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Kayaking Bangladesh

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We watch kayaking (কায়াকিং) all the time on the internet. Happy to say, that adventure has now been launched in Bangladesh! Day by day, kayaking has become quite popular. Many people are kayaking to experience the thrill of traveling on the river in a colorful boat.

The word Kayak is not so common in our country. A kayak is a 10-foot-long boat made of fiber, wood, and jute fibers. It is driven by Oars. Kayaking was first introduced in Canada. Abroad, kayak competitions are held at sea and on rivers. However, kayaking has been introduced in this country for entertainment.

Anyone can learn kayaking in just five-six minutes. Learning how to hold the paddle properly, or how to use the oars, etc., does not matter to village chiefs like us. So don’t be afraid to become a day sailor and see how much fun this kayaking is. You can go kayaking on a group tour with Travel Mate or even in River Cruise tour in Bangladesh also.

Kayaking in Bangladesh
Kayaking in Bangladesh

For the unaccustomed, it is necessary to get speed first, but once you have mastered it, the kayak will start listening to you, will start moving slowly towards the front.

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History Of Kayak

The difference between kayaking and boat is that even though the design of the boat is open, the kayak has a hole-like seating area. Although the oars of the boat are one-way, the oars of kayaking are two-way. Without experience the boat is difficult to control but kayaking is very easy to operate.

If we look at the history of kayaking and its use can be traced back to Alaska, Canada. The fishermen used this boat for fishing. At that time these boats were called Ikayak. These were made of light wood planks and the skin of sea lion or seal fish.

Kayak History

Archaeologists have found evidence of the use of kayaks 4,000 years ago. These kayaks, made of wooden planks and leather, were not introduced in the 1950’s when fiberglass boats were introduced; Until then he controlled the market. The use of rotomolded plastic kayaks first began in 1984.

Kayaking In Bangladesh

Although a few adventure lovers have started kayaking in the country, it has been few months since kayaking started commercially. The kayak looks like a small boat. However, instead of wood, different materials are used in it. In foreign countries mainly molded polythene, wood, thermoform plastic, fiber glass composite etc. are used but fiber, jute and wood are used in the kayaks of ‘Kaptai Kayak Club’.

Hence, what is kayaking? The Kaptai Kayak Club initially arranged free kayaking to explain that. They started this activity 4 years ago. When you get on the light but balanced boat after the kayak club’s own life jacket, you will be handed the oars.

You will be a boatman! You can go around as you wish. You don’t have to get kayak speed at all. Only by mastering the technique of taking the boat right and left will you be able to turn around with unadulterated joy. At present, kayaking is available in different parts of the country including Kaptai Lake, Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata, Karnaphuli River, and Mahamaya Lake.

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Mahamaya Kayaking Point MKP
Mahamaya Kayaking Point MKP

Many people may know that there is a kayaking system in Kaptai Lake or Mahamaya Lake. Apart from this, it is also available in Araihazar of Narayanganj around Dhaka. You will be surprised to know that you can do kayaking in Dhaka now. Again, at a very low cost. You can do kayaking in Dhaka for only 50 Taka.

Top 5 places for Kayaking in Bangladesh

The main technique of kayaking is synchronization — that is, two riders of a kayak have to stand in the same rhythm together. The real fun of kayaking can be found if you do it right. Let’s check now top places for Kayaking in our country.

1. Kayaking In Kaptai Lake

Colorful kayaking has added a new dimension to Rangamati’s tourism industry. Hopefully this will be a new experience for those who have never ridden a kayak on a river or lake. Hundreds of tourists come to Rangamati Kaptai Lake  every day to go kayaking on Kaptai Lake.

In Rangamati there are several kayak spots and boat clubs- For example,

  • Diversity Tours Kayak Club, Rangamati
  • Kaptai Kayak Club
  • Polwell Kayak Club, Polwell Nature Park, Rangamati

It is located within the boundaries of the popular restaurant Beranye Lakeshore Cafe in the Rangamati Bardam area. There are three ways to get here. From a Rangamati. It is located near Bardam Bazar, about 6 km from Rangamati town using Kaptai Rangamati Link Road. You can easily come to kayak club by reserving a CNG autorickshaw for 200 Taka from a private car or Assambasti taxi station.

Kayaking In Kaptai Lake
Kayaking In Kaptai Lake

You can also come to kayak club directly from Kaptai. You can easily come to kayak club by reserving a private car or CNG autorickshaw from Kaptai New Market for three hundred taka. Approximate distance is 10 kilometers.

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2. Kayaking In Mahamaya Lake

Mahamaya Lake is located at Mirsarai in Chittagong. It is said to be the second largest artificial Lake in Bangladesh. Its area is about 11 square kilometers. Mahamaya Artificial Lake has captivated tourists with its beauty and charm.

