Top 3 things to do in Saint Martin Island

St. Martins Island

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Saint Martin, the only coral island located in Bangladesh is located in Teknaf Police Station in Cox’s Bazar the district that is the southernmost of Bangladesh. It is situated within the Bay of Bengal, about 9-10 kilometers south of Teknaf. The island isn’t very big, at just 8 square kilometers, and its population is estimated at 6500-8500.

The first thing to think of with the island is its natural beauty and its peace. It is among the very few places that allow you to enjoy an uninhibited and quiet day since there aren’t any automobiles, motorized buses, or motorbikes for public services, such as Nijhum Island or Kuakata. Therefore, at the very least, you can be in a quiet place when one is lost in a flurry of interest there is no chance of hearing the horn of a vehicle arriving and wrecking everything on the island.

The initial name of Saint Martin Island was Narzil Jazira or Jinjira. The term Jinjira originates from the word Jira. The word Jinjira refers to a peninsula, and the word Narkil refers to coconut. There were a lot of coconut trees on the island. This is the reason this island has been referred to as Narikel Jinjira. According to geologists, the island is two millennia old. The problem of swaying the waist won’t disappear.

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Things to do in Saint Martin Island

It’s difficult to find any difference when you visit St. Martin because the entire island is unexplored. A tiny island. The sea is on the four corners. The stunning sunset, the wind, and erupting waves will give you stories each day. It’s unfair to search for anything like it.

Sunset Cruise in Saint Martin

The sunset tour of Saint Martin Cruise from St. Martins Island is amazing and will lead you on an afternoon excursion to uncover the hidden treasures of the place of the sea of Bay Of Bengal. An experience that will save your life rather than an opportunity to see sights. Take this sunset tour in st. Martins Island to create a full afternoon for the most memorable tour!

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Chhera Dwip Tour

  • However, ‘Chera Island is separate from its main island by low tide. It is totally coral. It can be reached by boat that departs from the main island at 8 am. But you are able to walk early in the morning when the tide is low and then later in the afternoon when the tide drops and you are able to return on foot.
  • At night, fishermen must not forget the process of preparing fishing trawlers, even though they are doing it during the night. The majority of people rely on their own in these places and you’re free to create your own plan once you’ve gone there however you want.

What foods you should taste:

  • Saint Martin is called Coconut Ginger because of the abundant coconuts on the island. They are unique in taste and are three or two times bigger than normal coconuts. They are also cheap. There are very few who want to go without this one.
  • Crabs, marine fish, and lobsters are the island’s major attractions. (Coral, Sundari, Hilsa, Rupchanda, and Shrimp are more developed)
  • If you enjoy dried seafood, this is a great island that will be perfect for dried fish, as there is a variety of fresh, dried fish on the island.
  • As Myanmar is just across the border, numerous kinds of rituals have gained the attention of people. They are accessible at Saint Martin Island.

What not to do

  • The first thing you should not do is take snails, corals, or any other natural items to keep as souvenirs after you have returned from St. Martin.
  • Don’t shout too loudly and remember the fact that St. Martin is a location to visit. However, there are an average of 6000-8000 people living in the area. We must, therefore, be on guard to ensure that the people living there don’t have any negative opinions about us, for whatever reason, or get angry.
  • If you don’t know the basics of swimming, don’t get too far during bath time. Also, you should be aware of tides prior to going out into the sea.
  • There are 11 danger zones within St. Martin; be sure to look for those zones prior to making your way to the airport.
  • Corals can be very sharp, which is why you need to be extra cautious when you enter the waters.

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To sum up

“Despite being aware of the impact of our actions, we still harm nature in various ways while traveling. My only wish is that we leave nature as it is. If we can benefit from it and enjoy it, that’s great, but we should not cause any harm in the process.”

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