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Nilgiri How To Go

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If you want to touch the clouds, you will have to go to Nilgiri, Bandarban. At Nilgiri, the cloud will come to you, even you can catch it with your hands. On the above, the blue sky, and the white cloud are playing in the mountain of Nilgiri. It is a place of spectacular beauty. Due to Nilgiri, Bandarban is called Darjeeling of Bangladesh. For those who love adventure, the best night in your life may be the Nilgiri. On the way to Nilgiri, you can see the beauty of Bandarban. Here the indigenous beautiful girls will welcome you. From here you can buy indigenous hand-made products. The green mountain and the white clouds all around will fascinate you.

If you want to touch the clouds at 2200-2500 feet above the sea level, then Nilgiri will fulfill your wish. At Nilgiri, one of the most beautiful tourist centers in Bangladesh is at the peak of Nilgiri Hills, maintains by Bangladesh Army. It is about 50 kilometers away from Bandarban district headquarters.

Nilgiri Travel

If you look around from Nilgiri, you will be attracted with the white clouds and the beauty of nature will surely fascinate you. If the sky is clear from the peak of the hill, you could see Baga lake, the highest peak of the country, Keokrudong, Sea beach of Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong Port and Sangu River. Apart from this, you may familiar and meet with the indigenous neighboring villages and their culture. There is no confusion about security as the Army maintain the areas. So with your family, you can come to see the Darjeeling of Bengal- Nilgiri.

Perfect Time To Visit Nilgiri:

Nilgiri holds the beauty all year round. With the changes of time and season, it reflects various types of loveliness. The sunset in the morning, the sunrise in the evening, the solitude at night all will play with your mind. Normally it is possible to watch the playing of white clouds in the rain, autumn, or late-autumn. For this reason, you have to go to Nilgiri very early in the morning. In the Autumn or Late-Autumn, the white clouds are really fascinating and maybe you will not get another morning like this. During the winter, it covers the around with the shade of fog. It will be another memorable scene. So, you can go to Nilgiri anytime you prefer. However, due to heavy rains in the monsoon, many times the road to Nilgiri is closed for the fear of mountain collapse.

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How To Go To Nilgiri:

If you want to go to Nilgiri from any part of the country, you have to come to Bandarban first. From Dhaka, you will find S. Alam, Saudia, Saint Martin Transport, Unique, Hanif, Shyamoli, Dolphin, etc that leave for Bandarban. The fare of these buses per person is BDT 550 for Non-AC and for AC BDT 950-1500. It takes 8-10 hours to go from Dhaka to Bandarban by bus.

If you want to go by train, you have to come to Chittagong first. You will find Sonar Bangla, Golden Express, Turna Nishita, Mohanagar, and Godhuli, for going Chittagong from Dhaka. It will cost you BDT 350 to 1200. Besides, you can come to Chittagong directly by the air from Dhaka.

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Two buses named Pubali and Purbani from Baddharhat in Chittagong are scheduled to go to Bandarban. These two buses cost you nearly BDT 220. You can reach Bandarban by bus for BDT 200 to 300 from Dhampara Bus Stand of Chittagong.


Bandarban To Nilgiri: From Bandarban to Nilgiri, you can go by Jeep, Chander Gari, Mahendra, CNG or by local bus. The best way is to get a reserve car. It will help you to explore some of the surrounding areas of Nilgiri and Bandarban. If you want to come back within the day, you have to pick up the car from Bandarban Jeep Station. According to different cars, it may cost you BDT 3000 to 5000. In a Chander Gari, you may go 12 – 14 people, with the Landcruizer type jeep, you may go 7 to 8 people, with the Small jeep you may go to 4 to 5 people and with CNG you may go 2 to 3 persons.

If you are a single or fewer number in your group or you want to visit at a lower cost, you can go by the local bus, but it will take a longer time. After every one hour from Thanchi bus stand, you will find the buses with BDT 120. However, if you wish, you can go with another group who are going to Nilgiri and can share the cost with them.

