Backwater Tour in Bangladesh (Barisal)

Backwater Tour in Bangladesh Barisal

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The name of the tour is ‘Backwater Tour’. Quite interesting to foreigners, they love adventurous—so like these types of tours. One such tour was held in Kerala, India regularly. However, now in Bangladesh, the idea has been launched in Barisal with ‘Barisal Backwater Tours’. To get support or more information, Travel Mate can help you always. You can see another detailed article regarding the Backwater here. To know more about Backwater, I inspire to read the full article.

What Is Backwater:

Backwater is a part of the river where the currents are relatively small/low. The branch of the backwater mainstream emerges as a river and flows separately and then merges again with the main river.

If multiple rivers are formed during the origin of a river, one channel is called the main river and the other as the backwater. The currents of the main river are high and are used as navigation routes. On the other hand, the currents in the backwater are much lower and shallow.

Backwater Tour In Bangladesh (Barisal)

In Bangladesh, we also have a backwater route. The familiar one is from the Sandha river of Barisal. Later Swarupkathi, Kuriana, Atghar, Bhimaruli, Jhalakathi flowed as small canals. The locality is located beside the canal. Schools, roads, homes are all located on two sides of the canal. There is a bridge to go from one place to another. Numerous bridges have been constructed so that there is no problem in the water flow of the canal.

Backwater Tour in Bangladesh

Twice a day, the tide breaks down and the water rises like two feet. Water rises up to the courtyard of those whose houses are in tide along the canal. However, it is not a problem. Even during the big floods, the water does not rise very high here.

The living conditions of the people of the canal are mainly dependent on the sale of Guava, Mango, Betel Nut, Vegetables, etc. Guava gardens, mango gardens, and saplings can be found throughout the canal. There is a barrier to enter the garden. There is a small boat to enter it. Almost everyone who lives along the canal has a boat. In the local language, these are called Kasha Boats Or Dingi Nouka. Everything is done by boat.

The season for Guava is from July to August— in some cases, it goes the middle of September. August is the most opportune time for going to a Backwater Tour In Basisal (Bhimruli – Floating Guava Market Barisal). You have to go to the market before 11 am. As the day progresses, the crowds continue to decrease.

Interesting Things To See In The Backwater Tour Of Bangladesh

The main fun around the backwater is the view around the river & canals. Homes, schools, roads, bridges all along the canal keep the view. It would seem like any other world where you are born to do all the things through the canal. If it rains, it will enrich the enjoyment. The joy of going on a Backwater Tour on the terrace of a boat cannot be expressed in words. Due to the rainy season, there is a game of clouds in the sky.

From the roof of the trawler/boat, you can catch Guava or Mango, no problem to eat some of its. If you go with a small boat, you can even access the middle of the garden. And walk down the garden to the big trawler hall. It is really so much interesting. (We inspire not to tear up guava or fruits without the permission of the garden owner. Surely, you will not be regretted. They are very simple and friendly).

Backwater Tour in Bangladesh

In the middle of the evening, there will be a feeling of a beheading in the middle of the canal. It will seem the stars were sitting in the sky to entertain you. Lying on the roof of the boat and watching the sky—you will feel it is worth living to live many more years.

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Although Kuriana is a small market, it a village from in the afternoon, another impersonation in the evening. The tasty desserts in the market will stay a lot of days in your mouth. You will have to eat at noon at Boudi Hotel. She is another expert who provides delicious food.

What to eat In The Backwater Tour

  • Sweets (Local Deserts) In The Bhimaruli market
  • Lunch at Boudi Hotel at Kuriana Market
  • Hot Sweets at Rituparna in Kuriana Market
  • Sandesh Of Guthia

Floating Guava Market-Guava-Market

Highlights Of Backwater Tour In Bangladesh

  • Explore The Traditions Of Old Dhaka
  • Ride The Rickshaw For Watching The City
  • Boat Riding Experience On The River Of Buriganga
  • Explore the small and narrow canals in Barisal
  • Walking Experience In The Village Road, Market, School & Parks
  • Taste Local Foods Which is very unique
  • Meet Bangladeshi people – those are very simple and cordial to you.

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Want to make a Backwater tour in Floating Guava Market?

Backwater Tour is a perfect tour for a group or family tour combination of joy and adventure. The beauty of this place will give you awesome feelings. At the same time, you can come back within a day by experiencing Backwater Tour. Hopefully, you can go to Floating Guava Market within a tight budget. If you want to travel Backwater Tour with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate Bangladesh can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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