Sylhet: Resorts And Hotels (Cheap & Best)

Resorts and hotels in Sylhet

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In the rainy season, nature of Sylhet becomes more colorful. At this time nature spreads all its colors and juices among the people. Seeing that fills everyone’s mind. Tourists go out to visit Sylhet, the queen of the rainy season, to see such forms of nature. When going to Sylhet, we have to think about accommodation system. For this reason, we have made a complete list (Best as well as cheap) of Resorts and hotels in Sylhet.

We have to think a lot about the place to stay for any trip. And if you travel with your family, there is no question that we have more responsibility. So if you want to make your trip more enjoyable, you can book the hotel in advance.

And for security, you can book the hotel yourself. And for that, there is a link to the hotel website in the name of the hotel, if you want you can see their Facebook and Google reviews. You can call the following numbers to know about hotel rent. Even Travel Mate can help you finding the best hotels and resorts in Sylhet. We encourage to contact our dedicated team.

There are several places of interest in Sylhet, the beauty of which can be seen only in the rainy season. So if you visit Sylhet during the monsoon season, don’t forget to visit those places: Lakkatura Tea Garden, Hazrat Shahparan Shrine, Malnichhara Tea GardenJaflong, BichnakandiRatargul, Lobachhara, Lalakhal, Panthumai Jharna, Sangrampunji Jharna, Sangrampunji Jharna. Ali Amjad Clock, Hakaluki Haor, Bholaganj, Dreamland Park, Zakaria City etc.

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Best Resorts And Hotels in Sylhet

The unique beauty of hills, rivers, fountains and tea gardens has made Sylhet district unique. Sylhet is the name of the district along with the capital Dhaka and Chittagong. Nature has decorated Sylhet, the holy land where the memory of Hazrat Shahjalal and Shahparan is intertwined. Sylhet district is rich in history, culture and indigenous way of life. Many people from all over the country often migrate to Sylhet for travel or work. Find out the names, rent lists and location information of all the popular hotels and resorts in Sylhet district from this feature of Travel Guide.

Good quality Hotels in Sylhet

1. Hotel Rose View: Room rent here is from 5,200 to 9,200. There is a presidential suite here, the rent of which is 28000 Taka.

2. Hotel Star Pacific: Room rent is 3,100 to 4,600 to 10,600 Taka. Very close to the shrine.

3. Nazim Garh Resort: Room rent is 5 thousand 900 Taka to 14 thousand 900 Taka. Located in urban areas.

4. Hotel Noorjahan Grand

5. Hotel Mira Garden

Nurjahan Grand Hotel

Medium quality hotel & resorts in Sylhet

6. Hotel Holiday: There are rooms of different rates including 950 deluxe single room rent, 1350 deluxe double room in Holliday. The rent of the luxury suite is 2650 Taka.

7. Hotel Supreme: Rent 680-2040 Taka.

8. Hotel Hill Town: It is a very old hotel. There are rooms for 300-750 Taka. Again AC room from 12 hundred to 6 thousand Taka. 4 thousand Taka AC family room is like a flat house. These are quite a favorite of VIPs. All facilities in this 6-storey hotel.

9. Hotel Metro International (Near Sylhet Port, Children’s Park): The room rent of the hotel is Tk. 1,400 to Tk. 4,500.

10. Hotel Nirvana Inn (Ram Dighir Par, Mirza Jangal, Sylhet)

11. Hotel Fortune Garden: Room rent is 800-3500 Taka

12. Hotel Rain Bow: Room rent is 1000-2600 Taka.

13. Hotel Palash: Room rent is 800 to 2700 Taka.

14. Hotel Star Pacific (East Dargah Gate)

15. Hotel Sunflower (near Port, Children’s Park)

16. Hotel Asia (Bandarbazar)

17. Surma Valley Guest House (next to the office of the Deputy Commissioner / Superintendent of Police)

18. Hotel Sylhet Inn (Mirboxtula):

19. Hotel Al-Arab: Hazrat Shahjalal (R:) Mazar Sharif East Dargah Height, Sylhet.

20. Hotel Urmi: Hazrat Shahjalal (R:) Mazar Sharif East Dargah Height, Sylhet.

21. Hotel Rose View

22. Hotel Hiltown

23. Hotel Metro Inta

24. Hotel Nirvana, Ram Dighi Par.

25. Hotel Pacific, Dargah Gate.

26. Hotel Sunflower

27. Hotel Asia

28. Surma Valley Guest House

29. Hotel Anurag (Dhopa Dighi North)

30. Hotel Supreme, Jaflong Road, Mirabazar, Sylhet-3100.


Tourism is one of the sectors involved in increasing the economic potential of the people. Bangladesh is now a middle income country from a least developed country to a developing country. As a result, people now go for a walk when they get a little time and opportunity. The country’s tourism industry is developing to meet that demand. Sylhet has come a long way in tourism within the divisional cities and districts of the country.

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Jaflong, known as the Daughter of Nature, the blue waters of Lalakhal or Ratargul Swamp Forest, the only freshwater swamp in the country, is full of various natural beauties. Every city of Sylhet including Sreemangal, Habiganj, Moulvibazar is a favorite of tourists for such immense natural beauty and traditional monuments. This section has become popular not only for its natural beauty but also for its many luxurious and beautiful resorts and hotels. Tired city dwellers flock to this noise-free tea kingdom. The purpose is to spend some time alone with family and loved ones. Choosing any one of the many interesting hotels and resorts in Sylhet is a time consuming task. So almost all the luxury and good quality hotels and resorts in Sylhet can be booked through Travel Mate.


