1950, a cluster appeared in the northern part of the Bay of Bengal on the south of Noakhali district. This new sandbank was first discovered by a group of fishermen. Later in 1979, former minister Amirul Islam Kalam named it Nijhum Dwip. Until the year of 1970, there was no habitat, so the island was isolated actually. Later, in the 1970s, the forest department started functioning to make it liveable.

Nijhum Sea Beach

Now, it is a place of thousands of birds, millions of trees, the walking of sweet deer, the small rivers flowing through the trees, the sunset and sunrise on the sea. Actually, it is not possible to describe Nijhum Dwip in a line. As if the green carpet was spread to the ocean floor. This is an awesome nature which gives new beginnings to the urban working people. Nijhum Island which is really safe, and silent. There is no sound of light, city life or smell of burning oil. This is one of the fascinating forms of the world.

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7. Parki Sea Beach

Parki beach is situated just a one and a half hour distance from the Chittagong city. Once it was familiar that Cox’s Bazar and Patenga beach is the only sea beach, but the popularity of Parki Sea Beach is increasing day by day. At one side the vast waters of the ocean and another side with greenery forestry environment will surely welcome you. The gentle breeze of the ocean will fill your mind with joy. It is another natural beach among the many beaches of the coastal city of Chittagong. However, if you want to go here, you will have to cross the Karnaphuli River in Chittagong, that means, move to another side. There are numerous natural variations, including red crab and trees.

Parki Sea Beach

At a time the road to this beach was not very good. But gradually, the authorities rebuild the streets to make the place tourists-friendly. Similarly, the authorities have increased security. There are many shops including the food shop, small sitting places as well as small hotels.

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You will also find speedboat to travel around the sea. At the same time, there are sea-bikes and horses to travel through the seashore. The rent is specified with the hour. If you walk along the north side of the beach, you will see the estuarine of Bay of Bengal and Karnaphuli.

8. Kotka Sea Beach

Kotka Sea Beach, located in the South-east side of the Sundarbans, one of the beautiful places of the Sundarbans. Kotka is situated about 90 kilometers away from Mongla port and the main forestry center of the East Bayside. One of the main attractions of the Sundarbans is the Royal Bengal Tiger. But in the forest, it is tough to find out the tiger, and it is also risky. However, it is possible to meet the Tiger staying in the safe side, from the beautiful tourist center of Kotka Forestry area. The Royal Bengal Tiger, one of the main attractions of the Sundarbans, is often seen here. Apart from this, you can watch the beautiful Chitra deer, the various types of birds, the natural environment and the presence of wild animals. Kotka is considered as one of the beautiful and tourist attraction places in Sundarbans.

Kotka Sea Beach

There is a rest house of the forest department in Kotka. There is a wooden Jetty here to get out of the launch. The rest house with some distance from the jetty. In front of it, huge ocean waves of the ocean are seen. There are numerous small canals surrounding it. Moving with boats in the canals in Kolta is very fun. From the canal, you can see the grazing deer in the group. Besides, monkeys, horticulture and wild animals are also seen in the forest. Occasionally, the roar of the tigers is heard.

9. Bashbaria Sea Beach

For various reasons, Sitakund Upazila of Chittagong district is considered as an attractive place for tourists. Among the beautiful scenery of Sitakunda, you will get beautiful hillside, Chandranath Hill, Eecopark green forest, Sculpted hill trail, awesome views of the mountainous lake. In the recent time, a new tourist destination is added to the previous list, known as Bashbaria Sea Beach.

Bashbaria Sea Beach

Bashbaria Bazar, a small market located on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, is 25 km north of Chittagong city. It takes only 15 minutes to reach Bashbaria Sea Beach through this market. The main attraction of this beach is- about half a kilometer you can walk among the sea. There is a bridge which will give you the main taste of the sea and it is really amazing.  Although everyone calls it a beach, Google Maps shows up it as a canal. Anyway, the big waves will take you another world which you can’t imagine. You’ll be fascinated with the surroundings, and you will not forget the beauty of nature on Bashbaria Sea Beach.

10. Laboni Sea Beach:

The eldest sea beach in Cox’s Bazar is the Laboni Sea Beach, which is also known as Laboni Point or Old Sea Beach of Bangladesh. The Bengalis just are very much fond of the sea beach. Whenever they get time, they ran for Cox’s Bazar and they enjoy the Laboni Beach. Although Sugandha Beach, Kolatali Beech are popular nowadays, Laboni beach is a little different and attracts the tourists for getting enormous feelings. You can take a rickshaw from Kolatoli Sea Beach Road even you can go by walking to reach Laboni Sea Beach. Because of very close of Cox’s Bazar, Labani beach is considered as one of the main beaches of Cox’s Bazar. There are very large markets in the Laboni Sea Beach. Apart from this, the oyster market is set up that attracts the tourist very much.

Laboni Sea Beach

11. Guliakhali Sea Beach

Guliakhali Sea Beach is located in Sitakund Upazila of Chittagong district. This beach is also known as ‘Muradpur Beach’ among the local people. It is just 5 kilometers from Sitakunda Bazar to Guliakhali Sea Beach. Nature did not have any niggard to decorate the Guliakhali Sea Beach. On the other hand, the waters all around the sea and the Kewa forest make this beach unique. The canal which is flowing through the Kewa Forest has gone deep into the sea, is very attractive. It provides the environment of the swamp forest and mangrove forests. As it is out of the city, and there are few tourists, you will get a solitude place which will be memorable in your life. The green environment and the scenery of fishing will bring another meaning of your life. If you want, you can move among the sea in the fishing boat. Fix the price before taking the boat.

