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Chingri Fountain Boga Lake

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There are two cool water fountains in the middle of climbing Keokradong, once the highest peak in Bangladesh. One is called Chingri Jhorna Jhiri (Shrimp Jhiri Fountain). An hour’s walk up the hill from Boga lake to Keokradong shows Chingri Jhorna. A small part of the fountain can be seen from below. If you want to see the main waterfall, you have to cross the huge slippery rocks and turn 90 degrees to the right. In the rainy season, no one can go around the Chingri Jhiri, whatever is in front of it floats with great water-flow. Interestingly, you will see fishes in this fountain.

Bandarban means the land of mountains, Bandarban means the land of green, Bandarban means the land of springs. And the sound of the fountain is rhythmic and joyful atmosphere awakens the body and mind. I want to wash away all the blackness of life in the beauty and coolness of its water. An hour’s walk up the hill from Boga Lake to Keokradong, you will find this beautiful waterfall, but it is not as Chingri Jhorna as the first waterfall. If you want to see the real piece, you have to cross the huge slippery rocks and go inside and turn 90 degrees to the right. You will see a wonderful fountain, as if a wonderful current is coming down from the very top of the head of the bash garden.

Chingri Jhorna

As soon as the name Bandarban was heard, mountains and hills floated in front of our eyes. Bandarban means the land of green clouds and springs. And the word Jhorna awakens the body and mind feeling surrounded by rhythmic joy. The mind wants to forget everything about the beauty and coolness of the water. Such a beautiful fountain ‘Chingri Jhorna’.

From Bogalake in Bandarban, first go to Keokradong, then 1 hour to the hilly path, you can see this wonderful waterfall. However, the first fountain that is seen is not the original Chingri Jhorna.

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Chingri Jhorna From Mountain

If you want to see the original fountain, you have to cross a lot of big slippery rocks, enter a little inside and turn 90 degrees to the right. That’s when you will see the amazing jhorna. The waterfall which is a wonderful flows from the top of the mountain like garden.

The location of Chingri Jhorna is Lattitude: N21 58.450 and Longitude: E92 29.209

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Perfect Time To Visit The Fountain

The full form of any fountain is found in the rainy season or near the rainy season. In this time, the fountains are full of water. However, you can go to this fountain at any time if you want. Many times during the rainy season the mountains collapse, so it is better to go and find out it during the rainy season. As the Chingri Jhorna is in the Boga lake and on the way to Keokradong, you can also visit the Chinri Jhorna with a little effort if you go on a trip to Boga lake. Or you will find this magical wild waterfall on your way to Keokradong.

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How To Go To Chingri Jhorna

Wherever you live in Bangladesh, you have to come to Bandarban first to go to Boga lake. From different places in Dhaka,  Buses of S. Alam, Saudia, Saint Martin Transport, Unique, Hanif, Shyamoli, Dolphin etc. leave for Bandarban. The fare of these buses per person is non AC 550 Taka and AC 950 – 1500 Taka respectively. It takes 8-10 hours to go to Bandarban by bus from Dhaka.

From Bandarban to Bogalake To Fountain

From Bandarban you have to come to Ruma Bazar by Chander Gari (Moon Car) or Jeep. Taking permission from the army camp with the guide and go to Bogalake in a reserve Jeep or Chander Gari. If you want taking permission from the army camp in Boga lake, you can go to Chingri Jhorna on the same day. Or you can take a break that day and leave the next morning to see the fountain. It will take 30 to 45 minutes to walk from Boga lake to the Chingri Jhorna. It will be nice to walk in the mountains as you will get the feeling of adventure by trekking for a short time. Spend time in the waterfall and come back to Bagalake.

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Chingri Waterfall

Where Will You Stay

It would be foolish if you do not come to Bogalake and stay one night. If you come to see the Chingri Jhorna, you must plan for the overnight stay. Tourists usually visit Bogalake or Keokradong. In that case the Chingri Jhiri visit is available as a bonus. Indigenous people have several beautiful cottages to stay in Bogalake. It will cost you 100-250 Taka to stay in these cottages in a beautiful environment near the lake. Even if you don’t have a lot of facilities, spending the night in these cottages arranged by the lake in a hilly environment will definitely be memorable for you. One room cottage can accommodate 5-6 people. In addition, separate cottages can be arranged for couples or women. If you have any preferences in advance, tell the guide when you go and he will fix the cottage. Or you can go and fix it.

Eating And Others

You will find quite a few hotels to dine at Ruma Bazaar. Indigenous people have to be fed at home. Usually food packages of 100-200 Taka are available. Meals are prepared with rice, eggs, mashed potatoes and mountain chicken. For this you have to tell in advance what to eat and how many people will eat. If you want to eat on arrival, you can tell with the help of the guide while leaving. The cottages have barbecue facilities, you can buy mountain chickens and sit on the shores of the lake and enjoy this arrangement in a different environment.

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Tips When Traveling The Fountain

  • Be careful when going down the fountain, the rocks are very slippery, walk carefully.
  • There is no electricity on Bogalake, but has solar power. You can take a power bank with you to charge your mobile. Not all mobile networks are available in Bogalake, Robi and Teletalk networks are available. So keep a SIM with you.
  • There have been some accidents while bathing in Bogalake recently, be careful while bathing in the lake.
  • The life of indigenous people is not like that of plain people, do not do anything that disrespects them.
  • Get permission before taking pictures of indigenous people. They may not like to take pictures without permission.
  • The whole road from Bandarban to Bogalake is a hilly winding road, be careful while traveling. Keep a copy of your national identity card with you for your own safety. In order to go to Bogalake, you must take permission from the army camp.

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Want to Travel Chingri Jhorna?

Chingri Jhorna is a perfect place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within two or three days by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Chingri Jhorna within a tight budget. If you want to travel Chingri Jhorna Of Bandarban (Bangladesh) with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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