Also there are some more hotels and resorts in Sylhet

You can check some others hotels and resorts in Sylhet and surroundings.

  • Hotel Sylhet Inn
  • Almas Hotel
  • Hotel Al Arab, Dargah Road
  • Hotel Dream, Dargah Gate
  • Hotel Sufia Taltala
  • Hotel Gulshan
  • Hotel Dallas
  • Hotel Fortune Garden
  • Hotel Garden Inn
  • Government Bungalow at Tahirpur, Sunamganj
  • Dirai – Sunamganj
  • Jagannathpur: Sunamganj
  • Habiganj: Hotel Amir Chand
  • Hotel Sonar Tari: Habiganj
  • Gestet Holiday Resort in Khadim Nagar.

Apart from this, other hotels of general standard in the city are Hotel Palash in Amber Khana, Hotel Dargah Gate at Dargah Gate, Hotel Moon Light.


Frequently Asked Questions About Resorts And Hotels In Sylhet

I want to go to Sylhet, how to go from Dhaka?

You need to plan your trip to Sylhet. You can plan this in a few parts. First go straight to Sylhet. There are numerous hotels and resorts to stay at as you see above. There are more budget hotels near the Dargah Gate of the city. You can go to Sylhet by bus, plane, train. And there are all the nice restaurants to eat. However, it is better to use CNG-powered autorickshaws to travel around Sylhet. Because, it is difficult to travel without autorickshaws on many roads, and renting a car costs a lot more. You can leave Sreemangal from Sylhet. Resorts and hotels of different quality have been developed here. In addition to budget hotels in the city, you will also find star hotels to stay.

If you want to go to Tanguar Haor, you have to go to Sunamganj by bus. From there to Laguna or motorcycle for going to Tahirpur. You can rent a boat from Tahirpur and go around Haor for two days. It will take a lot of sun in the open haor. So keep with umbrellas, sunglasses, caps for the sun. In addition to the life jacket should be kept, the storm may arise in the haor from time to time. And keep a waterproof bag with you.

In fact, if you want to come by place, you have to get off the plane at Barshale. It is located about 8 km away from Sylhet. You have to bring CNG from there.

When is the best time to come to Sylhet?

As the weather is changing, it is better not to say the name of the specific month. However, the best time is the rainy season. Not at the very beginning of the monsoon, not in the middle or at the end of the monsoon. I think the end of the rainy season is the best time. And it is better not to come during winter.

Why is there a problem in winter?

There is no water anywhere in winter. The green nature is a little dirty. And it is very cold in Sylhet. What do you see?

What is the safety of all these hotels and resorts?

I will say one thing, if you are good, the world is good. Everything is bad when you are bad. There is no problem if you don’t do anything wrong when you come to visit. But as a precaution, keep the expensive things with you at all times. It goes without saying that there is no fear of snatching in Sylhet.

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Is food available all the time?

You will get it from dawn till 1 o’clock at night. However, if the night is more, the food items will be less. It depends on the budget though.

What is the network of mobile operators in Sylhet? Which SIM should I keep?

Like that. Occasionally India network is also available. But be a little careful with Teletalk. Understand that it is government goods. And Grameenphone is the best for internet here.

Where to travel inside the city?

1. Selfie Bridge, Location: Sheikhghat Jitu Mia Point (Safe day and night), Getting around the city: Rickshaws

2. Keen Bridge (Old Pool), Location: Bandarbazar, Safe but better not to go at night, Getting around the city: Rickshaws, See also: Circuit House, Ali Amjad’s watch.

3. Hassan Raja Museum, Location: Zindabazar, It is open from 9 am to 5 am. Closed on Sundays., Getting around the city: Rickshaws

4. Osmani Museum, Location: Dhopadighirpar, Getting around the city: Rickshaws

5. Malni  Chora and Lakkatura tea garden, It is better to go during the day, Travel from the city: CNG

6. Shrine of Shahjalal, Location: Dargah Gain, Beware of fakirs and pickpockets, Getting around the city: Rickshaws

7. Shrine of Shahparan, Location: Shahparan, Beware of fakirs and pickpockets, Travel from the city: CNG or Bus or Laguna

8. Tilagarh Eco Park, Location: Alurtal, Safe but better not to go into the forest. Don’t go at night., On the way will read: Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet Engineering College, Travel from the city: Rickshaw / CNG

9. Shahjalal University, It’s an interesting place to visit when going to Sylhet. Location: Akhalia, Travel from the city: CNG

Where is Sylhet tea leaves found?

If you know a garden manager or employee, you can collect good tea leaves from them. Low quality tea leaves are available in the local market.


You can reduce costs depending on what time you are going. If you go in the off-season, you will get a lot of discounts on hotel or resort rentals. If you go during the season (November-March), even if you go on a weekly holiday or on a public holiday, it will cost less to rent a hotel or resort. Also, if you go a little further from the city, you will be able to stay at a lower cost. When a few friends get together, you can reduce the cost a lot by sharing a double or triple bedroom. The cost of Sylhet will largely depend on how well you adapt to the environment. If you prefer to travel with a little bit of your own comfort, the cost will be within your reach.

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If you are looking for support to buy the ticket or booking for a hotel from Dhaka or any other places of Bangladesh to Sylhet, contact Travel Mate, the most reliable and most visited travel partner in Bangladesh. Similarly, if you want to travel Sylhet with safety and want to enjoy the place with more joy, Travel Mate can help you with arranging the tour. Contact us for further details. Above all, you may add any missing information from the comment section about Sylhet. Happy Traveling. 🙂

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