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On the way to Nilgiri, due to security concerns, the name and addresses of the tourists need to be recorded on the army checkpoint. For this reason, there is no other way or not allowed to go to Nilgiri after 5 PM. So keep the eye on the time before travel. For traveling to the Nilgiri, as a tourist, you will need tickets with BDT 50 per person and BDT 300 for parking the car.

Other Attractive Places Near Nilgiri (Bandarban)

On the way to Nilgiri, you will have to cross the Milanchhari Viewpoint, Shail Pratap Jhorna, Sairu Hill Resort, and Chimbuk Tourism Center. If you take the reserve car, you can spend some time in these spots. While taking the car talk about your plan to the driver. But the best thing is to go straight to Nilgiri in the morning and the clouds will be seen clearly. While returning, you can pass some time in Chimbuk hill and Shoilo Propat Jhorna. On the other hand, when going to the checkpoint for taking the pass, you can watch the beautiful scenery of Milanchhari Viewpoint. Again, you can do the opposite. If you plan to spend time in Nilgiri in the afternoon, then on the way to Nilgiri you can visit the Shoilo Propat Jhorna and Chimbuk Tourism Center. Then pass time at Nilgiri at night or afternoon. So, some other attractive places near Nilgiri are,

  • Chimbook Hill
  • Sairu Hill Resort
  • Meghla Tourism Center
  • Shorno Mandir
  • Shoilo Propat
  • Nilachol
  • Boga lake

Nilgiri Hills

Where Will You Stay:

At Nilgiri, there is the Six Army’s controlled cottage and it will cost you BDT 4000 to 10000. However, if you want to stay at Nilgiri Resort, you will have to book beforehand and you will need to get a reference from the higher Army officer. Because this resort is very attractive to everyone, you will not find the room without booking a month before, especially in the holidays.

Besides, most of the tourists return from Nilgiri to Bandarban on the same day. There are several hotels, resorts and cottages to stay in Bandarban. The location of the hotels and resorts in Bandarban city are not so bad. For example, Hotel Hill View, Hotel Hilton, Hotel Plaza, River View, Porjoton Hotel, etc. It will cost between BDT 500 to 4000 according to the conditions per person per night.

The first thing to remember, the rent will depend on what time or season you are going. Rent may be less at off-season and more at the season (December to February) and on the public holidays. If you go on season and holiday, you can book hotel rooms in advance to avoid trouble. If you go to off-season, you will get 25% to 30% discount in every hotel.

Niligiri From The Sky

What Will You Eat:

There is a restaurant in Nilgiri, if you get hungry, you can eat anything from here. But if you want to eat here, you have to order before 4 to 5 hours. It will need BDT 300-600 per person. Otherwise, you can eat returning to the city of Bandarban. For this reason, when you go to Nilgiri, take some dry food from Bandarban. There are some popular hotels and restaurants to eat in Bandarban city, including Tajing Dong Cafe, Meghdut Cafe, Food Place Restaurant, Ruposhi Bangla Restaurant, Ri Song Song, Kalapata Restaurant, etc.

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Tips for Traveling Nilgiri:

  • From Bandarban to Nilgiri, it is completely Mountains Road, so be careful to take it easy.
  • To fix the car, talk directly to the Jeep Stand and confirm the rate with bargaining to get it with less.
  • From Chimbuk hill and Shoilo Propat Jhorna, you can buy indigenous items at low prices.
  • Don’t climb on the rooftop of the Chander Gari.
  • When landing on the Shoilo Propat Jhorna, be careful, the stones are very slippery.
  • Please do not do anything that is disrespectful to the indigenous people. They are very simple, helpful and honest.
  • If possible, try to stay at least one night in Nilgiri, the day will be remembered and memorable forever.
  • Do not take any risk unnecessarily.
  • Keep a copy of the national identity card always with you.
  • For reducing the cost, always try to go/move in a group.

Want to make a group or family tour in Nilgiri?

Nilgiri is a perfect and secure place for a group or family tour. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within a day by visiting here. Hopefully, you can go to Nilgiri within a tight budget. If you want to travel Nilgiri with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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