St. Martin Dwip – Ship Ticket Booking and Related Information

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Many tourists visit the Bay of Bengal every year to experience the natural beautiful beauty of St. Martin, the only coral island located in Bangladesh. The majority of ships depart from Teknaf. There are currently ships sailing toward St. Martin from Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong.

In the coming calendar year (2022-2023) every day Keari Sindabad, Keari Bay Cruise and Dine, MV Parijat, MV Farhan, ST Sukant Babu ships are operating on the Teknaf Saint Martin route. The ships depart at St. Martin’s every morning at 9.00 am and return around 3 pm. It is the MV Karnafuly Express is operating directly along this St. Martin route from Cox’s Bazar. The MV Bay One cruise ship is now operating out of Chittagong. Other cruise ships are awaiting approval before they can begin operations.

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St. Martin Dwip – Ship list from Teknaf

#1. Keari Sindabad

Non-AC Carry Sindabad is one of the oldest and most well-known ships on the Teknaf Saint Martin route. The price for tickets on this vessel is lower than the other ships.

#2. Keari Cruise and Dine

Keari Cruise & Dine is the most well-known name for St. Martin’s visitors. The air-conditioned vessel is loved by all due to its comfy cruise. It has 310 seating in total.

#3. MV Karnafuly Express

Karnafuly Express operates on the Cox’s Bazar Saint Martin route. The only ship that runs directly runs from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin. The cost for an excursion from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin on this luxury vessel is more expensive.

#4. MV Farhan II

The MV Farhan is a well-known name for navigators. The ship was sailed from St. Martin quite quickly.

#5. ST Shaheed Sukant Babu

This ship S T Shaheed Sukanto Babu was redesigned to reflect the Teknaf Saint Martin waterway. Safe and comfortable for beach excursions This Sea Truck has received “C Class” registration, or Sea Survey. Each day, at 9.00 am, the Teknaf’s Damdamiya ship will depart the wharf in search of St. Martin’s atoll and depart to return to Teknaf after 3.00 pm.

#6. MV Parijat

The year before, MV Parijat has resumed operations on the Teknaf Saint Martin route.

#7. MV Bay One

Bay One Cruise Ship is the only luxury cruise ship that runs across the waters from Patenga to Chittagong up to St. Martin’s Island. There are a variety of packages available for Bay One Cruise Ship.

#8. MV Bay Cruise-1

The fastest vessel on the route Teknaf-Saint Martin can be the MV Bay Cruise-1. The cost of tickets to the air-conditioned vessel is fairly high.

#9. The Atlantic Cruise

The most popular vessel that travels on the St. Martin route is the Atlantic Cruise. The ship’s previous designation used to be LCT Kutubdia. This ship equipped with AC or Non-AC facility is referred to as the biggest ship on this particular route.

The trawler route

Trawlers and speedboats depart at Teknaf Namarbazar Bridge or Jetty Ghat. In the summer, the wharf is closed and departs the trawler. Usually, cargo boats and trawlers cost between 150-350 Taka. The cost varies the season. It usually takes 3 hours. But, if you consider the safety of the trawler, it is not recommended to go. If there’s a means to reach the ship the best option is to get to the vessel.

How do you get a ticket?

Ships other than Keari currently don’t have the possibility of buying advance tickets on the internet. However, you can walk directly to their office to obtain advance tickets. Also, you can get advance tickets for these ships through various agents.

In Teknaf the ticketing process is in place that operates for each vessel that is docked in the port. Therefore, you can go to Teknaf and purchase tickets on the ships. But, during the high season, tourist demand is higher, especially during the holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When will the ship depart Teknaf to sail for St. Martin?

A: 9 to 9:15 am early in the morning.

Q: Will I need to purchase a separate ticket to return to St. Martin?

A: No, there’s no requirement to purchase another ticket to return.

Q: What do I do if I don’t get the boat?

A: It is important to be aware that ships depart at the right time. If, for whatever reason, the ship is not there the only method to reach it is via speed boat or trawler but this isn’t risk-free. Then, go to the following day’s vessel.

Q: What is the cost of a ticket for a day trip, or a two-day visit to St. Martin?

A: The cost of a shipping ticket is the same for all instances. In that situation, it’s more beneficial to plan for cutting the tickets prior to the date of purchase.

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