Mahamaya Lake is located at the foot of a hill two kilometers east of Thakurdighi Bazar in Durgapur Union No. 8 of Mirsarai Upazila.

One of the attractions of Mahamaya Lake, situated in the middle of innumerable hills, big and small, is the mountain spring. Wrapped in a green sheet on all four sides of the clear water reservoir.

  • Mahamaya Kayaking Point-MKP

There are also opportunities for kayaking on this lake. You can walk around the 8 km area of Mahamaya Lake. The cost for kayaking will be 300 Taka per hour. The cost for students is 200 Taka. However, the student ID card must be shown.

Kayaking In Mahamaya Lake
Kayaking In Mahamaya Lake

You can do Kayaking from 9 am to 5 pm. You will get life jacket when riding kayak, so those who can’t swim can also do kayaking.

3. Kayaking In Cox’s Bazar

Tourists of the country can experience Kayaking in Cox’s Bazar, the largest beach city in the world. Tourists and adventure lovers will be able to experience kayaking through ‘Cox Kayaking’ established at the initiative of three young people.

  • Cox’s Bazar Kayaking & Camping Point – CBKCP

It has the sea on one side and the beauty of the mountains on the other. A canal created by the flowing water of the sea through it. It can be an ideal place for tourists and nature lovers.

Kayaking In Coxs Bazar
Kayaking In Cox’s Bazar

The kayaking is arranged on the north side of the Rizukhal Bridge on the Marine Drive from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. There is a Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) check post at the end of Cox’s Bazar.

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They started with three boats. All are imported from Thailand and completely safe. There is a life jacket for everyone who kayaks. If someone can’t do kayaking or feels hesitant, we have a skilled partner with them. As a result, anyone who has never done kayaking before will be able to experience it.


When you go to Inani from Cox’s Bazar. You see kayaking being done from the bridge. So you can come here on the way back. The experience here is also quite good. Kayaking is a very exciting subject. It will also play an important role in the development of the tourism sector in Cox’s Bazar.

They are also planning to open a restroom and restaurant for tourists who come for kayaking when it is fully operational.

4. Kayaking In Dhaka Or Narayanganj

Kayaking on the banks of the Meghna at Araihazar in Narayanganj, next to Dhaka, became a fun and exciting experience. The kayak looks like a small dinghy, boat. One or two people can sit in this small boat, the kayaks we used were one sitting.

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When the big sand-carrying trawler will pass, it swayed with the big waves. It is hard to come back and see that the river never ends. When you finish kayaking and set off for Dhaka with a thrilling feeling. Araihazar in Narayanganj is quite clean-cut so refrain from throwing chips peel or dirt where it is.

At present, YAS Kayaking Point in Dhaka offers kayaking at very low prices. This kayaking point can be found in Green Model Town, one kilometer away from the Konapara bus stand in Demra of the capital, next to the Dhaka-Sylhet highway.

For kayaking, there are kayaks suitable for 2-3 people. It will cost only 50 Taka for every 15 minutes, 100 Taka for 30 minutes, 150 Taka for one hour for kayaking. In addition, people over the age of 50 can do free kayaking for three hours from 6-9 in the morning.

Kayaking In Narayanganj
Kayaking In Narayanganj

In addition to kayaking, there is also a water bike. For this you have to pay 100 Taka per person in 15 minutes, 200 Taka in 30 minutes, 300 Taka in one hour.

Moreover, if you want, you can sit in a nearby Tong shop and have tea and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. There are also some restaurants to eat and drink. They are open in the afternoon. All in all, you can spend a wonderful moment from there. However, you can enjoy nature more in the afternoon.

You can go with Asian bus from Gulistan to Konapara bus stand for 25 Taka; From there you can go to Yas Kayaking Point by auto or rickshaw. The fare from Jatrabari to Konapara bus stand in Laguna will be 10 Taka. You can go to Yas Kayaking Point from Konapara bus stand by rickshaw for 20 Taka or auto for 10 Taka.

Kayaking In Dhaka

5. Some Other Places For Kayaking (Kuakata)

You can also do Kayaking in Kuakata. Day by day, popularity is increasing for Kayaking. So, you may enjoy it at any time. It is really fantastic. You can easily fulfill your hobby of boating as you wish with the natural beauty. Many tourist organization has come up with the opportunity to do kayaking for the first time in Bangladesh.

To sum up…

Brother, I’m not good at kayaking (কায়াকিং). can I go? Brother, I didn’t do much kayaking .  Can I go kayaking so long? What will happen to me if my partner can’t go kayaking halfway? I can’t find a partner for my kayaking expedition. So can’t join despite having a lot of desire?

If you desire to Kayaking with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section. Happy Traveling. ♥

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