30+ Attractive Tourist Places And Picnic Spots In Gazipur (1 Day Tour)
Tourist Places And Picnic Spots In Gazipur

Gazipur district (গাজীপুর) is rich in history and heritage. It is full of archeological sites and places of interest. Gazipur is an ancient and historical town nurtured in various traditions of centuries, which has a rich past. In the course of time, the traditional Gazipur district has prospered in the tourism industry. Due to its proximity to the capital Dhaka and its improved communication system, Bhawal National Park is one of the major parks in Bangladesh.

Notable among the places of interest and heritage of Gazipur district adjoining the capital Dhaka are: Bhawal Rajbari, Baldhar Zamindar Bari, Ancient Capital Indrakpur, Boliadi Zamindar Bari, Kashimpur Zamindar Bari, St. Nicholas Church, Bhawal National Park, Nuhash Polli, Monpura Parks, Boro bhuiyan Bari etc.

Gazipur district is an ancient historical town nurtured in various traditions of the century which has a rich past. The Sakashore Stomvo (সাকাশ্বর স্তম্ভ) during the reign of Emperor Ashoka, the Bhabak and Bhakurainamejan verses (ভবাক ও ভাকুরাইনামেজন পদ) of the Buddhist period, the Dardariya/Dar-E Dariya fort (দ্বার-ই দরিয়া (দরদরিয়া) দুর্গ) built during the Maurja period, and the Buddhist monastery of the Dhol Samudra (ঢোল সমুদ্র) remind us of the nearly two and a half thousand year history of the district.

The first dictionary and grammar in Bengali, “Bengali Portuguese Dictionary”, was composed in 1733 by Pastor Monoelda Assumpasun (পাদ্রী মনোএলদা আসসুম্পাসউঁ) in the city of Bhawal. Moreover, Gazipur district is the birthplace of Bengali prose. The first book of prose in Bengali literature and language, Brahman Roman Catholic News, was written in 1733 by Pastor Dom Ametmania do Rosario in Azela. Besides, the best muslin of Bengal was made in Kapasiyatit Bati village, near the Burmese market was the largest rural commodity market in the country.

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Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari
Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari

In the course of time, the traditional Gazipur district has prospered in the tourism industry. Due to its proximity to the capital Dhaka, apart from Bhawal Jatiya, one of the major parks in Bangladesh, various picturesque picnic spots have sprung up in the dense shale forests.

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Places of interest in Gazipur

Most of the people in the capital are busy throughout the week in need of livelihood. So the weekend became a day to give yourself a little time. Where is the opportunity to go away on a weekend vacation? So Gazipur near Dhaka can be a good destination. Let’s see the list of historically important and scenic places in Gazipur. 

Important and interesting places about the Liberation War In Gazipur:

Jagroto Chowrongi Chowrasta – Joydebpur Rd, Gazipur
Chaydana Dighi and battlefield Gacha, Gazipur
Muktijoddha Smriti Corner Open University, Gazipur
Commemorative sculpture on 19th March

Historical antiquities and places of interest in Gazipur

Shailat, Famous town during Shishu Pal Sreepur
Indrakpur Sreepur
Kapaleswar, The capital of Raja Shishu Pal Kapaleswar
Ekdala Durgo Kapasia
Mir Jumla Bridge Tongi Bazar
Sakashore Stomvo Kaliakair

Places where memories of famous people are enshrined

Commemorative sculpture on 19th March
Commemorative sculpture on 19th March
Home Of Tajuddin Ahmad (First Primeminister) Dordoria, Kapasia
Home Of Meghnad Saha (Scientist) Kaliakair
Kawraid Bungalow with Rabindra Memorial Sreepur

Zamindarbari (Landlord)- Witness of time

Bhawal Rajbari Joydebpur
Balda Zamindar Bari Baria
Pubail Zamindar Bari Pubail
Baliadi Jamider Bari Kaliakair
Kashimpur Landlord’s House Gazipur Sadar
Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari
Dattapara Zamindar Bari Tongi

Very well known lake and bill

Haydrabad Dighi Pubail
Bhawal Badre Alam Govt. College Dighi Gazipur Sadar
Rahapara Dighi Gazipur Municipal
Dhol Samudra Pond Kaliakair
Belai Beel Gazipur Sadar
Shaldha River Gazipur

Religious places and cemeteries

Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari Joydebpur
Boktarpur, cemeteries of Isha Khan

Picnic Spots In Gazipur

Bhawal National Park Gazipur Sadar
Chandra Shalbon Kaliakair
Barmi Bazar
Nuhash Polli Pirozali
Pushpadam Resort Sreepur
Khatib Khamar Bari Mirzapur
Hasna Hena Resort & Picnic Spot Pubail
Nandan Park Gazipur
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park Gazipur
Fantasy Kingdom Gazipur

Bhawal Rajbari

The historic Bhawal Rajbari stands almost intact in the heart of Gazipur district town as a witness of the times. Bhawal’s palace was the main operating center of the Bhawal estate. In terms of perimeter and income, the zamindari position of Bhawal Estate was second only to that of Nawab Estate in East Bengal.

