Cakes (Pitha) of Bangladesh – The Unique Culture

Who doesn’t love to eat cakes or Pithas (পিঠা)? Those cakes are the big part of the Bengali Cutlure. Especially in the rural areas of Bangladesh, this culture still survives to a large extent. In winter, the smell of eating pitha-puli falls in Bangladesh. The cake is the favorite food of everyone, young to old. Different cake has different flavors. Some cakes are sweet, some are salty and some are sour. Today we will tell the story of some famous cakes of Bangladesh.

Cakes (Pitha) of Bangladesh

Cake is a favorite food of Bengalis. In winter, the value of cakes increases from house to house. Lately, not only at home, but also in the market of Bengal, there are all kinds of cakes. Lower and middle class people make a living by selling cakes in winter season.

Bibikhana Cake(pitha) of Shariatpur

Bibikhana Pitha

One of the famous cakes of Shariatpur is Bibikhana pitha. This cake is basically made with thick juice of palm oil. The main ingredients of rice powder, flour, powdered milk, condensed liquid milk, sugar, oil, eggs, cardamom powder. Rice powder, flour, powdered milk, cardamom powder are mixed together and the cake mixture is made by eggs in it. In this mixture again, they have to be mixed with milk, sugar and oil. When the sugar juice is melted in this mixture, palm juice is added to it. This cake is delicious.

Famous Kholaza Cake of Noakhali

This cake is well-known in Feni and Noakhali regions. In winter, this cake is commonly eaten by local people. This cake is made by opening the clay, so it is called Kholaja pie. This cake is very tasty. The main ingredients of this cake are rice powder, eggs, salt and water. At first, the mixture is made by diluting the amount of rice powder, water and salt. The mixture should be made thin so that it rolls like a liquid. Then you have to mix the eggs in this mixture. Now you have to heat the soil pan. Apply light oil on the surface of the oven. Now pour the mixture in the pan and spread it lightly around and cover it with a lid. After a while, when it becomes hard, the cake has to be removed with a fork. The cake looks like a bread. There are many small holes on its up surface.

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vapa pitha

Mara Pitha of Noakhali

Ingredients of this cake are rice powder, salt and water. First you have to fry the rice powder a little. Now you have to make kai by mixing hot water and salt in the fried rice powder. Its shape is round or long.

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Nakshi Nitha of Bhairab

Although there are several types of nakshi pitha, the nakshi pitha Bhairab is quite famous. It is known that this cake was also in vogue during the reign of Nawab Shaista Khan. This cake is designed before frying. Usually rice powder, mug dal, salt, oil, eggs, cardamom, cinnamon are the main ingredients of the cake. This cake is designed with tooth pick, needle or, knife. Sometimes the design is bought from the market and the cake is molded. These cakes come in various designs. Ghee is often used in this cake.

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Woman doing Stuffed Dough Pyramid Dessert, Stuffed Dough Pyramid, year cake, Chinese New Year’s cake, dessert Made with glutinous rice flour and sugar put banana leave small basket and steamed cooked

Wet cake of date juice of Jessore, Satkhira, Khulna

This cake is a popular winter cake. Juice is collected from date palms very early in winter. In between, this cake is made by soaking Chitai pitha with milk, sugar or molasses. However, this cake is now famous not only in Jessore, Satkhira Or Khulna areas (Southwestern Bangladesh), but all over the country.

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Date Palm Juice Jessore Satkhira KhulnaSteamed cake

This is a delicious cake. In winter, this pie cake is made at home in the villages. It is sold in the streets of the city. Its main ingredient is rice powder. Molasses is given to sweeten it. Its taste is enhanced by using coconut shells.

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The mixture is made by mixing a little salt and water in the rice powder. Then the smeared rice powder is sifted through a sieve. Then coconut husk and molasses are mixed to give fuel. Making it is a matter of extreme strategy. This cake is made with the help of water vapor flame. So the uniqueness comes in its taste.

Chitai pitha

Chittai pitha can be seen both Bangladesh and West Bengal. The cake is round and flat in shape. This cake is very simple, but it takes extraordinary skill to make. The main ingredient of rice powder. First you have to make a mixture of rice powder, salt and water. The soil pan is heated in an open fire. Now you have to apply some oil in the soil pan. Now take a spoonful of the liquid mixture and pour it into the pan and cover it with a lid. Very little water should be sprinkled on the lid. Wait 4 to 5 minutes to remove the cake. This cake is quite tasty to eat with molasses or, date juice.

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Puli Pitha
Puli Pitha

There are also puli pitha, patisapta, pantoya, kulshi, date cake, kheer kuli, rose flower cake, oil cake, semai cake our country. It is not possible to write about all the cakes. So the story is endless.

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Winter and cake ((পিঠা)) are intertwined. Winter will come and we will not eat cake, such an incident has never happened in history of Bangladesh. New paddy will grow in the month of Aghran. That rice will be made from rice. The cake will be eaten with fragrant rice — it is an integral part of the Bengali culture.

So, if you visit Bangladesh, never forget to taste the unique cakes and pithas ((পিঠা)) from Bangladeshi village.


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July 6, 2021

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