Teknaf To Saint Martin Island: Ship Service & Ticket Price

teknaf to Saint Martin Island ship service

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How do you go to the Saint Martin Tour from Teknaf Upazila? It is necessary to ride a ship to overcome the sea, Bay Of Bengal. The distance between Teknaf and Saint Martin is approximately 34 kilometers. For this reason, we need to buy a ship ticket to reach St. Martin’s Island. Let us know how many ships are in Teknaf and when they leave for Saint Martin Island.

St. Martin’s Island is the only coral island in Bangladesh, located in the southernmost part of the mainland, Bangladesh. St. Martin is a small island of 17 sq km, 120 km from Cox’s Bazar district town. In the local language, St. Martin is also called Narikel Ginjira. The island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Combined with the endless blue sky and the blue waters of the sea, rows and rows of coconut trees make the island unique, which draws people thirsty for travel.

Teknaf to Saint Martin’s Island: Direct Ship Service

To come to St. Martin from anywhere in Bangladesh, you have to come to Cox’s Bazar first. From Cox’s Bazar, first, take a Jeep or Bus to Teknaf, then from Teknaf by ship or trawler to St. Martin. Several long-distance vehicles leave for Cox’s Bazar and Teknaf daily from Dhaka. The bus fare will be AC ​​1200-1700 Taka and non-AC 800-1000 Taka. If you come to Cox’s Bazar, you must pay 140 Taka by bus or 2500-3000 BDT (8-10 seats) to come to Teknaf by reserved microbus. These vehicles run on Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf route every morning.

From Teknaf to St. Martin, daily commute to and from MV Baro Awlia, Keari Sindabad, Keari Cruise, Greenline, L.C.T. Kutubdia, etc. Along with these beautiful ships, trawlers and navigators are on this sea route. You can go to the desired vehicle. However, Keari Sindabad, Kerry Cruise, and Greenline are reliable as safe vessels. These ships take two hours to travel from Teknaf to St. Martin. On the other hand, every day at 2/3 o’clock in the afternoon, these ships leave St. Martin. When the sea is calm in winter and rough in summer, the movement is risky.

Teknaf to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price

Ships like Keari Sindabad, Keari Cruise, MV Farhan, Atlantic, etc., come and go from Teknaf to St. Martin every morning from November to March. It takes two hours to two and a half hours to travel from Teknaf to St. Martin by ship. The Ticket Price from Teknaf to Saint Martin Island varies from 800 to 1600 Taka. Ships depart daily from the jetty for Saint Martin at 9.00-9.30 am and return from Saint Martin at 3.00-3.30 pm. Therefore, failure to arrive at the jetty ahead increases the chances of missing the ship. In such cases, there is no way but to return to the trawler, which is very dangerous. Ship tickets to St. Martin usually come and go. You need to specify when to return the ticket.

1. Keari Cruise and Dine

2. Keari Sindabad

3. Bay Cruise

4. The Atlantic Cruise

5. Shahid Salam

6. others

7. MV Baro Awlia


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The ship usually runs for five months, from November to March & April. Suppose you go to a time other than this time you have to go by trawler or speedboat. The rest of the time, except the winter season, the sea is rough, so travel is not safe at this time. However, if you are an adventurer, you can add a trawler to the ocean. Trawlers, speedboats and freight trawlers leave from Teknaf Namarbazar Bridge or Jetty Ghat. During the season, ships leave the wharf and trawlers leave. Usually, trawlers and cargo boats cost 150-250 Taka. It varies from season to season. It takes about 3 hours.

Teknaf To Saint Martin’s Island FAQ’s

Q: When does the ship operate from Teknaf?
A: Ships usually operate from November to March. Depending on the weather, the time may be less.

Q: When does the ship leave Teknaf for St. Martin?
A: 9:30 in the morning.

Q: What is the minimum fare for a ship from Teknaf to St. Martin?
A: 650 Taka.

Q: Do I have to buy a separate ticket to return from St. Martin?
A: No, there is no need to buy a separate ticket to return.

Q: What do you do if you do not get a ship ticket?
A: Each ship sells tickets in addition to seats. Standing tickets can be deducted. If you don’t get a seat, it is possible to come and go with a little effort. Time will pass by looking around.

Q: What do I do if I miss the ship?
A: It is good to remember that ships leave on time. If, for some reason, the ship is missed, the only way to get there is by trawler or speed boat (but this method is not safe). Or go to the next day’s ship.

Q: Can I buy a return ticket to St. Martin’s Day and return the next day?
A: Yes, but it is better not to do so. To avoid the unwanted hassle, it is best to say how long you will be at St. Martin’s when buying a ticket.

Q: How much does a ticket cost for a day trip or a one or two-day stay in St. Martin?
A: In all cases, the price of the ship ticket is the same.

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