Bhawal Rajbari

It is a huge palace in terms of size and rooms. The palace is built on about 5 acres of land. On the west side of this palace there is a huge lake and in front there is a huge flat field.

The Bhawal Estate covered an area of about 579 square miles (1,500 km). The Bhawal Estate is the second largest in East Bengal after the Nawab Estate in terms of area and income. The entire estate was divided into several circles.

If you want to enter through the main entrance and go backwards, you have to walk a long way, you have to have many balconies and verandas. From time to time, the eyes will be caught in various architectural patterns. Anyone who sees the enormity of this huge palace will be overwhelmed. Again, many people can enter the palace and fall into the sphere puzzle. Because once you walk down the aisle, it will be difficult for anyone new to find them again. It can take all day to visit every room in every place of this palace.

There was a world-famous lawsuit in the early twentieth century. It revolves around Ramendranarayan Roy, a prince of the zamindar dynasty of Bhawal. Poems, novels, travelogues, and even films were made from this event.

Bhawal National Park

Bhawal National Park is located in Sadar and Sreepur upazila. It is one of the largest parks in the country. In 1973, the government of Bangladesh built this park in the Bhawal Shal Forest in the style of a sanctuary like other developed countries of the world, considering the protection of forest environment and the close relationship between people and environment. There are several picnic spots here. At the same time, there are 13 cottages and 6 resthouses. You are allowed to stay here overnight. From Zero Point you can take a bus to Sreepur for going to Bhawal National Park.

Jagroto Chowrongi

Jagroto Chowrongi is located at Chandna Chowrasta, Joydevpur, Gazipur. The first memorial sculpture of the great liberation war of Bangladesh is Jagroto Chowrongi. In the light of the spirit of the first armed resistance struggle which took place in Gazipur on March 19, 1971 at the beginning of the liberation war, Jagroto Chowrongi was built in memory of martyr Hurmat Ali and other martyrs. The height of the sculpture is 100 (one hundred) feet from the ground. The names of 107 martyrs of Sector 11 and 100 martyrs of Sector 3 of the 17th East Bengal Regiment are engraved on both sides. You can reach Gazipur on the Dhaka-Mymensingh road from Zero Point.

Jagroto Chowrongi
Jagroto Chowrongi

Commemorative sculpture on 19th March

It is is located in the green courtyard in front of the Bhawal palace. The role of the people of Bhawal in the first armed resistance struggle on March 19 in the great liberation war of 1971 is revealed in this memorial sculpture. The sculpture is exactly like the Jagroto Chowrongi. From Zero Point, you can take a bus to Shivbari and reach Rajbari by rickshaw.

Ansar VDP Academy Memorial Sculpture

It is located in Safipur mouza of Kaliakair upazila. The Ansar-VDP forces had a glorious role in the war of liberation. Twelve members of the Ansar Bahini presented Guard of Honor to Acting President Syed Nazual Islam and Prime Minister Bangataj Uddin at the swearing-in ceremony of the Government of Bangladesh during the War of Liberation on 16 April 1971 at Mujib Nagar. The sculpture was installed at the Ansar-VDP Academy on October 1, 1985. From Zero Point you can reach Gazipur Crossroads by bus.

Liberation War Memorial Corner

It is located in Gazipur Sadar Upazila Board Bazar. The Memorial Archive of the Liberation War was established in the Open University in 1999. This great initiative has been named ‘Liberation War Memorial Corner’. The museum contains many rare photographs (60) and portraits (40) of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the director of the war of liberation, the first prime minister of independent Bangladesh, Shahid Bangataj Tajuddin. You can reach Gazipur by bus from Zero Point.

Bangataj Tajuddin’s house

Dardaria is located in Kapasia. It is the homeland of the memory of the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Bangataj Tajuddin.

Tajuddin Ahmed Bangladesh

Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari

Bhawal Rajshmashaneshwari is located on the south bank of the dying Chilai river, about one kilometer north of Bhawal Rajbari in Joydebpur, Gazipur. Today, as part of the archeological tradition of Bangladesh, this Rajshmashaneshwari was the place of cremation of members of the Bhawal royal family. Monuments and nameplates were erected here in the name of the deceased family members. There is a Shiva temple in the cremation ground.

The Bhawal crematorium was built in 1951 during the reign of Kali Narayan. Of the eight monasteries, the construction style of the front three monasteries is common. Looks almost the same. But the construction style of the remaining five monasteries is impressive. One of these monasteries is the highest. The largest monastery was built for Krishna Narayan Roy, one of the founders of Bhawal Zamindari. Built in the late nineteenth century, these monasteries have survived to the present day.

