Madhabkunda Waterfall: Travel Guide

Madhabkunda Waterfall

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Madhabkunda Waterfall is located in Barlekha Upazila in the Moulvibazar district. A few years ago, Madhabkund was the only attraction for tourists who love waterfalls in Bangladesh. Numerous other waterfalls are being discovered throughout Bangladesh. But the attraction of Madhabkunda waterfall for visitors hasn’t decreased. Madhabkund Ecopark was founded in 2001 by the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and has a restaurant and resthouse spread over 27 acres. Just a half-kilometer to the entrance of Madhabkunda Ecopark, You can observe the Madhabkunda waterfall. The waterfall is 182 feet tall.

Another spring is Parikunda near the Madhabkunda waterfall. It is possible to reach Jhiri via a walk of about 10-15 minutes. It’s a lot of fun to go to Madhabkunda Ecopark. It is possible to stay for the entire day. The eco-park also houses Sri Sri Madhabeshwar temple, tea garden, Khasia Palli citrus, orange betel nut, and betel gardens. Zoom farming is also likely to be visible. On the 13th date of Madhukrishna during the month of Chaitra, the Baruni bathing of Hindus takes place in the water tank adjacent to Madhabkunda waterfall. Additionally, a fair is held in the area. The admission fee for entry into Madhabkund Ecopark is 10 Taka per person.

Perfect time to visit Madhabkunda Waterfall

While winter is a great season to visit, the Jharna will have less water during winter. If you consider this direction and go to Madhabkunda Jharna in the rainy season or within its proximity to the area, you will see lots of water flowing through the Jharna.

Way to go to Madhabkund Ecopark

It is possible to visit the Madhabkunda waterfall in various ways. Here are some methods to reach Madhabkund depending on the location you’re going to:


Madhabkund from Dhaka

If you are traveling via bus from Dhaka, the most straightforward route is to take a direct route to Beanibazar via Shyamoli Paribahan or ENA Paribahan and go directly to Kathaltali Bazar. From there, you can CNG for a reserve CNG (150-160) Taka or locally-owned CNG at Madhabkund.

If you’re looking to travel via train from Dhaka, numerous intercity trains travel towards Sylhet via Moulvibazar. You must get to Kulaura station in Moulvibazar via Parbat, Upban, and Jayantika Express trains (fare of Tk. 300-650 based upon the type of train; it’ll take 6-7 hours). From Kulaura station, you must travel towards Madhabkund by way of Kathaltali Bazar. In this scenario, you could travel through Madhabkund using reserves CNG (400-600), visit the Kathaltali market and purchase the local CNG coming from Kulaura, and then you can obtain reserves CNG (150-160) as well as locally sourced CNG (20-25) in a person coming from Madhabkund.

Madhabkund Ecopark from Moulvibazar

If you’re looking to go towards Madhabkund by way of Moulvibazar city, there are two routes to travel. You can either reserve CNG or Microbus. In the alternative, you can take a local bus that will take you to Baralekha, traverse Kulaura, and then get off at Kanthaltali Bazaar, which is before Baralekha. From there, you could take local or reserve CNG towards Madhabkund.

Madhabkund from Sylhet

If you’d like to travel towards Madhabkund from Sylhet, then you can hop on the bus to Kulaura from the Kadamtali bus station. In Baralekha, you can travel to Madhabkund through reserves CNG as well. From Baralekha, you can travel through Kathaltali Bazar by local CNG and then take a trip to Madhabkund via reserve or local CNG.

From Sreemangal to Madhabkunda

If you’re looking to go toward Madhabkund from Sreemangal, You can make a reservation for CNG or Jeep in advance. Take a shuttle bus from Baralekha and take a stop at Kanthaltali Bazaar, which is before Baralekha. You can get to Madhabkund Ecopark by reserve or local CNG.

Where can I stay

The district council has 2 bungalows and two residential hotels to stay in Madhabkund. You can stay at the hotels by making a reservation in advance. It is, however, recommended to stay the night at Sylhet, Moulvibazar, or Sreemangal, as it makes your trip to any of these cities more straightforward the next day. There are plenty of options to stay in these locations. You can stay the night in a hotel or a cottage you like.

Where to eat

There are decent-quality eateries in Madhabkunda; however, the food prices are pretty high. If you are in a pinch, you are able to purchase your own food at the market or visit the Sylhet Zindabazar area Pansi, PachVai, or the palanquin restaurant—around 30 different kinds of food to try. Moulvibazar, also known as Sreemangal town, is also home to many excellent food establishments. You can dine at any hotel you like.

The following are places of interest within the area.

In addition to Madhabkunda Falls, you can go to other points that are worth a visit in Moulvibazar. It’s a good option and should finish there. You can plan your trip by calculating the length of time the trip will take and what he’ll be seeing. The beautiful locations of Moulvibazar district are Lauyachhara Udyan, Tea Garden, Hamham Jharna, Baikka Beel, Madhabpur Tea Garden, and Lake, Nawab Bari, Hakaluki Haor, Manipuri Palli, and numerous others.

Madhabkunda Travel Tips and Warnings

  • If you’re looking to visit Madhabkund waterfall at a minimal cost, it is possible to travel via train or local CNG.
  • It is possible to travel in groups to lower the cost. However, the number of people in the group must be based on the number of passengers in the CNG.
  • You can go to Madhabkund one day, then leave early in the evening and return to your hotel at night.
  • CNG and Jeep fares may be a little more expensive in the summer and during the weekends.
  • It is during the rainy season that you can see the rumbling shape of the Madhabkunda waterfall.
  • The rocks surrounding the fountain can be very slippery, so take care when walking around the fountain.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions on the board.
  • The waterfall is very deep. Do not overlook the waterfall.
  • There is plenty of water during the rainy season, so there are a lot of currents in Jhiri. Be cautious.
  • Wear extra clothes prior to showering.
  • Find the support of locals in all matters.

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