Top 10 Most Famous Colorful Festivals in the world

Top Most Famous Colorful Festivals in the world

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When we hear about festivals, our minds dance with joy. To get the release from monotonous, working loads, or to pass the close time with the family members and friends, the festival is an excellent way from ancient times! All kinds of festivals are celebrated in different parts of the world to spread their religion, traditions, and religion. They highlight not only their heritage, but also the identity of their folklore, lust, and sociality. To understand how a nation is culturally advanced, we can attend their festivals. So, let’s get acquainted with some of the biggest festivals in the world that are intimately connected with their culture.

Top 10 Most Famous Colorful Festivals in the world—

A festival is a means of expressing and gaining pleasure, in a word that is called joy; In English, it can be defined as “A Joyful of Unrefic Celebration.” Festivals can be family-centered and widely social-centric. Now, let’s talk about the most famous colorful festivals in the world.

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1. Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

The main attraction of this festival is various creative shapes, designs, and buildings are made Ice and snow. This great festival is held in Harbin, China, from January 5 to February 5 every year. This is the largest festival in the world, surrounded by ice skating, and swimming in the icy Shanghai River. Ice-colored buildings are painted with a variety of colored lights, making it a heavenly place to see at night. China has been organizing the festival extensively every year for nine years. Due to the low temperature around the city of Herbin, it receives heavy snow during that time. To observe the day, many tourists come here from January.

2. Taiwan Lantern Festival

The lantern festival is significant for Taiwanese. On the first full moon night of the year, they blow up thousands of lights in the sky! The whole arrangement was completed in the Pingzhi city, as like the festivals of ‘Chinese Zodiac’. The Large lanterns are depicted with dragons, dinosaurs, and various other creatures. And short stories are highlighted in their history and traditions. Around this event, so many people gather, who enjoy the whole game of light! Also, visitors can make lanterns and participate in some fun competitions if desired.

3. Venice Carnival, Italy

The biggest festival in Italy is the Venice Carnival. Locally it is also known as the ‘Carnevale di Venezia’. The main attraction of this festival is the masked man! Everyone who comes to the festival wears masks of different designs as well as of their favorite characters. The festival first began in Italy in the year 1162. Later, in the seventeenth century, the festival was closed during the reign of Austria. And in the nineteenth century, the Venice Carnival returned to its old form.

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The festival lasts almost a week. The masked participants threw eggs at each other! Moreover, the concert, candle-lit boat parade, and various spectacular performances on the road made the festival more enjoyable for everyone!

4. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

The balloon festival is one of the biggest festivals for Americans. The festival, held in New Mexico, USA, has been running since 1972. Every year at least 600 balloons are diverted to New Mexico in the first week of October! Competitors and visitors from all walks of the world come here to the festival, which continues for nine days.

The festival, which has the largest number of hot air balloons to fly, took place in the Guinness World Record in 2011. The funny thing is, contestants from different countries coming here can keep the flag of their own country while flying balloons!

5. La Tomatina, Spain

On the last Wednesday of October every year, the streets of Spain’s ‘Bunol’ are filled with red tomatoes! It is called Spain’s largest festival. The contestants threw tomatoes at each other. However, some rules have to be followed for their safety to participate. After the goggles in the eye, everyone threw a tomato. Hundreds of tons of tomatoes are transported to the truck, and competitors can poke themselves in tomatoes! Simultaneously, water was released from the car after a while. In addition to playing with tomatoes at the Tomato Festival, there are dance, music and various exercises with fire!

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6. India holly/Holi

Holi is one of the most popular festivals all over India. It is also called the color festival and “festival of spring”, which is celebrated in early spring.  This is how they get together with family and friends at the festival. At one stage, so much color is applied to everyone’s body that no one can recognize them. Holi is a lot more social than any other euphemistic and open festival in Europe. Because the festival involves a religious reformation. The Holi festival is very short-lived, but it is time to get together to forget enough civic engagement and separation.

7. Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)

Beginning in late January or early February, the festival has a variety of colors and designs! Throughout the parade, no one is wearing the same color, and design costumes are not worn a second time. Although there is an abundance of red in clothing, everyone uses almost all colors. You can also join the festival to learn about the innovation of the Chinese costume industry! The number of people participating in the parade is not too little. It is hard work to find the end of the row of the festivals from one side to the other! And you have to have the patience to move here and there! Anyway, it is one of the greatest festivals of the Chinese community and popular all over the world.

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8. Rock in Rio, Brazil

The biggest in all of South America and the most famous of the world’s most colorful song festivals is the ‘Rock in Rio’ festival! During the festival, people from all over Brazil gathered to sing. People from many countries of the world also come here to singe and dance. Music stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna, Metallica, Elton, and people came here to sing in 2015. Year-round music festivals continue in places like Lisbon, Madrid! The festival is celebrated in Rio every two years. In Brazil, around 7 lac people gathered at the festival in 2017. The festival of 2019 was one of the best festivals in the world.

9. Mevlâna (Rumi) Festival, Konya, Turkey

About 750 years ago, the greatest poet, philosopher, and philosopher of the then Persian was Mevlana, known in the western world as ‘Sufi Rumi’. Rumi’s name will still be at the top of America’s best-selling works. On his departure day, the Mevlana festival was celebrated in Turkey, where everyone was dancing in a special robe for the sacred song. During the whole thing, a kind of purity and peace of mind arose. They still hold the philosophy taught by Rumi to gain closeness to the Creator.

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10. Rio Carnival (Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro)

The festivals celebrated on earth; the ‘Carnival’ has to be put into a different category. Rio Carnival is called the paradise of the world festival! The main attraction of the festival is the gathering of millions of people. The relatively open festival is so popular worldwide. So the carnival is something special for festival lovers.

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