You will see Cheetah on the east side of the crematorium. Cremation is done here. According to historians, the main crematorium was built by Raja Kirti Narayan Roy. The mausoleum was built on five acres of land. It is known that Lok Narayan Roy built Bhawal Rajashmashaneshwari with Kamakhya Roy, the famous architect of Puri, India. The impeccable designs on the body of Bhawal Raj Shmashaneshwari still fascinate the visitors.

Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari
Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari

The six-pillar Shiva temple was built following Mughal architecture. Earlier, the pillars of the temple could be seen from afar. But the temple is falling behind the eyes due to unplanned construction of various structures around the cremation ground. Even a few days ago, the monasteries could not be seen from the entrance of the cremation ground due to the crowd of various trees. But now as a result of cutting down the trees, you can see the wonderful architecture just a few yards away. Due to lack of effective conservation measures, all the impeccable craftsmanship of the pillars is falling off. The crematorium is located 4 km east of Gazipur crossroads.

How to go to Bhawal Rajbari Math

Being very close to Dhaka, you can reach Gazipur by road and rail in a short time. If you go by car, go to Gazipur crossroads and District Jazz Court (Rajbari). It is 10 minutes away from the crematorium.

From the airport station to Joydebpur you can go in a short time avoiding traffic jams by train. Find out which train will stop at Joydebpur. Get off at the station and take a rickshaw straight to Rajbari and the crematorium.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Gazipur

The zoo has animals in captivity and visitors visit the zoo openly. But in the safari park, the wild animals will roam in the open forest and people will watch the free animals sitting in the moving vehicles. In this way, ordinary people can get an idea about how animals live in the wild.

The safari park is divided into 5 sections – Core Safari, Safari Kingdom, Biodiversity Park, Extensive Asian Safari Park and Bangabandhu Square. The front is like a normal park. Go around and set foot on the core safari.

The core safari has two jeeps and two minibuses for visitors. For a fee of 100 Taka, you have to take an AC bus to see the wild animals in the wild. Apart from this, giraffes, zebras, black bears, white lions, long-haired lions, cheetahs, tigers, royal bengal tigers, elephants and many more can be seen.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park Gazipur

The first bird kingdom inside the Safari Kingdom. It has a variety of domestic and foreign birds, including macaws.

Next to it is the Orchid House. Then when you start walking, you can see swans and crocodiles in a huge pond. You can see Vultures in the trees. You will also see Long-billed cormorants, storks, mouth-watering monkeys, turtles and many more. In the peacock kingdom, along with bluish green peacocks, you will also find rare white peacocks.

The safari park has been set up in line with the South Asian model, especially the safari world in Thailand. Again some of the concepts of Bali Safari Park in Indonesia have been applied here. A permanent enclosure is being constructed around the safari park and it has created opportunities for domestic or foreign wildlife to breed and roam freely so that tourists can enjoy education, research and recreation by traveling in moving vehicles or on foot.

Sreefaltali Zamindar Bari

The zamindar house is located near Dhaka. The difficult Bengali word Sreefaltali has become popular among the people.

The zamindar house was built with a huge area. It consists of the ownership of nine annas of Sreefaltali in the famous Talibanabad Parganas. But at present much of that enormity has been diminished by the violence of the present local inhabitants. A lot of shops have been set up now. For the rest, there is currently an entrance. His grandparents’ house is near the house of Shrifaltali zamindar. Those houses also looked very beautiful from the outside. However, the entrance is closed.

Bhawal Raj Shamshanswari

Any bus from Dhaka Mohakhali to Tangail can get off at Kaliakair Bazar. There are actually many buses along Gabtali Savar Road. You can also go to Chandra by taking the address bus from the signboard. Then take another bus or tempo to Kaliakair.

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Fantasy Kingdom

The name of the first theme park in Bangladesh is “Fantasy Kingdom”. It is spread over an area of about 20 acres. Fantasy Kingdom Park is divided into several parts. Water Kingdom, Fantasy Kingdom, Resort Atlantica, Extreme Racing (Go-Kart) and Heritage Corner.

Tickets cost money to enter almost every corner of the Fantasy Kingdom. Each corner is separated at the entrance. But you don’t have to buy a separate ticket for Heritage Corner. There are some traditional patterns scattered in different parts of Bangladesh. Exact duplicates of those installations have been made in this place. The replicas are of Sangsad Bhaban, National Memorial, Lalbagh Fort, Sixty Domes Mosque, Chunakhola Mosque, Kantjir Temple, Sitakot Bihar, Paharpur Buddhist Monastery, Puthia Rajbari, Greek Memorial and Ahsan Manzil. In front of each replica is written their description and history. The Heritage Park is primarily designed for school-college picnickers and foreign tourists. So that they can know a lot about the heritage of Bangladesh.

Fantasy Kingdom Gazipur

Apart from these, all the things that contain the Bengali tradition have been kept here. Palanquins, bullock carts, rickshaws.

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