Guliakhali Sea Beach

Being very close to Sitakunda, after visiting Guliakhali Sea Beach, you will have plenty of time in your hand. At this time you may visit more sights around Sitakunda. Tourist places around Goliyakhali include Bashbaria Sea Beach, Sitakunda Echo Park, Chandranath Temple and Hills, Jhojhorhi Jhorna, Komoldah Jharna, Kumira Sandwip Ghat, Mahamaya Lake, Khayyachara Jharna, Napittachara Jharna, Sohosrodhara Jharna, etc. Before visiting Guliakhali Sea Beach, you can make a plan according to your time.

12. Mandarbari Sea Beach

Mandarbaria Sea Beach is located in Satkhira district alongside the Bay Of Bengal. At the side of the river Hariyabhanga, on one side it is the beautiful beaches of Mandarbaria and another side- the beautiful Sundarbans – Largest Mangrove Forest In The World. Mandarbariya is an unknown beach for most of the people of Bangladesh. The beach is about 75 km away from Nildumur Ghat of Burigawalini in Satkhira district. You will get direct bus services from Satkhira to Nildumur, the rest of the way is by engine-driven boat or speed boat. Rivers flowing across the chest of the Sundarbans are the only way of traveling this beach, nearly it will be a journey of 75 km. Therefore, the beaches of Mandarbariya is about 8 km in length, are suitable only for special travelers who, having acknowledged the hardships, are willing to listen to the abrupt roar of the mighty waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Mandarbari Sea Beach

From Nildumur Ghat, crossing the Kholpetua-Kapotaksha River, it needs to cross the Kolagachia, Aarpangasia, Malanch river to reach Mandarbari Sea Beach. The green natural view of Sundarbans on both sides of the river will captivate you. You will watch the movements of animals including deer, and scenes of flying birds of different species, including Pancauri, Balihash. Besides, the footprints of deer and tiger’s on the sand of Mandarbariya beach will undoubtedly increase the excitement of travel. If you are an adventure lover, then Mandarbaria Sea Beach will be another memorable history in your life.

13. Shamlapur Sea Beach

Shamlapur Sea Beach is located at Bahachhara Union near Teknaf. Without the fishing boats and fishermen, no one is there. So if you want to pass some special time by oneself with the green touches of trees, Shamlapur Sea Beach can be the best fit for you. Local people also call it- Baharachhara Beach. The view of this solitude place will surely amaze you if you are a great fan of Beach.

Desolation is also a big deal here. How many people in Cox’s Bazar, Himachari or Inani? And what’s about the crowd! In Shamlapur Beach, it is complete secrecy.

Shamlapur Sea Beach

In the late afternoon, fishing trawlers will be dragged along the shore. The view of fishing with fishermen’s nets, screaming of the local children and watching the sea and its blue waters will be just amazing.

From Cox’s Bazar, you can go to Shamlapur or Baharachhara Beach by Marine Drive Road. It takes only one and a half hour. You can also go from Teknaf to Shamalpur, 20 km away from Teknaf, on the Hoekyong Road.

14. Teknaf Sea Beach

Teknaf Upazila is one of the most southern places in Bangladesh. The distance of Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar District Headquarters is about to 86 km. Teknaf Sea Beach is about five kilometers south of the town of Teknaf.

It is one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the country. It is also one of the tallest (86 km) sandy beaches in the world. Everyone will love to visit this beach. If you want to explore the life of the fisherman, this is the perfect place. Especially in the morning or evening, the fishermen are seen fishing on the beach. Apart from this, the beach is quite different from other beaches. Such colorful fishery boats are not seen on any other beach in Bangladesh. Teknaf is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy the secluded sea. Teknaf beach water is cleaner than Cox’s Bazar beach.

Teknaf Sea Beach

Most of the beach lovers do not know about this beach. You can take the opportunity of passing some amazing moment close to the sea here. I can assure you will not regret if you love the sea beach and want to explore without the crowd.

15. Sonadia Sea Beach

Sonadia Island with an 8-square-kilometer area in Maheshkhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar is an ideal place for camping. A canal separates Sonadia Island from Maheshkhali. From this side of the island, there are beaches on three sides, biodiversity-rich land. It is not a lot of years start to live human here, only 6 to 120 years ago. Thousand of tourists come to Sonadia Island every year to see the amazing combination of biodiversity, and to enjoy the beachside.

Want to know details about visiting Sonadia Island and Sea Beach, check this post.

Sonadia Sea Beach

Some other Sea Beach In Bangladesh:

There are also small and bigger sea beaches in Bangladesh that include Kolatoli Beach (Cox’s Bazar), Sugandha Beach (Cox’s Bazar), Mermaid Resort Beach (Cox’s Bazar), Kutubdia, Sandwip,  etc.

Want To Travel The Most Beautiful Beaches in Bangladesh With Your Family or In A Group:

If you are an adventurous lover and want to see the natural beauties, then the natural sea beaches of Bangladesh will be the best places for you. In the same way, if you want to make any group tour with your friends or family member here, you can contact the Travel Mate team to do the things more attractive and smooth for you. Never forget to share your opinion from the comment section. For further assistance regarding traveling Bangladesh, contact us at any time. Happy Traveling. 🙂

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