Tropical Deciduous Forest & Top 3 In The World

Tropical Deciduous Forest In The World

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We know Tropical Deciduous Forest covers half of the total forest in the world. In this article, we will know about Tropical Deciduous Forest, location in the world, trees, animals, economic importance, etc. If you do not read about Mangrove and top 10 mangrove areas in the world I suggest to check it also.

The forests of the tropics extend from the northern boundary of the Tropic of Cancer to the southern boundary of the Tropic of Capricorn. In terms of area, this forest covers more than half of the total forest area of the world. Tropical forests are further divided into two categories. Namely-

  1. Equatorial evergreen forest and
  2. Tropical deciduous forest.

Tropical Deciduous Forest

Forests of evergreen trees can be seen in areas where there is high rainfall and high temperatures. Evergreen forests are found in both monsoon and equatorial regions where there is high rainfall and temperature.

Since evergreen forests are found in both seasonal and non-seasonal areas, such forests can be further divided into two categories. Namely-

  1. Equatorial evergreen forest and
  2. Seasonal/Monsoon evergreen forest.

Equatorial Evergreen Forest

Areas in the 50 north and south latitudes of the equator receive 200 to 250 cm of rainfall and the average temperature is usually 270 to 360 C. Evergreen forests can be seen in areas where there is heat. These areas receive rainfall almost all year round and the soil is always moist. As a result of which the leaves of all the trees do not fall together but remain evergreen throughout the year, this forest is called as equatorial evergreen forest.

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Tropical Deciduous Forest Trees


This type of forest is found in the Amazon River Basin, Congo Basin, Northern Australia, Pashur, New Guinea, Central America, Panama, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Indonesia, the southern coast of India and the eastern Himalayas.


A variety of plants grow side by side in the forest. Notable trees include mahogany, sandalwood, rubber, cocoa, camphor, rosewood, ironwood, Brazil nut, cedar, abalone, palm trees, etc.


The forest trees of this region are very tall and leafy. The lower part of the tree is covered with various types of herbs; As a result, it is very difficult to travel in the forests of this region. The climate here is unhealthy and dangerous as the forest is full of different types of insects. However, the trees and wood of such forests are quite heavy, hard and difficult to cut. As a result, the commercial use of such forest trees is relatively low.

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Seasonal Evergreen Forest

Monsoon Evergreen:

The average annual temperature in all parts of the monsoon zone is 260C. And an annual rainfall of 200 cm. Evergreen trees are mainly observed in all those places.


It is found in rain-fed areas of Bangladesh and India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, northeastern Australia, coastal areas of Brazil, east coast of Africa, etc.

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Among the trees worthy of the forest are shawl, teak, carrot, palm, bash etc. However, the forest vegetation of this region is not as dense and dense as that of the equatorial forest.

Tropical Deciduous Forest Animals

Economic Importance of Evergreen Forests

Evergreen forests are home to a wide variety of vegetation. The wood extracted from these plants is used for various purposes. The economic importance and use of this type of tree is discussed in New:

  • Furniture and ships are made from hard wood such as teak, mahogany, ebony, palm etc. collected from this forest.
  • A lot of foreign exchange is also earned by exporting timber.
  • Apart from this, wood is also used for playing equipment, boats, railway carriages, railway piers etc.
  • From these forests valuable chickpeas are prepared from palm oil, rubber, zapot tree juice, which is used in chewing gum.
  • From this forest lacquer, wax, various fibers, raw materials for making medicine etc. are collected.
  • Notable fruits include pineapple, banana, guava etc.
  • Many make a living by collecting wood and fruit.

Top 3 Tropical Deciduous Forest In The World

  • Tropical Deciduous Forest In North America
  • Tropical Deciduous Forest In Europe
  • Tropical Deciduous Forest In Asia

Let’s see the map of Tropical Deciduous Forest in the world.

Tropical Deciduous Forest Countries Map
Tropical Deciduous Forest Map

The Major Forests Of The World

The total amount of forest cover in the world cannot be said accurately. Because there is a lack of accurate information about this. However, according to the FAO, there are currently 34,01,715,000 hectares of forest land in the world. According to the FAO, South America ranks first, North America second, Africa third, Asia fourth and Europe fifth.

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There is a difference in the amount of forest based on the continent. There is also a difference in the forest based on the country. Not all countries have the same amount of forest. Russia ranks first among the countries of the world in terms of forest area. It is followed by Brazil in second place, Canada in third place and America in fourth place. Other notable forested countries include South Africa, Indonesia, Zaire, Peru, China and India.

The Classification Of Forests

Due to the differences in climate, rainfall, temperature, humidity, light-air and air flow in different parts of the world, the shape and nature of the world’s forests are also observed. So different types of plants grow in different forests. Some forest trees are large in size, while others are small in size. Some forest trees are hard and some forest trees are soft. The leaves of a tree fall together in one place, and the leaves of a tree in another place do not fall together. Trees can be cut in any place. The reason for this diversity of vegetation depends mainly on the climate, soil and altitude. However, among all the elements that differentiate the shape and nature of plants, the effect of climate is considered to be the greatest. Different authors have classified forests from different perspectives. There is no fundamental difference between their class divisions. Some of the class divisions of the world’s forests are shown. First, the entire forest cover of the world can be divided into two main categories. Namely: tropical forest and temperate forest. Tropical forests can be divided into two parts and temperate forests can be divided into three parts. Thus the total forest area of ​​the whole world is divided into 5 categories. Namely-

  1. Tropical Evergreen
  2. Tropical Pornmochi
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Temperate mixed and
  5. Simple square forest.

Final Thought:

With attention to, Tropical Deciduous Forest maintains the proper balance of the ecosystem. On the other hand, it is a great place for fish production and reservation. For protecting the coastal areas and preventing erosion or storm, it is the safety for the human being. For this reason, it is our duty to work for preserving the Tropical Deciduous Forest. With this in mind, let’s start to enrich consciousness in all the place of the world. If the forest and nature grow accurately among the world, the human being can live well. So, it is not only our duty, it is our responsibility. Hope you have enjoyed the article of Travel Mate. Thanks.

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